Video: Wyn TV Track Walk - Les Gets DH World Cup 2023

Sep 6, 2023 at 13:34
by Wyn Masters  

Wyn hits the track in Les Gets to see how everyone is feeling coming in to World Cup round 6 this weekend.

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 Frotha is my new Dark Horse Fav.
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 the froth needs to be a staple on wynTV! discovery of the year IMO
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 Hes an international treasure. Can we get him micd up for his run?
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 he's got a bit of a randy savage vibe. he needs to refer to himself more in the 3rd person though and really lean into it.
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 @therealmrbo: I consider him a MoiMoiTV character.
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 Froth for UCI President
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 Another classic segment with Joshy. I hope he does well.
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 What I got from trackwalk:
„Corners make me horny“
„This is semi-adventure as it has only the adventurous mind but the bike is a roadbike“
„I shat myself all week“
„I do 10 track walks a week“
„I coughed up some yucky stuff“
„Oh mate, once the Frotha get‘s on track, no ones gonna know who hit em“
„I‘m coming out like a bat outta hell again“
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 Amaury`s scar is scary... Heal up dude !
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 Yeahhhhhhh Frothaaaaaaaaaa
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 More women interview !!
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 I was interested by Sacha Earnest's comment about being happy to be on a DH team having got a bit sick of BMX. Modern BMX racing does strike me as at this point having managed to extract a lot of the fun out of bikes.
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 They possibly do even less riding than going to a dh race. I think the reason my nephews still do it ,as its extremely cheap compared to going to the bike park and my brother is tighter than a brand new cushcore.
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 @The-Foiling-Optimist BMX racing is rough, cruel and although it can be considered a sort of extreme sport, it's mainstream status and raw competitiveness makes the athletes push many aspect to the limit of not being even type 2 fun.. That and BMX parents.... it gets ugly.. elbow to elbow racing brings up lots of things Enduro/DH dont have.. when that gate goes down there is a russian roulette spinning... anyways my kids did this a few years and it's the foundation, but they are MTBers, hate the shitty vibes of BMX racing.
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 People just do it for the background. Once you have the background you can do anything in MTB.
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 @Telebikes: oh, BMX is way bigger than DH/Enduro..... way bigger
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 @Lagr1980: I got give props to my local track for fostering a good environment for the kids. They knew that they were going to lose the majority of racers to mtb around 13/14 years old so it was all about creating a good base for the kids to build on before they moved on to more specific mtb training. I'd say it worked as a couple seasons ago we counted 30+ racers had podiumed at a national or world cup level in a variety of mtb disciplines. 5 are racing DH this weekend plus Sean Fincham in XCO and then Kasper Wooley racing EDR next weekend.
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 I met a fellow DH dad on the gondola last month who had to get a restraining order against a family as a result of altercations at a BMX race. Last week my son and I just happened to be at a BMX track messing around when I saw some dad screaming at his kid for making a totally innocuous mistake during practice. No thank you.
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 @MT36: In Canada we have the problem of hockey parents, but at least in hockey there is the (remote) possibility of it turning into a big deal. it's hard to imagine how anyone could get that overwrought about BMX racing, Nowt so queer as folk, as they used to say in Yorkshire.
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 @MT36: that’s just bad parenting and could happen in any sport. Those families usually don’t last long before the kid burns out unfortunately. I wouldn’t let it deter you if your son shows interest. For the most part it’s a welcoming community
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 I would 100% buy a Frotha t-shirt if they were available.
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 Said it before and will say it again... FROTHA IS THW PEOPLE'S CHAMPION!!
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 Frotha is my new favorite.. LOL
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 @LouisCitadelle: thanks for bringing the music back! ;-)
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 I could hear the X2 squelching on the Mic
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 A large springboard at the top of the track. It will be a great way to show the speed and technique of the riders.
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 Wyn's microphone definitely needed a rebuild after this video
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 Who is Joshy Frotha ?
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 greatest of all Time
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 most stoked guy in MTB YEAH FROFFF!
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 The man of the hour
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 That Float X2 makes a way better microphone than a shock.

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