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Annika Langvad Pulls Out of Nove Mesto World Cup XC

May 26, 2019
by Ed Spratt  
Annika Langvad struggled with the course in practice although that did hardly show in the race. Jolanda Neff fell back due to a mechanical after the first lap and Langvad took the lead.

Just hours ahead of today racing Annika Langvad announced on social media that she will not be racing today.

The 2016 XC World Champion and silver medalist in last year’s World Cup overall has decided to not race after not feeling "100% race fit". Rather than pushing through to secure some points, she has taken the decision to build her strength for the next round.

This morning’s news follows last weekend’s race in Albstadt, where she also pulled out of the race after only a couple of laps. Annika has always had a strong start to the season winning the first race of the season for the past three years. This year will also mark the first time in three years that Annika won't take the win here in Nove Mesto.

bigquotes"Hi All! Sadly I won’t be racing today’s World Cup in Nove Mesto. I am far from 100% race fit. Instead of trying to push through, this time I’ve decided to pull the plug now in order to draw a line, start fresh and work on getting back.
I am honestly very gutted about this. Especially since Nove Mesto is one of my favourite places to race. I will do everything I can so sort things out. See you in Andorra!"
Annika Langvad

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We hope to see Annika back up to full race speed at the next round in Andorra.


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 "Sadly, it turns out that our coffee is not the best, and our teem decided to take time until our R&D comes up with a WC worthy solution."
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 "Unfortunately, telemetry on the Rocket R58 wasnt telling us the whole story."
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 She just did a HUGE road season, cut home girl some slack. After a mental and physical rest break and a bit of power training she'll be back. Specialized is trying to get everything they can out of her and if she doesn't take a moment to rest and reset for the mtb she'll be wasted for the whole season. If Specialized's trainers and coaches don't realise and respect that she needs recovery time, well, they are setting her up for failure.
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 Specialized does not supply her with trainers or coaches, this is something she does herself. As for the road side this is a privately owned team with Specialized as the technical sponsor (I.E equipment only) and the coaches and trainers for this team are supplied by Boels Dolmans
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 @numshi: isnt her bf/husband her coach? I think he posts on MTBR.
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 @clink83: yes to your first question; but I think you are thinking of Catherine Pendrel’s husband (who is also a coach) who is the MTBR poster.
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 @RR1: yea..LMN? I thought I saw Langvaads partner posting on there too.
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 Upvote. If you race long enough you are going to get it wrong at some point. Annika went outside of her comfort zone and tried something different. A bit of rest and some time on the MTB and she might be back to full speed. Or she may never hit top form again this year. Every top athletes struggles at some point in the their career.
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 who told her to eat the entire cake?
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 @brownierice blaming specialized? come on.
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 @WhatAboutBob: not to mention if she's racing tired and unable to focus an injury could end her racing career AND her dental career.
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 ... and Cape Epic. Schurter admitted that the Epic took its toll at Albstadt.
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 I'm sure she wanted to race. It must have been VERY hard to pull the plug. The pressure at that level must be pretty extreme and I'm sure she has her reasons. Respect it and expect to watch her return to doing what she does best. Winning world cup races. Go Annika!
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 It took more guts to pull out of the race than simply ride around in 22nd. Much respect and she's going to be a handful for Kate and Jolanda when the series returns.
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 The Specialized team is a mess at the moment. Letting Courtney go, No Kulavy, No Gaze, and now no Langvad... Just playing devils advocate here... anyone else think something is fishy?
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 Courtney's contract was decided before she won the World Championship last year and Gaze is racing again (started today), just not up to speed.

That said, Candice Buys probably feeling the hot seat this year. Don't forget that their Cape Epic ended in failure with Jaro/Gaze.
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 @Jamminator: Im aware Gaze raced... Barely... Regardless of Courtney winning worlds or not, it was her first year of Elite, and she did very well and they couldn't "swoon" her... (I know there a lot more to being "swooned", but its part of the Devil advocate theory ;-) )
Like I said the team is a mess at the moment...
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 Kulhavy is finished as a top tier World Cup XCO racer. Specialized should cut ties to him and spend any money saved on bringing in some younger talent. Sam Gaze could be a major player in flatter races if he can stay injury free and mentally focused.
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 They kind of have invested in younger talent. Alan Hathlerly, Chris Blevins, Howard Grotts and Simon Andreasson. This time next year there'll be Spesh riders on the elite male podium again.
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 @PapaStone: or just put him and Sam Gaze on the right sized frames and use their fitting software on them..
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 better to be safe then get injured if you're sick or mind isn't in the game. Ronda Rousey getting her ass beat by Holly is proof of that
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