Bike Check: Antoine Bizet's Free-Slope-Mashup Rose Soul Fire - Freeride Fiesta 2022

Jan 26, 2022
by Alicia Leggett  

Antoine Bizet was wildly fun to watch at Freeride Fiesta, throwing massive moves one after the other and eventually earning himself the Best Trick award for an opposite cash roll.

Several things about this bike are striking; namely, that it's pared down to just the essentials. It's singlespeed, has just one brake, has a single crown fork, and is rolling on 26" wheels outfitted with what might be the lightest tires at all of Freeride Fiesta, meaning that the bike itself is quite light, too. While we don't have an exact weight and neither Antoine nor I wanted to guess without being able to confirm the numbers, just know that it's very light.

The main idea behind the bike is to balance trick capability with comfort. The small wheels and minimalist drivetrain makes it easy to throw around and the single crown fork facilitates bar spins and tailwhips, but there's still enough suspension to keep things comfortable. The frame was originally intended to be Antoine's 2018 Rampage bike, but even after he couldn't make it to Rampage that year, the bike has stuck around as one of his favorites.

Antoine Bizet
Antoine Bizet // Rose Bikes
Age: 29
Hometown: Versailles, France
Instagram: @antoinebizet

Vive la France!

Antoine has earned two second place results and a People's Choice award at Rampage. This bike was intended for Rampage 2018, but instead has taken on another life.
Frame: Rose Soul Fire
Shock: Fox Float X2
Fork: Fox 36
Wheels: 26" Spank 350 Vibrocore
Tires: 26" Schwalbe Rocket Ron (F) & Racing Ralph (R)
Drivetrain: SRAM XO cranks & Rohloff DH singlespeed chain tensioner
Brake: TRP G-Spec Slate
Cockpit: Spank Spike
Pedals: HT nylon composite
More information: Rose Bikes

The cockpit setup features Spank's Vibrocore bars, which - like the wheels - are filled with a foam that reduces vibrations.

The flip chip at the rear shock mount is in the 180mm travel position and increases the rear travel to 190mm when flipped.

Slim yet sturdy, the bike does just what it needs to do - nothing more and nothing less.

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 im with ya
  • 19 0
 In the sun it’s white, in the shade it’s brushed aluminum. Now that is a paint job!!!
  • 6 5
 or shitty white balance ; )
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 @Lagr1980: not your fake father, that bike frame!
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 Feel free to reach out at any time once you guys are ready to do a Bike Check on my bike! I really don't mind, I'll even wipe the caked mud off of it!
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 Frontbrake? - Overrated...
  • 5 2
 this bike is so simple and so good, with only heavier tyres and a front brake, it would be the ultimate DH bike for >80% of weekend warriors
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 I've got a Soul Fire and it is. I've done holidays in the Alps with it and even done a couple of enduros on mine
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flag tremeer023 FL (Jan 26, 2022 at 12:42) (Below Threshold)
 If it was a 29er I'd agree.
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 My Voltage FR is just that bike.
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 Interesting that he's running a 2016 fork over anything newer
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 no suspension sponsor?
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 Hey I guess if it works then don’t fix it.
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 Try and find a long travel 26er fork made after that let me know how you make out.
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 For this kind of stuff you just pump it to the max an turn all the knobs to the max
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 @mhoshal: Nope. Haven’t looked for 26”forks since…wait a second!
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 @mhoshal: I hate it, at least the Domain could have stayed, but even RS is giving up on us, one of our best and most loyal friends. (Reba?)
Well Schwalbe thank you!
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 I haven't watched any videos from freeride fiesta, yet. Did they actually do tailwhips with any of these ... bikes, I wanna say freeope?
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 Erik Fedko did
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 Where THE HECK did he get decent 26" tyres, haha! Just destroyed my last vintage Michelin and need more DH tyres!
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 Schwalbe has a couple Big Betty and Magic Mary DH casing options. Maxxis DHF too of course.
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 That saddle looks straight up prototype-stuff
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 I have the same tyre combo on my pumptrack bike aha
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 Nice rides..lets see some Marins..
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 Definitely don't want to take that camera mount to the chest.
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 Now this is a great mountain _ bike . Less is more. So good.
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 Looks like an old 26-inch Specialized Status.
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 That totally reminds me of the Transition Bottle Rocket!
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 I love this guy!!
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 It's a bit weird that a pro slopstyle/freerider like A. Bizet still rides a Rose bike..
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 I think he just has no sponsor, and maybe he likes this bike, so he doesn't need to buy another. Looking at his riding and his cashroll, I can't see how a different bike would be better for him
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 I'm assuming he loves the feel
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 @jpnbrider: Please tell me Bizet has a bike sponsor. Dudes been killing it for like 10 years or more.
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 @robito: he looked so good on kona
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 Rose is not a flashy brand but they have good bikes at extremely good pricepoints. Also they sponsor quite some Slopestyle pros
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 @robito: except ION im not sure who eslse sponsors him. Spank? or same story of the Rose, still works, still good OK
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 @robito: No he doesn't, he explains it in his last video, he rides a Rose bike, but is not supported by Rose anymore
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 @jpnbrider: That sucks. I hope he gets picked up. This industry chews them up and spits them up so fast and so young.
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