Bike Check: David Trummer's YT Tues - iXS Cup Test Session

Jul 6, 2020
by Ralf Hauser  

2019 will always be remembered as the breakthrough season for David Trummer. With multiple top-ten results seeing him finishing the year ninth in the overall World Cup standings. He finished his year with a move from one YT-sponsored team, the YT Racing Dudes, to YT’s factory team, the Mob.

There, he’s running a standard 29” frame with one of the few adjustments in the form of a reach extend headset. And even though he can pick from any of his sponsors’ list of components, apart from his carbon frame and carbon seatpost, Trummer is clearly a fan of aluminium parts, mostly due to its damping feel on the trail compared to carbon.
David Trummer // YT Mob
Age: 26
Hometown: Gnas, Austria
Height: 184 cm/6'1"
Weight: 74kg/163lbs.
Instagram: @daveboy94

YT Industries Tues
Frame: YT Industries Tues, long
Shock: Fox DHX2 Factory RAD, 425lbs. spring
Fork: Fox Float 49 Factory RAD, 90psi, 5 volume spacers
Wheels: e*thirteen prototype, aluminum
Tires: Maxxis Minion DHR II, MaxxGrip, DH casing 29x2.4” (23 psi front, 28psi rear)
Drivetrain: TRP G-Spec DH7, 7-speed
Cranks: e*thirteen, 165mm, 34t chainring
Brakes: TRP DH-R Evo, 200 mm discs
Handlebar: Renthal Fatbar 35, 780mm, 30mm rise
Stem: Renthal Integra 35, 50mm
Seatpost: SDG Micro Carbon Fiber I-Beam
Saddle: SDG I-Beam
More info:

bigquotesExcept for my frame and seatpost, I only use aluminum parts. I like the flex of aluminum over that of carbon, especially with the wheels.David Trummer

Trummer prefers the consistent feel of the coil shock’s damping characteristics over air.

RAD prototype, five volume spacers and 90psi in the fork.

No linkage hijinks here, Trummer is running a stock 29” frame.

e*thirteen’s seven-speed cassette comes with a nine-tooth sprocket as the smallest cog.
Due to the small cassette Trummer can use a smaller 34-tooth chainring at the front, making the setup more compact. Again, he picked an aluminum crank over carbon.

Trummer is running the Maxxis Minion DHR II front and rear without tire inserts for 99 percent of the season. Tire pressure is always set at 23psi in the front and 28 in the rear.
David prefers the flex of aluminum wheels over carbon. The Mob is giving feedback to e*thirteen components for developing new products. He’s still in the testing stages of some new aluminum rims that he is quite happy with. With a new structure and material strength they were able to tune the feel into a direction they liked.

David is using a frame size long with an extra offest headset to extend the reach by 6mm, bringing it to 486mm total.

The new TRP DH-R Evo brakes are the strongest ones Trummer has ever used. Therefore he’s only using 200mm rotors front and rear, having removed the 220mm disc he got the bike with, as it was too aggressive for his liking.
His choice of Renthal bar is ... you guessed it ... also made of aluminum.

Horst Link on the full-carbon rear end.
Trummer appreciates the adjustability of TRP’s G-Spec DH7 group. He played around with the clutch a bunch to find the right setting for his taste between to much chain tension and just the right amount of support.


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 I’ve ndver fully understood why they even make DH frames in carbon...I guess it makes sense for elite racers...but a pound on a dh bike doesn’t bother me.
  • 39 0
 @unrooted: that pound didn't seem to bother the World Cup champion & World Champion from last year either
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 More flex with aluminum?! This man never tried a carbon renthal bar obviously.
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 “Trummer is clearly a fan of aluminium parts, mostly due to its damping feel on the trail compared to carbon.” Wait a second... we’ve been told the opposite is true for years, no?
  • 30 2
 @BiNARYBiKE: companies will tell you whatever you want to hear. Truth is it’s not the material parts are made, it’s how they are made. Aluminum can be super rigid or super damp and so can carbon. It’s all how it’s designed, not what it’s made of.
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 @unrooted: considering the current top 2 riders are on aluminium frames, I guess it doesn't matter to them either
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 its not that simple...there many types of aluminium and just as many types of carbon fiber layer...the problem is that the industry tries to generalize them into one being stiffer/softer than the fact both are possible...if you throw in steel into the mix then you have a real party...let alone material-mixes and structural design...its funny that on a single bike we usually get at the very least 3 types of aluminium, steel in some or many forms, magnesium, rubber/plastic/synthetics, and then in some cases carbon and/or titanium thrown into one single package (at the very least) plus many moving/adjustable parts, just to "help you out". And then you have some dude that works for some website or magazine and wants to tell you about material properties...
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 You mind if I troll a little? See, a carbon bike is much much stiffer than a plastic bike, but Kevlar makes it bullet proof. Metal may be strong, but heavy. Better get an alloy bike. Keep this in mind and you'll be ready for the P!nkbikezzz.
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 YT has forgone regular sizes. You can now buy an extra short, short, kinda long, long or extra long frame.
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 More like: extra short, short, kinda long, long, extra long, my shlong.
  • 4 0
 @YanDoroshenko: so they are making 16” wheeled dh bikes now???
  • 3 1
 @unrooted: No, no, no. The schlong version is the short travel version!
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 @YanDoroshenko: for the year is 2020.. Your shlong comment will set ablaze all the forests and dry all the seas. For the world is tossed into turmoil. Banned from pinkbike. From your comment, you will probably be let go from your job soon... We will miss you.
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 Sounds like ordering at Starbucks
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 I thought this bike had a single crown for a moment, but it was just the tape.
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 Should read “I’m a fan of the aluminum versions of my sponsors parts because the carbon ones break really easily”
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 Absolutely! The spinsters at work. Remember when they made a world renowned mechanic say he installed the wrong cranks and that's the reason they broke?
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 @Trudeez: You sure it was the spinsters?

an unmarried woman, typically an older woman beyond the usual age for marriage.
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 @koldunuk: great google skills. It also means someone who “spins” a tale (fib, or lie) or spins a story around so that it doesn’t resemble the truth. As in, Aaron Gwin broke a carbon crank, hurt his ankle, and hasn’t been the same on the bike since. Everyone was quick to point out that it was poor manufacturing And design. However John Hall came forward and said that it was, in fact his fault for installing the prior year model crank therefore taking the blame off the manufacturer. Many believed that this was a spin on the true story to try to save the manufacturers arse in the media. Especially the people who have owned, and broken cranks, and other parts, from that company. Another way to look at a spin on a story is, “Jeffrey Epstein killed himself.”
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 Lmao no it wasn’t halls fault. That’s how they played it off. If it was how come he’s not back on carbon? @Trudeez:
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 @freeridejerk888: that's literally exactly what I'm wrote. Those cranks are absolute garbage. Theres no way in the world that John Hall accidentally installed the wrong (prior model) cranks, as the story goes. There was definitely something fishy about the whole story in my opinion. It seemed like e13 "spun" the whole tale to save their asses and used or convinced Hall to be the patsy in some way. And, you're completely right, why is it that none of their sponsored riders are using their carbon parts? It's not hard to figure out why.
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 I couldn’t risk my life @Trudeez:
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 so the top of the line fox stuff now is back to white lowers... just like 10 years ago
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 Does 23psi in the tire and 90psi in the fork up front feel like mashed potatoes?
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 I have the same fork and 4 kg less than him, and ride at 60% the air pressure that he runs. Guess I ride 200% slower Smile )
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 I have no carbon on my bike
  • 19 2
 Sorry to hear that dude
  • 12 0
 Is it too late for dental school?
  • 2 1
 @endlessblockades: why would I want be a dentist? I don't like carbon
  • 2 0
 that head tube part of the front triangle is quite reminiscent of some early 2000s Norcos.
  • 4 1
 Different colour valve stems gets my OCD fired up.
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 It's so they know which wheel is front and which is rear. Otherwise they might get them mixed up.
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 What about the prototype number plate? Smile
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 David and Vali were the 2 fastest Not A Racers of the weekend on those older designs.
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 They happen to be Austrian, too, and probably have the most experience riding in Schladming among all the riders in this not-a-race.
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 Haven't we been sold, for idk the last 20 years, that carbon has superior vibration dampening characteristics and now they're saying aluminum is better?? What gives?
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 As bikes go, it’s good looking for sure. But it annoys me that those pedals are red.
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 They match the red decals.
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 @unrooted: kinda. But okay, the orange spring looks out of place then lol.
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 @tobiusmaximum: you need to look further down the trail when you’re riding...Wink
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 @unrooted: i'm looking at the bike side on, from about ten feet away Wink
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 DHR II front and back. I wonder how they would compare to Shorties front and back?
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 Well faster with better traction when theres a hardpack close enough underneath
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 No Mullet. No care. Beer
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 Full 29 Setup ist really old school theese days ????
  • 1 0
 almost looks reverse mullet for some reason
  • 2 0
 Such a work of art. God damn I want a bike like this one day.
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 Tell me more about too much chain tension, is that to do with pedal kickback?
  • 4 3
 I think it has to do with shifter preload and the needed thumb force.
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 @M-SC: No it´s got all to do with clutch tension messing up with suspension performance when being too high, just like worn bearings in rear triangle would.
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 If I buy one can I ride like that too?
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 I thought that was a dual control lever, and was like fuckkkkk no
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 HI , do anybody knows exact reach extener headset type for YT Tues ?
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 I tues this bike for my dream build

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