Video: Boost Your Pedal Power With Banded Squats

Jun 25, 2019
by Jonny Thompson  
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The hunt for the most bang-for-buck training brings our sights to banded box squats. In this tutorial, we teach you why and how to do them.

You will need:
1. A squat rack
2. A barbell
3. 2 resistance bands (or chains if you're badass)
4. A box or something solid to sit to

To ensure you get the desired results in explosive power try:
2 reps 10 times with 2 minutes rest between sets
3 reps 7 times with 2 minutes rest between sets
All with around 40% of your max squat (weight includes bar and band tension at the top)

Safety notice:
Although the banded squat can be less weight at the bottom, it is still a weighted movement performed at speed so ensure you warm up correctly, familiarise yourself with the movement and your own limitations, stay within a safe weight and if in doubt stop and seek in-person help.




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 Make sure the squat rack is fixed to the floor, or has at least your body weight of weights hanging on it. If not and you still want to do it, please film yourself and submit your video to @gymfails on insta. Tipping squat racks with a guy looking bewildered at what has just transpired is a spectacular sight
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 Maybe that can be submitted for a Friday fails video!! HAHAHA.
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 @moutnbiker: the bit is they look so bewildered at rack lifting off the floor, then the face expression changes into “maybe it will not tip”, then it tips and sometimes it drags the bar off their back.
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 Be careful with a heavy squat program during your peak riding season. I used to squat heavy during the prime riding season and found the extended recovery time detrimental to my rides. Still think heavy squats are good for the off season, but now prefer lighter kettle bell exercises for when I'm riding 3-4 times a week.
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 If you find heavy squats detrimental to your riding during peak season, which is absolutely likely, try these squats with bands. The lower loads and higher speed create less muscle breakdown and are much quicker to recover from. Stick to 40% of your 1 rep max and avoid soreness.
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 I climb a steep hill for fifteen minutes with a 10 kg pack . Mix of standing and sitting to use different muscle groups.
Why ? My laundry mat is up the hill.
Get off your seats people ignore that sissy 50 tooth . Grab some manly gears and mash up those hills . If you want to make grunting sounds in a smelly gym instead of exorsizing in the great out doors it's up to you.
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 I like making grunting sounds in a smelly gym. I don't actually work out though, just stand there in my dungarees
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 You what?

I took up riding because I hated squats!
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 I only do these single leg on a bosu ball. Anything less is a waste of time.
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 What? You forgot about wearing a weighted vest for the ultimate performance gains!
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 Unless you are an experienced lifter with good form, I don't think it's worth playing with bands/chains etc. You have more to gain from just doing back squats on a linear progression with good form. Especially desk sitting adults new to lfiting, chance of having good enough form to use bands is near zero.
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 I disagree, the unloading of the bands as you descend reduce load in the most compromising position of the squat, therefore is less likely to cause you harm than a straight back squat with weight. I'll put a caveat on this and insist everyone should establish good squats mechanics before adding load... or bands.
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 Debatable how well these translate to pedaling.
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 Lifting (not much) but with chains, doing my movement slowly. Feel like I can maintain fitness with less riding.
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 Cool, thanks for that, it really opens my eyes. It looks like I have to rethink my winter gym sessions.
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 I'm waiting for Date Tate or Louie Simmons to pop up in the comments.
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 Or.. just... you know... ride more?
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 Not really... as you get older, if you don't do cross training, riding more will just lead to repetitive strain injuries. Come to think of it, you'll probably get repetitive strain injuries regardless of age, they just happen quicker the older you get. It's good practice to balance out movement patterns.
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 don't forget to put collars on the end of the bar first! the amount of people I have seen flip the bar as they loose balance
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flag MRO1 (Jun 25, 2019 at 6:27) (Below Threshold)
 Really? If you need collars you probably shouldnt be lifting
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 Wouldn't chains not give you the progressive resistance the bands do? Do they have stretchy chains?
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 When you are deep in the squat more chain is on the ground. As you stand up there is more chain hanging from the bar. More weight. More resistance.
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 @lognar: ahhh, thanks
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 Why, when you have E-Bikes!
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 Great info on the banded squats. I personally do Back squats, Front squats and Overhead squats several times throughout the week (I do CF x5 days a week). My question is, using the bands would help the not use a box and do a 3 - 5 sec hold just below parallel (not full bottom) with an explosive push from bottom. And also, what about using KB's suspended from the bar (with apx 40% -50% 1RM) to force you to stabilize and use more of your core while doing back rack lunges? Love videos, keep them coming
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 "how do you tell if someone's a crossfitter?".......
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 @bvd453: you dont have to tell. They’ll tell you.
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 The purpose of this squat is to build explosive power, not necessarily muscular endurance in a static hold. Squatting to a box releases the tension in your legs temporarily to allow for a full push without rebound or pre-fatigue. I wouldn't recommend hanging kettlebells off the ends of the bar for back squats, the potential for ending up in a compromising position is too great to be worth it. Much better for core stability and strength (and much safer) is a yoke carry.
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 You can also "BOOST" your lumbar disks that way lol
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 Yeah no biggie. Just do 10 sets of 2 reps w/ 2 min rest between. Sure nobody in the gym will mind you holding down the rack for 20 min
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 If you cannot use the rack for 20 minutes at your gym, maybe you should change gyms, not workout plan...
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