Deep Woods Slalom with Bas van Steenbergen - Video

Jul 28, 2016
by Red Bull Bike  

Bas van Steenbergen is one of the world's best bike handlers, a Red Bull Rampage alumnus, and uses "slalom" riding to sharpen his ability to change direction — both vertically over jumps and horizontally between creative berms — with his newly-created "Dream Slalom" track in British Columbia's interior.

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 That scrub was insane!
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 He just oozes style.
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 @pigit77: van Steezbergen.
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 the part where the guy was riding his bike was really rad! seriously though gave me some good ideas for building, pretty excited now about grabbing the shovel this weekend
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 oh god that's so good.

can't favorite though ;_; damn you toob and red bull.. the pinkbike fav list is the precious! the stockpile craves it. needs it.
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 Is he no longer riding for Transition?
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 Nope. Moved to Hyper unfortunately.
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 That is unfortunate
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flag ToTheTop199 (Jul 28, 2016 at 12:03) (Below Threshold)
 I mean he's still looks pretty rad in my books, just hard to take him seriously.
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 Wish Hyper would actually release a real mountain bike. They seem to have pros riding for them off and on but no bikes ever make it to public availability. Hard to consider them a mountain bike brand when they don't sell any real bikes.. That said the bike shown looks pretty awesome and the video was amazing.
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 One of the best vid I've seen in a last couple of months, Riding, motion, edit, music... and all together sick movie!
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 remove the music and this is a real challenge for Semenuk's RAW 100 Pt.2.
  • 17 10
 huh? not. even. close.
  • 6 4
 @stacykohut: not even close? They both have such a clean and precise handling, both so stylish even when riding straight lol. I would say they are on the same level of technique, but Semenuk has bigger bag of tricks.
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 @raidenCZE: come on man, truth time here bro.................

semenuk has a way higher degree of difficulty in his tricks, and his style is again, another level higher than bas.
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 The best cablecam work I have ever seen by quite a margin. Stitching so many cable shots together in that first sequence was genius.
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 That was amazing to watch. Please, someone get Kris Fox out there on a BMX.
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 The nose manual always looks so stylish. No if I could figure out how to make mine look like his without a dropper post and a 400mm seat post on my rigid single speed in spandex Smile
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 I wanna shake the trail builders hands. That is one rad trail!
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 Excellent clip! So much style, and that scrub at 1:50 was awesome.
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 Bas is steely as hell, but I really really want to see Semenuk ride this. Would suit him super well.
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 I don't know what trail this isbut crazier than any of semenuks
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 Damn, you'd really want to have that figured out, wouldn't want to launch where he was scrubbing/manualing, or vise versa. Really technical riding.
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 That trail is sooo sweet, so many well thought out combos and features.
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 anyone know what frame this is?
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 Hyper slope prototype:

I'm pretty sure it's the same one Zink was riding a couple years back.
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 @BobbyHillbomb: Can get it at any Wal-Mart or Costco.
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 good lord
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 The trail was the best!!!
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 what makes this slalom? Nice classic Bas steeze.
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 What doesn't make this slalom?
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 @adanac14: there is only 1 line instead of 2, no gates
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 @probikegeek: Maybe you're thinking of dual slalom
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 @adanac14: didn't know there was a difference?
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 @probikegeek: Slalom is another way of saying a fairly smooth downhill mtb trail which snakes from left to right. Dual slalom is just two of those put together for racing.
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 I too did a double take on the word "slolam". Maybe it's a regional useage?? In BMX this is simply "riding trails". In MTB I'd describe this line as a unique flow trail with some jumps. Ah well. Looks like so much fun!!
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 The true king of speed and style...
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 that track looks hyper fun!
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 Holy damn ..I want that line.
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 I'd love to be able to ride a track like that, but I cant jump for sh!t Frown
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 wow incredible trail! anyone knows what tyres bas is riding?
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 Steez lesson of the day!
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 So sick .
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 Looks like dazems trail.
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 Another "video of the year" better than semenuk Smile
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 haha I love your comments xD no seriously bro, semenuk-> untouchable edit
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 Bas kicks ass Seabass!
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 SEMENUK & BAS together in an EDIT

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