Video: Matt MacDuff's Riding Will Melt Your Mind

May 14, 2015
by Kali Protectives  
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When Kali set out to design a skate style helmet that people would actually want to wear, one of the riders we reached out to was Matt Macduff. He's been riding and testing the new Viva for nearly a year, everywhere from Canada to Barcelona.

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 Take note, everyone who rides street but doesn't wear a helmet. You're not as good as you think you are Smile
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 And even if your better then you think... should still be wearing your damn helmet.
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flag GrunderS (May 14, 2015 at 10:02) (Below Threshold)
 Here we go again.

Wearing a helmet is a choice, thousands upon thousands of street, dirt and park riders don't wear helmets. They chose to do that, you can't change that.

Thousands upon thousands of street, dirt and park riders do wear helmets and that's also their choice. You also can't change that.

Most people don't ride to "be good" they ride for fun.

I'm finished, this helmet no helmet discussion is finished. Goodbye.
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 Your 100% right, but you know what. If your stupid enough not to wear a helmet and you get a serious head injury if it was MY CHOICE id say.... you don't deserve to have your medical bills covered. Unfortunately here in canada, i don't have the choice were my tax dollars are spent... So, if see someone not wearing a helmet, your ass is getting called out. I wouldn't say a word if those individuals poor decisions didn't come back to me.
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 @GrunderS Well there it is. The stupidest f*cking thing ill read all day.
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flag GrunderS (May 14, 2015 at 10:26) (Below Threshold)
 @hardyk Don't understand why I got neg propped so hard. Granted some people say you're stupid if you don't wear a helmet and can suffer serious head injury, but if people want to risk that then I'm not going to stop them. I wear a helmet but I don't see why people care so much about individuals choices. There life at the end of the day.
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 @GrunderS i totally agree with you on that point, not gonna force anyone to wear a helmet, but if you dont wear one, you agree with the consequences, dont try to make me cry if you crash hard. I just think its totally stupid to not wear one.
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 @zion-i yeah dude i already saw a mom trying to make a fundraiser for her dumb kid (17 years old) that crashed hard without a helmet.. i mean it was your kid choice not to wear one... and you dare to ask people for money to pay because your kid is too retarded to just wear the damn helmet ?
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 @GrunderS something tells me you haven't seen somebody experience a significant head injury. Ever seen someone hit their head so hard they forgot that they graduated college? What about falling into a 10 day coma due to head injury. The point is that someone's choice to not wear a helmet, or to do something stupid has direct consequences on the people around you, not just tax payers and family.
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 It's funny that he was bitching about neg props. He said something ignorant and got shot down and now he wants to justify himself to everyone. There is no justification for not wearing a helmet.
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 What about parkour people? They do some pretty mental stuff where they go upside down, they are up high, they run fast and they fall over lots, I've never seen one person suggest they should wear helmets....why does being on a bike suddenly change that? Of course I'd totally recommend one but the witch hunt for those that chose not to is actually ridiculous.

As for the video, that's definitely the best mtb street I've seen from anyone, that 3 into the stairs is amazing! I'm just a fan of the high speed riding, metal music and good eye for lines......more please
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 That's a great debate...for a parkour website. This isn't one.
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 I would always wear a helmet personally but aliclarkson makes a good point. Also, what about the 'no brakes' trend from bmx. That's pretty dangerous too, maybe not as stupid as not wearing a helmet but still. I suppose people must take personal responsibility for their own actions though.
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flag RedBurn (May 14, 2015 at 12:15) (Below Threshold)
 the helmet on a bike should be COMPULSORY, for every kind of bike, every age , every where in the world
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 I always wondered why Macduff doesn't ride a bmx but this edit made it all clear, the bmx scene isn't ready for him, what a fucking savage that edit was unreal!
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 some people would say recreational biking in general is unsafe and risk taking and inevitably leads to injury. something that could have been avoided if riders just chose some safer hobby or recreational activity.

some could justify from their personal experiences and from others injuries that affect them directly (e.g., son hurts himself riding) that all precautions should be taken to protect one self, not just wearing a helmet. why is a helmet the ultimate threshold? what about spine protection, joint protection? what about removing the risk altogether and not ride bikes or any other risky activity (like driving a car, which is statistically the most dangerous "activity" someone can do in their lifetime. oh no worries about wearing a helmet in a car though)?

its all relative
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 RedBurn, I guess you'd be happy for everyone to have to have licenses to ride bikes too? Just because you feel like that doesn't mean the rest of the world should be forced to either. What about people on buses that don't have seatbelts, it would make sense that they should wear helmets, I'm sure runners fall and hit their heads, lets make them wear helmets too, same with old people, it should be mandatory to wear helmets over the age of 70.

The great thing about riding bikes is that it's easy and makes you feel free. As soon as anything becomes compulsory it takes away the joy. What would be next, everyone has to wear neck protection, or shin pads?
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 well, you can't live without a head, but you can be paralyzed & amputated and still alive... so i guess the head's more important..

Also for the car thing you could say that you have 100% more chance to be injured in a crash, if you don't wear your seatbelt.
Well you could say the same for a crash in let's say biking, your injuries chances increases, if you don't wear a helmet
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 I wore a helmet for the protection of a fall that I hope would never come. But of course, it eventually it did and it still left me with a killer concussion. I'm not exaggerating when I say this: But I owe my life to wearing a helmet, that's all I'm going to say.
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 Great edit. The style reminded me of the old VHS skate videos I used to watch as a kid. Loved the huge manual over the stair wall. As for the brain bucket debate it is great to see so many people passionate about safety and their beliefs. I personally think wearing a helmet most fo the time is a smart move. I don't always do it (like on an extended climb on relatively easy terrain or just spinning around the block). I don't think it should be regulated and enforced. I think that crosses the line. Were we to legislate helmets we should perhaps also legislate certain insulative clothing in cold weather, non-slip footwear in the rain and safety goggles for beer pong. At the end of the day I would hope we can have a mature discussion in the sport about safety and promote a culture where safety is not deemed "un-cool." I want my kid to choose to wear a helmet because they understand the risks appropriately and not becasue they are afraid of a ticket. I really appreciate the advances in safety that have evolved with the sport. I remember sweating buckets in Roach leg wraps and wearing the back of my leg raw from any pedaling, worrying my switchblade helmet would slice a hole in my jaw but having a hard time finding better well ventalated options and often times choosing not to wear these things because they were so uncomfortable.I'm grateful that argument is becoming harder to make with current protection offerings.
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 I was just riding my bike to mum's house, and usually that was a ride only a few km's and I didn't wear a helmet. That day for some reason I did. A car came screaming round a corner and hit me. I went flying, the first thing that hit the ground was my head. Only suffered a concussion but I fear that if I didn't wear a helmet, it could of gone a lot worse. To those guys not wearing helmets, it only takes a little fall to fuck your head up. You could become paralysed, in a coma or dead. Their meant to protect your head and if you're thick enough to not wear one, let natural selection do its thing.
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flag scott-townes (May 14, 2015 at 16:15) (Below Threshold)
 From someone who has experienced someone who had suffered bad head injuries from not wearing a helmet while skiing, its their choice. Parents/family are there for a reason, its not your judgement to make. Let them ride how they want to because they know the benefits of wearing a helmet. EVERYONE does. You're not stating anything new with your little helmet crusades. You might as well be down talking people who don't wear LEATT braces while ripping DH. I always wear a helmet but I never criticize or act like a fool towards people who choose not to wear one. Mind your own business is the way I look at it.

This was a very sick edit. The last two hits were very burly. 3 to stairs? jeeeeeeeeeeze
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 Everybody is a role model weather we suck at riding or not but the Youngs ones are always watching. My son dose what I do, I wear a Helmet and so he wears a helmet. Kind of sad to know there are people out there that just don't give a f**k if other people live or die!
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 ^ Don't over exaggerate or anything.... More like, I don't need to dictate how others that I don't know and have no relation to, enjoy their recreational activity. Its sad if you cannot mind your own business to that extent. I grew up with many friends that didn't wear helmets but guess what? I also had/have PARENTS. Crazy, I know but parents are the ones responsible for raising their kids, not randos at the skatepark. If it comes to that, then blame the crappy parents and not the kids who are just out there to enjoy an activity in the way they want to.
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 ..a total skull crusher, Macduff rules the streets.
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flag choppertank3e (May 14, 2015 at 20:58) (Below Threshold)
 Doing shit like that he should have a full face on. That said I only wear a helmet when doing stuff I am not comfortable with even though it is compulsory over here. I stopped riding for 14 years because of compulsory helmet laws. Even a hat gives me a migraine when I get hot. I do wear a Full face sometimes when doing jumps or downhill but if I don't have it I just ride mellow. I crash a lot but I have never landed on the top of my head EVER. I have landed face first a bunch of times and no skate helmet would have helped me. Helmets reduce the number of people willing to cycle and make motorists less cautious around people riding bikes. I do make my child wear her helmet but she would wear it even if I asked her not to. If I see a pig I can't avoid I just walk my bike. I've been pulled over 6 times for not wearing a helmet and not gotten a citation. If I could ride with a helmet without getting a migraine I probably would but It should be a choice. If I die from a head injury then that's just one less idiot. If I end up brain damaged and costing you tax money then vote yes for euthanasia cause life without bikes ain't worth living.
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 @zion-i, I'd say the same to you for choosing to participate in MTB at all. Looks like a nice DH bike you have. Or am I wrong in assuming that you didn't buy that to commute to work on? Someone outside the sport could tell you to go fvck yourself helmet or no helmet because you CHOSE a dangerous activity.

Stephen Murray was wearing a helmet when he parapleged himself. Was he wearing a spine protector? Should we all gang f*ck him because he wasn't wearing the equipment some douchetard might think he shoulda been? He chose a dangerous way of life, he knew the risks, took them & suffers the consequences. As a tax payer I might say I wouldn't want my tax dollars paying for him either if he were a Canadian. How about base jumpers? Car racers? MX? Someone who knits & sews for a hobby might spew the same worthless kife you are about any of us. Like an Islamatard ranting about what should be done with the "infidels". :s

I feel what you're saying, but biking is good for everyone when injuries aren't suffered. Rip on the smokers, junkies, alcoholics & obesities who can't argue a benefit for the way they choose to live their life & petition for higher taxes on products universally bad for people. If you have to shit on others for not taking YOUR flavor of protective measures in THEIR life then you damn well better live yours locked in a rubber room buried underground, never driving a car, never flying on a plane & sure as hell never racing down the side of a mountain on a bicycle. You a*sholes are fvcking religitarded about this helmet shit & speaking of which, why don't you shit on churches for conducting business tax free while you're running your little tax rant?
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 @freeride-forever .......That rant got a bit out of hand, no?
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 He doesn't ride a bmx because if he did he'd be no better than some guy in a video from the 90's.
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 The least true statement in the world. @xCri
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 I get that wearing a helmet is a personal choice but in my opinion it is one that should be educated by that I mean that I mean when kids start getting into riding whether its street BMX park DJ MTB whatever they should be encouraged as far as possible to wear one. I always was by a dad that grew up riding from BMX as a kid to MTB later on. About two years ago I came off in a DH race (helmeted obviously) and hit my head hard I spent a week in hospital being scanned poked and prodded after having a bleed on the brain. turns out I have a cyst in my head that means I'm more susceptible to bleeds and serious head injuries so that forces my hand as to wearing helmet, although I always would anyway.

Either way my point is that yes its a choice and yes you chose a relatively dangerous hobby and you should be prepared to accept the consequences but still you should make your decision when you've seen what can happen if you don't and learn from others' mistakes because at the end of the day its a pretty selfish decision if you come off not wearing a helmet cabbage yourself (no disrespect just an expression) or worse and have a family who have to live with your decision.

end note: that's with wearing a helmet just an example not saying your gonna get hit by a truck while pulling a half cab off your local spot but still you get my point
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 My take is that it's a smart choice to wear a helmet. Sure it's a choice, but there are a lot of dumb things you can choose to do if you want to feel entitled. If you're able to see beyond your own importance and realize that the younger generation emulates what they see then you can understand how important it is to set a good example. Sure I have kids and don't want to see them hurt, but I also don't want to see others kids hurt, or even any of you morons that are too cool to wear a helmet.
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 @freeride-forever Look dude, I don't ride/race DH anymore as Iv grown up a bit, i made the choice this is some stupid risk to be taking when iv got a baby on the way. My responsibility lies else were now. So, your arguments invalid in that point. I still trail ride everyday, there are two sides to every spectrum in life. I have suffered a massive head injury when i was younger... i was out of it for an entire year, because i got vertigo and fell down a set of stairs. Complete fluke, very bad luck. When i go out and ride my bike, i assume the risk i am taking and use i what consider to be adequate protection. You cant protect yourself from everything, but if your going to choose to do something risky, you shouldn't pretend like nothing will ever happen. Life can change in the blind of an eye, i know iv lived through it. But ill be damned if i never take a risk in life. Maybe you think it would be safer if everyone walked to work, then we'd never have car accidents. But that's not realistic, and i'm not going to say someone who drove to work and got in an accident doesn't deserve medical coverage. We all take risks all the time, just don't be a f*cking idiot about it. That is my only point i want to make here.
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 @kubaner if you're a halfway decent parent, you won't have to worry about your kids emulating radoms at the skatepark. If you're so concerned about other random kids, then contact their parents and teach them how to raise their kids. That makes more sense then calling people, who you don't know, dumb or idiots or too-cool-for-school for not wearing a helmet. Then again, the very basis of being an American is placing blame and responsibility on others, instead of the ones who are responsible.

By the way, where are the rants and calling out all these role models on their behavior whenever they're drinking/smoking or doing other non bike-related reckless activities in their edits? I see that more than someone not wearing a dome piece while ripping around. OMG SAVE THE KIDS! THEY'LL ALL BE CORRUPTED!
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 I do not want to get into this whole discussion on this thread, but doesn't anyone see the irony that Macduff has been paid to create an awesome edit showing him wearing a helmet to advertise said helmet, and he gets mega praise for wearing a helmet in said video??
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 I try to be a great parent, but that's not going to ensure my kid doesn't become star struck by some ripper who chooses not to wear a helmet. With age you gain experience. You gain an understanding of things that aren't as important at 20 or 30. I realize that wearing a helmet is a choice. I really believe that not wearing a helmet is a dumb choice. Maybe at 27 you don't feel like you owe your family or friends a say in whether or not you protect yourself. They may disagree. I'm all for going your own route and doing what you want but its pretty easy to throw a helmet on. Pretty easy to portray the sport as one that supports that simple step and doesn't put more importance on ones individuality. So yeah man, save the kids. We all should try. A little.
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flag scott-townes (May 15, 2015 at 10:03) (Below Threshold)
 ^ Actually it does. You act as if kids become mindless zombies when they get "star struck" by some rando who is good at riding a bike. That's not the case. If you read my posts instead of blindly assuming, you'd know I always wear a helmet but I also feel helmet crusaders like yourself that go around calling everyone that doesn't wear a helmet as dumb, or too cool to wear one, is ignorant and counterproductive. You have zero clue as to the mindset of those select few rippers and how much confidence plays a key into their performance.

Instead you're just restating the obvious facts which are helmets are safe and easy to put on. No one is arguing that. The issue at hand is the attitude you and other helmet crusaders have which is to levy responsibility to raise your kids right on random people you don't know and they're dumb/stupid/careless if they don't act as such. They're just people who love to shred and if you don't like how they do it, then don't pay attention and let your kids know. Once again, its none of your concern and if you feel it is, then why aren't you bitching about all the other reckless and unsafe activities the top riders participate in all the time? Its selective band wagon bitching and its pathetic. Have fun with that.
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 I'm actually not too much of a helmet crusader.
It's a common sense choice that I support.
And I'm certainly not on any bandwagon, or bitching.
But I realize you like to rock the boat, and neg props don't bother you. I have read your post. I know you wear a helmet. And I also support ones right to not wear one. I honestly don't really care if one of these guys I don't know is ok with the added risk of not wearing one. My problem is that as soon as someone brings up the importance of wearing a helmet guys like you feel the need to chime in with your "don't tell me what to do" rant. It's like supporting ones right to do drugs. Sure its ultimately up to the person doing it to choose. It doesn't mean they wouldn't benefit from someone recommending they don't do them. But don't sit back and say it's ok for everyone to just do what they want. It's a completely irresponsible and immature attitude to have.
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 ^ The reason for the responses is because its brought up every time a BMX or any other edit showing someone not wearing a helmet is posted. Their initial reactions to someone not wearing a helmet is absurd and misguided so its worth responding for most... and as a good time killer. When it comes to people that you don't know and have no relation to, choosing to do something that has no affect on anyone else (this is where I think parenting will override any edit a kid sees online), then its not your responsibility to parent them. Its not that I think its OK for everyone to do whatever they want, that's a blanketed and false claim, I just think its absurd to try to tell random people how to enjoy their recreational activity or to levy responsibility onto random people under the guise that they're responsible for how your kids act. Now that's an immature and absurd attitude to have, especially when you only see it on this silly helmet issue but nothing else. No mention if there's drinking, smoking or people doing other reckless/unsafe activities. That's why I think its bandwagon "complaining" as well.
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 FINE OK. Smile
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flag strickland-propane (May 15, 2015 at 16:08) (Below Threshold)
 It's ironic that people go crazy over other people choosing to or not to wear helmets, but the argument isn't brought up with drinking while mountain biking and beer is kind of ingrained in our culture. 75% of the cyclists that I know, as well as I, bring a beer for the top of a climb. People seem to pick and choose what safety aspect is politically correct to chastise other people about, while partaking in other activities that are also dangerous to cycling.
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 Lets leave beer out of this. Especially if the comparison is one beer at the top of a climb vs. brain damage. I'll concede that the discussion of safety should extend beyond helmets though...but one beer?
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 Can we all just mind our own business? Some people don't wear helmets. Some people smoke cigarettes. Some people drink raw milk. Some people use heroin.

People are entitled to make whatever stupid decisions they want as long as it doesn't affect other people. Freedom to make bad choices is inherent in the freedom to make good ones - if we're only free to make good decisions, we aren't really free. Quit being such nannies
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 snl1200, you sound like someone that's been pulled over & charged with drunk driving. "Just one beer officer". Yeah bud, you have your limits, judgements & opinions just like the rest of us. If you feel you can ride straight with one beer then have a go. If rider X feels he can double bar a 10 set with no helmet, he has every right to make his own judgements about his own safety as you or any of the rest of you pvssy cvnt bitch moaners have a right to make about your own & only your own.

@kubaner says to @scott-townes "Maybe at 27 you don't feel like you owe your family or friends a say in whether or not you protect yourself. They may disagree.". LMAO what? O.o Doesn't matter if they disagree. He, like anyone is under no obligation to appease any of those people, or anyone at all unless he's made some agreement to while free from any sort of duress. The only case where an obligation is implied is where someone is a guardian & accepted responsibility for the care of someone else, or if some other commitment has been made before some disagreeable activity occurs. Like marrying someone & then AFTERWARDS, deciding to become a base jumper. Wifey has a right to have a problem with that because there is an obligation there, but mommy/daddy/brother/sister etc. doesn't & definitely neither does unrelated douchebucket watching on the computer. So with that said, I wonder what your opinion is on someone like Zink pullin' 60'-70' 3 drops while also parading his new kid around for everyone to pretend to give a shit. "He wears a helmet you say?" Ohhhhhhh, ya done got me there, you intellectual heavyweight you! Because I just realized, spinning 60'-70' drops with a helmet on is much less risky than some little kid sized BMX street stuff (& maybe a few kinda bigger bangers) without one. :s

If you wanna talk about responsibility, there are plenty of riders out there that have far greater obligations than complying with the dictatorial attitudes of some overzealous self proclaimed safety authorities. Anyone that wants to start a family should be using their balls for that & retire them from busting out in extreme sports. No one in any bike video in any case owes any of you a damn thing.
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 For someone free riding forever you sure are cranky at the moment. I've commented twice on this thread and at no point did I ever advocate for removing someone's right to choose not to wear a helmet. What exactly is a "p$&@& c$&@ b$&@$"? It just sounds a bit redundant is all.
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 This argument would be a lot better if people could actually argue about it instead of dragging in "omg you smoke its dangerous its your choice so stop telling me im stupid for not wearing a helmet" no one is arguing that jet skiing on a f*cking shark is safe I think people are aware there is other dangerous things but we aren't arguing about them!

I would agree its wrong to say people who don't wear helmets are stupid, I mean I think it but it doesn't help anyone to say it. I definitely think its irresponsible but again its still a choice

At the end of the day this is a sick video and I feel like we've overlooked it for the sake of a few keyboard warriors. Everyone sharing their opinions is always gonna start arguments but I would be willing to bet no one here has changed their mind about their original point so you can argue till your balls drop off but I reckon you'd be better off putting your energy into riding, with or without a helmet!

Oh and stop using big words it doesn't help your argument and makes it sound like your trying to hard
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 Think of it this way, There's no point arguing with idiots, they'll just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!

And to quote the great Matt Dennison: "Go ride your damn bike!"
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 Wear your helmet, because only V8 will want to sponsor a vegetable.
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 guys... stop blowing up my feed. STILL NO ONE CARES, THEY HAVE THEIR OWN OPINIONS... LET THEM. and once and for all.. SHUT UP!
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 I heard Macduff got arrested for urban assault. He beat up too many stair gaps.
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 "When I grow up I want to ride like Macduff." Son, you can't do both!
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 I think it is only right that collectively we start referring to him as Monster Matt MacDuff from now on
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 holy fuck . that 3 to stairs doe .
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 Came to say the same thing. I almost sharted when he sent that. Pucker factor: 11!
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 Bar to fire cracker was sick, then he did the 3 = the raddest sh!t ive seen in a long time ! Matt's awesome.
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 Which one is called fire cracker?
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 firecracker = landing in stairs. Skateboard roots, sounds like a firecrackers going off when a skateboard does it.... look it up even if you don't skate, its badass. Todays history lesson Smile
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 next level!!!
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 The self-tutor video "how to do..."
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 This guy is bro as hell:
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 Noticed and was laughiig that but didn't now how to comment it. You da real mvp
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 As big as some of that shit was, the huge manny along the ledge was imo the coolest trick.
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 love hearing the camera operator's frantic foot steps chasing after him on a bike , awesome.
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 That and hearing how stoked everyone is every time he stomped the landing!
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 why wouldnt they just use a longboard
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 I was wondering the same thing haha. props to whoever built that steady cam rig though.
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 Its an upside-down tripod
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 one of the few mtb riders who can actually hold it down compared to bmx in the street
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 exactly my thoughts, sweet video, awesome
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 Puke!!! Guess I'm quitting bikes.
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 lol what? Just watch latest Garrett Reynolds redbull edit, and then u see real street and tricks.No compared,mtb riders cant do even 10% of what bmxers actually do.
P.S.And yes, I ride mtb.
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 That way more than 10%. Honestly the Reynolds vid didn't do too much for me, I can think of a few others that I much prefer. Reynolds is obviously tech as anything but I prefer big moves
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 I think actually in overall, it way less,than 10%.All I see in stupid mtb streеt - bar-bar-bar and easy lines,which can do all normal local bmxers Big Grin
Instead of this, its freaking hard bmx street.Big moves?Ok,just see Burns and others crazy guy.And how about starting railhop tailwhip from Garrett RB edit?Its so crazy.And opo whip down the stairs? And yes, just remember DEADLINE, and its no more words Wink
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 Burns yes. Now that's impressive
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 melt your own mind bro
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 Glad someone really know's the chat. Garret makes McDuff look somewhat amateur
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 What is this witchcraft? Can you explain how he does the backwards manual without needing to backwards pedal?
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 Yeah but garret is better than anyone. Matt McDuff still absolutely shreds and he just makes me want to grab my bike and go riding with him because he always looks like he his having the most awesome time. He reminds me of the mtb version of MX pro "The Seven Deuce Deuce" Adam Enticknap, they both shred but more importantly have that sick attitude toward riding and life that is just have fun, also they are both pure comedy (his pedal review on Pinkbike was hilarious).

NaughtybyNorfolk he has a free coaster hub, which has a clutch mechanism instead of pawls and ratchet (cassette). It allows the rear wheel to rotate in reverse with out being coupled to the rear sprocket so when you do a fakie you are free to coast., it's pretty much the standard in street bmx.
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 @NaughtybyNorfolk don't worry, all indications point to freecoasters showing up on mountain bikes no sooner than 2027. Plenty of time to familiarize yourself with them, if your brain stays solid.
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 @owl-X Aaron Chase has rigged up a pretty cool solution for dirt jumpers running gears to "free coast." I believe he runs a modified cassette, and a spacer, so he can shift the chain onto the spacer when he needs to freecoast backwards - then grabs gear to shift the chain back onto the gears.
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 @Circe sounds crazed. It may just be time to just go brakeless chainless with an eyepatch.

but of course wear your helmet or whatever
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 free coaster will never be as cool
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 I'd love to watch it but he's not wearing a helmet... so I guess my mind stays solid after all
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 ahhh street without a grind in sight, a beautiful thing!
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 If you like peg less street than feast your eyes on this.
This is Eric Lictenberger's section from stranger no hype. He does a couple of crank arm grinds and a shit load of tyre slides but still pretty epic grind free street riding.
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 Not wearing a helmet will melt you mind
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 Im still proud of myself for jumping up a curb. That sh*t has some crazy consequences!
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 When I watch shit like this I remind myself I am 40 and I'll never ever be close to this good on two wheels. Hurry up with building that time machine. I've got years to catch up on.
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 Truth in advertising. That actually did melt my mind.


Sidenote, this is a perfect example of what riding videos should be. Sick riding first and foremost, no self-indulgent cinematography BS. Shouts to teamrobot.
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 How does he fit such a MASSIVE sac in those skinny jeans?
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 Upside down tripod is apparently a really good replacement for a $500 steady cam. How did I not think of that?
  • 7 0
 SO hes basically the Garrett Reynolds of MTB.. This was beyond dope..
  • 6 0
 Matt Macduff is an animal.
  • 4 0
 Some seriously high consequence moves, like that wall manual. Good stuff! Have a whole new appreciation of Matt's riding since seeing his Builder part...
  • 7 0
  • 2 0
 What I want to know is what city is this? Seems pretty deserted. You try to ride street like this video in San Francisco and you'll be practically running people over, not to mention getting a little bit of flak from local law enforcement.
  • 7 0
 This edit was filmed in Barcelona.
  • 5 0
 that 360 stair gap could have ended so bad
  • 3 0
 Just learned how to trackstand for 3 seconds. Next up will be lifting my front wheel. Soon I'll be able to tailwhip - wall transfer - stair drop - 360.
  • 1 0
 I wonder how often he has to service his fork and replace seals ahha. Mental riding. I wish they would let Matt compete in bmx xgames! not sure if thats his jam or not but it would be cooll to see him in that environment slaying it
  • 2 1
 Mang oh mang. Duff I swear, I wish I could watch a new edit of you every single fvcking day. Double devils to you you fvcking demon!!!! \m/ \m/

Finally someone is gonna start tricking stair gaps. Bruh fvckin' bars that sumbitch & then comes in later & 3's the fvcker!!!!! I've even seen a few BMXers rippin' stair gaps with their cute lil' wheels but not tricking I don't think. I just thought that was the coolest shit Duff! That whole edit was KIIIIIIILLAH!!!!! Massive shit goin' down here.

And we still got Darkness 2 comin'! Ô.Ô
  • 4 0
 thanks for not cutting the plant/tree on 2:17, haha!
  • 6 2
 Wear your helmet! Because only V8 is going to want to sponsor a vegetable.
  • 3 0
 Hi my names suspension fork...... why cant i belong to some one less insane .....:P good video
  • 4 0
 barspin all of the things.
  • 1 0
 Just want to ask a personal question to Mr. McDuff.... How do you manage to maintain such flow and speed and control with giant steel balls dragging on the ground all the time....?
  • 4 0
  • 2 0
 At least I can make my Kraft Mac N Cheese like him, because I'll never ride like that lol
  • 3 0
 Sure, the music in the edit was metal, but that MacDuff is punk rock.
  • 1 2
 Secundum bellum mundanum, quod in mundo ab anno 1939 usque ad annum 1945 saeviebat, sic appellatur quod alterum bellum fuit quo fere omnes totius orbis terrarum civitates pugnabant. Etiam ultra modum primi belli mundani, bellum alterum fuit magnitudinis immensae, ingentem numerum victimarum praebens: primo bello duo milliones militum ceciderunt; in secundo bello mundano circa quadraginta et quinque milliones vitam amiserunt. Dum bellum gerebatur, sex milliones Iudaeorum interfecti sunt in caede civili Shoa postea appellata, Adolfo Hitler, Henrico Himmler, aliisque nazistis auctoribus. Et bellum maximum et summa Iudaeorum caedes manserunt inoblitum permultorum hominum vulnus.

Bellum vehementissime in Europa et Asia gerebatur, antequam in Africam septentrionalem et oceanos mundi expansum est. Auctores belli, Germania, Italia, et Iaponia, amicitatis foedus fecerunt. Inter civitates quae se defendebant vel quae defendentes adiuvabant, erant Unio Sovietica, Civitates Foederatae Americae, Regnum Britanniarum, Polonia, Francia, Canada, Nova Zelandia, et Australia. Illae civitates foedere adligatae erant et ita 'adligatae' appellabantur

your talking is useless!

  • 1 0
 Sick sick sick sick sick!!!!!!!!! ok, i'm off to fall off me bike trying a few of those tricks! And don't worry helmet patrol i'll have me lid on!
  • 3 0
 Such a fierce edit!
  • 2 0
 that manual at 2:30 :O :O :O
  • 2 0
 His riding is all the sickest words in one.
  • 2 0
 He brakes, nor breaks for nobody.
  • 1 0
 Really find the cameraman's footsteps annoying......get that man a skateboard!!! Some insane shit in there though. Awesome.
  • 1 0
 Unbelievable riding as always from macduff, easily one of the best street edits I've seen.
  • 2 0
 Matt McDuff is KING!!!!!!!!
  • 1 0
 If I buy one Kali Viva, will I ride like him??? I hope so, so freaking awesome!
  • 1 0
 Better than this other guy!
  • 2 0
  • 2 0
 God dam
  • 2 0
 Too many good bits
  • 2 0
 Holy shit. No. Words
  • 1 0
 Can somebody please tell me what bike
He's riding?
  • 2 0
 i guess with some heavy duty solid crmo tubes
  • 1 0
 man thats the craziest video ive seen in a long time!!!
  • 1 0
 :O try the transfer at 3:05!!
  • 1 0
 And here I am still trying to land a tailwhip on my street trial bike
  • 1 0
 I can do that on an XC hard tail easy.
  • 1 0
 Video with the most bar spins for the year?
  • 1 0
 MacDuff for Prime Minister !
  • 1 0
 The music reminds me of Saint Seiya
  • 1 0
  • 1 0
 Stoked as a steam train!
  • 1 0
  • 3 3
 Sweet video, but get a skateboard with gel wheels
  • 1 0
  • 1 0
 he s the man
  • 1 0
 good !!
  • 1 0
  • 1 1
 I could do all that stuff, I just don't feel like it right now
  • 1 0
 sick edit
  • 1 0
 best vid this year
  • 2 4
 I'm more impressed with the ridding ability in his sisters skinny jeans
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