Video: From Rubber Tree to Tire - Learn About How Tires Are Manufactured at VeetireCo

May 29, 2020
by VeeTireCo  
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VeetireCo manage and own a tree plantation in the South West of Thailand and we are one of the few companies that controls the entire tire manufacturing process. The R&D office is also located in Bangkok, Thailand.

There are two very important stages of the production. Like following a recipe, these steps are the most important part of a successful tire construction along with the mold.

The face of the company "Bike" is the man behind Veetireco

VeetireCo originated in the year 2012. Before that VeeRubber was the main company. VeeRubber was mainly mid to entry-level product, but we also manufactured for a lot of well-known brands such as Intense Tire, Panaracer, etc.

Vee Rubber Group started in 1977. The founder of the company was Mr. Vitorn Sukanjanapong who is my dad, and yes he named me Bike Sukanajanapong! The tagline of VeeTire Co. is "Take yourself further." So this shows the character of our brand. I like to think of VeeTireCo as the challenger, the underdog, and the brand that can make the rider go further.

I would say I was very lucky, when I started VeetireCo in 2012. A lot of new standards were being introduced in the bicycle industry, like 650b for MTB, fatbike tires, plus size ires and eMTB. When there are changes and new standards, it creates opportunity. We were able to capitalize on some of that. People started to know VeetireCo and overnight our fatbike tire spec started showing up on famous MTB brands like Kona, Rocky Mountain, Norco, etc.

I believe when you are not afraid of a new thing it will create opportunity!

Later VeetireCo also become the best performance/high-end kids bike tire. We were the first brand to make a kids' bike tire in 2.25 with modern MTB patterns starting from 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 24", 26," and 27.5". Our kids' tires are available with all the technology we use in our adult performance tires.

I am very proud of the Top 40 compound because I believe it is the best gravity compound out there, in terms of traction, performance and durability. Also, in the past Vee Rubber was the first one to make a sticky rubber compound for DH, together with Intense Tire System’s. Our tires were winning races and we were learning more and more about compounds and performance.

I think racing is very important for our brand and for me. I love being at the races and I try to go to as many World Cups as I can. I learn so much from talking with our racers, and team mechanics and watching how the tires perform and just finding ways to improve VeeTireCo. You need to smell, see, feel and understand the things that your tire is facing!

Also the most important thing is to see the people in the bicycle industry. The people (riders, team managers, mechanics, and the spectators) in this industry are the best!

I love everything about the industry. The riding, people, landscape, drinking, talking and etc. I try to get out and ride at least a couple of times a week! Being on the bike always makes for a better day. I also love to see my kid (VeeTireCo is like my baby!) growing up every day.

As I said in the beginning, VeeTireCo's slogan is Take Yourself Further. We will not stop improving the ride, the experience, and the thrill so everyone can Take Yourself Further!

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Words Thomas Manfé /Photo Valentin Popineau / Video Antoine Collet


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 That's the most in depth look at building a tire that tells you absolutely nothing about building a tire
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flag BoneDog (May 29, 2020 at 5:33) (Below Threshold)
 100% that video was shit.
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 I also enjoyed the phrase "cleaned with water to extract the purity"
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 It really is mind blowing tho the amount of work that goes into making a tire, only to have pb commenters complain when they can't find a tire for sale under $60.
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 Ya really had that high impact voice acting though.
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 That narrator voice was terrible..I thought it was a joke at the beginning
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 Check this one out. A lot more in-depth look at the process.
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 Cool / nice to see, yet for me they (Vee) let the ball drop after releasing the Jordie memorial Snap Tire, and for those of us that bought them, the majority were let down by being sent a regular graphic tire. No receipt of the special edition that was to support his memorial fund...
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 I love nature, which is why I only ride tires made from meat.
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 If only more people knew how good the Vee tires are ! I am riding all aspects of MTB for more than 15 years and I ve never had a stronger, grippier tire I can trust. They do their homework! Give them a try next time...
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flag BoneDog (May 29, 2020 at 5:34) (Below Threshold)
 lol its call a fucking maxxis DHF.....
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 @BoneDog my friend i know, old habits die hard. I would suggest the cure that goes: Try- Feel- Believe. Give me a call 6 months after you install a pair of WCEs!
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 I wonder if the farmers are compensated fair trade. Many (if not all) 3rd world country farmers get taken for a ride while basically being forced to work on their own family land while working for peanuts since the big wigs decide the "fair" trade price, etc. Pretty sad, and happens in all industry from tires to chocolate. I forget where I saw the documentary.
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 Back in the day the bike shop at Silverstar would sell tons of Vee Stout tires at $20 a pop for all the riders that ruined their $80 Maxxis skidding down the trails. Best $20 tire ever!
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 i just moved to silverstar Apparently it's opening on june 19
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 My understanding is that natural latex rubber is too expensive to use in tires? These tires look to be essentially hand made, cool family owned small scale production.
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 I really enjoyed that, despite all the comments this was a pretty in depth look start to finish on a tire. There must have been 20+ people involved for something we pay $60-80 for here in the US! I have not had the opportunity to try a Vee tire but respect for putting this out to consumers. Thank you!
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 Check this one out. An even more in-depth look:
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 Take care that your workers will wear protective gear is more important than creating videos with technical terms throw around - the fat suits are celebrating in restaurants and who will take care of the simple workers -? No way I'm buying this BS
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 Cool to see a bit more about how they're made, and actually showing the factory processes! I could do without the dramatic voice over, but I definitely understood more than had it been in Mandarin.
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 or Thai
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 Check this one out. A lot more in-depth
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 Interesting what goes into a tire and after a season of shredding in the dirt it just goes to the bin never to be recycled again (most tires are burned in concrete factories).
only rock hard compounds for me, they last forever. Makes me feel better about the environmental impact of my biking.
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 I run mine until they are bald, then put them on my road joking
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 Mine are not burned making concrete, we toss mine into lakes and ponds.
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 Re-use, people need to get creative i.e. pinterest, etc. My used tires are currently our frisbee golf course holes.
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 Virtue = signaled
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 It's because people don't recycle them....not that recycling is the be-all end-all, reducing and reusing comes first for a reason. But there are a few shops in my town that accept old tires and tubes for recycling, people just generally aren't aware/are too lazy.
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 @RoadStain: lmao your comment was quite funny, sad people can't distinguish obvious sarcasm...although I guess we have to take you replying to a german into account lol
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 Someone correct my logic here, I'm just thinking this through my head.

The compounds in a tire I'm guessing are over 90% rubber, which is secreted from a tree. Most of the mass of a plant is carbon thats pulled out of the atmosphere via photosynthesis. This is where the mass of the tire comes from. Burning it puts that carbon back in the atmosphere, where it can reenter plants. Is this not the case?
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 @hamncheez: Burning the tire takes what, 15 minutes give or take? How long does it take for trees to absorb that equivalent amount of carbon from the atmosphere? I don't know exactly, but it's probably longer than 15 minutes. In other words, burning tires puts carbon into the atmosphere faster than carbon can "reenter plants."
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 @radarr: The carbon in the tire came from a plant tho. More carbon isn't added to the system.
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Well, that rubber plantation was most likely a rainforest once that stored and took up way more carbon, than rubber trees in rows could ever do. And they also most likely burned that rainforest as well. Don’t forget all millions of animals and different plants who lived in that ecosystem are now gone forever... It’s in no way a zero-zum game...
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 zero-sum game*
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 @tobgren: zero-zum sounds like a candy
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 @hamncheez: haha it sure does!
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You are SO right. The rubber industry (and all monocrop industries) replace ecosystems and communities with industrial scale systems that decrease quality of life and ravage the environment. Check out you tube for some crazy documentaries on the rubber industry, pretty sad. Harvesters work 7 days a week 12 hours a day on plots of land where rainforests used to grow. We are all consumers and need to know the true origin of the products we buy.
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 @hamncheez: natural rubber isnt just carbon though, its a pentahydrocarbon. (carbon and hydrogen molecule). Burning natural rubber releases hydrogen, methane, ethane, propane and propylene among others. These are not gases that "put carbon back" into the atmosphere in the same way that the tree uses.
Add to it that many tires also include additional chemicals like benzene, chloroform, dichloroethane, methylene chloride, toluene, trichloroethylene, and metals such as lead, chromium and zinc. None of this stuff burning is good for anyone.
So its a gross over simplification to say that burning it puts carbon back in the atmosphere. I hope that helps.
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 @rallyimprezive: Glad to hear from someone who actually knows what they are talking about.

How does pentahydrocarbon natrually decay?
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 @hamncheez: its a *type* of pentahydrocarbon. More specifically, its called Isoprene. And in its naturally occurring form it acts like tree sap in that it gets hard and brittle, and basically crumbles into dust. Beyond that, I just dont know - I would assume that its broken down into base elements through oxidation or other interactions with compounds in the surrounding soil.
What I do know, I learned from doing a research paper in highschool called "Burnin' Rubber" that talked about how rubber is harvested, processed, vulcanized, used, and subsequently disposed of. The idea came from the fact that a major road in my home town was paved with asphalt that contained chopped up old tires.
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 1m 12s.... Well that just looks like a giant delicious flapjack.
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 I saw giant rice crispy treats
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 I wasted that time to see a commercial? WTF? Now someone should invent a reversal process to turn used tires into new tires.
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 Oh my god. Reality check. Is that how much work it takes to make one tire? I feel terrible after watching that.
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 "I would say I was very lucky, when I started VeetireCo in 2012." Hmmm, no. You were very lucky that your daddy gave you a factory and a shitload of money in 2012 to start VeetireCo. Congrats.
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 Sooo... they speak Australian in Taiwan?
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 @Geearmo: DOH! I come up with a reasonably good smarta$$ comment and then blow it with a geography error!
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 I just bought a bike with Vee tires OEM. 1 ride in my flow snap Tires have shredded 18 turning nobs clean off.... Got in contact with them. We will see what they do.
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 I just bought a bike with Vee tires OEM. 1 ride in my flow snap Tires have shredded 18 turning nobs clean off.... Got in contact with them. We will see what they do.
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 So cheap to manufacturer, yet so expensive to buy! Tell these guys, they pay you next to dirt nothing, yet the Bike Companies charge Hundreds of dollars for them! It's time for you guys to get your fair cuts! US Made is overrated!
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 Such an amazing process I think and its super cool to see the effort and passion in every tyre that undertakes this process. Well done guys!
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 Drammatic voice over, very interesting though
  • 2 0
 If you had tried the Intense Tires (ITS) then you can trust the Vee tires
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 Bike is cool. I like Bike. I could ride with Bike Smile
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 If GM saw their logo they would have some explaining to do... google "cts-v logo" and then cringeeee
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 Thank you guys for best support in the circuit!
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 They should recycle tires into the most protective condoms on earth
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 Good tires...but...Literally the worst tires to unmount for some reason.
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 My iPhone has a video feature that uses the same cheesy soundtrack.
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