Video: 'While We're Here' Featuring Rachel Strait & Jeff Throop

Oct 13, 2019
by GT Bicycles  

In 2018, Jeff Throop crashed his moto. His daughter, GT athlete Rachel Strait, and the rest of the family were told this was it... that Jeff wasn't going to make it. 

But six weeks later, Jeff proved everyone wrong.

This is the story of how bikes and family inspired Jeff's recovery, and how we can only do our best while we're here. 

Filmed and edited by Luca Cometti.

'While We're Here' features the Pantera GT-E, a confidence-inspiring 120mm 29-inch hardtail. Great looks and accessible for all levels of riders. The Pantera GT-E features iconic Triple Triangle™ styling and the assistance of Shimano STePS to give riders the edge they need to go further and faster when out on their favorite trails.

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 Well done Emtbs for helping another person get back on there bike. I now know 3 other ppl who have been in similar situations that they've helped. Well done to Jeff Throop for getting back out there
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 This right here is my thing about ebikes. helping people who used to be able to ride but sustained insert blank and now physically cant but still want to be out there and just need a little assistance. And an ebike with a pedal assist is perfect for that in my opinion.
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 Jeff is a cool dude. Volunteers lots of time to the local race community. He's a genuinely positive force in the mountain bike scene.
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 They don't get into it much on this, but, Jeff Throop is SUCH a fixture in the local MTB scene, a legend if you will. One of these behind the scenes people just doing it all at the races, one of those people you look forward to seeing in the bike world and yes, another one of these people that the world is better having him in. So glad he recovered from that horrible accident, he is a warrior and if we could all be like this dude even just a bit, we'd be more awesome.
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 Yep it wouldn’t be the big bear race experience without seeing him talking with all the racers at the start gate.
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 Bringing all the feels. eBike, traditional, hardtail, double rear shock monster dh bikes; all that matters is getting out and riding. Congrats Jeff
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 great vid to get stoked to get out there!
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 eMtbs are RAD
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 Thank you Luca, GT, and Long for giving us this chance to tell our story. It feels like closure. Closure of a time in my life that I wish never happened, that put me in situations I never wanted to be in, but also in the end brought our family even closer together. My dad is a true fighter. And To beat all the odds the ICU gave him was a true fucking miracle. And to be told you will never be able to ride again but to be back sending Miracle Mile a year later is pretty inspiring if you ask me! Love you Dad! Thank you for never giving up.
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 Very cool. I can remember my first race at Kamikaze, j was super nervous and Jeff and I started cracking jokes... good dude for sure! Glad to see he’s out there!
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 There's no doubt that passion for riding bikes makes you heal better and faster!
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 congratulations to you sir ,nice happy story. I’m glad if something diminishes me like age or not having the time to ride more or something else I can still count on a E-bike (if I had the money)to give that pleasure of just go out and ride and ride and ride.
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 Pretty selfless guy, getting healthy for his family, much respect from one dad to another!
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 Thanks for giving me the opportunity to tell Jeff’s story!
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 That video makes me so happy. Jeff has been such a staple with Team BB at California MTB races. So great to see you back at it Jeff!!
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 Rachael is rad, such a cool family, love everything about them.
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 What an amazing story... It almost brought tears to my eyes having to think about growing older and hoping my daughter will still want to ride and enjoy sports and life with her daddy as we do today.
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 Good to see you back out there Jeff, keepin' the young punks honest!
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 Met him a couple of summers ago at snow summit. Very cool and proud as hell of Rachel and Kyle. He mentioned the accident he was recovering from as we chatted. Glad to see he is doing well.
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 same Luca Cometti who is a rider also made this video? impressive
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 Hey, that’s me. Thank you!
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 I'm all for e Bikes and this is an awesome story and they they seem to be awesome people, but "3,000 feet of climbing?" Call it what it is (i.e., riding, elevation gain, etc.) and get a kit that says eat my dust across your back. Who cares what they think? Just don't shoot yourself in the foot by borrowing terminology that perpetuates a stigma or comes across as disingenuous. E Bikes are in a class all their own and have a legitimate space. My first e Bike is gonna have a pair of those dangly nuts hanging from under the seat. Rock out!
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 We actually rode the 3000 ft on our Forces, no pedal assist. Dad really only rides the ebike around the lake and on easy days with my step mom. He’s pretty hard core dude. ❤️ And 1/8 of his right lung died during his 6 weeks in the ICU. He’s my hero!
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 MTBs are the fountain of youth.
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 This is one of those pro EMTB videos, which continues to leave me conflicted about them still. Either way, live your life bbbrrraaaaapppppp!!
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 Seating at home , healing from a broken elbow and being inspired . Thank you
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 Love stories like this. Gives people hope who are in a bad spot.
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 What a great story! Keep givin 'er Jeff!!!!!
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 All of the internet tough guys who were anti e-bike now love ebikes. Hypocrites!
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 Great story. I wonder if Rachel would be doing all that if not for the video though. Didn't she just break her radius? lol
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 ?? Could have been filmed before, these vids are often times months in the making until release??
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 Yep it was 4 weeks out in the video. But I got the clear to ride on the road... so obviously I’m gonna push it Wink ! That’s what
Is silly mtb racer do! The US open was days after this video so it was a good test.
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 @THROO001: Ok I saw the wrist brace in the video and wondered. I just broke mine as well and was doing road stuff about 4 weeks in too. Good luck on the recovery!
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 Great story!
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 But but but but ebikes are motorcycles and evil lol.
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 Context- learn it.
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 This is advertising,is it not??
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 it's a an interesting and inspiring story to tell, and kudos to anyone who wants to fund it to be told
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flag jjhobbs (Oct 13, 2019 at 14:33) (Below Threshold)
 @mh731: it's still an advertising feature, and you should see it as that. Be puppies on ebikes next.. don't fall for it my friend
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 @jjhobbs: eh .. dude, almost all vids are sponsored, don't see you dissing the many other vids on the home page, why this one that tells a genuine story? it in no way says "GT saves your life", in fact they never even say the brand out loud, again, same as other vids - I don't understand why this offends where a vid of someone just riding is not an ad but this is

Its a nice story, and if the only way we get to hear about it in this way is for a brand to pony up a few quid for a vid then hey, welcome to how the internet is funded
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