Video: Wyn Masters Climbs the Col du Galibier on a Downhill Bike

Jul 28, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesThis was another one of my silly ideas but a good one all the same, this is the GT Factory Racing downhill bike vs road bike challenge where I take on our junior in the team Ethan Craik in a race climbing up the Col Du Galibier with him on the GT Grade road bike and myself on the GT Fury DH bike.Wyn Masters

Wyn's Strava data from the ride:


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 imagine getting passed by a guy on a dh bike
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 Then next weekend Yoann passes you at the DH park on a gravel bike:
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 @bikeybikeybikebike: That can't be Yoann, not nearly enough yelling and screaming
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 @Arepiscopo: Holy sheet ☺Definitely Yoann.
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 Wyn Masters...he best thing to happen to mountain biking since moto clothing replacing lycra.
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 You mean the TLD clown suits? Thats a pretty low bar, Wyn deserves better.
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Wyn Masters...the best thing to happen to mountain biking since disc brakes replaced cantilever brakes.

Will that work for you @Ttimer ? You might look at things like the TLD jerseys as clown suits but I was in the US nationals during the transition. Thanks Shaun Palmer. A lot more people started getting into the sport after that. Although I see the benefit to both...I like the clown suit myself.
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 There have been a few times in my life where I have been able to manual as good as Wyn... but then I wake up and realize it was just a dream...
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 Fair play. Shows how fit the too racers really are.
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 True. It's another level entirely, if memory serves I'm sure he once talked about cycling 200km straight from an EWS event. It takes me at least a week to even start thinking about riding again after a race.
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 Whatever GT are paying him, double it.
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 He didn't even bother raising his seat to allow for better leg extension. My knees hurt just watching this.
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 That's all the seatpost he had there.. . "The seat wouldn't go high enough" - Wyn
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 Haha I tried but the seat post was too short ????
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 Knees would hurt if he'd try to sit down and pedal hard with the seat that low. Most of the climb he was standing so that shouldn't have harmed his knees. Also, you can get all the leg extension you want when you stand up Wink .
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 And some people say to me that I’m crazy when I do more then 100km in my trail/enduro bike with some 1800m of elevation or more ,and I say to them what are you talking about ,it’s nothing it’s just riding my bike don’t call it xc/trail/enduro or whatever it’s just riding my bike it might go a little slow and you put more effort on the ride (mainly because of the tires )but after seeing this thing ,I’m glad that people go outside of the box and say why not ,great job Wyn
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 That made my thighs ache just watching
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 This is nothing new. Everyone on PB always says their bike climbs like a goat, and descends like a demon.
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 Next on TV: the entire Tour de France on a DH bike! Wink
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 That would be a whole train gapping the roads.
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 Wait. 83 minutes averaging 154bpm and 220watts, and only 265 calories burned? Is that right?
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 Can’t imagine that it is.
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 That’s Garmin or stravas estimate
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 @wynmasters: Was this harder than racing Zonhoven?
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 @Zdwick: much easier for sure!
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 Wyn don’t care about how many calories he lost, Wyn care about how many IBU in a IPA beer...
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 Here's one for those with 28t chainrings and 50+t cogs. Love it, what a beast
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 Yea, shame on those lazy suckers for not being as fit as a professional athlete who spends all of his waking hours training!
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 @Ttimer: It would be a shame not seeing them spinning at 100rpm going 8kph up a mellow incline anymore, you're right. Or grinding below walking speed instead of...walking?
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 @wynmasters You did some PRs. Does that mean you did it before, and now faster with a DH bike?
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 He lost his marbles lol
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 Earned DH
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 @wynmasters So I guess that this is your bike for the upcoming EWS season?
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 Haha, first workout of the day... nutter. Perhaps Eddie could do a challenge now, I'm thinking Val di Sol on a Unicycle?
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 Mont St Anne on a unicorn.
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 You can actually climb it only on trails, have a look to the 'raid de la meije' and then get lost on wild mountains far from roads and funny tour de france guys!
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 I hope they at least locked the rear suspension
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 Pumped it up a bit but it don’t have a lock out
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 It took me more 90min from Andover station to tidwort BP, Just beast knees,gj man
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 Given the bike it seems like there should have been a more fun way down from there.
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 Guess that settles the matter of how fit DH racers are.
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 What a fucking machine ! WP Wyn !
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 hahah, you absolute monster Wyn!
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 He would do this... lol
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 Right on man - good work!
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 He should race his brother up it, both on DH bikes.
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 cmon valloire galibier is only half the rent, you gotta do st michel telegraph as well
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 How did your thighs just not explode, Wyn? Master of DH hill climb!
  • 1 0 insane, and impressive.
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 Next up: Rampage on a rigid
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 Pretty Impressive

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