Video: Wyn TV - EWS Pietra Ligure

Sep 21, 2020
by GT Bicycles  

bigquotesIt's Wyn TV from round 2 of the Enduro World Series in Pietra Ligure. After an ice cream and a beer, Wyn roams the pits to Krush a few interviews with Remi Gauvin, Florian Nicolai, Eddie Masters, Isabeau Courdurier, Melanie Pugin, Jack Moir, and many more.

Filmed/Edited: Jules Bellot

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 "Bernard Kerr will be taking a new position as the EWS Shuttle Police"
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 I think he's more jealous than anything.
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 "Went down the bank and came out with out any money" only Wym can said that with a straight face lol
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 THANK YOU for finally displaying the riders' names for us!
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 Brilliant work again Wyn, I look forward to this more than the official recap. Fingers and bars crossed you get a result next weekend.
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 Can we get a response from an EWS official on the shuttling? Was it allowed but not well communicated? My impression is that no shuttling is allowed and racers only got one run in each trail? (They could session sections on the trail during their one run.)
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 According to the 'Pinkbike Primer' article posted on the 17th: "Pietra Ligure will be another one day race with 5 stages for riders to test themselves against. The course is 50km long with nearly 2,000m of climbing and descending across the day. This will all be done on the bike with shuttling allowed on the practice day on Friday but nothing on the Sunday race day."
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 @ahamby: thank you
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 It sounds like someone was shuttling when they shouldn't be? Interesting call-out - I feel like there is a story here.
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 Adrien Dailly was already penalized in Colombia 2018, so I don't think he made the same mistake again.
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 They were allowed to shuttle for the practice day
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 I smell the head of the team did not arrange the shuttle driver and its deflecting now with these comments,, hahaha
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 @pinkbike I think you should do a photo story of all the different things wyn has used as microphones
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 Scott should pick up Charlie Murray so they can tap into his ski and adventure antics too, they've got products across all 3....
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 Stoked for Jack.....yeeeeaahhh!
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 Sweet - added the captions I asked for last time. I feel like I've contributed :-)
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 was that Boris stealing food from the Lapierre tent? Big Grin
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 Love it.. roll on Finale Ligure....
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 Why is Wyn TV updated on GTs YouTube channel but not on Wyn’s own Wyn TV YouTube channel?
Are GT being sad about rights?
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 Shuttle police!
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 "It's not work if you're not working".
Wyn hitting the nail on the head there at the end.
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 "There is only one Arron Gwin"

Great stuff Wyn!
Thanks buddy!!
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 Two mics for the canyon tent.
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 I'll thank Wyn for all of his hard work! Always great content.
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 "a beer"
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