Video: Gamux Announces 2023 Race Program

Feb 7, 2023 at 10:04
! EMBARGO UNTILL 8th Feb. 2023 12:00PM CET-Zürich / 03:00 AM PST !

Continuing our work from 2022, Gamux Factory Racing looks to evolve its program into the 2023 season.
2022 was set up as a learning year. With a new bike, new riders and new components, the team always knew that it was going to be a tough year.
But in a typical GAMUX manner, when things got tough, the team pushed through and came out on the other side a better group of individuals.

Of course, this is only possible if you have partnered with people and companies who share our approach to learning and improvement. Therefore we are proud to continue and extend all our partnerships for the 2023 season. We look forward to continuing our quest for improvement with the Hayes Group, all our other partners and friends.

In 2023, our fans can expect an enhanced experience as we will provide an inside perspective into what goes on behind the curtains of a world cup team. Expect to get unfiltered insides into our work with our partners and athletes as we strive to improve our race bikes, riding and team performance.

Besides expanding our existing partnerships, we are excited to welcome Gates Carbon Drive to our roster of strategic partners. Their belt drive system will complete our unique approach to drivetrain performance.

On the rider front, we are stoked to extend our partnership with Lino Lehman for 2023 and beyond. Lino has taken immense strides during his first full Worldcup season, has developed as an athlete, and has become an integral contributor to the team's development.

For 2023 and beyond, U17 sensation Mike Huter will join Lino on the team. After a rough start into his last U17 season, Mike has shown that he is a very talented young gentleman, an incredibly hard worker and a mature athlete. After graduating from the Gamux Youth program in 2022, we are looking to build on his U17 successes and have a fun first year together in the Junior category.

We are already hyped for the beginning of the 2023 World Cup season at our home race in Lenzerheide. Until then, we will be working flat out to come out the gate swinging and kick off this year's campaign strong.

Cheers, and see you at the races



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 Amazing to see, massive props. General comment is why do DH bikes still even have traditional derailleur \ gearing setups? Genuinely, out of the 7 gears we normally see, 4 maximum would get used. Pinion and the likes are surely the logical progression. My only query would be the durability of the belts under start hut torque! Saying that, snapped chains are not exactly rare!
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 I've also wondered why dh bikes don't replace some rear cogs with just cassette spacers so there is a gear that decouples the drivetrain and suspension. Thats the next best thing to chainless, right?
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 @RonSauce: a few on the world cup circuit already do this
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 @RonSauce: I'm pretty sure Gee Atherton does this on the regular.
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 I work in the Ebike industry as a tech and I can ensures that there's no way these belt will snap. They are used mostly on high end Ebikes that are heavy and have a lot of torque. Also they don't have any lateral flexibility and if you can keep the right tension it will never drop.
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 I think the reason is probably around efficiency of the drivetrain, although you would think that in DH that wouldn't really matter and the suspension performance gains would be worth it? Then again, I suspect that many of the top teams with the big S sponsorships wouldn't want to drop that income...
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 @racingvince: ?
Already snapped one...
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 @MTB-Raceshop: yeah i snapped one too... well it was my car after 200000km
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 Gearbox + Belt drive... so sick.
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 It's the best. Get one.
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 @CarbonShmarbon: I’m holding out for trinity to release their DH bike. Fingers crossed they make it belt drive compatible.
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 I’m excited to see if manitou comes up with a coil shock!!
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 Huck Yeah!
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 Same here, the Mara Pro seems to be a really Marmite shock, I only ever hear people raving about it or saying it’s mediocre at best, I’d love to try one though
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 @samdaman1: hah took me a few seconds, love the expression.
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 Cutting it close Pink bike, almost broke the embargo.
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 An absolutely amazing bike and race program for such a small team. Looking forward to season 2 of GFR on YouTube. My kid has been frothing to try this bike...
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 The coolest DH bike ever. Yes, even over the Honda.
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 I really like the overall concept and even considered buying one. The thing that stopped me is the thought of banging my legs against the frame in a high speed crash. Under those conditions even round tubes hurt.
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 Glad I’m not the only one that thinks that!
I’ve bruised my shin bone bailing out before and the tube was only slightly squared…
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 THEY FINALLY DID IT! Belt + Gearbox + spanner on the chassis. this is going to be the smoothes rear end out there!
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 @VinzenzFSR you mean the UCI finally let a team compete with belt drive technology...
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 That bike looks wild!!! So sick to see a team like this with a sweet bike and some good sponsers ive not seen much of in recent years!
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 Whatever happened to Gamut?
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 Narrow wide chainrings and MRP.
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 sick. would be great to see some podiums on these bikes.
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