Video: Nico Works His Magic in Bellingham

Apr 24, 2023 at 10:41
by Transition Bikes  

Words: Transition Bikes

When Nico Vink comes to town, you don't miss the opportunity to see him work his magic on the every local trail possible. Watch our new film as Nico puts his mark on some of our favorite local riding spots!

It seems like every time he visits he stays in Bellingham for at least a month. Whether it's helping with local events or playing incognito sales person at the Outpost, he is a true part of our family and everyone gets excited when they hear Nico is coming to town.

bigquotesBellingham is definitely a place that challenges my riding. There’s such a big trail building culture in the area and endless amounts of trails to ride. I’ve ridden some of the steepest tech ever in Bellingham. There’s an insane amount of loamy trails, jumps, rock slabs and so much more. The level of riding is also super high, when ever you go on a ride with someone, it’s full on. I love it!!

It doesn’t get any better. It’s just super rad to be part of a company that’s all about riding bikes and fully gets it. Every single time I’ve been visiting I get the opportunity to ride with the Transition crew on some of the sickest trails I’ve ever ridden. The Bellingham scene is on another level compared to other places I’ve been. There’s some die hard trail builders in the area and so much good stuff to ride. But I’m not sure if I’m supposed to say this. Maybe I should say something like Bellingham is boring, don't go there. Not sure.




We're excited to get Nico back to town for some more local adventures! Nico spends the majority of his time riding his TR11. To learn more about the 11 head to


Filming - Skye Schillhammer & Hannah Bergemann
Drone Shots - Bartek Wu, Peter Vieth & Nathan Harris
Photography - Oliver Parish
Editing - Myles Trainer


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 I've been to Bellingham twice for bike trips. Rained hard the entire time on both trips. Prevalent mud, and mostly easy flow trails. Head to Moab if you want real mountain biking!
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 agreed 100% biking in washington in general just sucks. too many easy flow trails, so much rain. might as well just go to canada if you're going to fly out this way
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 Many Washingtonians are also neo-nazis. I have a hard time stomaching that even if the trails are dry enough for riding (which is NEVER).
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flag Charlotroy (Apr 26, 2023 at 9:06) (Below Threshold)
 real mtb is not moaba, it's in vancouver and squamish !
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 @Charlotroy: you're not helping here, the plan is to get people away from the good spot.
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 Couldn’t agree more. Such an awful state. Real riders should check out Sedona
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 random hikers will try stab you with switchblades too. stay away!
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 Yep, I mean, i just read that Niko said: "Bellingham is boring, don't go there."
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 @canned-slammin: I think you mean Bentonville, mountain bike capital of the universe. That's where the real OGs ride. Such an organic, homegrown, grassroots culture there. Not forced at all unlike Bellingham or Pisgah where no one actually likes to ride their bikes. New riders- to Arkansas!
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flag reidmorebooks (Apr 26, 2023 at 10:24) (Below Threshold)
 @RogerMexico: ah yes tell me more about the culture of a place you’ve only heard about on the internet. Also welcome to America where racism is prevalent everywhere.
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 @reidmorebooks: a joke my dood
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 @SangamonTaylor: Marin County is the birthplace of modern MTB
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flag EricSharp (Apr 26, 2023 at 11:18) (Below Threshold)
 @SangamonTaylor: that is an insane comment! I hope its sarcasm. Bentonville is amazing but 10 years ago it was absolutely forced on the community. I live in Kansas City and have been in Bentonville when it all started, many of the people and the businesses did not embrace mtb's, it was forced on the public and for good reason, I'm not complaining about it, its a great place! but that comment is nuts! Also the racism in ark is unlike any place I've been. i have heard some truly disgusting comments from some of the locals in casual conversation on the trail!
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 About half of it was actually filmed at Duthie.
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 @canned-slammin: Hey hey.... Easy there. Smile
Don't be sending more people to ride in my backyard bud. The trails here in AZ are starting to get overcrowded as well. Cool
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 Too much rain. The food sucks. The people suck. The best riding is in Oregon and Canada if you are on the west coast. Norcal is pretty good too
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 I live 15 minutes away from Bellingham, and it's bad to ride during the winter and early spring, but much more desirable temperature than Moab in the summer.
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 @two-plank: Surprisingly incorrect!
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 @twozerosix: this is actually true.
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 @chillionaire360: this is also true.
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flag catweasel (Apr 26, 2023 at 14:57) (Below Threshold)
 Bellingham is great, quite surprising though how few legal tech trails there are. If you want to ride tech you really need local knowledge (outside of 4 or 5 trails) or be prepared to drive a distance.
If you are heading for a trip up there with no knowledge its much better to keep going north of the border IMO
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 @two-plank: I've also heard north of that area in Canada is pretty sh!t too.
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 @catweasel: to truly ride the best tech trails north of the border you also really need the local knowledge IMO
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 @RogerMexico: quite possibly true, you could still go up there and ride world class tech every day for weeks with what's legal and on multiple apps/trail maps
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 @catweasel: hahah, true. and no i am not going to argue with you that it’s not better there than everywhere else in every meaningful way bc that would be dumb of me.
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 @RogerMexico: fair play. Whoosh for me.
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 Don't forget the slugs!
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 @RogerMexico: It must have been somewhere in North America, no way anything similar was also happening in various places in the world at that time too.
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 @twozerosix: unfortunately people will think this is a joke...
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 @ybsurf: LOL, yes you can only have the local 5 guys use the trail once a week, anything beyond that is crowded.
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 "Nico Vink rides better than you"

Wow thanks pinkbike, totally didn't already know that!
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 And it’s changed…
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 This is a better ad for VANS. Seeing as how he never slipped a pedal on all those landing overshoots!
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 I've been riding a pair of Vans BMX style 114's for about a month now on flats and they work great. Haven't slipped a pedal yet, and I'm on a hardtail.
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 I'd never thought Jacques Dutronc would be on a mountain bike parts ^^
Nice one !
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 Jack FromTheLog is very famous at Canada’s northshore, like Jenny FromTheBlock in the Bronx
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 More video soundtracks like this with level of flair, swagger, and attitude! Dutronc is better than 94.876% of the music on most of all y'all's videos.
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 Nico Vinc*
  • 3 0
 someone gonna get offended
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 Ahh yes, It's about personalities, a lifestyle, a certain dedication to the art of riding bikes and building trails, things that are far more important than how many views or likes a video gets on social media.
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 mmmm Fireweed mmmmm

Cool video but really really enjoyed the closing scenes with "not quite pro" riders to understand how big Nico pops those jumps!
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 Drew is the man! Crazy what he does on a hard tail. Insane trail builder too, check out broken tools trails on instagram
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 @olafthemoose: Ayy that's my brother! @brokentooltrails rips on the hardtail and digs hard every day, he's a beast. So cool seeing him in this vid!
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 maybe better than me but not better than my grandma
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 he rides better, but my teeth are better.
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 Embarrassing article. How has nobody told Nico that Bentonville is the mountain bike capital of the world?
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 Uhm rude , but you’re right
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 Ok, but just in Bellingham
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 I've never been to Bellingham so there's a 50% theoretical chance that I'm actually faster than him, give or take.
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 Looks like the first article title must have hurt pinkbikers feelings lol.
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 Where is the line between riding and flyiing?
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 Nico Vink rides better than I anywhere, not just in Bellingham.
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 Well.... the title didnt lie..
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 Just here to talk shit, I re-watched it just to see if I could spot a left whip...maybe one attempt if I'm being generous. How many right whips and T-bogs can we fit in one movie? Make it a drinking game.
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 That was rad. And thanks for calling out the builders in the credits. They are the life blood of progression around here.
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 Surprised that he didn't get his bike stolen from the violent street gangs that roam Galbraith. Lucky he got out of there alive.
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 that bike is hot
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 Nico rides better than me anywhere
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 Looks like he's running 27.5 F & R with a 29er fork and the stanchions clamped high in the crowns.
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 This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. OKAY
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 This is making me more ready for summer
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 I'm excited for fireweed and foxglove season now.
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 Must’ve found the one day it didn’t rain in Bham! The place is gross.
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 I see Nico Vink, I click.
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 Legend !
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 Id rather be watching darkfest highlights lol
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 I'm sure Nico will ride better than me anywhere.
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 Is it me of after darkfest , everything looks so small

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