Results: Australian Open Downhill at the Thredbo Cannonball MTB Festival

Feb 17, 2024 at 2:37
by Ed Spratt  
The results are in from the Oakley Australian Open Downhill at the Thredbo Cannonball MTB Festival. After a day of racing, Jackson Frew and Nina Hoffmann took top honours in the elite races.

For the Elite men, Jackson Frew set the fastest race time pulling ahead of Kye A'Hern by 1.121 seconds with Connor Fearon completing the top three just under four seconds off the pace. The top two fastest riders in seeding, Jackson Goldstone and Troy Brosnan, suffered punctures during their race runs and ended up at the bottom end of the results.

Nina Hoffmann faced tough competition from Sian A'Hern for the race win with the pair trading sector wins across the course. Despite some rapid final sectors, Sian couldn't quite close the gap to Nina and crossed the line 0.725 seconds back. It's great to see Myriam Nicole back racing and she ends the week of racing in third place, 13.266 back.

The Commencal Muc Off team had more top results in the U19 men's racing as new signing Max Alran ended the day in first with a time good enough for 11th in elites. The U19 Women's winner was also on pace with the elite riders as her winning time of 5:45.173 would have placed her on the podium in third.

Check out the full breakdown of the results from the racing below.


Pro Men:

1st. Jackson Frew: 5:00.318
2nd. Kye A'Hern: +1.121
3rd. Connor Fearon: +3.906
4th. Jackson Connelly: +3.919
5th. Luke Meier-Smith: +4.136

Elite Women:

1st. Nina Hoffmann: 5:33.838
2nd. Sian A'Hern: +0.725
3rd. Myriam Nicole: +13.266
4th. Elise Empey: +14.724
5th. Tegan Molloy: +15.682

U19 Men:

1st. Max Alran: 5:08.584
2nd. William Ireland: +0.505
3rd. Carter Sloan: +1.957
4th. Zac Bradley: +6.300
5th. Lewis Allbon: +6.484

U19 Women:

1st. Elleni Turkovic: 5:45.173
2nd. Sacha Mills: +5.735
3rd. Georgia Henness: +15.944
4th. Jessica Sheridan: +27.780
5th. Lacey Adams: +28.553

Full Results:

Elite Men:

Elite Women:

U19 Women:

U19 Men:

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  • 32 0
 WeAreOne DH bike in first place.
  • 1 14
flag angryWaki FL (Feb 18, 2024 at 4:53) (Below Threshold)
 Yes, but under a “local”.
  • 30 0
 Great to see Amaury’s name again
  • 30 3
 How does Goldstone get a puncture?? He only weighs 40kg
  • 30 1
 Now that Greg left the team, its time for the Syndicate to change their tire supplier.
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 On Instagram he says he went off-line and "smoked a rock quite hard."
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 + weight of the bike makes 60kg
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flag deco1 FL (Feb 17, 2024 at 8:18) (Below Threshold)
 Stop making fun of the kids weight! He looks exactly like an athletic 20 year old guy who rides bikes a lot would look like.
  • 4 0
 he's feeling the weight of having to deliver now
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 Jackson Goldstone is going faster than everyone. That’s how.
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 @fox7: smoking rocks usually helps me go faster
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 @yahmon: emcees smoke rock, I smoke aluminum!!!
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 @fox7: thx for the real journalism
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 do you work for the government, because that sounds like their logic.
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 @owl-X: geometric poop, getyer shit straight
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 Stoked to see Connor Fearon snag 3rd. Keeping the dream alive for the flat pedal crew! #FlatPedalsWinMedals
  • 4 1
 pretty sure Jackson Connelly is on flats too
  • 22 1
 Good to see Pompom back racing.
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 Yes. Probably the perfect race to ease back into it. Some good high level competition, but no points pressure on the line.
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  • 2 0
 @huculaker: do you know, that's actually what I originally typed, then I doubted it and googled it to double check. The first thing that came up said 'pompom' so I edited the comment but you are correct.
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 @tremeer023: yeah they both work honestly! pompon is the french word, and pompom is the english one…
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 @huculaker: ah, phew. My French is poor.
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 Jackson first in seeding and final, congrats!
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 Why is this track not on the world cup circuit!!!
  • 42 0
 Probably because its not in Europe, it isn't a straight line down the hill and is 5 minutes long.
  • 6 7
 It also starts off as a road in order to get enough elevation loss
  • 4 0
 Most teams don't wanna take their gear to the USA let alone Australia.
  • 35 0
 The timing would clash with the snow biking world championship.
  • 4 0
 @blanshard16: you could easily start it at the hairpin on the road and it would still have enough elevation.
I have heard it can’t be an World Cup race due to not being close enough to a hospital with certain capabilities - not sure how true that is though
  • 4 0
 Under snow from June - October
  • 4 0
 @blanshard16: Thredbo has plenty of elevation. They only run the fire road for Cannonball because it's traditional. It's still a 4 minute track without it. With the fire road it's longer than UCI regs allow.
  • 2 0
 @JARTassie: I've heard the same, too far from high end medical support. It's a really tough track
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 Remy Meier-Smith, Luke Meier-Smith, Lucas Meyer-Smith. Pick the odd one out.
  • 4 0
 What happened to Troy Brosnan? His qualy run pov was nuts...
  • 3 0
 Front flat on the top half of the track
  • 3 0
 Weird how many riders hit 58.26 km/hr in speed trap
  • 3 0
 Did Laurie flat too?
  • 3 0
  • 2 0
 Wonder what happens to Vali?
  • 3 0
 She decided not to race after doing the YT team camp there the week before and went to Queenstown instead.
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 Nice work Maples
  • 1 0
 nice to see connor on it again
  • 1 0
 Kasper with an oddly slow speed trap compared to others
  • 3 0
 Speed trap figures are whack. Clearly there's some sort of error.
  • 4 0
 Sian Ahern had one of the top overall trap times regardless of gender
  • 1 0
 @hevi: Yes, they also seem to stick to certain numbers. Despite having two decimal numbers of supposed accuracy, a lot of the speeds are exactly the same as for other riders. All the speeds are over 1 k/hr different any other one.
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