Video: Louise Ferguson's Finals POV from Red Bull Hardline Tasmania 2024

Feb 26, 2024 at 2:26
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesTalk about a battle and absolute warrior who never gave up! Louise Ferguson went through it all taming the beast of Red Bull Hardline out in the jungles of Tasmania. 2 crashes and still got up every time to slay each and every feature on this course from high speeds, tight track, a 60 foot jump and the 75 footer to end it all. Kudos to the women for bringing it this year and throwing down a full top to bottom run for the crowds! GoPro Bike

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 Such an amazing display of guts! Watching it from 3rd person on the live stream was amazing, but from 1st person is just another level. To take those hits and just get up and go full pace and hit those monster features is mind blowing. Immense respect and admiration.
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 She took on a course that was too risky for Loic and beat it. Fantastic!
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 yup, the hits looked even more painful in POV. Insane to see her right back at pace after getting back on the bike
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 Loved how she casually says "I'm OK" before getting back on the bike sending the massive jumps at the end.
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 Such a beautiful and amazing character and glad she got away with those crashes without injury (which is a skill by itself).
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 Not to mention she says thank you to everyone who encourages her mid-run, after hugies. Legend and class act!!
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 Being knocked down is one thing, it's how you get up that makes legends. She obtained legend status in my eyes.
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 One of the best POVs ever! This should be used to teach how to keep things calm and collected. Absolutely amazing. Well done and massive respect.
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 Totally agree, that was absolutely gripping
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 one of the best non winning run that shows up incredibly a more mortal approach...that the we most of us relate more with...
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 BTW this has been probably one of the most appealing woman race/dh/show...
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 Ovaries of steel to carry on and send it!
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 That was just insane! Big props to the girls to send all this jumps!! (I'm also kinda jealous to be honest)
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 Spectator: "Are you going to keep going?"
Me: "No...I'm just going to lie here a while."
YouTube video continues without me....
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 The way she got up after that second crash, and then had a few words with the girls at the side of the track was amazing. Such grit and determination. I was inspired and I bet those girls were too. Epic.
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 She is a real warrior, huge props!
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 to get up twice and keep going knowing what gaps are still in front that is a winner mentality!
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 Legend – just shook off two hugies and keeps sending.
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 We throw the word legend around a lot, but I think this is what a legend really is. Gnarly af
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 What poise! Calm as a coma the whole time. Incredible mental fortitude to pick up, get back in sync and complete that course. This was a huge weekend for Womens MTB.
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 Thinking she lost around 40 sec on first crash and over 20sec on second + getting back to speed, she could won that if not that crashes...

Still impressive run and glad you made it to the bottom, safe and with class
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flag Skippy453 (Feb 26, 2024 at 8:31) (Below Threshold)
 Sorry, you figure she could have won the entire event?
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 @Skippy453: The women's race
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flag tigerfish50 (Feb 26, 2024 at 9:16) (Below Threshold)
 NOT crashing is an important part of success in MTB sport.
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 @tigerfish50 and @Skippy453 chose goldfish brain this morning
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flag Skippy453 (Feb 26, 2024 at 11:22) (Below Threshold)
 @JonnyNorthmore: what women's race? Unlike a WC event, the men and women competed in the same event. There was no separate women's podium in Hardline.
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 Boss mode activated!
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 She got knocked down, but she got up again! Hope she enjoyed a whiskey drink and a lager drink or two at the pub after

(In all seriousness, what an absolute badass)
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 Louise has proven time and again that she is a real deal. We all know Gracey Hemstreet was born at a sick bikepark riding everyday and its sweet to see, but to have a young woman like Louise who is legit so resilient, grounded and kind SEND IT, CRASH, GET RIGHT BACK UP and SEND again is beyond legit. Fan favourite of the weekend forsure.
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 One of the best DH runs ive watched. Like an epic saga rolled into a DH run, and the hero succeeds in the end.
I know who im cheering for in WC’s this year. Congrats Lou!
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 That's insane. What body armour does she wear? I need some of that!
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 It's probably called 'being fit and strong'. Available anywhere. Prices range from free to the cost of a gym membership. I wish I had some of it, too.
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 Pretty impressive riding up top too. Looked she was gonna beat more than a couple of the lads.
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 The kids who asks if she is going to keep going after asking if she was ok cracked me up. She was like jeez give me a second to start breathing again.
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 It was like she was an uninvited guest. "...good to see you but this crossword puzzle isn't gonna do itself."
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 those slams on the live feed were horrible - I can't believe she kept going!
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 That run was amazing - her guts and skill !
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 Her resilience and dedication is amazing and inspiring. Just wow.
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 I had a UCI Heart Rate of 142 while seeing her go for the last gap.
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 That was unbelievable. Probably the best POV video I've ever seen, just for the amazing human qualities it displayed. I was a fan before, but I'm a rabid Louise fan now.
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Massive Props! Sick POV!
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 As if we didn't already know she's a trooper.
Of course I knew about her 2 crashes prior to watching the vid, but just before the second one I was hoping it wasn't there because she was going at quite a lick.
Anybody who hasn't already watched her 2019 run at the Mega, should take a peek - she's as gracious as she's gutsy
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 so impressive to maintain your composure after those hits!
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 WOW. I was anxious the entire time watching it trying to anticipate when she would crash (because we knew it was coming). For those who have been in serious crashes before (myself included), one generally has a sense if they are OK immediately after but for things like broken ribs or other injuries, one doesn't really know until the shock wears off. After this run, she may very well be my favorite rider to follow going forward. Well done and well done to Joe Breeden and Intense for snagging an awesome rider for the team. She will bring a lot of cred to the brand.
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 Amazing attitude has two massive off just gets up and carries on.
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 loudawg with the grittiest performance of the year
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 That must have been tough to keep going, what a legend
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 Louise is a class act all the way.
And that kid who asked if she was going to keep going? I hope they remember that moment.
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 So badass, so collected, so tough, so inspiring.
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 What a legend. Congrats, Louise.
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 Having watched Matt jones onboard footage a few minutes ago on his yt channel, I think Louise would have beat him if she’d stayed on her bike.
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 Head game = 1000%

GoPro spelling error in title = 0%

That Intense is looking sweet too with the Ohlins susp.
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 Thoroughly impressive ride,inspiring the next generation.. that’s what balls of steel looks like chaps
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 Is she the female version of the Bulldog?
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 Well done never gave up and nailed it....RESPECT
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 Louise is a savage! One of my favorite personalities and riders to watch. Go Lou!!
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 Unreal to continue after that. Guts!
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 wow, straight up savage run! amazing!
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 Absolutely nails!
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 Pure guts!
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 Amazing !
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 [troll mode] a fall is a good way to show your bike on your POV

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