E-Eurobike Media Days

Jul 1, 2017 at 16:11
by Ralf Hauser  

It seemed as if there were as many e-bikes as regular mountain bikes at this year's Eurobike Media Days in Kronplatz, Italy. Motor-makers are developing more powerful and responsive systems, and geometry is evolving towards the more aggressive, gravity side of the sport. Here's a selection of the bikes that stood out:


Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
The Xenion Lynx 5 features Bosch's Performance CX motor with an Orion display and its new integrated power pack. The motor has been rotated by 51 degrees in order to create shorter chainstay lengths. You can choose to run the bike with 27.5" Plus or 29" tires.

Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
Dave Weagle's Split Pivot system at the rear dropout of the 120 mm travel bike keeps suspension and braking influences in check.
Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
Compared to some of their competitors, the power pack is inserted from the top and actually attached to the cover to keep things rattle-free.


Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
Looking at the stout construction, BMC is taking their first attempt at e-mountain bikes quite seriously. The Trailfox AMP is trying to emulate the feeling of their all-mountain lineup in an electrified package, with the same geometry as their regular bikes (except for a slightly higher bottom bracket for added clearance) and 60 percent larger bearings to deal with the extra load. After testing all systems on the market, BMC ended up with Shimano's Step system, feeling that it offered the best solution overall. Three models are available. This blue Trailfox AMP is the limited edition, with Shimano Di2 shifting.

Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
The massive down tube is not only housing the battery back but features an internal double-u structure for added stiffness.
Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
The 150 mm travel AMP with 27.5" Plus tires sure looks like it can take a beating.


Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
Brose added some more kick to their motor and is now offering the sporty Drive S version, with 15 percent more power and a higher cadence area. Presented in a MAXX FAB4 EL with 150 mm of travel, their bikes are highly customizable in terms of colors with various spec options.

Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
Four types of batteries are available, starting at 360 watts and going up to 800 watts.
Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
Brose didn't only work on adding power, but fine-tuned the sensitivity of the system by upgrading their sensors for a better natural riding feeling and less wheel spin.


Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
Rather known for their trials motorcycle background, Fantic's XF1 Integra Enduro Race with its 29" front and 27.5" rear wheel, and massive, 180 mm of travel can't hide its heritage. Brose's 250 Watt motor, with 90 Nm of torque, is protected by a custom full motor protection flange.

Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
A burly chassis with a slack head angle is asking for speed.
Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
Also available in a 160 mm travel version, a detail like the mud flap covering the shock is a nice feature.


Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
Already available as a 2017 model, the Focus Jam2 (150 mm travel front, 140 mm rear) is using a Shimano motor and a proprietary battery system with a 380 Wh battery hidden in the down tube, saving around 2,000 grams compared to other systems. On rides where that energy isn't going to give enough range, an extra battery pack can be attached to the down tube, doubling the distance you can travel, while still only weighing what a regular e-bike would.

Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
A rail on top of the down tube can take a second 380 Wh battery pack when needed.
Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
Once connected to the plug (that also acts as a charging port), only the second battery pack is powering the motor, making the system as modular as possible.

KTM Bikes

Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
With e-bikes in their lineup almost since the very beginning, KTM's latest version of the 160 mm travel Macina Kapoho is looking very refined, especially with the integration of the Bosch power pack in the down tube. Taking a new step in terms of wheel choice, they're using a 29" tire up front and 27.5" Plus in the rear - calling it DiMMix (Dimension Mix) technology - for precise steering in the front and added traction in the rear.

Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
The Bosch PowerTube battery is a welcome sight for sore eyes.
Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
A wide linkage adds stiffness to the structure.


Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
Nicolai likes to do things differently and one look at the IONG16 EBOXX with 160 mm of travel proves that. The ultra long Geometron geometry, borrowed from their regular bike range is embedded in the design. The bottom bracket has been raised to a zero drop for added pedal clearance.

Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
A regular battery back is hidden inside the massive down tube, which is molded from magnesium, then powder coated to avoid corrosion, and bolted to the main frame.
Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
The seat- and chainstays are adaptable in length by the so-called "Mutators" to adapt to different tire diameters, all the way up to 3" wide. Nicolai's custom chainguide can be adjusted to the varying chainstays.


Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
The new 6061 aluminum Scott E-Scale can be used with Plus tires or 29" wheels. With Bosch's Performance CX system, you get a new E-MTB riding mode, offering a more natural power transfer by measuring a multitude of factors like cadence, power output and speed.

Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
Bosch's integrated PowerTube battery pack is delivering 500 Wh of power.
Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
Plug and play.


Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
With a full carbon fiber frame and cleanly integrated Shimano Steps E8000 system with removable battery pack, the Simplon Steamer Carbon delivers 150 mm of travel. With a total weight of 21.5 kg, the Steamer is relatively lightweight and it can fit tires with a maximum width of 2.6". Available in four frame sizes and two colors (metallic lime glossy/carbon matte, titanium matte/carbon matte).

Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
A massive carbon fiber structure for high steering precision.
Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
The four-bar rear suspension is utilizing conical bearings for added durability and drives a metric, trunnion mount RockShox shock.


Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
Shimano was showing an ebike system that hides the speed sensor in the rear dropout of the frame and integrates the signalling magnet on the brake rotor. There will be 160 and 180 mm rotors available at the XT and XTR level.


Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
Pro is splitting their saddles into e-bike-specific and regular-bike saddles. Since e-bike riders spend more time sitting in the saddle, the Volture features a longer nose, a wider back area and a strong carbon base.
Eurobike Media Days 2017 e-bikes
A selection of aftermarket accessories, like race plates, camera mounts, or a fender, can be attached directly to the underside of the Volture, thanks to some mounting holes.


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flag deadmeat25 (Jul 2, 2017 at 0:13) (Below Threshold)
 Prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick prick.
  • 38 2
 @stumpymidget ......theres no limits! No valley too deep, no mountain to high.....

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 ...there's no limit
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 @ilovedust : haha. Trying to keep the power too unlimited on the trails!
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flag deadmeat25 (Jul 2, 2017 at 14:23) (Below Threshold)
 Just let people ride whatever they want to fucking ride and shut the fuck up!
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 @ilovedust: There are no limits, cars instead of legs, e-bikes instead of bikes, robots instead of humans, catastrophy instead of nature
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 Trail riding just got techno techno techno
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 Mmmmm. Motorbikes.
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 Either way, I have come to accept them, given that you see them so Prevalent in Europe, almost every bike shop has at least two on display at any given time. If anything, I am for it to help people that perhaps are not able to ride / pedal a regular bike, be it due to age or physical limitations. Even if they were used to help as a form of Physical Therapy.

I believe a bike shall always be powered by the rider first and foremost, yet I see that as with the 650B - 29er - + sizes - Fat Tire Bikes, they are a part of the scene now, I jmyself ust hope that they don't evolve into an E-Enduro / E-DH / E-XC racing series!!

If they get people out and about, cool. Who knows, their gearbox tech may lead to better Gearboxes for our Pedal Bikes etc. I am sure regardless if one likes it or not, they are to some extent advancing some bicycle related tech.

- Just my .2 cents
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 "I jmyself ust hope that they don't evolve into an E-Enduro / E-DH / E-XC racing series!!"

Why do you hope that? There are already e-bike race series, is it hurting you? It'll always be it's own series so what is the problem?
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 Like it or not they are here to stay. In Europe the regulations are clear and the 250W/25KPH bikes are considered as regular bikes can be ridden everywhere. I guess people despising them despise lifts and shuttles too... Smile
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 The good thing about ebikes is that it is resolving the space the vittim brackets for gearboxea
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 Sorry big thumbs... bottom brackets for gearboxes.
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 Actually not quite true for all of Europe, yes, they are seen as bicycles in traffic legislation but there are other laws in some places (Sweden being one) that limit use of motorized vehichles offroad outright, street legal or not.
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 In the Bavarian Alps every vehicle with an engine is forbidden on any trail.
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 @feeblesmith: Don't mention Sweden when talking about Europe. Sweden is lost to us. Nobody cares what strange law you people apply there anymore. Captain Sweden will not rescue anybody any time soon.

Fresh news from your country: www.whio.com/news/world/swedish-music-festival-cancels-2018-event-after-sexual-abuse/KYYGSpCkSIuUSCUuNa3jtK
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 @blackforest: Please give me at least one clear source article/document that mentions e-bikes in Bavarian Alps are forbidden. I live in Munich and what I see is exactly the opposite. Even local politicians welcome everybody to try the new mean of travel into the mountains.
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 @goroncy: your fesh news article has nothing to do with mountainbiking!
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 Samsing tellz me @goroncy is a butthurt Polish immigrant sat cannot cope with his lack of ausentic Teoutonic roots... but I may be vrong.
  • 20 13
 Hey pinkbike, can you put an E-Bike filter on the home page so i dont have to see this shit ever again? thanks.
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 you are so dumb you cant just ignore it?
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 @Asmodai: agreed...if ya dont want to see it dont fukn look at it!!!!
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 Poor boy, he had to scroll down aaallll the page, keeping his mouth shut not to puke on his keyboard, all that just to write a stupid comment.
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 All of them are so. Damn. Ugly.
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flag clarky78 (Jul 2, 2017 at 5:08) (Below Threshold)
 Actually, your wrong.
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 @clarky78: my wrong?
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 I am happy e-bikes are in existence. Will i buy one? No! But they give the chance to the less fit/disabled folk to enjoy nature. For that alone am glad and i don't understand why the hate.
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 I don't like nor understand hate towards E-bike but when I have a certain mood I like to call out some fat arses on their disability. They do like cake. What do you mean you can't stop eating or your metabolism is bad?
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 I hate the idea of e-bikes generally and them becoming mainstream, but secretly I am glad they are in development as I will no doubt be shredding on one as a pensioner one day!
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 Something about the fact that the Nicolai seat-stays are just 4 Allen bolts and nuts worries the shit out of me.

I mean, I know they have probably tested it to death but Christ. Deffo want to be checking them before every ride (yes, like the user manual says)
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 Those bikes look sketchy af
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 @RalfHauser: The bit about the Focus Jam doesn't show the Focus (not the complete bike). I do think the Focus Jam is a cool bike. Actually I'm still waiting for the day that PB is going to review the Focus Vice. If even DMR ambassador Olly Wilkins is promoting the bike while the DMR Sled is out (www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCxNlecfxiI) it sure should have gained attention by now.
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 I was going to say that too. Wrong picture. Also the Shimano/Pro part mentions the prototype speed sensor which Focus have had all year on the Jam2 and Bold2.
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 Olly Wilkins is a Part of the Focus Trail Team Wink
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 @Baghira: Seriously? I looked up Focus Trail Team but I only found an Enduro race team without Olly. Anyway, Olly always came across as a no nonsense fun guy and the Vice seems like a non nonsense fun bike so it seems like a good match.
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 @vinay: I think he's sponsored as a kind of free agent. Not factory.
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 @clarky78: Alright, found it. He's riding the Jam indeed.
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 dont care about e-bikes and still clicked
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 Used a haibike for sweeping and gathering signs. Found it surprisingly fun once you get it up to speed you can take the assist off and it rolls well. Had to give it full tilt on one of the big hills just for the laugh of stealing a KOM. Can see me on one when I'm pushing on a bit but for now I'll leave them for those who want to get out but struggle with fitness and ability.
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 this makes me sad Frown
I know how easy it is for people to be lazy rather than work at anything (I am excluding people with a genuine need of these for which I have no complaints at all)......and most people will take the easy option. I fear its e-bikes forever from here on in. I assume pinkbike will be reviewing nothing but ebikes in a couple of years.
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 Don't comment if you have never used one. Which you clearly haven't, as your comment us incorrect. Ebikes give as much as you do. You have to work for it too. And turn it off and you have to work much harder.
  • 6 5
 @clarky78: sure you keep telling yourself that. so your some sort of trail riding hero who buys an ebike and then turns it off so you can get the ultimate workout....ok.
  • 6 6
 @rabidmonkfish: I never said that. At one point did I? I have ridden ebikes thoigh, off road, and i can tell you my heart rate goes as high as normal bikes but I'm just travelling much faster. Infact I probably work harder because the extra power given makes you work harder due to extra enthusiasm. But whatever, jump on the hate wagon with everyone else that hasn't ridden them.
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 @clarky78: I think the hate doesnt come from the Ebike itself but from what is going to happen with it. you say these things ride very well and i believe you.

On my local trail i allready saw some of them. they go uphill with speeds around 20kph. most "normal" bikers wont be able to keep up a pace like that and will be in the way of ebikers (from an ebikers point of view). And this will result in problems and/or incidents.

Also. those bikes will get more and more powerfull engines in the future meaning they will go faster as well. there are allready ebikes that go like 80kph. What would you do about it? set rules for trails? Who is going to check if your E-bike followes those rules?

That is the concern. right now its not that apparent since emtbs are very expensive. but what if they will be around the price of a non motorized bike?
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 @RecklessJack: Within the EU bikes are restricted to 25kph and 250watts max. Higher speed models are available but they must be licensed and sold usually for commuting and road use.

People going slower is a problem powered or not. If I go downhill I will inevitably catch people up. And I will be maybe going much faster, and dh it's harder to slow down. So that argument is mute. It's easier to slow down uphill, and 20kph is still much slower than the difference potential V downhill.
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 @clarky78: i was riding in coed y brenin up a fairly long climb and a guy in jeans and trainers came flying past me like he was riding dh it was so fast......He was barely pedaling and im not exactly a slow rider. his ebike was deffinetly faster than 25kph. I dont want to be riding trails which require some decent effort to have someone chasing me down on an ebike acting like there doing the same things as me when clearly there not putting in anywhere near the effort. I may as well buy a motocross bike and start racing e-bikers and recording strava times like im so good.
Theres nothing wrong with e-bikes themselves i just fear that knowing how lazy people can be (some not all) this will be the future of mtb's. And the mtb's i like will be left to gather dust in the same manner the industry ditched 26" wheels.
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 @rabidmonkfish: This reminds me of a ride of mine...
I was doing the Kinder Scout Enduro in the Peak District. There's one long and technical climb (extra techie due to some maintenance work). I met a guy at the bottom, said 'Hi', changed to an easy gear and off we went sweating up the climb.
He was well built, in his late 30s, looked like I imagine -real men- should, and I was so happy to be able to keep up with him over the rock slabs, ruts and scree!
There's a little flat section, just a pedal strokes long, enough to catch a breath in the middle of the climb where I've noticed he was on a single speed bike...

I was in a good shape, but this totally crashed me, I had to keep up with him on the way up almost on the granny ring, this dude was a beast!
  • 3 0
 @rabidmonkfish: Of course there will always be exceptions and idiots. And people can hack them of course. But we're not talking about a minor few, the majority of proper E-bike users won't do that...

But your point is the one I come across the most.. it seems it's not about the speed really, it's about the fact he beat you with no effort. And this is the general feeling of most people which I don't get. If some XC whippet went past that fast you wouldn't mind, but because he hasn't trained and earned it you hate it. I dont ride for 'training', I ride for fun. And this adds the fun.
  • 1 0
 @RecklessJack: @RecklessJack: I literally can't believe you're saying that people will say "ooh look he's going too fast on that trail" and you're on their side.. you are a f*ggot mate.
  • 1 0
 @clarky78: I don't like people taking credit for things they didn't do simple as. If he wants to ride an ebike that's fine but I don't want to hear others talking like there good on strava or how fast they cleared a section WHEN comparing to non e-bike users.if someone goes past me now its a simple nod of respect for the faster rider as they pass. If an ebike rider goes past I am not rude to them but I don't give them the same respect. That is all.
  • 2 0
 @rabidmonkfish: Oh f*ck Strava you f*cking ponce, it's just riding a bike.
  • 3 0
 @rabidmonkfish: if people are boasting about Strava segments with or without an ebike they are being dicks..! If someone takes an ebike to beat a Strava KOM that is their problem and who cares. I dont. Why should you. Seems like your riding for the wrong reasons to me. For the pose of some app numbers is not a reason to ride.
  • 1 0
 Is there any reason they wouldn't cross lace that wheel of the bike in the first picture (the title picture at the top)? I thought that'd make for a much stronger wheel, wouldn't it?
  • 1 0
 A wide linkage adds stiffness and a wide linkage that's made of two independent parts adds great potential for play!

I like how Scott's bike is shot against the banner 'no shortcuts' Big Grin
  • 3 1
 The Volture saddle looks interesting. More comfort and attachment points for tools.
  • 3 1
 Oh my gosh, that Nicolai is just a weapon! I would buy that. Really I would.
  • 6 3
 Waiting til they bring one out fitted with a 2 stroke.
  • 1 0
 haha.. yeah clever....
  • 3 0
 The picture of the FOCUS section shows a MAXX ... strange...!?
  • 2 0
 Looks like a maxx
  • 2 0
 ok! it´s time for the creation of a new site for this stuff: PINKE-BIKE.com
  • 4 1
 Erm... Haibike?
  • 3 2
 I feel dirty saying it, but I rather like the look of that fanatic. One for when the years begin to take their toll.
  • 1 0
 most of them have nice industrial design actually, I like the top tube hole on the BMC
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  • 3 0
  • 10 8
  • 6 6
 Mobility bikes
  • 1 0
 Two unlimited one, hö hö hö,yeah, hö hö ,uhm yeah Butt-head
  • 1 0
 I'm not an EBike hater, but they look fucking hideous
  • 1 0
 The thing I like so much about ebikes is the amount of dick that they eat.
  • 2 1
 Just buy a motorcycle.
  • 2 1
 Hmm yes, i'll buy a motorbike that weighs over 100kg that i really can't ride anywhere, rather than an e-bike that weighs 25kg that i can ride everywhere. Makes sense.
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