Video: Eddie Masters & Danny Hart Hit Warp Speed in Queenstown

Jan 23, 2024 at 11:08
by Sarah Moore  

Eddie Masters and Danny Hart are getting up to speed long before the world cup season kicks off as they take us on a course preview of the track for the final round of the Southern Downhill Series, part of Queenstown Bike Festival at Skyline Bike Park.

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 these poor lads have to get all fit and shredded for 7 races. 7.... effing.... races..... the cream does usually rise but jesus, what a short lived spectacle that is falling off my radar. make it 14 races already and give racers the opportunity to perform and build/grow. /rant
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 Yeah what a f*****g joke.
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 There's local series with more races than the WC circuit. Sack off the Semis and give us 7 more races!
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 The costs to the WC level teams is insanity and we have endless bitching (rightly at times) about the coverage and the subscription cost of said coverage. There isn’t enough money from within the industry to support a series of the current scale let alone a bigger one. Their needs to be outside money, either from fans or from non-bike industry companies to shoulder the load. But I’d love a larger series. That or make it all happen in Europe to save on costs.
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 7 races no one will even see
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 wait til you hear about the olympics
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 WC, add some national races, iXS cup, maybe even get invited at Hardline. To focus on just the World Cup would be a waste indeed. That said, much of the value of these riders (for their sponsors) is actually in videos like these. So yeah, it would be a waste if we wouldn't get to see them ride much. Luckily we do!
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 Technically you got 14 races if you count semi finals, no?
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 Based on the fact they are spending their winter riding almost every days in New Zealand, I would not call them poor guys, however I really think these areas would deserve to host world cup races in the South summer time.
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 @shredddr: utter nonsense, what you mean is larger companies prefer investor profits over keeping the sport alive. I'd love to know how much money SRAM putinto the races being the brand who definitely profit the most from MTBing.

Its the same situation where a few people are taking in millions whilst the folk work to keep advertising going.

These lot need a real riders Union asap.
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 @sampo18: There has been a riders union for a few years and I'm curious what they've managed to achieve. I heard some grumbles when course designers built some dangerous features. That is, not necessarily difficult to ride but with disproportionate consequences. But I haven't read anything about their take on these clothing rules (we'll never see another "denim destroyer" unless some clothing corporation slaps an "mtb" or "bmx" label on their pair of jeans), the semi-finals thing etc. In turn, UCI also refuses to communicate so maybe they just gave up. Have they even, ever, responded to questions and protests by the media and riders alike when they suddenly introduced a new rule allowing riders who haven't performed in mtb all season to advance in the starting order of the XC Worlds? I can imagine it could be frustrating having to deal with such authorities who just introduce silly rules at will and make a living of fining the winners who appear on the podium wearing their jersey wrong.
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 Danny Hart to Pivot?!?!!
On that new bike!!
Yes please
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 I second that.
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 @chmurka3rg: I'm fairly sure BK just announced budget cuts, but I would absolutely love that.
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 @Benbikes94: Budget cuts to hire Danny.
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 Yes budget cuts and not long ago what they showed off the new headquarters
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 Danny on nukeproof it would seem which is super odd (or atleast that's what he seems to be riding?)
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 Nukeproof, check it on wyn masters ig story
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 Ed Masters absurd drift into a steep off camber was art.
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 Scary AF
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 imagine trusting your own skills and bike like that... one can only dream
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 That is a hell of a tape job! What a track! Those boys are sending it as expected
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 show us your frign buik u usles buger haha
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 Hahahahahahahahahahahahah. The useless booger part was hilarious.
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 @mtbmaniatv: It's "bugger" dude. Different orifice.
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 Was waiting for Eddie to say “Stay on your bike Danny” at the beginning.
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 He's been spotted in a few videos riding a nukeproof. Still no news on who he's actually riding for yet.
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 Unreal looking trail. Eddie needs to stay on his bike this year for real, as much as we love the media he does.
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 If Danny Hart say's you are going fast, I believe him.
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 I just keep waiting for Danny to say “I’ve got a rumbly in my tumbly” and break out a jar of honey!
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 Hart Pivots to Pivot. Can’t believe we’re over three weeks into 2024 and there’s still team rumors.
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 Racing doesn't start till October anyway m9
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 Holy crap they are both awesome riders! That pivot dh bike looks so good too.
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 Eddie was pinning it 110% cause Danny was behind him.. Breath the pressure.. love it.. Sounded like even Danny was surprised..
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 Eddies done atleast six laps of the gondy before though I reckon
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 What bike is Danny riding?
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 Penny farthing
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 It's definitely a DeLorean
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 Flex Bender 420 X
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 That trail looks soo damn fun!
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 Oh what it would be like to be able to ride at even 50% of their speed !
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 Danny is using TLD gloves, maybe that can hint us to a team that is sponsored by TLD.
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 Danny hart riding a Nukeprrof
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 Track is awesome but warp speed? No, not yet
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 I’m gonna second that..!

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