Video: Rémy Métailler & His Drone Operator Make For An Impossibly Smooth Combo at Sun Peaks Bike Park

Sep 8, 2021 at 17:03
by Sarah Moore  

Rémy Métailler headed to Sun Peaks Bike Park at the beginning of August with drone operator is Raphaël Boudreault-Simard and photographer Alexandre Chapellier to create this gorgeous video. Metailler's smooth riding style pairs perfectly with the long, smooth drone shots and Sun Peaks Bike Park is a stunning setting.

bigquotesBecause the shadow of the drone is visible on the shots if sunny, we did our best to only shot when it was cloudy. A lot of waiting around but it worked out well in the end.

When shooting a drone video like this one, we focus on long actions instead of just one shot like a normal video. So many things to time with the drone and the riding, we would usually shoot long segments of 1 minute to 2 minutes of riding in one go. That made it more fun for me, but also more physical... Hiking back up to redo a shot this long was a mission!
Remy Metailler

Rémy Métailler @remymetailler
Raphaël Boudreault-Simard @flowmotionaerials
Alexandre Chapellier @the_frenchliner

Support from Propain Bikes, GoPro and Sun Peaks Bike Park.


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 The message at the end is dope. Big props to him for recognizing the actual owners of the land. Not a lot of people take the time to do that, so I respect it a lot.
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flag conoat (Sep 9, 2021 at 8:28) (Below Threshold)
 it's just really trite vitue signalling. There is no way to, nor will any attempt be made, to address the "situation". ceasing land from others is the human way. it's gone on for millenia. will not stop because some guy thats fast on a bike puts a message on a video.
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 @conoat: maybe not, but it does show that someone has the balls to at least acknowledge the real owners.
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 @danielfloyd: but did he? who decides who the real owners are? the last one to "own" it before the current owners?

see, the tribe that claims ownership now, likely, if recorded history is any indication, probably stole that shit from some other tribe they then systematically wiped out. lol. land ownership, in this situation, doesn't have a serial number like your bike....
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 @conoat: you must be fun at parties
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flag conoat (Sep 9, 2021 at 8:48) (Below Threshold)
 @SATN-XC: literally amazing. like, bigly amazing!
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 @conoat: You are ignorant. Land acknowledgement is an act of reconciliation that recognizes and respects the traditional territory of First Nations. The more we normalize the practice the more we ask questions about who the people listed in the acknowledgement are and how their land came to be possessed by settlers. I grew up in BC many years ago when casual, systemic racism towards First Nations was not only tolerated but institutionalized. My son is growing up with an entirely different attitude and understanding of First Nations. That's change and land acknowledgement is one part of that change.
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 @conoat: virtue signalling or not, what it's done is started a conversation that we wouldn't otherwise have had. Canada is a long way from me, so I have no prior knowledge or skin in the game. So, it's an education at least. And education is normally touted as the best route for sorting out a lot of systemic problems. In know this is pinkbike, but hopefully the conversation can stay civil and insightful
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 Yes preach!
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 @gb8561: I had to kind of laugh when I saw the Union Jack arguing with the Stars and Stripes on this. There is definitely a nuance to the situation with the First Nations of Canada and the recommendations coming from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that could easily be overlooked if you are not familiar with the outcomes of the commission. Maybe they are both up to speed on the history and recent events in Canada that surround this, but I think @conoat may not be based on the nature of the posts.

You summed up the basis for acknowledgment very well BTW. I too notice a different attitude from my children on the subject.
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flag jonjonj0nnyjon (Sep 9, 2021 at 9:49) (Below Threshold)
 @conoat: It was likely a requirement to get permission to film.
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 @jonjonj0nnyjon: No it was not a requirement but I felt like it was essential to put it in the video. I'm lucky enough to be able to reach a fairly wide amount of people in Canada and outside and it's needed to spread awareness on this.
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 @jonjonj0nnyjon: this couldn’t be more ignorant of a perspective.
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 @SATN-XC: if he had any idea what he was talking about he'd be even more fun
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 @jonjonj0nnyjon: it's absolutely not a requirement, it's just the right thing to do.
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 @conoat: "systematically wiped out" -could not have said it better myself- the town of Kamloops (close to Sunpeaks) just discovered one of many mass graveyards of indigenous children at a former residential school; we have a painful past of trying to systematically wipe out this population here in Canada so his acknowledgment matters
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 @cs336: how is it worse(notice I didn't say "good") than when tribes would kill other tribes for the same piece of land?
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 @conoat: you seem uninformed, and I don’t think a public comment section is the right place for you to be making an attempt at this certain type of contrarianism. Your ignorance will be mistaken for intolerance. If you want to have a discussion feel free to message me and I can tell you a little bit about the situation, past and present, in Canada and why it’s a particularly sensitive topic right now.
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 @conoat: you clearly know nothing about history of the indigenous people of Canada and are just talking out your @ss...

Rights to unceded land have been established in our court system allowing the original first nations of Canada to achieve sovereign independence operating within Canada.
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 @gmiller720: I am not interested in the current political climate. I just want to know how anyone is certain of whom the "first people" were. Until we can determine who, 100% was the first inhabitant of a place was, then go down the lineage of who displaced whom, we cannot have a meaningful discusion on the matter.
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 Now I know what horse flies see when chasing me and trying to get into my helmet. Amazing footage and very dreamy.
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 this is how Red Bull should make the camera work on DH races...
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 They did have a drone at one race earlier this year for the top open section
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 @Huck77: yeah I know, it was in Leogang, was pretty cool. Kind of disappointed that they didn't continue that...
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 It gives a pretty new perspective on Rémy's riding -- and it's awesome!
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 So cool. Makes POV shots obsolete
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 best depiction of flow I've seen in a video
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 Me too
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 super chill video (even thought the riding is anything but)!...could have done this with FWM's Dreams for the sound track and you slamming some OceanSpray at the end, lol
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 No drones were hurt in the making of this video. Although, I'm not sure who has the most skill, Remy or the Pilot?
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 ...the image of the in the world does that thing fly...I'm so behind on this tech. The camera seems so disproportionately large compared to the rest of it. Its like a fat shouldn't be able to fly...yet does.
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 @SATN-XC: The camera used was a GoPro! The drone is about 10 inch by 10 inch and 5 inch tall at the most. I will post a behind the scene video.
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 Brown pow! Great piloting by both Remy and Raphael.
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 Wow that gave me goosebumps. The music and the riding was absolutely perfect. Video of the year.
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 His drone operator must be a heck of a rider. He has to ride behind Remy and operate the drone at the same time!
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 What drones equipment was used to film this? Just wondering because I can't find anybody online who has a recommended fpv equipment for filming mtbing.
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 looks like a race type craft with prop ducts.. the models are cheap to build. the radio gear and camera kits costs the most
I think it is one of these frames, I got into wanting to do the same thing myself a few years ago and can appreciate the skill.. some of those shots are incredible.
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 Felt like I got stuck in a 5min17 elevator ride... Amazing riding and drone skills. Would have love some bike sounds
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 Awesome music choice - really sits well with the flow of the whole film.
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 Which generates more rotor wash, Remy or the drone? Dusty laps and pink fireweed are the defining characteristics at SunPeaks, nobody else does these better in all of Western Canada.
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 Riding smitty's steeps in the dry at that speed is absolutely bonkers. Remy you wild child, you.
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 How is this not a PB "must watch"? Probably the best drone-only video ever here.
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 Where did the drone shot haters go?
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 We're all vomiting in the bathroom.
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 So smooth, Remi & Raphael (and the music)
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 Video of the year!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice work
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 I am dzzy
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 This is a vibe.
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 This was beautiful, and the song, even more beautiful
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 Best Remy vid ever. Brilliant.
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 Remy Metailwhiper
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 That song title is a risky google search.
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 This is a joy to behold, on so many levels
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 Tune was dope to !
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 But how I am supposed to know what discount code to use??
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 Literally written in the video
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 Loose Control by Moarn
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 @hisroyalgooseness: don't google search it at work!

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