5 Unconventional Bikes - Taipei Cycle Show 2019

Mar 29, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

As you've probably noticed from our coverage this year, the Taipei Cycle Show isn't your usual bike expo. It attracts exhibitors from all corners of the bike industry and there's a fair helping of strange products in the mix. Here are five of the most out-there bikes we've seen in the Nangang halls.

XZone X Man 26

There were a fair few low riders on display in Taipei but this one takes the crown as the most ridiculous. It must be at least two and a half meters long and can go even longer thanks to an adjustable head tube angle.

The headtube is fully adjustable, how slack do you want to go?
The saddle can be slid forwards and back on the top tube rails.

Accord Enterprise Corp Suitcase Bike

No, this isn't a real life rendering of the 3D pipes screensaver but a folding bike that packs down into a carry-on suitcase size.

Front wheel goes here
And the back wheel goes here

The final form

KHS' Wooden bike

Wood you believe it?

Pacific Cycles Birdy

This seems like a fairly conventional commuter folding bike, until you notice the linkage fork up front.

Cycling and Health Tech Industry Concept Bike

Shortlisted for the International Bike Design Competition last year, this bike takes a totally unique approach to driving the rear wheel.

A closer look at the unique drivetrain.


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 And the prize for the ugliest wheeled thing goes to ... all of them.
Interestingly the wooden thing it the only one I didn't feel and urge to burn.
Dear Pinkbike team, could you please release a $9k bike review for rinsing my cornea?
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 Yeah the wood one might be the coolest triple triangle design I've seen.
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flag kookseverywhere (Mar 29, 2019 at 8:12) (Below Threshold)
 Right up until you see the "KHS" logo on it
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 Loving this. Many of them seem to be concepts so it is good they actually try something out. The anti-dive fork does make sense for the folding bike I'd say. Fork dive doesn't bother me in the slightest but if the bike is relatively short and your position is high, there are good reasons to avoid fork dive.

Curious though. The last bike seems to have a hose or outer cable going down the fork leg but it already has a rim brake. Any idea what the hose/outer is for?

Answer in the comments. Don't forget to like and subscribe.
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 has a computer on the bars so it might be a speedo cable ...or it's actually a 2wd e-bike
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 It turns on neon lights so you can get your Tron on at night.
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 Tron called...they want their light bike back
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 It's long, it's low, it's slack, linkage fork, plenty of room for water bottles - too bad they missed the 29" wheel bandwagon for the uber-enduro machine.
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 The wooden bike isn't bad, if they put a slightly beefier looking fork on it, might even be kind of pretty.

The others are eyesores, and that last one is the classic example of "just because you can, doesn't mean you should."
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 I love folding bikes so much... They're obviously not suitable for mountain biking, but still so cool as city bikes!
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 So you really want a folding mountain bike?
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 @aljoburr: nope! I just really enjoy the design and ideas that go into these folding city/travel bikes
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 I'd try the yellow one or the wood one as a commuter bike.
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 There's some neat ideas in that bike. Curious why they put the drive system on the bottom of the wheels, it would seem like the ride would be more compliant with the drive somewhere above centre-bottom of the wheel.
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 The drag in that system of drive must be off the charts
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 The only ridiculous thing about the lowrider is that you said it is ridiculous.
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 We used to have a bannister made of that same wood/same colour too at our old house during the 90's.... Fond memories
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 missed niche, the upcycled banister market
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 Hang about...they actually re-invented the wheel?
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 The one looks like a scooter crashed into a bike rack. Then it was tossed into a trash compactor.
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 The yellow one is a masterpiece !!
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 The yellow one is quite a turn-on. Ride it from the front or rear.
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 Some people just have too much free time on their hands.
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 Wacky designs sometime lead to breakthroughs in innovation.
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 Unless it's @WAKIdesigns, then it's usually just nonsensical.
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 amazing that wood frame, only need a suspension fork to be perfect
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 That KHS wooden bike, let down by the forks? Just my opinion;
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 I'm glad to see someone else has picked up Cannondale's mantle of crazy concept bikes.
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 Suitcase bike is.........Um..........I think you'll need a plumber.

(Actually, I saw it on last year's cycleshow. haha~)
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 Looks like a Marin.
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 Long and slack, thats perfect bike for pinkbikers, isnt it?!
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 People have been stupid with their time and money in the past. Don't see much changing in the future.
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 And 99% of the world says the same about our whole sport.
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 Is this Tapie or the NAHMBS?
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 I fucking hate folding bikes.
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 Yeh that suitcase bike - I'd rather walk.
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 Wooden bikes are not great, as would not work as well as bamboo or is bamboo wood or grass?
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 That wood bike looks cool but i'm wondering if it was pre-treated for termites and other wood-eating critters
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