Mavic Scree Shoes Review

Feb 6, 2013
by Richard Cunningham  
Scree Shoes
BY Richard Cunningham
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Mavic bills its mid-height Scree shoe as a 'cross-mountain' design, which does little to describe a clear mission for an exceptional off-road cycling shoe that defies such categorization. I asked for a pair because I was searching for a winter shoe that had lots of grip for digging, pushing and hiking, and one that would accept SPD cleats. The mid-ankle Scree has an aggressively lugged sole with a good rocker for walking, yet it does not sacrifice pedaling action. At its heart is a stiff S-curved sole which is the hallmark of all high-performance cycling shoes. Mavic's Scree is protected from the elements by a Gore-Tex membrane, and rubber-reinforced at the toe and heel against rock strikes. Our size-nine shoes (42.5) weighed 920 grams and the MSRP is $189.95 USD. Sizing runs from 5.5 to 13, in half-size increments.

Mavic Scree Shoe two-view

A two-view of Mavic's Scree shoes shows the deeply lugged soles and well-reinforced uppers. If you ride clipped in and session steeps, these may be perfect footwear for the job.

Construction Details

Mavic's Scree has a mid-ankle fit to keep the inside dry when slogging through puddles and the uppers feature a Gore-Tex membrane that allows the inside of the shoe to breathe without getting soggy. There is a thin layer of padding at the instep and around the ankle, and the entire inside of the Scree is lined with a slippery material designed to reduce hot spots and save your socks from wear. Two tacky materials are used on the outsoles to keep them grippy. The oversized lugged sole is molded from Mavic's 'Terra Grip' material, while the exposed areas of the sole's hard-plastic stiffener is coated with its 'Conta Grip' plastic to ensure that a miss-cue on the pedals will not result in a slip.

Mavic Scree Shoe Ergo Fit Ortholite insole rubber reinforced toe and heel

Mavic's Ortholite insole is a major factor when it comes to the efficiency of the Scree shoes under power. A look at the toe and heel reveals the stiff reinforcements there.

Retention is via simple hook-and-loop straps - three at the instep of the foot and one over the top to secure the shoe's upper section against the elements. The toe box is wide so it won't cramp your feet and the outside is reinforced with a stiff, molded-rubber bash guard. A removable molded 'Ergo Fit OrthoLite' insert is used to cushion the foot from vibration and to also provide for more efficient pedaling action by preventing unwanted movement inside the shoe. Mavic anticipated that some pedals may interfere with the Scree's deep sole design, so it provides a stack of steel shims in the box so users can custom tune the release pressure of their pedal/shoe interfaces. Using standard Shimano SPD cleats and XT Trail pedals did not require any shims, but the the buzz is that Crankbrothers pedals may need a shim or two for perfect actuation. Either way, they are there if you should need them.

Scree Trail Report

Initially, I used the Mavic's Screes for downhill runs with good results. The padding around the ankles was a lifesaver when I banged my feet against the bike after getting a little too rowdy in some corners, and the lugged soles were helpful for slogging my bike up steep hike-a-bike sections. Mavic's Terra Grip material is quite sticky on rock surfaces as well, and there was rarely a situation where I slipped a pedal or floundered around trying to click into the XT pedals. I did have a brief, worry-free stint on flat pedals and while there is no arguing that flat-bottoms are best, I could survive a day at the bike park riding flats on the Mavic Screes.

Additional weight (Screes are hardly meant for racers, at 920-grams a pair), and the fact that the mid-top design felt way too comfortable for me to imagine that they could possibly be a performance shoe, had me doubting that the new Mavics would work out on long trail rides with significant climbs. The answer was both no and yes. 'No' - if you don't take the time to adjust the Scree from top to bottom so it will cradle your foot perfectly, it will feel positively mushy compared to a true XC shoe. "Yes' - if you dial them in with just the right amount of tension on all four straps, Screes will deliver surprisingly efficient pedaling performance. There is no escaping the extra weight, although to Mavic's credit, the Scree is competitive with most all-mountain and gravity-specific shoes out there.

Mavic Scree Shoe Terragrip outsole

Scree soles have a deep tunnel for the cleat area - about the maximum that Shimano specs for SPD operation. Shims are included for non-conforming pedals. While the big lugs molded into the sole may appear to impede entry into the pedal mechanism, that did not prove to be an issue.

Tech Notes

Discussing the possible up and downsides of Mavic's cross-mountain shoes in a technical sense reveals few design flaws. Until the soles had some break-in time, the release pressure of the Shimano Trail pedals would feel sticky. After a couple of rides, however, all was set right and the problem never returned. Gore-Tex does its job well, keeping the inside of the shoes dry and water out. While winter weather in San Diego is hardly comparable to Scotland, record lows (30 F) and actual rainstorms (1.5 inches), however pathetic, were useful enough to declare that the Screes were comfortable in the wet - and it was warm enough in between the storms to claim that Scree shoes will probably be too hot for temperate summer riding. The only potentially bothersome aspect that I discovered was that the top of the Scree's padded ankles act like a small shelf which can trap mud and pointy brush. While wet and crud do not enter the shoe, they do get into your socks - and the pointy bits can peck through there and become annoying.

Pinkbike's take:
bigquotesI have become quite fond of my Scree shoes this winter. While Mavic placed the Scree in a sort of no-man's-land, somewhere between a dedicated cycling shoe and a hiking boot - it works. Screes are built tough enough to hike and work in, and they still manage to pedal well as all-day-riders. I intended to use them to ride to section of trail, where I would then trade my bike for a shovel, but Mavic built so much performance into the Screes that I now use them for everything. Well constructed and tough as tree roots, I would recommend Mavic's 'Cross-Mountain' shoes for anyone who rides clipped in and needs a true cycling shoe with dependable backcountry attributes. When summer comes, I'll have to trade them in for a cooler shoe, but for now, Mavic's Screes are my go-to's - RC



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 Wait for it... Wait for it... Wait for it...

Flats FTW! Flats for life!

-300 props : challenge accepted!
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flag jasdh (Feb 6, 2013 at 1:04) (Below Threshold)
 Everyone give him +300 props Wink
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flag cyberhawk (Feb 6, 2013 at 5:09) (Below Threshold)
 and yet again .. ! Waki for president !
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flag jumpman2334 (Feb 6, 2013 at 8:55) (Below Threshold)
 FLATS FTW. buy a real bike specific shoe and you will be good to go.. i ride loteks and have some premium plastic pedals on my DJ and when i go out to ride trails (trails, not DJs), people look at me funny. i love flats!
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 Hmm, Flats vs Clips is just an argument that's never going to be settled as it's all about personal preference.
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 Tell me bout it! I swap every 2 weeks cause after that long I miss the pedals I'm not using.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Feb 6, 2013 at 13:52) (Below Threshold)
 I just wanted to tease RC for his love of high-end race ballerinas Big Grin
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 ahh a clean up why.. Frown
we were on to something great.. a FUNNY discussion for once !
everybody seems to have got a stick up their arse these days Pirate
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 I gotta say, Waki. I have been saving my white Golden Anniversary Sidi man pumps, replete with gold-plated accents and applique'd Italian-flag logos for the perfect Pinkbike moment. Perhaps I'll add some safety wire - just to butch them up a little for the team.
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 @RC I just bought 5.10 sole kit - I am seriously thinking of taking my old Shimano Olympic edition (silver/carbon) clipless shoes, taking "thread" off under clip area, and glueing a patch of 5.10 sole there Big Grin That would be the fastest flat pedal shoe out there!

P.S. I bet you have Selle San Marco Regal saddle on your carbon bike!
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 Flats or clips..whatever. Just tell me why won't someone make a waterproof trail shoe??? My toes never get too hot and don't need to 'breath' they do however constantly get wet,and I'm not talking about the big ass winter boot offerings that are out there,or the awful looking and stoopid bulky 'overshoes' just a decent weight trail shoe that is WATER f*ckING PROOF so hard?? And I know everyone I ride with would snap em up,we never have dust,this is the UK.
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 Minty use flats and get some gum boots.
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 They would fill with shit,already thought of that one. Lol
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 minty, have you tried seal skins waterproof socks? I've had some for about 10 years, they work great, don't know if you can still buy them though...
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 One thing: I think 5.10 impacts are "water-proof" enough. Anything more leaves you in front of a choice whether you want to have your feet wet either from water outside or from your sweat. When I bought water-proof covers for my clipless shoes (Olympic edition!) I noticed pretty quickly that unless riding in total gloop (raining for a month, up to half meter deep water pools) my feet get super wet from sweating, in less than 2h riding.

Living in western Sweden - we get all the shit that has not fallen on UK, and that's a lot
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 Never had a problem with sweaty feet while riding,besides goretex??
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 Errr... Velcro straps only, and at that high price point? No thanks.

Some sort of ratchet type of locking belt/strap is necessary for that solid feel of power transfer. Otherwise, just go with flats and the skater type of shoes.
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 Are you being serious? I can't tell. Unless you just ride park or dirt, skate shoes are terrible for bike riding.
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 The soles of skater shoes are not stiff enough for proper riding. 5.10 and Sombrio are grippier and make stiffer soles Big Grin
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 Actually, a good pair of Vans are pretty stiff, its the skate shoes you buy at walmart that cause a problem...
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 Have you ridden a shanked shoe? .... Skate shoes are not stiff, they are like that on purpose because it's ideal for skating. Even a shoe like the 5.10 Impact is supurbly stiff when compared to skateboard shoes. I used to ride bmx, and always wore skate shoes for that and loved it. Even for free-ride they were great because of the grippy rubber, at that time nobody made a great "free-ride" shoe. Once I bought my first pair of 5.10's my eyes were opened.
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 Vans cannot be compared to 5.10s. Not only does Vans have flexible soles, it also lacks the durability, protection, and sheer amounts of grip that its counterparts offer.
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 for the the nay sayers of flats.. buy a REAL bike specific shoe.. i buy loteks, theyre a bmx shoe.. you can usually get last years models for super cheap.. hell i buy 2-3 pairs at a time cause theyre so cheap. im not going to pay 100+ for some 'riding shoes'
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 I spent 95 bucks on my Impact2's and I have had them for about three years.
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 Does a stiff sole just transfer energy better or can you mess up your feet or is there some other reason? I have used cheap skate shoes for a while now and they seem to suit my poor mans budget just fine. Although I may look into Loteks...
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 To clarify I meant "skater-type" shoes, not as in actual skate shoes, but rather the flat-pedal specific bike shoes that 5.10 and similar others make... which resemble skater-type shoes with their looks.
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 bmar, yeah a stiff sole helps transfer power. Long rides, in flexible shoes can cause discomfort as well. It also helps to disperse energy through your whole foot, when landing hard.
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 well here's the thing, even in the "skate" and "bmx" shoe brands there are big differences in shoe stiffness and performance

a big problem? many of the shoes sold under the "Vans" and "Etnies" brands on the high street fashion stores are not "Pro" models but fashion shoes

a deal these companies have with Pro retailers (skate / bmx stores) is that they don't sell the Pro shoes to fashion or discount retailers. So buying a discounted pair of Etnies or Vans from TX Maxx does not get you a Pro shoe...

If you find a local Pro shop selling the Pro models (usually 'signature' Pro models for skaters and riders) you get a substantially different shoe to the fashion shoe

Even within this distinction, the brands offer their "Pro" models to different specifications depending on what style their "Pro" signature guy or gal prefers, more flexible "feel" shoes, a "neutral" shoe, or a more stiff / bulky "tech" shoes.

however, comparing even the Pro models to mountain bike freeride / downhill specific shoes like 5-10 High Impact, Sam Hill, Rennie,etc. is another realm of difference

I loved my 5-10 for freeride, downhill and trail, but for BMX, pump tracks and dirt jumping on the MTB, it was always Orchid or Etnies Pro bmx shoes as they offer more feel and flexibility than the 5-10s
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 I agree, well stated. Should prob. also note that a pro model skate shoe will run you what 5.10's cost. So there is no way around the fact a quality shoe is not cheap.
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 I know you guys are arguing about sole stiffness, but in terms of ratchet straps vs Velcro, I will always choose Velcro...

Why? Velcro is infinitely adjustable, and it will never break. Ratchets are little steps that sometimes don't fit right, and you bet they will break and bugger your shoe for the rest of the ride, nevermind the cost and wait time for replacement parts -> been there, done that!

I know Velcro straps might be dorky looking, but bike shoes already scream DORK super loud... give me Velcro over fragile plastic gimmicks!
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 God forbid your soft skater shoes wrap around and conform to your flat pedals.
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as already stated, loteks are pretty cheap. last two pairs i bought were about 30-35 each. theyre awesome.
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 That is a good deal ... My only real point was that my 5.10's every pair Ive bought, I still have, and use.. they don't die. Well worth the investment.
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unfortunately my beloved 5.10 Sam Hill II are starting to die...they are splitting either side where the lacing finishes and the toe box starts, I guess which is the "flex" point for the shoe

had them over 3 years and done alot of XC trail miles on them in all weathers, so no complaints, and definitely going to buy another pair of 5.10 shoes once they are unusable

the saddest thing with shoes? they feel AMAZING just before they die, and it takes a long time to get to that point
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 Love when they are broken in, yes
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That sh*t hurts after a day of riding. Much better with the less flexy 5.10 soles
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 Just finished a three hour ride in my skater shoes. my feet feel great! That said 5:10,s are the best riding shoes. How do I know? It is the most popular shoe that my freinds use. Every one swears by the grip of 5:10,s and they last!
I have 5:10 climbing shoes. Its the ran on the soles that that gives 5:10,s the grip.
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 Those look interesting. I just picked up a pair of Specialized Rime shoes the other day. Two Velcro straps, Boa at the top with Vibram soles. I am really digging these shoes for everyday riding! The terrain here in Central Texas is really rocky so my carbon sole shoes do not last very long. I like this type of shoe for everyday riding and don't mind switching to my carbon soles for race day.
  • 2 0
 Also, in Texas, also have the Rimes, also love them. I plan on getting a second pair just in case they decide to not make them anymore or change them considerably.
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 Also, Also, in Texas. I was looking to grab a pair before my favorite shop stopped selling Spech. I love the top ratchet on all my shoes. Our rocks do create havoc for our soles. I like how these Mavic shoes have nice grips on them for our slippery surfaces (when we have them), but dont like the ratchet-less strap design these Scree's have.
  • 1 0
 Another one up for Spec Rime. Super comfy - I could walk in them all day, and works great with CB candies. Also great traction for the hiking bits.
  • 4 0
 I've rode with mavics since my first day with clipless. Super comfy shoe that will take a beating. Can't wait to try these...
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 I've got Mavic shoes too, by far the most comfortable shoes I have and I find more comfy than flats as you are strapped in tight to them.
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 they may be ugly, but they look like great shoes ! I would love a pair when i go back home to the lakes, done some pretty sketchy routes in my time, and my shimano clips have no grip on stone atall! these are just what i could do with
  • 2 0
 That says 'contagrip' on the sole. These are made by Salomon?

Which, IMHO, would be a good thing. They make great hiking boots and the contagrip rubber is second only to 5.10 compounds.
  • 2 0
 Both companies are owned by Amer Sports...(who also now own Arc'teryx & Atomic Skis)
  • 2 0
 i have had salomons in the past and now i have a pair of mavic rush, the insole is just as comfortable as the salomons ever were. if it weren't for the stiff sole you would think there was a pair of trail runners on your feet. i'm a mavic slut and so far it has been worth it.
  • 1 0
 @jazzbot - also Precor fitness equipment and Suunto wrist top computers and dive watches.
  • 1 1
 Mekhem... Iamamodel: Salomon WAS making decent shoes, in fact each hiking one I had lasted for more than 8 years. I'm in big trouble to but new ones and I think I will go for Scarpa even though they look hideous. Having said that, in comparison to Gods of mtn shoes like Scarpa, La Sportiva, Boreal, the Salomons were always of a great quality of upper shoe (for a really great value!), but the sole was always whatever - in wet they just sucked. I do ride sometimes in Salomons with contagrip and they are nowhere close to Vibram on Shimano,stuff Vans have and light years behind 5.10s

Now, 5 years ago Salomon got bought and remade - since then their shoes are quite mediocre.
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 What ever works , I live in Victoria bc and ride in the rain forest out here . Rain and coolish weather abound here ! Nothing worse than cold feet after a three hr plus ride !!! Can't wait to get me a pr ! Plus they good beautiful
  • 1 0
 I prefer velcro straps on my shoes, much easier to get in and out and you don't have to worry about your laces coming undone.

RC, how long have you ridden them for? Considering the climate you ride in I'm sure they will take a beating. Wondering how long they'll last.

I ride both flats and clippless. Flats on more technical or downhill biased rides, bike park etc. Clippless on more XC rides where you climb a lot.
  • 1 0
 Couple of hundred dirt miles - max. I just throw them in the washing machine with my old Wranglers and they come out looking new (Yeah, I know that's probably not recommended).
  • 1 0
 Anybody see the similarity to the Specialized Trail 110 and Trail 120 shoes? Specialized made them from about '02-'07. I loved them so much I bought 2 extra pairs when they were discontinued, just broke in my last pair a couple weeks ago. I wish Specialized still made them but it's nice to see another company putting effort into a style of shoe I ride.
  • 1 0
 Having ridden a lot of shoes and broken most, I have to say that I am not really in favour of three velcro straps for shoe retention. I have the unfortunate habit of doing deep-woods-no trail riding and one good soaker with those and the velco will no longer stay attached. Happened to the Shimano's, happened to the Sidi's, happened to the Specialized shoes.... They're great if you can keep your feet out of deep water but for those of us the play in the land of the raid... the only alternative is retrofit with a buckle(s).... no kidding.
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 I thought they looked great, just bought the Screes and received them today... Smile . Normally I do use Northwave shoes for XC riding with the Aerlites SBS and the Celsius Arctics (in winter). But last summer I tried a pair of Mavic Cruize for casual rides and an all mountain trip in the Swiss Alpes...

Mavics are a bit on the narrow side compared to Northwave shoes, but I did like my Cruize after more ride (only the sole is a bit weak). The Screes are also narrow, but they will fit me better after a couple of rides. Also the sole feels much stiffer, which will ride much better... The 4 Velcro strips will also make close fit, and the shoe isn't on the loose side with them...
  • 1 0
 After using them a week in the Swiss, Austrian an Italian Alpes last week I really liked these shoes. They are comfortable, walk good for a very stiff sole and do bike pretty well... In the first place I thought they could have been too warm, but with temperatures around 25 degrees Celsius that was no issue for me. They also have seen snow and ice above 2200m in the Alpes, and the sole is really grippy... The Gore Tex is also good if you pass small rivers... They really are waterproof if the water is not too steep, and the shoe do breath a little bit. I also did ride these shoes with the Shimano XT trail SPD's and they work really great with them, without any extra shims. Also the Velcro straps weren't an issue for me.
  • 1 0
 I have a pair of screes they the fit on the narrow side. However a truly great shoe for north shore riding in the winter. Very comfy even when snugged tight. Waterproof is great, clip in nicely and i like that they have a bit more of a mid foot cleat option than most shoes.
  • 1 0
 There are a few people mentioning that these Mavic's have a narrow fit. Since I've got a shortish and fairly wide foot, I'm wondering if there's any similar shoes (for shitty weather.) with a wider fit? It's only the few months of summer when the weather is decent in Finland.
  • 3 0
 they look like my grandma's walking boots...
  • 1 0
 Agree. Its about time Mavic revamped their styling - a bit less racer might appeal to the trail digger dirt jumper NA market too.
  • 1 0
 Another thorough, well written and balanced article. I'll keep these in mind when the temperature drops, I really don't like neoprene booties.
  • 1 0
 Yeah, Im totally going to wear corrective footwear to ride my bike. Into the bin along with moto style boots and wood look mechs.
  • 1 0
 interesting article. this seems like a design that kind of faded away. But after hike a biking sections in true xc shoes, these seem like they would work well.
  • 1 0
 Mavic shoes does look nice. I've tried one in a shop a don't feel comfy at all. So I took Northwave's Mission.
  • 6 3
 You traitor of your own nation! Off to the gilotine with you!
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 nahh we are united europe now.. we lost our nationalism.. Frown
  • 1 2
 Silence! Or you will be executed immediately... Allons enfants de la Patrie!
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 i think france needs a solution.. not a revolution.. although now thinking about it.. both would work i think.. lol
  • 2 3
 How dare you?! It took us ten years to build La Ligne Maginot, and we thought we can count on you, you said you are the smartest in the world, ahaaa! And when Germans came you were smoking marihuana, eating suspiciously looking champignones and selling opium to klosters in Belgium. You just let them through to stab us from behind! I will take my newly renovated Matilde and shoot those dams while smoking a Galouise, until fierce waters of Mer du Nord cover the fields of Dafodils - Alors!
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 A little geo and history lesson needed.. its holland Germany Poland.. seconds France participated in the damm war. And wanted Poland.Germany did not agree and occupied France lateron. With almost no struggle..We had no option to stop anything Smile and tbh i am a bit sad the Germans lost the war. Blank Stare
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 It was more of joking than history and I was pretending to be French, so no Polish stuff involved - sorry for confusion Smile
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 no friggin'way.. its on now ! dude.. bring it up... that french quisine lol
i voted you twice for president.. defend yourself or loose your title !
this is the resitance.. listen very carefully ! i will say this only once.. a coup is coming Jailbreak
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 ok ok let's leave it, France is cool again - US took their role as nr one country to bitch on., and they took some big lead. I saw you are from Rotterdam - my favourite city in terms of Architecture, coolest stuff ever and always something fresh! I'd love to have a studio in those dafodil cubes, east of central st. People must go really mental there. I just hope you did something with marking the crossings through tramway going along that canal towards central station - I nearly died there. I like the idea of making it kind of invisible, it's way beter than here in Sweden where they have 1.5m fences, and it looks like railway - but this in your park was sketchy.
  • 2 0
 I'm about 770 Km to Montebelluna (Northwave), and 430 to Metz-Tessy (Mavic). Both in EU...
Buy a french shoes that hurts or better Italian shoes... that is the question.
Hopefully I have a french bike, if not, WAKIdesign would definitely decapitate me ! Big Grin
  • 2 0
 Lapierre on Mavic wheels - You are excused! You escaped gilotine, now two years in La Légion étrangère! Buy BOS fork and shock and we might shorten it to one... I'm off for a plate of Rochford... tudadidada dadidaduuu
  • 1 0
 OK for a full BOS suspended bike, it will be great, but how do I replace shim and sram cranks/pedals/... ?
I have a Renault AND a Peugeot cars, will this reduce to 6 month "sous les drapeaux" ?

And just for you, as you seems to enjoy high quality french songs, I'm sure, here the legion's official song lyrics :

Tiens, voilà du boudin, voilà du boudin, voilà du boudin
Pour les Alsaciens, les Suisses et les Lorrains,
Pour les Belges, y en a plus, Pour les Belges, y en a plus,
Ce sont des tireurs au cul
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 What's all this fuss about shoes... I just wear worn out work boots on vaults and my feet never move!
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 God those are ugly
  • 1 0
 I would like to read about the commencal meta in the top pic please
  • 2 0
 Testing it now. RC
  • 1 0
 Brill I really look forward to the read up I have the 2013 meta AM so would love to read your thoughts and the spec it may help with tips of setup to help me/ others get the best out of the bike . Thanks
  • 1 0
 Looking like a Geek in those UGMOs
  • 1 0
 Is this shoe for hiking or riding bikes ?
  • 1 0
 How do you do have fun with your feet attached to the pedals?

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