Crankbrothers Expands Highline Dropper Post Range

Aug 20, 2019
by crankbrothers  

PRESS RELEASE: Crankbrothers

We are excited to launch our new Highline Dropper Post range, featuring two models and a wide array of sizes that should suit every rider’s style and discipline. The Crankbrothers Highline Dropper Post is now available in 27.2, 30.9, 31.6 and 34.9 diameters, as well as travel options between 60mm and 170mm, providing a premium dropper post option for gravel riders, enduro racers and everyone in between.

Along with the increase of sizes, the new Crankbrothers Highline Dropper Post uses a linear actuator, providing fast return speeds, an easy feel at the lever, and a hassle-free and consumer-friendly installation process.

“Dropper posts have become a staple on trail and enduro bikes over the last few years, so our range needs to match that. We have also seen great benefits for cross country racers, gravel riders, and even the little shredders. We have made a point of trying to deliver a dropper post option for everyone. The post itself has been improved to offer faster speeds with all the positives of the original Highline. We at Crankbrothers continue to strive to provide an improved product and a great riding experience,” said Jason Schiers, Director of Product Development for Crankbrothers.

Crankbrothers ambassador Jake Paddon climbing into the interior of British Columbia onboard his Highline 3 Dropper Post // @jakepaddonmtb
The Crankbrothers Highline Dropper will be available in two models, the 3 and the 7. Both models feature premium components including Jagwire cables and housings, Igus LL-glide bearings and keys, and Trelleborg seals.

The Highline 7 is equipped with a hydraulic IFP cartridge for extremely smooth actuation and durability. It features a 2-bolt quick- connect head, a machined alloy quill, and comes with a 4-year warranty. MSRP is $299.99.

The Highline 3 is equipped with an emulsification cartridge, a 2-bolt head, alloy quill and comes with a 2-year warranty. MSRP is $199.99.

Most of the Highline Dropper Post range is available now at and retailers worldwide. The 27.2 post options will be available in December. The Highline remote is sold separately.

For more information, visit:


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 From the thumbnail I thought Crankbrothers were moving into wind farms.
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 Crank Brother's has stepped up their customer service BIG TIME. Their warranty is excellent as well. I was riding a 9point8 originally and had to service I bought a Highline to hold me over...NEVER went back to the 9point8 (which is a fine post as well). The slow actuation is not an issue...silly people even discuss it as a drawback (con). Contact them via their website and they get back to you same day...fix your issue same day and have you up and running as quick as possible. Well worth it. And their posts are built well....excellent craftsmanship.
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 My 200m 9point8 outlasted every other component on my previous bike. It's the only component that I transferred to my new bike.
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 @Loche: Yup. I've got several years on two 9.8 droppers and they are going strong. Smile
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 Wish Race Face had the same warranty and quality when they leased the design from 9.8

You have to warranty at a dealer even though I bought it online. Not a big deal but that one went smooth. I had to later warranty that one but the best they would do is sell me their new dropper (made by Fox) but for a $50 discount if I sent in my old one. There are coupons that are better deals than that.
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 @Ride406orDie: yeah, same experiences here. RF warranty used to be good. Now its insulting. After being a RF consumer for 20+ years, I have moved on.
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 100% agree. Had a small issue with the cartridge in my Highline and they shipped a replacement immediately.
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 Can’t believe the CrankBros hater crew hasn’t demolished this thread. I have had two Highlines in regular trail use over the last two years on two different bikes and they are both completely solid. The remote is even pretty good. I moved to a OneUp on my Evil because it was shorter, but it does not feel nearly as high quality as the Crank Bros. I have the sticky return problem on the OneUp and despite repeated sealhead greasing, a tear down, and sanding the top bushing, have to run the post clamp at less than spec torque to get full return. The 30.9 CB had no issues in the same frame at full torque.
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 I've this experience with the OneUp dropper even at max pressure I cant tighten it well enough to stop it twisting when things get rowdy. If I do it simply refuses to operate well.
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 @irollones: +1 on the OneUp. Mine only operates at well below torque spec. Might as well be a regular seat post.
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 Love my Highline dropper two years plus still faultless and no servicing needed and I ride all weather 5 x per week. Hope the new one is as good but can't see me replacing my current one any time soon so I may never find out.
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 I've been running a Highlines for three years now alongside other posts. This is the only one that feels smooth AND continues to work reliably in cold temperatures, I've them down to -15F. While they slow noticeably below 0F, they continued to function and I have no issues to report.
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 Great to see two price points and more size options like the 27.2 & 34.9. Question: is the current Highline post equal to the 3 or 7? @crankbrothers
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 Our current Highline is equal to the 7. But with the improvements mentioned above.
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 I loved my crankbrothers highline for the quality. Unfortunately a move to evil bikes rendered crank brothers posts too long. It seems the new reverb or reverb axs is the shortest and highest build a uality with oneup the shortest and meh build quality (I own it and feel this way)
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 Agreed, I feel that the oneup is overhyped. Bought it to replace my transfer to get more drop and regret it. The new post isn’t nearly as smooth, and it’s become sticky after less than half a year, while the transfer lasted two and I still hadn’t needed to service it, and it was still super smooth the day I took it off the bike
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 My OneUp V2 is killer. 6'1" and 210mm and all the smooth.
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 I own the OneUp V2 & Crankbrothers Highline. The Crankbrothers is easily the more premium feeling of the two posts- silky and refined. I bought a OneUp because my frame required a super short post, which is where OneUp wins.
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 @ninjatarian: I agree. I replaced my Highline 160mm with the Oneup V2 210mm. I like the oneup remote and return speed way better, but the Highline just felt more refined and premium. I’ve have the Oneup for about a month and I’m getting some creaking I don’t like. Also the anodizing on the stanchion isn’t as dark as I would expect from a high end component. Time will tell how reliable it is.
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 What Evil are you running and size @cyrways ? I've just got a medium Wreckoning and am going to fit my Highline once I get the seized Lev out of the bloody frame!! Hoping the Highline won't be too long.
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 @gogzee: medium evil offering, I’m able to get a 125mm old highline I’m at about the same depth as a 150mm one up. I suggest looking at measurements, I know them medium offering has 225mm insertion depth available.
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 @cyrways: Thanks for that!
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 I really hope they made it faster. Had the first gen Highline and it was slow compared to the competition. It was solid, but so is the Fox Transfer.
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 One of the main reasons for moving to the linear actuator was to increase the return speed. The new versions have a much faster return speed - as that was one of the requests we received often about the last post from riders.
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 @crankbrothers: It would also be nice if it were easier to compress the posts... for those of us who dont eat enough sandwiches.
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 @crankbrothers: This is welcome news! My only suggestion for my 170mm Highline from late last year was faster return speed - for the longer stroke dropper it seemed appropriate to fit size-specific valving.
Also in case others haven’t commented, the current lever is great - the ball mount permits me to set the paddle *just* where I need it.
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 210mm v2 OneUp with 2.1 cable pull actuator is hard to beat at 210$. Its not as "smooth" I guess as a KS Lev Integra, but I could care less about that as I cant tell the difference on the trail but I sure as hell can tell the difference with that 210mm.
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 I love my Highline - 2.5 years running with no issues. I do think CB could work on their marketing a bit. They didn't do much of anything to sell one version over the other. IFP vs emulsion? Why is one better than the other?
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 Missed opportunity to have ‘Crankbrothers extends Highline dropper post’ as the title.
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 Been riding the highline 7 post for three months now and its the smoothest, worry free dropper i have used. I didnt think anything would come close to the bike yoke I have been using on my other bike but the 7 has been killer and its $100 cheaper, super impressed!
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 Going on my third year now with my Highline and it’s been super solid. Great product.
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 My big complaint about my 160mm highline is that the max insertion length is less than a 170mm reverb. This means it doesn't go down into the frame far enough, so the seat is too high fully extended and too intrusive when its the whole way down.
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 With this new range we have been able to improve/shorten the overall lengths of many of the posts. Check out our product pages on our website for more information.
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 @crankbrothers: I didn’t see the old stuff posted and my memory isn’t that good. Can you enumerate the reduction in insertion length by size?

Thanks, also your high end Digital Klic floor pump has been great, super happy with it.
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 What is durability of 27.2 mm droppers like these days? Are they solid? I want one for my gravel bike but don’t want to waste money either
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 Our 27.2 Highline 3 will come with a two year warranty.
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 Just need a 200mm +
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 Never say never..
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 What will the longest 27.2mm length be?
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 Looks like 125 right now, for the highline 3. No 27.2mm highline 7’s are on the website
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 60,80, 100, 125mm will all be available in our 27.2 Highline 3 dropper.
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