Kade Edwards Picks Up Red Bull Sponsorship

Nov 19, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

Kade Edwards has become the latest downhill racer to pick up a sponsorship with Red Bull.

The news was broken on Red Bull Bike's Instagram stories in a surprise video filmed by Tahnee Seagrave with the caption "welcome to the family" and she later posted in her own stories saying, "Man like Kade got his wings."

The former junior World Champion has picked up three World Cup top 20s since turning elite in 2019 alongside mind-blowing riding at the FEST series and in edits and on social media.

Edwards is now the fourth mountain biker to get a Red Bull helmet this year after Remy Morton, Hannah Bergemann and Jaxon Riddle. We're stoked for Kade to pick up extra support and we look forward to seeing what Edwards and Red Bull can accomplish together.


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 Did it go like...
'Hey Kaos I have some good news & bad news'
Okay bud the good?
'We are going to be the biggest thing in MTB'
Awesomeness and the bad?
'I fancy your sister'
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flag nordicfreak (Nov 20, 2020 at 8:37) (Below Threshold)
 the opinion of a child who isn't mature enough to see their siblings as individual people with their own needs and wants Smile
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 @nordicfreak: The comment of a self-important dude that isn't laid back enough to recognize a light-hearted reference to every conversation a group of mates had growing up.
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 kade rules, talented and stylish rider on any bike. i was so hyped to see some hints of serious pace in lousa too, really looks like hes on the verge of some big elite results and i cant wait to see it
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 Even if he doesn't "break through" in WC, he's so insanely diverse with his skills, he will no doubt dominate doing something else on his rig like speed and style, dual slalom, personal edits, freeride, etc. but hey, maybe he will dominate it all at some point or another.
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 @scott-townes: I’m sure he will be at Rampage someday
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 @nickgarrison: That would be fun to watch just like Cedric, Gee and Fairclough. Insanely fast and hitting the most gnar stuff.
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 @nickgarrison: I know that is one of Kaos's goals and they are best mates...
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flag markcorrigan (Nov 20, 2020 at 5:36) (Below Threshold)
 @nickgarrison: will certainly be interesting to see Kade make Rampage (he'd have to get through Proving Grounds first I'd have thought). It's quite different throwing a 360 at perfectly machine built kicker at Revolution Bike Park to throwing one off a hand built 60ft drop in the desert.
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 @markcorrigan: He just needs some time in Virgin. Rogatkin has improved massively this past season.
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 Kade for Rampage!! Congrats bud!!
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 The silver and blue is gonna clash with all the pink

Not that I mind. Smile
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 Tahnee pulls it off
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 curious, how does one get surprised by this sponsorship. I am sure he would have to agree to it before them sending him a helmet?
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 It's all staged.
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flag leon-forfar (Nov 19, 2020 at 17:02) (Below Threshold)
 I'm guessing that any athlete that puts in the amount of work to get to that level and catches the attention of Redbull is going to be just fine with it. It seems Redbull are very flexible in what they expect from their athletes, and only want to support the said athlete in whatever way plays to their strengths and goals. I'm sure the contract is finalized after the idea has already been presented. Can you imagine saying "err no thanks" to a Redbull athlete presenting you with your own RB lid?
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 I believe that they sign a contract in advance but have no idea when they will actually receive the helmet
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 @leon-forfar: I was thinking the same thing so long as the rider does no already have an energy drink sponsor. But with Tahnee in on it I’m she would know wether he would want a red bull sponsorship or not. I could see this being a legitimate surprise.
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 "Surprise you've received your helmet", that's how it works. Of course contracts are already signed. Helmet delivery is just the end of nda.
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 @leon-forfar: "Can you imagine saying "err no thanks" to a Redbull athlete presenting you with your own RB lid?"

Remember year or 2 back one rider stepped away from RedBull sponsorship. Can't find the article and don't recall the name.
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 @skvedo: Makken
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 My theory is that a lot of riders sign contracts for other projects that act as a stepping stone for getting the helmet. eg. his sound of speed with Kaos, Ed masters' and Dave macs SoS behind the scenes video, or B-rage constantly endorsing RB on his insta without actually having a RB helmet... and that way they can surprise the riders with the helmet and extra cash when they're deemed worthy.

Edit: When you order new bike stuff... You know it's coming, you see it in your account statement, you may even forget about it for a day or two if the shipping is taking too long.. And yet you're still more stoked than ever when it shows up!
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 @skvedo: Yeah, Makkens contract came to an end, and he made it very clear he did not want to continue. He rode for Redbull for 7 years though. I'm sure he was very excited when he was first picked up by RB. But I imagine along the way that the RB pressure/ expectations can certainly took the fun out of it for him.
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 how do people still drink that poison ??
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 Enough people to fund the free-to-consumer filming and distribution of World Cups and a ton of features from their sponsored mountain bike athletes.
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 with tito's, if i'm not driving.
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 Hopefully he doesn’t drink it and just cashes that paycheck.
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 It's no secret they fill those cans with water too.
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 As most of the time it’s mixed with vodka or jagermeister
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 @jpcars10s: that they do. A few years ago I got to visit the race shop for a motor sports team that was full monster energy sponsored. They had pallets of ‘race waters’ (monster cans filled with water).
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 I genuinely don't think it's that bad. Fair enough, I wouldn't drink it all the time but there's there's nothing wrong with a sporadic can every so often. No worse than eating a McDonalds and I see plenty of videos of pro-riders going straight to a McD's for a feed after a racing weekend.
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 1. Opening can 2. Opening mouth
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 @ardee: Or a large coffee with sugar, sweetner and artificial creamer which nobody bats an eye at.

People are so quick to look down on anything so they can feel superior. Like almost anything else, excess is bad but appropriate moderation is just fine. (Do not use this rule for meth.)
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 @Patrick9-32: yeah you can pretty much guarantee a Starbucks caramel frappuccino is ten times worse for you than a can of Red Bull!
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 @ardee: Yeah, but you look way cooler with a Starbucks Frappucino.
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 @Davec85: Especially if you're wearing Ugg boots and your boyfriend's hoodie
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 @viatch Straight from the can if driving at night. With vodka when getting smashed at night. You're welcome.

Oh, btw, do you drink coffee?
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 @ardee: Don't forget your yoga pants too.
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 @ardee: yea it’s like anything else. It’s fine if used in moderation and can be bad if used in excess, just like coffee, soda, junk food etc. The guy that drinks a Redbull or monster every morning is going to be no worse off health wise than the guy that stops at Starbucks or dunkin or whatever local hipster coffee shop every morning and gets a coffee that’s loaded with milk, cream, sugar, etc.
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 @ardee: Pretty much lol a young fit early 20s lad having a little 8.4oz can to get a little boost before a race run is definitely different that the mid to upper 30s dude having a pint can of monster and a pack of hostess donuts before his 8am shift he woke up for 40 minutes prior and then possibly another drink by 3pm and a smoke break or two in the middle
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 because a bottle of water is normally a few cents more than a can, oh and sometimes you can get a key ring
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 Hope that means he will no longer park his truck in disabled bays and laugh about it when challenged. Very talented but also can be a dickhead
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 Yeah that's one way to spin it. More like he parked in the disabled spot at his local spa, next to multiple open disabled spots, ran in to get something, ran back out and saw a guy taking a picture of him and smiled assuming it was a local fan or someone who knew him, because he would rather give off a positive image. He apologised for this and it was done with. Parking in a disabled bay is hardly the biggest crime of the century, about as bad as parking on double yellows for a few minutes. Grow up
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 I wonder how that works... Surprise... You've got a contract? It seems like wearing that helmet is an instant street cred, but I'm curious what the signing/contract looks like. Regardless, kade is so talented and one of my favorite riders to watch.
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 I would love to get a looks at one of these contracts. I really wonder what they actually get paid. I hope it's a lot, but guessing it's not nearly what I'd expect or what it should be.
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 the thing that separates redbull from the rest of the energy helmet sponsors are their training facilities, medical support with injuries and the way the help their athletes to be a better athlete ...things that are more important than just money
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 @clemson: There's something more important than money? Just kidding, you're right, but I doubt these athletes are most happy about those other things that rebull offers when they get their helmet. Could be wrong...
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 Congrats to Kade. Must admit i was expecting to see Matt Walker getting Red Bulls support after his efforts this year.
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 I aslo bet on him, and Daprela. It would be a terrible oversight from RedBull to not sign them before Monster does.
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 Isn't Matt with Monster ?
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 @pompeyjoe: Danny Hart, his team-mate is, easy enough to confuse their kits
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 @Thomasheep: ex team mate
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 Bout time for some raw 100’s. Congrats!
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 One of my favorite people to watch ride a bike. Super stylish. Congrats!
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 Hmmm, wonder if it comes with a chain tool?
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 Now he's right up there with his GF! Totally deserved - you know if you watch his SM clips. Congrats dude!
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 I usually hate on this but I no one n I mean NO BODY can say that Kade is not one of the best riders out there!! He goes from placing himself among the best racers in world cups to going bigger than anyone in the fest series!!
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 Does someone know how this works nowerdays with RB? As an Athlete du you get paid for beeing on the team or is it more like an agency that gets some % of your salary from the jobs they booked you for?
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 I feel that he could be a rampage rider
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 Can't wait to see him ride that new Session. Heard it's idling right now but as soon as the season pivots into high gear, it should be a beast.
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 I thought the helmet was a bag of chips. Red Bull Doritos?
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 His and Here's Well deserved
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 Congrats dude!!!
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 Go Kade!
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 Well deserved
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 Owww faaawk yeeeah!!!
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 Congrats Kate, wings for your talents!!!
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 Thoroughly deserved
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 Red bull, give me wings!
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 Redbull - Sponsoring everyone since '87
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 Comment approved by Peat, Hart, Pierron, Fairclough, Vergier, Minnar, etc.
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 @fracasnoxteam: It seems that the Syndicate is averse to Red Bull sponsorships. It's always funny to me who has one and who does not. Kate Courtney & Lars Foster do, but Nino does not. I'm not saying Kate and Lars don't deserve it (they absolutely do), but I'd love to know it Nino has turned one down, because there's no way they haven't offered.
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