SPOTTED: Prototype Öhlins Inline Shock - Crankworx Whistler 2015

Aug 8, 2015
by Mike Levy  
Whistler Tech.

Öhlins Gets Inline

We've already seen a new long-stroke air shock from Öhlins show up Specialized's Enduro platform (which has OE spec for 2016, by the way), and it looks like the Swedes are also collaborating with Specialized on a lighter weight air-sprung shock that's designed for bikes with less travel. The shock, which is pictured here bolted to a Specialized employee's Stumpjumper FSR 6Fattie with 135mm of travel, sports an inline design that forgoes a piggyback... sort of. A closer look reveals that it has an extended shock body that's ahead of the forward mount, a layout that might remind you of FOX's DRCV shock and its secondary air chamber that also adds to its length.
Prototype Ohlins shock

That said, I'd wager that what we're seeing is related to damping - after all, it's on the opposite end of the shock as the actual air can - and it's pretty clear to see that the blue compression dial, as well as what looks to be a multi-position, pedal assist switch, all tie into the extended shock body. Zooming in close enough to count the pixels also reveals what could be a gold coloured dial at the front of the extension that may offer further compression adjustment. The design, if it is indeed damper-related, would allow Öhlins to squeeze more oil volume into their inline shock for increased consistency.

There are two air valves on the shock as well: with the black valve on the far side being where you thread on a shock pump, and the blue valve on the opposite side of the shock very likely offering an AutoSag-like function that removes all of the guesswork from setting the correct spring rate.

While the terrain in and around Whistler makes for great product testing, the fact that the shock is being ridden in public during Crankworx also makes it obvious that Öhlins and Specialized probably aren't trying to hide much in the way of what we should expect to see in the near future. It's likely quite the opposite, and I'd bet that we'll see the new Öhlins inline shock on Specialized's bikes sooner rather than later.


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 That shock looks an awful lot like a session... What a rip off
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 The session looks like a kona link ripoff since the 90's
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 shots fired
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 Ohlins is getting too specialized.....
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 Looks like they might be using water bottles to achieve certain damping characteristics...
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 Come on, even Mondraker' Forward Geometry has more stump than a Stumpjumper. Would like to see the TTX fits Dune Carbon though.
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 They might need to get inline to use the name inline for their shock.
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 i'd be happy if specialized stopped doing the stupid proprietary nonsense with their shock mounts. honestly, if I could have my pick of the RS or Fox stuff at the moment (say, the x2) I'd be more than happy - it's good stuff.
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 Naah I'll take the bearing over the DU anyday.
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 Everyone complains about specialized proprietary rear shocks, but trek does the same thing
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 Scott used to with the genius- and cannonade with the dyad.
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 have you ever ridden the Öhlins shocks on a Specialized? If you had, you would never go back to RS or Fox damper. So, who cares that is uses a proprietary mount? You're never going to want to switch it out anyway.
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 Agree fox float stuff sucks but this new stuff has some potential
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 @Thewootts Just a heads up but the DYAD is not proprietary. Works are both a pull and push shock, although much, much better as a pull-shock due to the internals being kept in an oil bath while compressed
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 Come on Öhlins, make a collab for a MTB company other than Specialized . . .
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 In sweden almost everybody rides a specialized...
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 Öhlins via an Italian distributor/shock tuner can get you an Öhlins shock for just about any DH bike currently on the market. Only a matter of time now until the air shocks are available too.,265
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flag takeiteasyridehard (Aug 9, 2015 at 9:37) (Below Threshold)
 I'm sorry for them...
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 The thing is, this shock won't fit a lot of other frames with this "extended shock body". This makes me think of Apple, 0 compatibility, we say it's good so buy both of our shit because it's special bullshit. This is the kind of stuff that get to me. Fox got lynched because of their solenoid controlled damper but I'd bet this'll get praise because of freakin Ohlins. Honestly, they still have to prove themselves in the mtb industry (no matter how successful they are in other fields) and this, to me, feels a little bit like powder in my eyes. Flashy name an looks, little to no real life advantage to 90% of riders (99.9% if you consider this shock being bespoke for spesh).
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 But if you see in the link that I provided, they already make different shock bodies for the TTX so that it fits more frames. Since this shock is more applicable to the market (trail/enduro market is much bigger than DH) I bet you will see the same apply to this air shock too.
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 What I really mean is the HSC setting of the TTX22M which bothers me, only at 3 level of adjustment. Thought that it's because of it being Demo and Enduro-specific shock. So hopefully they'd make another shock for company other than Specialized, so that the HSC/LSC and rebound isn't for Specialized' less progressive suspension system only.
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 @yoshiro as far as I am aware, the Andreani group will tune the shock for the bike you need it for (much as Push would tune a Fox shock for your Yeti or SC), so the levels/amount of adjustment should be applicable.
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 Cane creeks trouble with their inline and customer support has nullified the success from CCDB CS - always seems to be a competitor waiting to jump at these OE opps. I like that!
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 Have heard of some reliability issues with the CC Inline, but not customer support problems. My experience with them has been nothing less than best in class when something went wrong with my Inline. I had a new one in a few days, no charge, no shipping costs, no hassles except for one missed day of riding. I'll take that for the solid improvement in performance over the Fox it replaced.
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 Didn't Öhlins help make the CCDB?
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 most of the issues seem to come from bikes with a yolk which puts increased stress on the shock. My inline has been perfect
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 I had a issue with my first Inline but that was all. Customer service was excellent. they sent me a shock out that day. I received it in a few days and was back riding the twin tube goodness! I also had some tuning questions the guy who was helping me was on the phone with me getting my shock setup perfect for about 45 minutes he was very very helpful explaining everything in detail! took care of me I was satisfied!
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 @bicycle019 @ HARv379 great to hear you had a positive experience...from my understanding it was with the inline's being run on spec. As of recent, they have been draggin their feet on warranty responsiveness which is a huge bummer when most folks only have one bike to ride. I have a local shop with a box of inline warranty shocks (6) all from spec frames. Ohlin's did collaborate with CC @locoola but I don't have the details...maybe someone working in the industry can chime in!
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 Might be a little unrelated but saw my first snapped ccdb on a demo today. Kinda sketchy for sure.
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 I called cane creek last week. They shipped one the same day.
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 FYI ^ Cane Creek's customer support is awesome. I've been runnin my inline for 6 months, and have a new replacement shock on the way under warranty, they paid shipping both ways. Shipped same day. No complaints from me really. Although, this shock does look interesting.
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 Ooooh, its just popped into my head - FSA as a buyer for Marzocchi. Then FSA would be able to offer OEM bars, stems, posts, brakes, groupsets, headsets, etc PLUS suspension.
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 Hopefully Cane Creek wasn't too heavily dependent on sales to Specialized.
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 What I really am waiting to hear is when DVO topaz and Fox's DHX2 w/ lockout for climbing becomes available to the public so I can hear reviews and upgrade to something that isn't limited to certain manufacturers. Can't wait for black friday cause you know it will be ready then.
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 Everyone always hates on specialized,but they ride great.
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 Well, Specialized looks to be going Ohlins for suspension and I wouldn't be surprised if they have something cooking with FSA for group sets - definitely some sort of deal coming for road racing by the looks of it. Maybe they will have proprietary shocks and group sets in the future. It will drive us mad but looking at it from their position I can see why they would do it.
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 WTF are those tires? My Ground Control does not look anything like that!
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 They are the ground controls for their new fatties which are 3.0" wide. Saw it at my LBS a few days ago. Because of the width they have an extra row of knobs to fill the gap from inner and edge.
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 Front tire is a purgatory and the rear is a ground control
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 So how wide are those rims? They don't look like fat tire rims.
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 Not fat but +.
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 I'm more interested in the R&D guys racing a 6 Fattie.
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 What is 'inline' does it just mean inline with the top tube and what is 'proprietary' mount or shock or whatever you bike nerds are chatting about
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 Inline refers to the shocks progression rate to be in line with your horoscope Proprietary refers to the propeller inside the shaft that spins as the shock compresses to cool it down
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 He should move the seat a little bit to the right
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 Not the flux capacitor it's the "continuum transfunctioner"
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Was able to ride it a few weeks ago.
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 Looks intriguing
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 no body really cares as itson a specalized and won't be sold 3rd party for years to come
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 best suspension on the worst mtb frame...:/

have no Öhlins on my mtb, but the CC Inline is awesome!
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 Way too "Specialized" for me...
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 Maybe the extension on the shock is the piggyback. a sort of inline reservoir
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 did he not just say that
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 maybe it's a flux capacitor
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 It's a turbo entabulator
  • 12 0
 Oscillating reverberator.
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 so where does the pizza go?
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 Pizza delivery for I.C.Wiener
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 Pizza goes next to the weed in the trap door...
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 Maybe it's "just" the shock with "the" longer "tip"
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 Lol. Thats what she said...
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