Tech Briefing: May 2023

May 26, 2023
by Christie Fitzpatrick  

Orbea Optimization Lab Joins Forces With Shimano

Orbea has expanded their Optimization Lab in order to improve e-bike testing and development. (Learn more.)

Dakine Releases Thomas Vanderham Signature Series Apparel

Dakine celebrates the legendary Thomas Vanderham with the release of his Signature Series collection. (Learn more.)

Thomas Vanderham on Vancouver s North Shore BC. Photo by Sterling Lorence

Chromag Announces New Bikes for Small Riders

Version 2.0 of the Minor Threat, and a new 20” or 24” dirt jumper. (Learn more.)


Magicshine Launches SEEMEE DV Tailligh

Equipped with a built-in camera, this taillight is designed to improve rider safety by automatically capturing videos of critical moments from any commuting or road cycling rides. (Learn more.)


Hybridizer Announces First eMTB Frame, SANN

Equipped with the BAFANG motor, a max torque of 95N/m and a net weight of just 3kg. (Learn more.)


UCI Mountain Bike World Series Partners with WHOOP for Live Biometric Data

The new partnership could offer real-time access to heart rates and strain levels as riders take on the 2023 World Cups. (Learn more.)


Schwalbe Expands Cradle-to-Cradle Tube Recycling to the US

Their program is designed to reduce the environmental impact of bicycle tubes, decreasing energy consumption by over 80%. (Learn more.)


Video: The Commencal Meta Power Now Available With Bosch Motor

A new motor option for the Power TR and Power SX. (Learn more.)


Nukeproof Launches New Summer 2023 Apparel

Nukeproof has refreshed its apparel lineup for the summer months. (Learn more.)


E*thirteen Announces New Close Range & Wide Range Cassettes

Riders can choose between having all the range with a 9-52 tooth cassette, or closer steps between gears on the 13-52 tooth cassette. (Learn more.)


Tectonic Components Releases Altar v2 Pedal

As seen in the recent Flat Pedal Roundup, and made in Colorado. (Learn more.)


Cotic Launches UK Made FlareMAX Gen5

Cotic has refined its FlareMAX trail bike with a new UK-made frame. (Learn more.)


Frameworks Racing & Cotic Collaborate on a Steel DH Frame

Neko Mulally's Frameworks Racing is testing and potentially racing a new partially steel DH bike designed and developed by Cotic.(Learn more.)

Frameworks Racing x Cotic steel DH bike

Revel Bikes Add Universal Derailleur Hanger Compatibility

Revel have decided to future-proof the majority of their models, including the entire line of titanium bikes.(Learn more.)


Volcom Launches New Mountain Bike Apparel Collection

Known for its expertise in manufacturing apparel for surf, skate and snow sports, Volcom is thrilled to announce its all-new Mountain Bike Apparel Collection. (Learn more.)

Trail Ripper Shorts

Nukeproof Launches New Horizon Pro Wheel Range

Nukeproof now offered a Pro version of its Horizon enduro wheels with lower weights and higher engagement.(Learn more.)


Video: DHaRCO Launches New Tech Party Shirts

DHaRCO is bringing Party Shirts to the trails.(Learn more.)


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 How is a collection of recently posted press releases/product launches considered a Tech Briefing? Who is running this show and where is Levy?
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Mike Levy Amicably Parts Ways with Pinkbike Mountain Bike Website

Squamish B.C. 05/26/2023 - Pinkbike, a leading online platform for mountain biking enthusiasts, has announced the amicable departure of Mike Levy, the renowned mountain bike journalist and Senior Tech Editor for the website. After a successful and impactful tenure, both Pinkbike and Levy have mutually agreed to pursue separate paths, effective 05/01/2023.
During his time with Pinkbike, Mike played an instrumental role in shaping the mountain biking community, establishing himself as a trusted source of knowledge and expertise. His dedication to delivering comprehensive and insightful content has garnered him a wide following, making him one of the most influential figures in the industry.
Mike joined Pinkbike in 2011, bringing with him an impressive background in mountain biking journalism. Over the years, he contributed extensively to the platform, offering in-depth reviews, analysis, and engaging stories that resonated with both seasoned riders and newcomers to the sport. His passion for mountain biking was evident in his work, and his commitment to providing accurate and valuable information has been greatly appreciated by Pinkbike's audience.
Both Mike and Pinkbike express gratitude for their collaboration and acknowledge the positive impact they have had on each other's growth. While Levy's departure marks the end of an era, Pinkbike remains committed to continuing its mission of delivering high-quality mountain biking content to its community.
Mike Levy shared his thoughts on the amicable parting: "I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to work with Pinkbike and be part of such an amazing team. I have been fortunate to meet and interact with incredible individuals within the mountain biking community. I am proud of the work we accomplished together and the lasting impact we have made. I look forward to the next chapter in my journey and continuing to contribute to the mountain biking world."
The Pinkbike team expresses its appreciation for Mike Levy's invaluable contributions over the years and wishes him the best in his future endeavors. We are confident that his passion and expertise will continue to elevate the sport of Grim-Donut’n in new and exciting ways.

About Pinkbike:
Pinkbike is the world's largest online community for mountain biking, providing a platform for riders, enthusiasts, and industry professionals to connect, share, and explore the sport. Pinkbike offers a wide range of content, including news, reviews, videos, and discussion forums, making it a go-to resource for mountain bike enthusiasts around the globe.
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 @suspended-flesh: That is fantastic. Well done.
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flag tremeer023 (May 27, 2023 at 1:45) (Below Threshold)
 @suspended-flesh: Nice work. Could see it coming for a while, he seemed more exited talking about cars than bikes recently. Good luck and all the best Levy.
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 They just try to generate clicks on their old posts, nothing more. The quality of the content is definitely going down
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 @suspended-flesh: why aren't pinkbike open about this? Same as when Alicia had her horrific crash, pinkbike were silent.
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 @littleskull99: Whoosh (also username checks out)
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 @suspended-flesh: just saw this as well on

“ In a recent turn of events, rumors circulated that Mike Levy, the renowned bike enthusiast and editor at, had left the company due to conflicts with management and disagreements with other staff members. These rumors quickly spread among the biking community, leaving many fans of the popular website speculating about the future of the platform.

However, it has since been revealed that these rumors were generated by artificial intelligence, and are not at all true. Mike himself came forward to reassure his fans that he is still very much an integral part of the Pinkbike team, and intends to continue working with the platform for the foreseeable future.

The news of Mike's supposed departure had caused much concern among Pinkbike's followers, but the revelation that it was all just a false alarm has been met with much relief and excitement. Many fans have taken to social media to express their support for Mike and the rest of the Pinkbike team, and to celebrate the continued success of one of the most popular biking platforms on the internet.”
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 @Pinemtn: HAHA the AI serpent eats its tail
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 @Pinemtn: brilliant!
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 @Pinemtn: I don't find this at all credible.
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 According to ChatGPT, Mike has a project...

"Once upon a time in a small town nestled among towering mountains, there lived a passionate mountain biker named Mike Levy. Mike had an unyielding love for the sport, spending every available moment exploring trails, pushing his limits, and experiencing the adrenaline rush that came with riding downhill.

One sunny afternoon, as Mike sat on a hill overlooking a breathtaking mountain vista, an idea sparked in his mind. He realized that there was a need for a platform where mountain bikers could come together, share their experiences, learn from one another, and stay updated on the latest trends and equipment. With his deep knowledge and love for the sport, Mike felt a calling to create a mountain bike website that would unite the global community of riders.

Driven by his passion, Mike set out on a mission to make his dream a reality. He spent countless hours researching website development, design, and online communities. Armed with determination and a vision, Mike taught himself the skills needed to bring his mountain bike website to life.

After months of hard work and late nights, Mike finally launched his website, aptly named "ShredLife." It became an online hub for mountain bikers of all skill levels, offering a wealth of information, advice, and an interactive platform for riders to connect. ShredLife quickly gained popularity within the mountain biking community, attracting riders from far and wide.

The website featured trail reviews, gear recommendations, and insightful articles written by Mike himself. He poured his heart and soul into every piece of content, ensuring that each article resonated with the community and provided valuable insights and knowledge. Riders appreciated Mike's genuine passion and dedication, making ShredLife a trusted resource for all things mountain biking.

As ShredLife grew, Mike realized the importance of fostering a strong sense of community among its members. He introduced forums and discussion boards, allowing riders to connect, share stories, and exchange tips and tricks. These interactive features transformed ShredLife into more than just a website—it became a virtual gathering place for mountain bikers to inspire and support one another.

Over time, Mike expanded ShredLife's offerings. He organized local and international events, bringing riders together for epic group rides and competitions. The website also became a platform for talented mountain bike photographers and filmmakers to showcase their work, further enriching the experience for the ShredLife community.

Word of ShredLife spread like wildfire, reaching even the farthest corners of the mountain biking world. Mike's dedication and passion had built something extraordinary—a thriving community that united riders, fostered friendships, and inspired countless individuals to pursue their own mountain biking dreams.

Through his tireless efforts, Mike Levy had not only created a successful mountain bike website but had also left an indelible mark on the sport he loved. His journey from an avid rider to the founder of ShredLife stood as a testament to the power of following one's passion, and his story served as an inspiration to many who aspired to build their own dreams in the realm of mountain biking."
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 @dmackyaheard: Mike's name would need to be replaced with 2021 MTB Hall of Fame inductee Radek Burkat however
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 Just noticed that like Levy's wearing another hat as Senior Tech editor for Velo too (outside's combined road/gravel offering, Velonews+Peleton+CyclingTips).
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 why isn't my ebike filter not working?
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 It definitely isn't not working
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flag Pinemtn (May 27, 2023 at 17:02) (Below Threshold)
 As the popularity of e-bikes continues to grow among cycling enthusiasts, many websites and forums have implemented strict guidelines and filters to regulate the content surrounding these controversial bikes. However, one prominent biking website,, has chosen to take a different approach by allowing all e-bike related content to be featured on their platform. According to Pinkbike's Editor-in-Chief, Brian Park, the decision to allow e-bike content to remain unfiltered on their website was made in order to give their readers the freedom to discuss and explore all aspects of the cycling world. He believes that e-bikes are a natural progression in the biking industry, and that it is important to provide a platform for all voices and opinions, regardless of whether they are in favor of or against e-bikes. While some members of the biking community have criticized Pinkbike for their decision, arguing that e-bikes have no place in traditional cycling culture, many others have applauded the website for its commitment to open discussion and inclusivity. Pinkbike's stance on e-bikes has sparked a heated debate among cycling enthusiasts, but the website remains steadfast in its commitment to providing a space for all voices to be heard.
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 More commercials masqueraded as tech info ...
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flag Pinemtn (May 27, 2023 at 17:04) (Below Threshold)
 It is not uncommon for websites to feature sponsored content or advertisements that are presented as unbiased tech information. This can be misleading and unethical, as it can deceive readers into believing that they are receiving objective information when in reality, they are being exposed to marketing content. It is important for readers to be aware of the potential biases and conflicts of interest that may exist in the content they consume. One way to do this is to look for disclaimers or disclosures that indicate when a piece of content is sponsored or contains affiliate links. Additionally, it is always a good idea to do your own research and seek out multiple sources of information to ensure that you are getting a well-rounded perspective.
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 Schwalbe is doing a good job recycling their tube's! Tube's are also easily repairable so you can put them in your tires again - which is basically re-cycling....
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 4130 bikes!
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 That’s a lot of bikes!
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 “My name is Shark tank and I ran hurdles in high school and I like to hold my gun like this! So thats Me!
I’m TECToniC I once shot two dudes with one bullet and made some nice looking pedals! I also saw a private screening to the Blair witch project… “
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 Is the Minor Threat named after the 80s band?
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 Is the Rootdown name after a Beasties song?
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 @eh-steve: Could be. Or they named it after the legendary Jimmy Smith album that was a big influence for the Beastie Boys' sound during the Check your Head / Ill Communication Era. Or both...
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 @solar-evolution: Hmm.. could be. Ian was born in '71, so GenXer. I'm going with Beasties.
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 Should this not be a round-up?
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 I can't wait till the the WC schedule kicks off; so we can get some real action on PB instead of these stupid repeat articles!
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 Good on yah Schwalbe, lets hope this kinda thinking comes up with alternatives to the massive open pit coal mines eating up surrounding lands in Europe
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 It’s hilarious to me that there is a mtb addition of the whoop strap… which might be the least accurate heart rate monitor ever made for mountain biking.
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 Good on'ya for forgetting the Mattoc launch, excellent job
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