Video: 13 Minutes of Slow Motion Riding with Sam Hill and Team CRC

Jul 18, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesSit back and enjoy some slow-motion enduro mountain biking from Team Chain Reaction Cycles Chain Reaction Cycles

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 That's my normal speed!
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 What blows me away is how Sam Hill knows how to get the bike to do the work. His upper body stays super quiet and smooth. He stays perfectly balance between the front and rear. The Master!
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 Yeah, people commenting that the film was boring totally missed the point. This is not entertainment, this is a tutorial. Look how his body works, arms are constantly moving, torso is in the same place. Also how much of front travel is used all the time, yet the setup is probably very stiff.
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 Which color is his bike?
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 It would've been really useful to watch through the slo mos first, but then see the sections at 1x speed.
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flag tofhami (Jul 20, 2020 at 4:31) (Below Threshold)
 @lkubica: A majority of the Formula 1 watchers think, they'll get better drivers by watching F1 races. Go out and ride!
Sam Hill is stunning to watch, though
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 @tofhami: actually, spending some time watching pro drivers is a valuable learning tool if combined with telemetry visualisation. Serious race drivers do this all the time, and even play PS4 to help memorize the tracks.

Watching pro riders is even more useful as you can see what they're doing in real time. Sure, rising is still the ultimate way to get better, but it's not the only one
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 I want to see him ride a modern superenduro with super long wheelbase. I feel like he would be faster.
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 I saw him coming right in front of me in the EWS lo barnechea, he was floating over the rocks, no even clipless guys were as mooth as sammy, other world.
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 @mae-fr: For some reason, I find it easier to get "floaty" when on flats vs clipless.
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 Sorry but I wanna see Sam Hill going as fast as possible.
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 Just woke up, and saw the video has ended, did I missed something?
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 Great video to watch.

Well, you get to see one of the greatest riders ever and try to figure out how he goes so fast, what his technique is, where his feet are, hands are, head is, his body position, see how much he uses his travel. Guess his setup, see how well the rear end tracks the ground and isnt just skipping around all over the place.

If you dont know what you are watching or are not into Enduro and getting better than I bet it was boring.

Plus... you can just skip and fast forward sections in 2020 Wink
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 No-Mo - Slo-Mo.
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 People bitching about it being boring please just go back to your Instagram feed. I appreciate CRC sharing this and I really wish it was easier to find clips showing good riders hit complete features and sections, especially with the slow motion. While I won't ever ride like Elliott or Sam, I can at least figure out how to get a bit lighter on my bike through some chunder thanks to this.
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 it's incredible how do forks and their seals endure even a month of this, nevermind riding an old marz for over a year without touching it
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 The straight on shots don't make any sense to be watched in slo mo. Between about 4 and 7 minutes there were a few side and cornering shots that were interesting to watch his technique.
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 Unreal. Great clip, thanks. His head & hips stay level always while his bike is in constant motion. How strong is this guy?!
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 I’ve never felt so stoked and drowsy all at once.
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 Pretty bleak. Could have shot in Oz and had colour. Infact we could still run the entire EWS world comp if all competitors and teams came in and quarantined. The Australian EWS 2020 World series. Could still redeem the competition.
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 All gone to shit now in Aus,quarantine from state to state,we got it bad.
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 Loookkk at the tiiimmmeee.
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 Is a slow-motion of Sam Hill still faster as a slow-motion of someone else ?
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 Check out the ankle movement...
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 Dear CRC. Thank you. Study material. Coaching material.
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 I didn’t know there was another new world disorder movie???
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 Speed that shitup to 2 much easier to watch and more gratifying!
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 Take a dynamic thrilling sport aaaand maaaaaaake it veeeeeeeeryyyyyyyy veeeeeeeery sloooooooooooooooooooow and booooooooooooriiiiiiiing..........
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 Props to everyone who understood the point of this video ;-)
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 is no one gunna mention the new kit... no longer fastest billboard.... now ninja.
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 I almost Z-z-z-zzzzz
CRC - don't do any movies please. you can't. because all yours projects lookig so terrible. editing are awful, filmig the same.
Looks like someone takes gopro 8 and starts filming riding in slow-mo at 240fps ahahah

"Sit back and enjoy some slow-motion" - really? enjoy? or should we sleep? seriously! you have one of the best riders on the planet and can't film some good edit? you need to switch "fantasy mode" ON. please.
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 Anyone know the music track name? Super good vid!
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 Shoes with clips?

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