Video: Bernard Kerr Starts Practicing on a SX Track and Receives Coaching from Jeremy McGrath

Dec 16, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesWe tried to go to an sx track but everything was too wet from the rain... enjoy, get bored, give us some comments or tips as they could really help...or not? Bernard Kerr

bigquotesFirst day riding a very soft sx track here in California....we’ve got a long way to go in a short space of time...nothing like a good challenge though. Bernard Kerr

bigquotesFirst day pretty much ever on a dry hard pack sx track...just happens to be one of the kawi test tracks out here in California under the watchful eye of the king and a few other heavy hitters. Bernard Kerr


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 I think its absolutely right posting Bernards SX adventures on PB.. He's one of the biggest names in DH and Mtb in general and hes trying his hand at the top tier level of Supercross! Mx/SX is such a huge crossover sport to mtb and such a huge amount of mtb riders are going to be interested in these videos. What he's trying to pull off is such a huge deal.. Its not like these videos are going to be made and posted forever it's literally a couple of weeks till the race so quit your moaning
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 I cannot wait for the sx to start! I hope he puts on a good show and at least makes heats
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 @Intensevp: More chance of me winning a WC downhill
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 @jimmythehat: More chance of me qualifying for a WC DH then him qualifying for the night show!
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 @jimmythehat: have you entered a WC lately?
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 Dude I’m trying to have a coffee and a bowl of slime will you get that fxxking camera out of my fxxking face , this ain’t the deakonater roadshow lol
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 Can some people please understand now that these are motorbikes and ebikes are not motorbikes?
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 E-bikes are human-assisted motorbikes.
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 @MTBrent: E-bikes are motor-assisted humanbikes.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Dec 16, 2019 at 6:36) (Below Threshold)
 @euan91m: E-bikes are E-bikes. They are in their own league. Smile
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flag JimmyWeir (Dec 16, 2019 at 8:10) (Below Threshold)
 E-bikes are motorcycles, they have a motor and are a cycle. The effort required to pedal one has very little resistance and is just a way to activate the motor's throttle.
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 That "cafe" is right by the skatepark in Ronald Reagan Park.
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 @JimmyWeir: people who say things like this deserve to be put though humiliation that ebike racing is as well as sat on an ebike and be forced to complete 3 laps of SX competition as well as moto gp race, only to finish by taking part in full course of Romaniacs Enduro. All under threat of incarceration for decreasing level of human collective intelligence
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 Damn! This is no E-bike it's an ICE-bike...
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 @WAKIdesigns: Call ebikes whatever the f*** you want, no one really cares or wants to play that dumb little semantics game with you. Just stay off bicycle trails. You are 100% correct that you are entitled to have your slomoto or whatever you want to call it, no ones gonna stop you, we're all gonna laugh at you just like we do at how lame the emtb comps have turned out. Its great entertainment, keep up the good work your E-minence!!
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 @burnskiez: so much anger... so much assumptions... flattering Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
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 @WAKIdesigns: more laps = more bettererer.
E-bikes are the best thing since lift access mtb trails.
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 @bjorntsc: people are angry. Let’s respect it to make them even more angry. Oh-Oh Oh-Oh Oh-Oh Oh-Oh why are you so mad, when you could be glad! Oh-Oh Oh-Oh Oh-Oh Oh-Oh ehy don’t you just stop, Like can you just not step on my gown you need to calm down
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 An e-bike is basically a moped.
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 @SonofBovril: no. I know exactly how a moped looks like. Everyone who’s been to Italy knows.
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 @WAKIdesigns: you can rant like a adultkid all you like , you just sound sillier with age !
You can tone down the assist on ebikes to match the power2weight of a Mtb if you’re out with other Mtb’s therefore I put them in a Mtb not motorcycle category plus you buy em from the LBS and can swap parts so get back down that hole !
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 @Matt115lamb: what? I just effectively said ebikes are ebikes that have more to do with an mtb than a motorbike, they are definitely not motorbikes. What am I missing? Because according to me your comment agreeswith mine
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 I may a read your 1st comment slightly wrong , so I take back the “adultkid” bit tup
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 E bike or motorbike, he's causing a lot of erosion by not staying in the track lines at all times.
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 Absolutely love this, huge respect to Bernard, living any sx fans dream! His progression throughout the day on the Kawi test track was brilliant. Had me on the edge of my seat watching him build up to jumping the features.. This 'lifestyle video edits' are quality! Keep up the good work
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 Yeah man his progress went sky high in that short vid. Can’t wait to see more.
People on here who don’t dig this stuff just don’t get it....... It’s all about that whole MX/BMX/MTB history, style, and passion for anything that moves through dirt on two wheels. People moaning about this stuff have no clue and just don’t understand.-
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 I cheered out loud when he finally hit the triple!
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 @Mugen: X2
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 Yes, amazing progression of Bernard. I was getting nervous as he tried the triple and the big one first time. Unbelievable, a few minutes later he already started to style on those huge jumps. I'll also never forget those 125ccm sx-races of Jeremy a few decades ago, he is Legend.
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 @Mugen: Made me feel like a proud parent when he cleared it!
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 I thought his whoop speed might be the thing that did him in, but by the end although he was still not great, there will be worse guys than him... I think the time to learn the track will be the hardest part - other guys will put the track together quicker than him.
I know the sport a little but not a ton - would he be better off trying to qualify in the 250 class?
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 @shredddr: I was under the impression it was the 250 class he was trying to qualify for! Maybe he's just practicing on the 450? I think he'd have a decent chance on the smaller bike.. If it is the 450s I hate to say it but I don't think its going to happen!
As for practice time at A1, that will definitely be the hardest thing.. After trackwalk I think the riders get literally 10 to 15 minutes of riding time before it's time to qualify! Imagine learning the track that quick and getting upto speed :o
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 @shredddr: he’d be better off not bothering ! He can just about clear those jumps , what happens when there’s 3 guys beside him and 6 on his back wheel and those A1 whoops will be twice as deep as those in that vid ! If everyone gets around safely he’ll qualify last , thats if he can do a lap !
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 Why people are so negative about this? I found all the episodes SICK and is nothing wrong to be on PB when we talking about a professional Downhill guy like Bernard trying to race SX. Keep the good work Bernard...
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 The only people being negative about this are a bunch of salty washed-up has-been's lmao.

"Oh yeah, my step-brother's uncle's 3rd nephew has been riding MX since he was 2 and he can't quali for the night show so Bernard definitely doesn't have a chance. I also rode a MX once when I was younger, so that makes me an armchair expert."

The *actual* fans are fvckin' stoked to see him give this a shot and will be rooting for him all the way!!
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 @raybao: yeah most people who follow either sport know that the crossover between sports is huge with most of the top riders of each spending time on mtb and motor....didn't they say Mcgrath was at Crankworx talking to Kerr. I'm sure Eli Tomac is pretty handy on a mtb haha.
Anybody saying anything negative about Kerr rocking up to a hard pack, beaten up Kawasaki supecross track with Villopoto and Mcgrath doesn't know enough about either sport.
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 @raybao: this is pretty accurate.
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 I agree with all of this. I'll be rooting for him. So cool!
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 Heck ya Bernard, such a gnarly thing to do. Regardless of the result, rolling out of that tunnel at A1 is going to be an experience you'll never forget I'm sure. Enjoy dude, rootin for ya!
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 You should be out there with him! Ask Dungy for a loner bike and give this qualifying a crack Smile
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 Loving these....anyone who's been out there for the supercross knows how big a deal this is and how much Bernard Kerr is putting himself out there by even attempting supercross, let alone trying to qualify for A1.

It's quite rare that such a high profile sportsman does this on a professional level. I know VR and Hamilton traded seats last week on a practice day but it would literally be like one of them rocking up for the first race of the season. I'd be amazed if the mtb community doesn't get behind Kerr for his supercross attempt but maybe on Pinkbike they'll just find something to have a moan about....blah blah....normal service.

Go Bernard, have fun ????
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 It's pretty rare indeed. One pretty impressive stint was when Kimi Räikkönen put his Formula 1 gloves aside and did a few seasons in the WRC.

Very excited to see what BK can pull off on the moto!
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 I could see Valentino showing up for an F1 race, and being competitive (providing he has a good car), he's amazing on 4 wheels. Hamilton is no slouch on a bike either...
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 @mdackert: wasn't Rossi only a second off in his Ferrari test. Insane. If Kerr makes it into the night show after never having been on a supercross track before, that would be an even bigger achievement.
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 @hirvi: Pole should ask Kimi to do their PR
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 @WAKIdesigns: he is having a $hit.
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 @Dropthedebt: why did the frame broke? We were meant to run failure test on the swingarm but we didn’t do it in the end. Why? I probably went to take a sht and forgot about it.
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This is a contender for best PB comment of the year, haha!
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 I don't know if he will make the night show, but man what an opportunity to try ! Good for him !!!
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 No chance after seeing him ride the kawi test track. Especially with how long it took him to get up to speed. Those kids in C practice will be up to speed and set their fastest laps within the first 15 min practice. Hes gunna have to start jumping stuff right out of the gate to get up to speed
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 @Motoracer31: Yes, he will need to get up to speed, but what an opportunity. There's no way I could ever think about doing this ! GOOD LUCK to BK
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 @Motoracer31: Watching the C practice at the first race of the season will make you swear off racing dirt bikes forever. It's a total yard sale typically and quite terrifying.
The problem with Supercross compared to what us amateurs do is there is little room for error and recovery at an AMA Supercross race. Come up short or overshoot and you are landing into the first 3' whoop with 20 more to go, or bouncing off a berm. It's really unforgiving from a timing perspective.
Following someone over an 80' triple, while scary, isn't that hard with lots of space, doing it in the confines of Angel's stadium is a whole other deal.
I sure wish Bernard luck, and more importantly, safety.
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 @SunsPSD: haha oh i know, ive watched many C practices in my life
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 I’ll watch this, it’s fantastic! If you’ve never ridden an SX track you can’t understand how hard what he’s trying to do is. Even if he gets up to a decent speed the kids in his class will decimate him on the starts. Go Team Kerr!
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 His first time on a supercross track... Have to say he picked that up pretty quick! Give him two more weeks and I bet he flows through it pretty damn good!
I’ve been to those test tracks plenty of times and I’ll tell ya, they’re gnarly.
And props to Mr. Booker dude too!! Gnarly mofo!
Good luck & give it some gas boys.-
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 I'm not a moto guy, and I know very little about MX, let alone SX.
Looking at these video I'm discovering a sport that's much more enjoyable to watch (IMHO) than euro-MX. I'm guessing why it's no such thing in EU.
Anyway: "Go Bernard, maybe you want make it to the main show but, at least, you're pushing boundaries not many pro athlete are daring to push (and have a blast in between)"
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 American MX/SX is much more similar to BMX racing or even downhill race, where the race is contained to a small area of track. Enduro MTB, much like Enduro Moto racing, isn't really spectator friendly in that regard.
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 McGrath needs to offer some 'whoop-de-doo' tips ASAP.
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 Absolutely massive respect for Bernard. This is an incredible challenge. ( like 95% not doable kinda challenge ) and I love every minute of these videos. It is great to see the nervousness , the approach, the process and the progress from start to finish. I still can't even comprehend trying to do this, but man I am routing for him. Its insane and amazing. Go on Bernard...
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 Sodosopa... Private balconies & views of historic Kenny's House. Sodosopa - Welcome Home.
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 I'll caveat this by saying that I am not the biggest Kerr fan due to some of my limited interactions with him at some WC races (complaining about conditions/course ect when everyone else seemed to be going about their business just fine)


What he is trying to do is extremely hard and should be a testament to how fast the top WC and SX guys are. Agreed that at this pace he won't get into the main, but us couch surfers are way slower than him. Just saying that it makes you appreciate how fast the top guys are going if Kerr is going to get dropped within a few laps. Sometimes it is hard to calibrate how fast they are since you are comparing them to the other top guys

I'll still be rooting for him comes A1 though
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 Go BK. Full support! I really hope he is able to race A1 and has a great race. It will be a nice slap in the face of all the neg-sayers.. These people are cancer. They are the ones shattering dreams from the comfort of their boring life. By trying Bernard is already a winner in my book. His progression is astonishing, he is smart and has lots of natural skills, I believe it will make us proud!!
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 Looks like you are improving, you should try to do a seat bump jump. Not a skill most mountain bikers are familiar with but it could be a helpful booster for your qualifying chances. Remember that racing is 90% psychological.
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 @pargolf8: You're kidding, right? John is the G.O.A.T. of Mountian biking. Were you even mountain biking when he was racing?
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 Sounds like he's luggin' it, never on the pipe like the other riders. Maybe race a couple local tracks to get some speed first...
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 I really enjoyed that!! It just shows how difficult and scary it is. The progression was amazing too. Well done and hope to see more.
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 In order to get a FIM Pro license you have to have an affiliate Pro license from a recognized sanctioned MX racing body. His downhill mountain bike license won’t cut it. It’s nice to dream and it’s certainly getting Kerr some attention right now but there is no way he’s going to make the night show at A1. You can’t just show up at a supercross with a bike and gear and try to qualify.
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 Gents / Ladies, is there an equivalent to Pinkbike but for Dirtbikes? Or Motorbikes in general?
I just haven't had any luck finding a website like pinkbike anywhere for Moto's.
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 Have you tried vital mx?
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 Wow, he does learn quick, but still looks quite a bit off from A1 qualifying form. Is he doing a mx or other race first to experience a start and racing on a packed track with other riders?
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 Bernard is a great guy and all; awesome mtb skills, but no way he will make it into the sx night show.
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 There is zero chance in hell your gonna make the night show Bernard but making a show for us is great so thank you. Goodluck mate
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 It's pretty awesome to watch people work through their fear and build confidence!
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 Good to see BK needing some bitch run-ins for once!
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 how dare you?
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 Ok Greta
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 @IntoTheEverflow: she made the most elaborated school avoidance scheme ever conceived. You have to respect that
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 Bernard Kerr has stolen my childhood
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 Damn that is no DHX2 not even Fox, my world is falling apart, not. Btw that is no E-bike it's an ICE-bike.
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 @Matt115lamb: Loved watching that ride !!!
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 Yeah, good luck with that one
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 E bikes have motors, motorcycles have engines.
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 An engine is a form of motor. That's why they're not called enginecycles.
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 @gibbon-on-an-orange: no.. but i will now
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 @gibbon-on-an-orange: A electric motor is not an engine but a engine can be a motor. I've had my balls busted by my mechanic buddies for using the terms incorrectly. No one says electric engine.
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 @MikeGruhler:exactly, thanks for clearing that up
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 @JimmyWeir: That's not how Ebikes, work, my dude.
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 Good Luck Bernard Enjoy, as we all surely are watching this! Thanks!
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 Here E-bike Lovers
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 That was epic! I didn't know they made E dirt bikes. I've only seen the big electric, super TT bikes, at the Isle of Man TT race....
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 Good on Bernard, for giving this a go!
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 Not even going to watch this boring AF
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 I suppose they are not E'bikes.
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 I love how people are neg propping this like “no, they are ebikes!”
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