Video: Claudio Caluori Chases Nino Schurter Through the Jumps of Chur Bike Park

Jun 21, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  
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bigquotesChasing Nino Schurter again on this third Blabla run of the day, still in the bike park of Nino's home town of Chur. He's not scared of jumping that XC bike, is he?!? Had to push the Kenevo quite well already on my first weekend to keep up with that guy in lycra. Next Blabla run onboard my brand new Enduro is already in the box and will follow soon!Claudio Caluori


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 Nino is better on XC bike than Brendog
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 I agree. Brendog is awesome but Nino is also awesome.
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 From what I've seen, nobody is better than Nino on a XC bike whether he's on a world cup race track, or riding in a bike park. In fact, I would think Nino's faster riding technical downhills on his XC Spark than most of us would be on a full enduro sled... Ride it like you stole it. Go Nino Go!
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 Interested how they'd compare actually. Both on the same frame, setup tweaked to their preferences etc. Nino has more experience on that frame and he probably is also quite familiar with this track. Brendog was happy with his bike within a single ride so once he's become more used to it, I can imagine him pinning and styling it just fine.
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 @vinay: Nobody from the DH world would even come close to keeping up with Nino on a Spark. Same goes for the women and Neff.
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flag deco1 (Jun 20, 2020 at 17:12) (Below Threshold)
 Did we just watch same video, guy looks like a spastic; legit pulls up on his clips and throws whips the same your local Jerry down at the local bike park. This is embarrassing for XC riders the world champ doesn’t even have the basic jumping technique down.

This video just summed up where Pinkbike is at the moment from a DH freeride site now an XC site filled with dorks.
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 @deco1: Those are pretty bold words about the world champ. Whatever hes doing, right or wrong is working really well for him.
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flag BiNARYBiKE (Jun 20, 2020 at 19:49) (Below Threshold)
 @deco1: can’t say I agree completely, but I liked the bold comment. If nothing else, looked awkward and like it would be more fun on a slacker bike with some more squish. No question the guy can ride though.
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 @deco1: well buddy, since you are mouthing off and use bold and derogatory language - it is time to show your goods! Get yourself an XC bike, go to the bikepark and make a video showing that you are the man, for us all to see. If you don‘t, well, we all know what you really are - a kid with a big mouth...
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flag deco1 (Jun 20, 2020 at 22:59) (Below Threshold)
 @Thirty3: Yeah the XC champ so I’ll give props where due he is the fittest and can climb better then anyone, that’s what XC is all about and it’s what we should appreciate about his riding, but compared to any average DH or enduro rider (not pro but your average local) he looks like a legit spastic on the bike and anyone who knows anything about MTB would agree with me.

There’s a reason why he only ever does small XC jumps, because with that piss poor technique he couldn’t possibly hit jumps of any size. At riding anything that’s any hard/technical or jumping he is a beginner and that’s just the truth and we can see the from this footage but this is ok because the sport or XC and the sport of DH are completely different.

And just looking at a quick comparison with his and Brendogs videos; Brendogs flatted both tyresfirst lap down riding with XC tyres. Nino just simply couldn’t ride like that (only a handful of people in the world can) so to even make comparisons like he is better then Brendog on any bike even just as a joke is just flat out insulting.
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flag deco1 (Jun 20, 2020 at 23:07) (Below Threshold)
 @Heidesandnorth: Bro what I’m saying is guys and XC rider and I massively respect his fitness and climbing ability; his an outstanding athlete. But he is undoubtedly is a beginner at more DH from what I have seen (even in saying this honestly never seen him ride anything other then XC as that flow trail with small jumps is in my opinion pretty XC) and anyone who knows anything about DH freeride and enduro would 100% agree with me.

Look your clearly an XC rider so why are you not appreciating his athleticism and climbing as that’s what your into right! otherwise you would ride DH or enduro?
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 @deco1: I'm with @Heidesandnorth dude. Let's see what you got. Wheres your rippy shredits with you boosting huge gaps and drops dripping with steeze??? As the kids say these days. "Anyone who knows anything would agree with me." Well perhaps @mikelevy could chime in since he knows a thing or two about a thing or two and has first hand experience getting schooled by Nino.
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 @deco1: you are underestimating Nino's overall skill.
Let's ask Nino to race any EWS rider, Nino gets home advantage but rides his Spark, the Ews rider has his choice of bike, all proceeds go to charities of their choice. Or maybe Phil Metz will take the challenge.
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 @Jimmcw: do you think he’d really have a shot on his Spark, on a proper set of Enduro stages, against the top EWS riders? I’m not seeing it.
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 @jclnv: Let's leave the verdict until they've actually tried. Brendog just got the bike and only just started tweaking it to his preferences. Nino has put some proper time in on that bike, on those trails. Heck, he most likely had a hand in designing that very bike. So yeah, why not just allow Brendan to get a fairly familiar with the bike and then see how they compare? I'm not going to say now who's going to do better. Just curious, but open to whatever happens. Nino still may have some home advantage but maybe make it a two-piece challenge. Both ride this descend on this XC bike. Both ride Brendogs Rampage line on a DH bike. That should kind of level it out.

A good while ago the two actually had a ride together, documented on video. But it was more on enduro-type bikes.
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 @deco1: when is the last time you did 7-8 meter jumps on a bike with a 69 degree head angle and a 100mm dropper? Let’s see that video and see if you look “spastic.” Nino would drop you in less than 10 seconds on a downhill.
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flag thustlewhumber (Jun 21, 2020 at 9:04) (Below Threshold)
 @deco1: Legit, but compared to most XC riders he has god-like bike skills, lol. I just wish you could turn off XC content like you can turn off e-bike content.
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 @deco1: have you seen a actual World Cup xc course? Like in real life? Those things are techy af. They just don’t show a lot of it on tv.
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 @Alexmdmtb: Agreed. Guy I know raced dh world champs masters in mont st anne. He also checked out the XC track and said it was gnarly. And so are the other world cup courses as well. How people can even think that Nino can't descend well is beyond me. Or maybe they're just children who don't know much.
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 @Bike078: And then think about how there are still a few who don’t ride droppers! I doubt that most of the people in this thread would have a good time trying to ride a World Cup xc course, especially more than once in a row.
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 @deco1: Seriously, put down the best XC rider ever, including PB content and anyone who pedals or likes XC riding and then call them all dorks? Wow, great idea. Not only that, but clearly, it sounds like you have never ridden an XC bike, as try riding a 100mm XC bike at the speed and jumps Nino was hitting and let's see how good your style is and if you even survive the ride. Not only is Nino hitting these jumps in a bike park with XC geometry and only 100mm of travel, but he is clipped in and doing tail-whips at full speed not even slowing down. I'm not sure anyone could ride a RC Spark as well or as fast as Nino on any technical uphill, downhill or flow jumps for that matter.

I've seen Nino on an enduro bike and he's actually pretty good. I'm a big fan of Brendog, but on a Spark, Nino is in a different leaque. Nino's bike is full on XC and Brendan's Spark was beefed up including the fork travel which would make a difference when riding downhill. Just because Brendog "flatted" his tires does not mean he can ride better than Nino, so wonder why you would say that? Maybe Brendan was using thinner sidewall XC tires, running too low of pressure for an XC tire (as he's used to running burlier enduro tires which can handle lower pressure) and he definitely weighs more than Nino. Being a freerider, Brendog is also probably much harder on bikes compared to Nino who is so naturally smooth, but again, this does not mean he is faster or better than Nino? Let's be serious, even if they were not on Nino's trails, Brendan would lose if they were both riding a Spark, and that's going uphill or downhill. However, I'm sure Brendog would win if they were both riding an enduro, DH, trials or Freeride bike.

When you mentioned to the other PB readers "athleticism and climbing as that’s what your into right! otherwise you would ride DH or enduro?" Looks like you missed the most important bike category, and it is called" TRAIL". Actually Trail riding is what most of us do, as we don't have shuttle service or only ride bike parks, and need to pedal to the top to have fun going down.
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flag deco1 (Jun 21, 2020 at 12:39) (Below Threshold)
 @Alexmdmtb: yeah I have and no there not, just plain and simple as that, beginners can easily get down them mate.
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flag deco1 (Jun 21, 2020 at 12:55) (Below Threshold)
 @RowdyAirTime: Firstly his trying to do moto whips not tail whips ????‍♂️ and you can’t even call them that as his clearly trying to through his back around minutely with his bum and pedals it what is called a bum whip and is what beginners do.

Secondly Brendog would obviously be better at riding anything downhill then Nino no matter what bike, it’s the riders ability not the bike you dumbshit. Your comment proves you know nothing about riding; him flatting proves he can obviously push the bike a lot harder and what are you saying about thicker sidewalls ????‍♂️. And I nearly punched the wall when you said smoother; f*cking Brendog is one of the most stylish riders out there and Nino is an XC charger who rides with clips and drives his bike.

Nino has raced one EWS, he came like 167th down with the amateurs even with his superior fitness and this when EWS was new an a lot lot lot less competitive; so point proven he sucks, but f*ck it I guess your just one of those 50 year old XC riders who is so self conscious about the discipline sucking and not being a big, impressive or flat out good that you will be so ignorant to the point I can’t even fathom how you can live in society.
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flag thenotoriousmic (Jun 21, 2020 at 13:14) (Below Threshold)
 @deco1: fair play for taking a stand dude. Standards have really slipped around here. XC of any kind simply wouldn’t have been tolerated five years ago. Nobody’s wants to see someone doing dad whips with their seat up and no knee pads. Somebody needs to find semenuk. Pinkbike needs him back Wink .
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 They do ride together with more respect than we even manage to share a website together.
Now that Brendan has the same frame, of course they'll ride those together too. Why wouldn't they?

As for Brendan not being smooth, I disagree. He grew up riding dirt jumps, he must have been doing loads of demos on tarmac pumptracks for Velosolutions. He seems more than smooth enough.
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 Nino got robbed !
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 @deco1: Suuuureeee, ever been to Mont Saint Anne? It’s pretty techy. I’m betting you’ve watched a few videos, but have never actually ridden a course. The videos/photos don’t do any course justice.
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 @deco1: I used to ride motoX for years, so my mistake not calling them as "moto whips".

I said earlier on this post and also said on Brendog's videos before, I am a big fan and think he is one of the most stylish riders out there, so wtf are you talking about? Just because Brendan blew out his tire, is heavier and harder on bikes than Nino does not mean he is faster and he even said he hit a rock when he landed. On any type of bike (trail, enduro, DH) I'm sure Brendog would be faster than Nino, without question. However, Nino is probably easily the best downhiller on the XC world cup and knows the Spark like it was part of him, so cannot see how you can easily say Brendan would be faster going downhill on Nino's Spark RC?

Needless to say, I will not waste my time anymore with someone who just reacts and uses anger and unrespectful name calling to deal with anything in life...
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 @RowdyAirTime: I agree. Should probably stop arguing with this person. I’d like to knock some sense into him/her though.
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 @deco1: there are actually two videos of Nino and Brendog riding TOGETHER! One of them is Finale Ligure. Finale Ligure is known wide and far as the hardest and most technical enduro race there is. Watching the video you can see that Nino is every bit as capable of riding tech and chunk as Brendog. But you said hes a beginner in the tech. Who are we supposed to believe?? An actual in the flesh video or some dude on PB? In the other video hes hitting all the same jumps Brendan is (no, they're not huge) but he's hitting them with the same authority and styling them out every bit as well as Brendog. Brendog even says, and I quote, "obvously there's the famous Nino whip, that's giving me a run for my money." Is he beginner level there? Clearly not. Dig a little deeper and you'll see that Nino raced an EWS at finale. He had a mechanical and received a 6 minute time penalty related to that mechanical and as such his result was pretty poor. But, if you compare individual stage times you'll see that Nino was strait up GAPPING many legends of enduro and downhill, including Peat, Bryceland, Gracia, Mark Scott, Yoann Barelli, Joe Barnes, Keene etc. (Riders that put gaps into brendog btw). Clearly a top notch technical rider. Now who's insulting who?

I'm not saying Nino could ride rampage or fest series with Brendan. (But who knows, his fundamentals are there). But EWS 100%. WCDH, probably considering many argue that DH has become muted and benign compared to enduro (a different argument for a differnt time). Hardline. . . Maybe, maybe not. Also, am I saying that Brendog could ride Olympic xc? Absolutely not. Short track xc. Absolutely not. Enduro racing, yeah, he's competed in a few but never had (or posted) much of a result. Different horses for different courses. Obviously Nino is gonna be better at xc racing because that's mainly what he focuses on, but to call him beginner at other aspects of bike handling is "insulting" as you put it.

And get over the "spastic" shizz man, its ignorant, uninformed and bigoted. A derogatory insult to people with Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Dystrophy every bit as disgusting as calling a FAS or Downs child a Retard. Educate yourself and quit spouting BS in the comment section.
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flag deco1 (Jun 22, 2020 at 0:15) (Below Threshold)
 @Trudeez: Bro you are legit f*cking deluded, you need some help.
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 @deco1: Ha! That's the best you got?! Killer argument man you've totally proven your point.
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flag deco1 (Jun 22, 2020 at 1:06) (Below Threshold)
 @Trudeez: Please tell me what are you basing him being able to ride DH world cups on; I hope it’s not him hitting some 10-15 foot jumps with bad technique, I can tell you right now with his jumping style of pulling up on his clips he couldn’t possibly hit any bigger jumps then start; you can already clearly see from this video that his nosing the front end in due to this, anything bigger and he will be ejected straight out the front. And what’s this about his technical ability, not one video of him show him riding anything other then XC trail or maybe light/easy enduro.

FYI my argument and all my points have been backed up by evidence/facts and knowing correct technique, all you and your XC loving buddies have said is Nino could ride DH world cups which is clearly just complete shit and myth as his never tried due to him I would assuming knowing he can’t even get down a track let alone race.
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 @deco1: somehow your adolescent need to use insults strikes me as the typical behavior of an insecure teenager. Your arguments, if they exist, will carry more weight if you jumped off the „I‘m-a-tough-as-nails-white-suburb-teenage-gansta-dude“ train and communicated like a semi-educated human being.
Give decency a try, it might work even for you!
And last, but not least: using extremely insulting terms like „spastic“ to describe something you do not appreciate shows that you are not able to reflect about the people and their value as humans overall. Quite offensive, quite despicable, quite cheap...
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flag deco1 (Jun 22, 2020 at 4:42) (Below Threshold)
 @Heidesandnorth: First off Its a conversation about MTB on a bike site ????‍♂️ nothing more then that mate. Secondly in this whole discussion of reply’s between the XC loving community and myself I’m am literally the only one who has put together a semi coherent argument of evidence yet your calling me semi-educated and making biased generalisation about my race and and age which are incorrect.

All the argument anyone has put forward for Nino’s ability in the gravity side of the sport is essentially because I think he’s good and can. So please when your that uninformed about MTB don’t get on your high horse.
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 @deco1: Nah, I'm not necessarily XC loving or everything-but-XC loving. I just like mtb, bmx, trials and whatever embraces skill and fun. We can talk all we want, Brendog only just received the bike Nino has been racing for a good while and which he probably had part in developing. Allow him some time to get used to it and if they even care, they might throw down a mellow DH race on whatever is suitable for that bike. No need to discuss the result until it has actually happened. I think style will always be different simply because Nino probably has developed the muscle memory that there is this no fly zone above the seattube whereas Brendan is confident in using all that space. I personally always leave my saddle low and tend to use all the room I've got even on mellow trails. And people who ride the same stuff with their saddle higher survive just fine too, just using a different style.

As for Nino pulling on the cleats, I trust nearly all top level racers (XC, BMX race, all those who race DH in clips etc) get along well on platforms too. I agree I have no sources whatsoever, I just find it hard to believe that a rider as good (yeah, I think he's good) as Nino wouldn't be able to use proper platform riding technique. Or heck, why not. Let both of them race that XC bike down that line, both riding platforms. If Nino weren't already comfortable riding platforms, he'll learn it real quick and it shouldn't hurt one bit to add it to his abilities.

I like your Corona time social distancing game of trying to guess age, skin color without ever have seen each other. Love that. Add shoe size, vegan/carnivore, car brand, wheelsize, sexuality, left/right/no handed and minimum time to install a tubeless tire (with Cush Core) to the list, just to keep yourself entertained.
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 @vinay: I agree, Nino has used flats before, there are a few videos of him playing around on his DJ bike.
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 «Wart'schnäll» lol
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 Nino is bananas. It’s great to watch him shred his XC bike
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 Love Claudio's cheesy acting. A career in porn awaits: ' I've come to fix your fridge... Woah, holy moly.... '
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 @deco1: as you have proven in all your comments you are a truly nice dude, chilled like all Canadians, even as cool as the dudes from down under and you have shown us that you are a true master of riding DH. Ok we got it.
It is always nice to start a controversay and to stand up for something. I also raced Dh for years and did stuff no one thought were possible to do at the time when I was a bit younger, but I had always respect for others and their riding. Ignorance does not show how brave you are or how hard you can ride. Your ignorance just shows that our sport has grown too far, as back in the days we were all one huge family, sharing good vibes was the norm, not to insult others. I have had the luck to work with some of the most chilled riders out there such as Chainsaw, Gracia, Brendog, Polcster, Nino and Kelly McGerry and many others, non of them would appriciate your one sided mindset. You will also find your master, or how does it come that I haven't seen your face all over this site. Is it because PB is a hidden place for XC racers and they simply ignore your bold style? Is it because you would put your tail between your legs and run if they would challenge you?
Well we do not know a damn thing about you and how a dude that rides a bike can turn out to be such a dick. But hey at least we have something in common, we ride bikes and this is what this community is all about. No one needs your negative hate comments. Go home and ask your mum for a hug, this might chill you a bit.

Your favourite vid is also not the biggest shreddit, which I would have expected from such a loud mouth... how does it come that you like a mild enduro or how you would call it XC vid???

I guess we all had to much time off the bikes and that this COVID crisis may have caused some mental tension for some of us. My advise, start riding before you start commenting.
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 Nino is a minor deity.
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 Nice! Higher bitrate though plz.
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 New Followcam challenge for Nate Hills???
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 I'd love to see that mashup!
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flag digitalsoul (Jun 20, 2020 at 16:32) (Below Threshold)
 I would love to see Nino do half the stuff Nate does in Sedona. But like most XC riders he'd be walking down anything technical.
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 @digitalsoul: I’m guessing no one you know could keep up with Nino Schurter on any bike.
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 Yeah chasing him on a Euro ebike was prolly not the best idea. He looked like he was well aware that all he had to do was keep it above 16mph, and Claudio would be pedaling around a 55lbs boat anchor. You could see NIno pounding the piss outta his pedals keeping his speed up. Dude needs to consider doing Enduro when he's done with XC. Heck, I'd like to see him enter some EWS races now
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 It was nice to see Nino ride without all the marketing garbage of his competitive attire. Also, having fun on his XC bike but, you can see the limitations of the bike in how he handles it over the jumps. Put him on an EnduroBro sled and let him Shred.
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 When this guy decides to do Enduro or Downhill, GG
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flag cebolla (Jun 20, 2020 at 6:11) (Below Threshold)
 He did, not so well btw.
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flag gunnyhoney (Jun 21, 2020 at 5:51) (Below Threshold)
 @cparrett89: That's awesome to see those results. Goes to show that most people on here way too xc nerdy to realize how different dh/enduro are compared to xc racing. @deco1 is completely right above. Nino may be way faster than all of us in most regards but he has a pretty ugly style when it comes to jumping for sure. Give the man a dh bike and flats and he looks worse garunteed
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 If you look at some of the stage times he is top 15, but for some reason he has a lot of penaltys...
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 @gunnyhoney: For some reason now I’m invested in this. Nino got 6 min in penalties (no clue what for) take away those penalties and he gets 41st. Seconds behind Josh Bryceland and Yoann Barelli. No he did not dominate, but to just show up at an EWS and hang with the top 40 is impressive.
If you think you could hang with Nino on the downhills you need a reality check.
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 @gunnyhoney: For whatever reason people suck at nuance. Nino is way faster than almost everyone down a hill. He's still way slower than the fastest guys in the world down a hill. Both these things can be true. But somehow in order to give respect to Nino's technical skills people feel the need to disrespect the best gravity riders.
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 @cparrett89: Way slower? He went 15-55-19-9-94 in terms of stage placing at an EWS race. Three top 20 stage results. There are plenty of enduro "pros" who have never had anything remotely comparable results to him. He beat Cedric Gracia, Steve Peat, Joe Barnes, Greg Callahan, Yoan Barrelli, Josh Bryceland and others on multiple stages.
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 You also gotta wonder if there wasn’t some self preservation at play as well. His sponsors pay him handsomely to win World Cups, not EWS.
  • 2 0
 @LeDuke: Yes, that's amazing, and none of that indicates that he'd be able to be competitive enough to win an EWS or get on the podium, especially when the level at the EWS seems to have moved up since then.

I really don't get's possible to both think that Nino is incredible and recognize that he can't beat the very best specialists in a totally different discipline.
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 @cparrett89: the level of EWS riding has certainly gotten way, way rowdier. There's also nothing to indicate that Nino has also not gotten better. Of course, expecting him to win one right away against the specialist riders is silly, just like expecting Richie Rude to win an XC worlds is silly. However, the fact that he raced and was putting serious time into the best in the sport (at the time 2013) cant go unnoticed. Its reasonable to think that given a certain amount of time to train he could definitely be a top ten guy.
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 @cparrett89: You're right. I think he would do pretty well if he focused on it, maybe even enough to be a mid pack pro, but not an EWS champ.

However, I also still think he is rad af.
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 @RobbieBrighton: definitely a rad rider. Crazy skill no doubt.
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 @Trudeez: Nino has probably gotten a bit better, but he was already in his prime then and I don't think his improvement would track with the development of a sport that was pretty new back in 2013. Anyway my personal guess would be top 30 or perhaps just inside the top 20 would be the limit for a guy like Nino, but that's just a guess and I generally agree with you.
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 @kyle1812: No I completely admit that there is no way I'd be able to hang with nino on any course. And yeah I bet if he trained for enduro solely and raced he'd probably do better than top 40. All I mean is a lot of people seem to think this run on video here was some sort of dh prowess out of a xc racer and that obviously isn't the case.
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 @cparrett89: I definitely didn't mean to disrespect nino or any pro riders as I understand i'll never be as good. But I agree he just looks awkward on jumps doing a whip. Maybe I should have said that lol
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 Doing whips on a long stem with narrowish bars is probably always going to look awkward. Most of us would probably wreck trying that on a similar setup. Then again, Barelli was getting rad at Whistler on a gravel bike.
  • 1 0
 @cparrett89: I'm not saying that he's capable of being the very best. I'm simply objecting to the statement that "he's still way slower than the fastest guys in the world down a hill", when clearly, he is not, as he is in fact capable of being faster than many of them, as the results from his only EWS appearance demonstrate.
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 Nino Schurter: a love jump!
Victor Koretzky: Hold my beer nino
  • 2 0
 Wow, didn't know Victor is such a great dirt jumper. Next John Tomac! Wink
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 @martin737: unfortunately pinkbike pays attention only to nino
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 I’m confused. Nino rides Scott. Claudio has been with Scott as far as I can remember. He’s been riding that stumpjumper Ebike thing. I thought cause maybe Scott doesn’t quite have a bike like that. But now heS waiting on his Enduro? What did I miss?
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 Yep, looks like Claudio has changed sponsors.

(Scott would have E-Fullies available AFAIR)
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 @FloImSchnee: Was Claudio even sponsored? He used to be team manager for the Scott DH team but they quit the team so he doesn't have any formal links to Scott anymore, as far as I know.
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 @vinay: I'd be surprised if he didn't get his bikes for free, with all the media coverage he gets.

But true, probably not a "sponsorship" in the narrower sense.
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 Every self shot of Nino, his bald head alone. But when he's hammering, the go pro is sticking up ..... so what, does Nino have a mount embedded to his scalp, or what's the trick?
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 Wouldn't he have one of these 360deg cameras which allow him to adjust the viewing angle afterwards?
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 This is when you know the course ,but still if Nino changes from XC to Enduro or DH the rainbow stripes are awared
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 I know it isn't going to fit his race schedule and could hinder his career, but man I'd love to seen nino race a WC DH track. 1 time for the fans?!
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 So fun to watch these videos of Nino shredding on a short travel bike. I know wayyy to many people riding bikes that are honestly just insanely excessive for how they ride and the terrain they are on.
  • 2 0
 anton sintsov downhill XC bike in livigno
  • 1 0
 I like Claudio. Miss his track previews but understand why he stopped doing them.
  • 1 0
 Awesome, old guy here eating popcorn, reading the youing idiots spew their diatribes in their verbal dance off.
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 That was insane. Nino is a god.
  • 2 0
 Chur bro
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 Claudio can barely hang with Nino! Crazy.
  • 2 2
 It's 2020; Why are we still watching pixels?!
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 wtf is brendog? can somebody help me please?
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 Brendan Fairclough. Scott rider. His nickname is Brendog. I think that is what you are referring too.
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