Video: Exploring Motherhood & Mountain Biking in 'Kelly'

Feb 11, 2024
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesKelly-Jayne Collinge has been riding off road since 2015, and in that time, has been nothing but a positive force for inclusion, equity, and opportunities. She’s the first person to say yes and, more importantly, the first person to say “no, that isn’t right”. The adventures she undertakes have left everyone breathless and more than a little envious, but those come her way purely by her being one of the most hard-working, genuine, and authentic people you’re likely to meet.

In 2020, when she became pregnant with her son Atlas, the anxiety of impending motherhood weighed heavily. This wasn’t helped by the desertion of brands and relationships that she had worked earnestly to cultivate. Ambassadors exist to promote their brands, but brands also need to champion their people. In this regard, some more-than fumbled. Some of her sponsors showed their true colours by treating pregnancy as an illness instead of leaning into the miraculous and life-changing wonder that it is.

Her embrace of motherhood combined with her pre-existing love of cycling has grown in parallel with Atlas. As he’s become more mobile, the adventures have become even longer-legged, including multiple bike-packing overnighters and shotgun-seat pump track visits. Kelly highlights that the information for new female cyclists is severely lacking; let alone pregnant ones or new mothers. The relatively recent creation of accessible routes and women-only riding groups has been a huge boon and certainly helped Kelly step into her new chapter of life with renewed confidence, or at least a little less trepidation.

A movie by Liam Iggins. Produced by Cotic Bikes. Supported by komoot and Velocio.

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 Positive comment
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 Rachel Atherton :hold my beer
  • 33 1
 That is some good word soup right there.
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 Intro cringe!
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 Doesn't anyone screen these at PB before positing? What a load of rubbish!
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flag ceecee (Feb 11, 2024 at 13:08) (Below Threshold)
 @likeittacky: cringe comment--you'd prefer she was out there encouraging vicious autocrats to rape her allies? The original incel was also a woman. Give her some credit and get stuffed, animal!
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 @ceecee: Now that was the kind of comment that was written by a very aggressive AI. Wow
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 @ceecee: let me guess, you have blue hair?
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flag ceecee (Feb 12, 2024 at 10:25) (Below Threshold)
 @BradC56: let me guess, your mother is filled with regret
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 Almost every single person ( know that is a female and mtn bikes is a Mother of 1 or 2 children. Never really considered it be be something unique as everyone does it. Maybe it's different overseas.
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flag tremeer023 (Feb 12, 2024 at 0:44) (Below Threshold)
 Not here - I'm as confused as you are. It's as if the only purpose behind the video is to promote woke ideology.
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 If the women you know and mtn bike are all mothers, how many used to mtn bike and don't anymore and therefore you don't know them? I honestly have no idea but its certainly some, definitely not all, and maybe more than we think.
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 Maybe you should ask them about what this video discussed - you may be surprised what they say.
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 @tremeer023: perhaps you should go ask a woman
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 Don’t let AI write your articles!
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 Sounds to me like she’s confusing her own self confidence with equity in mountain biking. Regardless, I’m pleased she’s found the sport.
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 Moms are the future...think about it.
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 @thomasjkenney1024: moms are also the past… think about it.
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 It's funny how any media about badass women brings spineless D-bags out in troves ... It's almost like they're threatened

Anyways, I love seeing this stuff way more than 3 minute "shreddits" of someone doing whips over the same 4 jumps.
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 Thank you Kelly. Us women get really bogged down with the thoughts of motherhood & riding before we even have a kid. It's so hard to blend daily life and riding, now I have to add in a human and feel the guilt of wanting to do something for myself. It's overwhelming. The shame that women continue to get for just doing something borderline dangerous when you are a mother is also atrocious, it grows in your own head that you shouldn't be doing something --when it is not the case at all. Not only when you are actively pregnant but when you are no longer pregnant. I think for anyone who rides as hard as you do (as many women do including myself) just going on a flat "lame" trail just doesn't seem appealing at all, but shifting the focus to just getting out there vs hitting something as hard as you can can really really reallllllllly help. To me having to pause how I want to ride is just as hard of a hurdle as actually packing up to ride. I think that is what I am coming to terms with. It is going to be a battle but worth all the hurdles we have to get through mentally, physically, emotionally. Thank you girl, and thanks @edspratt for the article.
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 voicemail voice is hard to listen to
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 Agreed, and closed captions should have been added whether or not they could process the vocals to make them cleaner.
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 Awesome video and article. I’m a father of two daughters and would love for this sport to become more inclusive.
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 i have 3 kids . i stopped riding for a long time because i literally had no time to as a provider and a father i was under no illusions that that wasn't to be the case . I had no idea there was a support network for just us a men so I could drop everything and go riding { sarcasm }. with parenting male or female comes responsibilities , you cant just do what you want but its your choice being a parent and making sacrifices comes with that .
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 It is not a competition, it's called compassion, because everyone's experiences is different --it is about recognizing that we are all human and life is hard. You chose to step away from you bike, many do, I get it ---this is supposed to say you are not alone in the mixed up feelings that come with it and no one blames anyone for any choice ---but you are not alone.
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 Thanks for sharing your story! You would think in this day and age brands would see the benefit of supporting new moms as they grow with the sport, seems like a wasted opportunity not to??

Thanks again, nice refreshing content compared to the overwhelming amount of shreddits on the site these days. Nice to see some real life stuff that those who have young ones and families can relate to.
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 Don't take the downvotes to heart, pinkbike is notorious for downvotes on any women content. How friendly a community ***eye roll***
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 @hilkave: I believe the downvotes come from the very poor quality of the content. If you read the article and watch the clip it seems this all came from the content creation machinery- no human brains involved here. I do wonder if Kelly-Jayne Collinge is a real person.
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 @chrsei: I highly suggest visiting any other article that is focused primarily on a female and visit the comments. It is a warzone on women every time. Also you wonder if she is a real human ***oooooof***
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 Atlas though? Seriously?
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 The weight of the world is on his shoulders.
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 @barp: His future is already mapped out.
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 What's the problem? I was actually considering naming my potential son this, had she not turned out to be a female (Aurora).
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 I'd definitely pick a woman with a steel bike if I had the chance to chose the mother of my children Smile
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 Ha ha. This is about 8 years too late. No one is buying this BS anymore. You ride a bike like the rest of us. Great. You are a driver for Inclusion....equality....... NOOOO. SO SICK of that $H!T.
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 You got that wrong, she is riding for EQUITY (!) - totally in time, everyone is working for his own pockets.
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 Whoa with the woke. Had to flip this off; too much all the time.
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 That bike looks SICK.
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