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Video: Canada"u Gets Gnarly

Jun 30, 2014 at 12:13
by Da"u Corporate  
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On the way to Whistler, we've been told to stop by this rad trail, made by great riders for huge riders! However the worst thing on our trip was to only have 2 hours to discover and ride these lines... which were maybe the best lines we've ever rode anywhere in the world... We don't need to talk too much about it, but you can be sure that we'll be back to enjoy the entire track pretty soon!

These shapers and their awesome work!
VIDEOGRAPHER OVedit Valentin Birant

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Stay tuned for more episodes.

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 I'm a trail builder and I fully think the riders are in the right here. If these guys found this trail on their own and it's not on private property (and built with landowner permission) you have no right to bitch and moan. You sound like whiny ass 5 year olds that built a sand castle in the playground and then got pissed when the other kids stepped on it.

Building a trail does not make it 'yours' unless you actually own the land you built it on, or someone does and they gave you permission. Even then it's really theirs and they just got themselves some free landscaping. If you want to build what you think are secret trails on crown land or whatever these are on, go right ahead but don't expect them to go unridden, unless you hide them really well, which obviously you didn't. Even if you do think you hid them really well, if someone finds them it doesn't make them an a*shole, it makes you shitty at hiding trails.

Self righteous builders with a god complex piss me off. If you think you have a right to build it then you're a hipocrite if you don't think others have the right to ride it.
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 EXACTLY @tinfoil, I mean please correct me if I am wrong but trails are there to be ridden right??! and if they want nobody to ride their own trails how about they buy some land, fence it off and then nobody will ride them, otherwise those riders have 100% rights to go ahead and ride those trails.
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 It's actually even easier...
When you meet one of the shaper up there in Sun Peaks who recommends you to get on that track and gives you the indications.. You're kind of welcomed to ride there, aren't you?
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 So luckynugget go after your friend apparently he give a hint !
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 There's no indication of where the trail is as far as I can see, so what's the problem with someone filming them? Damaging them is a different matter, but I'm not sure I see much of that either. I've put a lot of time into a few local trails, and one thing I've realised is that sometimes builders love a little bit of drama, or more often their friends do.
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 2350 people view the secret trail we are all coming tomorrow we charter few A380. Please be prepare
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flag luckynugget (Jun 30, 2014 at 20:03) (Below Threshold)
 I have a hard time believing you have put as much time into trails if you can't see the damage these guys are doing. It doesn't help that the trend in edits right now is to literately roost and tear up as much trail as possible.
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 My thoughts here are than luckynugget wanted to film that trail for a post too, but these guys poached that from him. He has a film gig by the looks of his page. Film your edit with some actual good biking on this trail, showcase what it actually is.
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 Loam the problem happens when the builders want to film the work they have done. Then they log on pinkbike and see some randoms have not only poached the lines they have been working very hard on, but put together a rushed edit of it and stuck it on pinkbike before the trail is even 100% done. If you didn't dig it or were not invited to film keep your camera's in you dang truck.
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 Strangely enough it doesn't bother me in the slightest what you may believe or not luckynugget. Maybe I'm wrong about the damage to the trail, I watched the edit twice and didn't see anything outside of normal usage. I could be wrong though, and if that's the case like it is in about 90% of generic roosting cutty brostep boring edits at the moment you have a point. My reason for posting at all is to suggest that filming a secret trail, that is still secret as far as I know, or at least the location hasn't been disclosed by this edit, isn't worthy of the holier than thou criticism it's recieving.
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 @paulinator I have no use filming a trail I've already filmed, with permission. If I hadn't though, and did work on something with the intent to film it, and other people come and film it first, can you please explain how that puts me in the wrong?
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 Sounds like the locals need to learn how to keep schtum on these "secret" trails, rather than slagging tourists.
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 I find it funny because this trail is a few years old and has been filmed before and these guys only filmed about 5 jumps which isn't even half of it... It is an amazingly built trail though but I just think when you build trails you should in some way or another expect people to ride it and film it. And if you want to be the first person to film it don't wait a couple years...
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 well the stuff that i was talking about hasnt been filmed yet well till now i guess. whatever im over it the point is put some effort in to find the guys that make the trails before you film they might have other plans for it all.
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 correct me if im wrong but these are all the small hits on gnarcroft rite? i have a small understanding of where it is . i live in ab and i have buddy sin bc who deffinately dont knw the guys who built the trails out there and they know where it is . unless this trail look surprisingly similiar to it , it honestly not that secret , consent or not i dont see the problem with filming a trail that has already been filmed
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 This trail is super easy to find its not actually that big of a secret this is Gnarcroft it has been filmed in dozens of edits. My buddies did basically the exact same trip as this CANADA U did but we did ours like a month ago and we hit gnarcroft too its super easy like right at the side of the road easy.
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 @luckynugget Your not in the wrong, just trying to figure out why it was bothering you so much. And I think I nailed it. You should post a better edit of that trail on here, something with a little less sketchy riding like the featured video.
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 Anyone who has lived in Sun Peaks, or Kamloops and owns, or has owned an mtb knows where this trail is. Meet pretty much any local on the lift and they will point you straight to it- probably join in on the fun and ride it with you to. I personally enjoy the edits this group of riders are doing. It's nice to see some regular joes out there having fun. As much as I love sick whips and cruise blasting berms variety is the spice of life. Canada U, Great work- keep it up!
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 I agree completely. These guys are out shredding and doing a good job. The videos give the feeling of a lifetime road trip and that's exactly what they are trying to capture. Bunch of average Joes just like 99% of us (although most won't admit) out having a great time. Don't get pissed because they filmed the smaller hits on a trail filmed by every kid in kamloops and kelowna. They didn't just stumble upon the trail, someone directed them there.
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 Phill? is that you?
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 Are there contact details pinned to a tree? How would one know a private trail from a public one, unless it is private land that is? I would agree though that if you ride a trail you should always turn up with a shovel and help maintain. And for the heros, most of us are mediocre riders.
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 Hell most builders like me are mediocre riders! If you had to spend time hunting down a trail, instead of finding it on a map, thats when you know you should be asking permission.
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 That doesn't answer the question of how they were supposed to contact you. You should have a sign or something. Also, what difference does it make whether they film or not. They didn't reveal the location so i don't think there is a problem with that. As far the BMX thing, its a completely different community. It goes against everything mtb to get angry at these guys for having fun riding their bikes and sharing it with everyone. The only thing that you might have any reason to be concerned about is trail damage but the trails are so hard packed that i dont think there would have been much if any.
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flag luckynugget (Jun 30, 2014 at 20:41) (Below Threshold)
 I'm plenty happy they had fun. I'm happy they got to share it with everyone. But if you can't get permission, simply do not film it until you can figure out who built it and get in contact. Putting up your personal information on a sign at a trail would be a great way to land yourself legal troubles.
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 am I the only one that thinks the riding of these dudes is not that sick!?
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flag fade-to-black (Jun 30, 2014 at 21:38) (Below Threshold)
 there is a whole bunch of whistler locals who shred much harder than them, why do they get a whole series and support?
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 Maybe they asked?
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 because they put the effort in it to produce it?! and they did it in the past with scandinavia. so i'm fine with that they aren't the hardest shredders.
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flag wuzupjosh (Jul 1, 2014 at 2:37) (Below Threshold)
 ill take theyre place , no offence but they cant whip for shit
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 Who cares how they ride. At least there out there having fun traveling and enjoying life. Maybe when you guys get past the age of 17 and move out of Mom and Dad's house you will get some life experience.
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 If you're going to do a whole series or just planning a long road trip, it isn't wise to go too hardcore for an injury would put a huge damper on your arrangements.
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 Y'all are a bunch of negative nancies filling up the jelly jar haha
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 well the thing is, I really like what they do, that they shred but the whole production is so big n good that I expected more, I mean the filming is really good and they are sponsored and everything but from my point of view there is no style at all and they are not even crazy fast downhill shredders...
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 ^this guys knows it all ^ your spot on
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 Stop being dicks about the trails! They didnt damage them and if they would i think that them fix it aswell! Why be so owning about everything! Enjoy the fact that These guys enjoyed your trail! That means that you who built the trail did a hell of bad ass good job for the riding society !?! Something to be proud of.

Except that this trail has been on video before..
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 Its bad enough that people in today's (as well as past) society feel they have the right to own material items, feel they have the right to own homes, land, cars etc. News flash you don't own shit. Nature will out own all of us, and this is nature. We are a mere blip in the radar, we do not exist really if you think about it in the grand scheme of things. Now this is an entirely new one to own something that is not yours to begin with. Public land? Private land? Squatters rights? It is land. If you build it...they will come, so be prepared to share.
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 Dont get all philosophical this early in the week...
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 Every one of the video's in this series just makes me want to get outside with my mates and play on the trails. You guys do a really good job capturing just how fun this sport is. Keep 'em coming!
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 Does anyone else notice that this trail is in aggys segment of strength in numbers, it's not like hundreds of thousands of people haven't seen this track already
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 yah its called "gnarcroft" brad built it for Aggy and Matt Miles
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 That was the best episode! Such a nice atmosphere. This trail is amazing and you showed us how its like to ride it when you're not Aggy. How much where the bigger balls in the supermarket? Smile
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 Cheers! Didn't find any supermarket selling some ..yet! Keep in touch haha Wink
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 think you don't need to buy them any more... they grew a bit Razz keep it up!
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 Share the trails ya babies! Waaa waaaa waaa!! Fuk u don't own shit.
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 It's like finding a bag of cash that someone tried to hide from the taxman and u found it. U expect someone to track u down and give you a call? Hey and then call the taxman at the same time?

Hey what if one of those filmers had an accident on your trail? They suppose to call u up and sue your ass? Maybe call the landowners to help find who built the trails and then sue them?
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 Good point. You want all rights to the trail? You collect responsibility then, lol.
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 No Trespassing, no problem. If the builders wanted to keep this trail a secret the entrance would not be visible. I don't think the builders have any problem with this trail being used for video or at least most of them wouldn't.
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 WOW! Lucky us! Let's see. What did all you sick, send-it, hucksters do before internet and gopro?

Oh, uh not sure I would preclude. I was around way back then and the answer is?

We rode, we dug trail, AND we wished we had a way to share our passion with the rest of the world so they could know what we feel and experience in the freedom of riding.

NOW there is a way and now there is the "whine" to go with all the great cheese. Be glad there is still trail to ride. UNlike down here in SO-Cal (SAND DAG) where the govt or inverstors or city has down major land grabs. Be glad to ride, Be glad that builders are still building trail in this shrinking world, Take care of each others trails, smile, share and ride, jump often drink good swill and repeat. Time is short!!!


DIrt CHurner (San Diego)
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 I love the frank translation. 'or simply bigger than our balls' hah! nice!
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 Really been enjoying this series. Quality stuff.
  • 3 2
 Best one of the series. Really good stuff.
Oh, and guys, by the way, if you find the store that sells steel balls, let me know where.
May need some extra for next week-end Smile
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 stop arguing, I saw a video shot on this trail about a month ago. It's already been done
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 im really diggin that intro beat
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 If you know it's an "secret" trail, you had better be damn sure it's ok with the main trail builder to be filming. Way too much work and effort put into this and other trails to risk trail poaching or closure.
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 Exactly what Lucky nugget is saying
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 i hate dicks that bitch about others using, and not destroing their trails, SHARING IS CARING!
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 Localism is a thing in mountain biking too
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 2.36 fucking gays
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 stole the song from where the trail ends
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 nar croft... fucking sick
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 I think one of those trails you stumbled upon was gnarcroft...
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 looks like it to me.
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