Video: Steve Vanderhoek Takes Remy Metailler & Yoann Barelli Down the Monster 'Spice Fly' Line

Apr 5, 2022 at 7:02
by Yoann Barelli  

Here we are for Episode 4 of Into The Gnar Progression Team, and what a blast of a day that was !!

Steve is known for riding the gnarliest lines. Big exposure, high consequences, precision, technical, are a few words that come to my mind when I think of the things I’ve ridden with him so far, and this line definitely ticks all the boxes!

Join Steve, Remy and I for this new episode of Into The Gnar on Spicy Fly. Since we filmed this, our brains have been non stop thinking about some new and old stuff. What’s coming is going to be gnarly and beautiful!!

Video by @toevs
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 A lot of what Yoann does now is vids with a lot of POV. For the love of Christ, can someone get him a modern camera with high quality motion stabilization?!?!
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 Remy, help a buddy out!
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 I actually bought this gopro from Remy last year, I call for sabotage hahahaha !!!
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 In this video it looks like the low light is responsible for the mediocre stabilization... North Shore forests are dark and as a result hard to film stable POV. Same trail in the summer would look a lot better, I bet. That said, there could be a way to throw some money at it and make the footage better.
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 @yoannbarelli: make sure to clean out all the baguette crumbs first
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 @krustykarlos: honestly, imo the best camera is the sony fdr-x3000. the formfactor may not quite be as good as the gopro, but in terms of video quality and stabilization its outstanding. optical stabilizer FTW even in dark environment.
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 One of the main aspects why these videos are my absolute favorite is not only the riding skills but also the buddy-vibes between these guys! So fun to watch. It feels like watching some friends holiday video diaries :-D
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 Wouldn't slide down that on my butt.
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 I always wonder who else rides stuff like this...I sometimes look at TF after Yoann´s or Remy´s videos to see the ridelogs at some of those double blacks and it looks like people ride them like as they were some easy trails...Smile
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 People just walk it along the bike Smile Or maybe some local hardcore riders who do not need to put everything on YT just ride it like we ride single black diamond trails Smile
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 More bro hugs than Remy is comfortable with lol , Although we all could use a friend like Yoann to express such of joy of life this day and age.
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 I think its awesome how all the guys are scared, study it and fire it up, then Remy drops last and always adds more flare than anyone...guy is just amazing on a bike.
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 While Remys skills are not to be questioned, I enjoyed the first vid from Steve the most.
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 Contrast in mindset; Remy clears his tires of mud, Yoann's tires look like road slicks.

All 3 of you kick ass, great vid!!!
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 Ya, definitely shows the different approaches and personalities. FWIW, Remy's first line was the cleanest. He is so precise.
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 ace! thanks guys, started the day with a huge smile!
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 IMO Yoann's channel is the best bike related youtube channel out there. Most are trash. Love to watch these guys construct/discuss/ride all these great features.
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 I love the way Yoann is always happy when doing stuff at the absolute limits of what's possible and survivable on a bike. Kind of reminds me of Valentino Rossi, who treated doing the same kind of thing at absurd speeds on a bike as goofing around.
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 Remy looking jacked these days. Cleanest landing too.
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 Love it! Bunch of nutters!! Keep up the good vibes
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 That was awesome. Great content coming from this Trio.
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 3:34 looks like you need that modular hardtail
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 Sick dot com.
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 I nervous-pooped twice during that video. Luckily I work from home…
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 Awesome lads, truly awesome.
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