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100% Launch First Range of Knee & Elbow Pads - Core Bike 2019

Jan 27, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

100% has launched its first armour products at the Core Bike Show. With helmets, clothing, goggles and gloves already on offer, you can now outfit yourself pretty much head-to-toe in 100% kit. There are four different lines with knee and elbow protection in each one.

Surpass Level 2

The top of the range pad is the Surpass Level 2. It uses a honeycomb structure in the foam padding to help dissipate forces and there's also a hard kneecap protector for heavy impacts and slide protection. The name celebrates the fact the pad is certified EN:1621 level 2 protection, the highest level possible.

Price: £87.99 - elbow, £115.00 - knee.


The Fortis doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the Surpass but is designed to serve a similar function - a hard wearing pad for big impacts. It also features foam protection and a hard shell over the knee with velcro fastenings to hold it in place

Price: £61.99 elbow, £69.99 knee.

Teratec Soft

The Teratec has a slip on design (as opposed to the velcro straps of the Surpass and Fortis) and features one D30 esque large pad on the knee area. It should be a lighter model that's easier to pedal in than the Fortis but it still offers the same EN:1621 Level 1 protection.

Price: £52.99 elbow, £61.99 knee.


The lightest pad on offer in 100%'s new range, the Ridecamp is made of breathable Neoprene with a mesh on the rear for cooling. It features a flexible pad over the knee for protection.

Price: £43.99 elbow, £52.99 knee.

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 They look super cheap.
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 Still I think that the Fortis follows a good prinziple with the hard kneecap in addition to the foam. I am going to test it. Where as the Level 2 seems to be stupid. They mounted a hard kneecap for better sliding protection and then printed a rubber coating on the rest of it to immediatly rip it from your knee when sliding, wtf, xD.
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 @kamelfront: Plus triangular mud-collection cavities on the Level 2.
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 Plus neoprene on the "light" pad: this ain't scuba diving 100%! Neoprene doesn't breathe worth a sh*t, never has. If you want to make a pad for pedaling, make it out of fabric, not a slab of rubber!
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 Will they be as poorly made as the rest of their clothing?
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 Havnt had problems with my clothing? At least I dont think? Curious, what has your expirence been like?
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 @chillrider199: early items had quiet a few had issues with the items pilling, stitching and threads being broken on new stock. However 100percent warrantied all stock for us, great service, the later items seemed to of improved.
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 That and my casual pair of 100 percent glasses snapped, first pair of glasses I've ever had a frame snap on..
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 @chillrider199: Ridecamp gloves arriving from CRC with the Velcro coming un-stitched straight out of the box. Airmatic shorts where the domes came off after 4 rides, and the 100% logo peeled off in even less time ((now reads 0%). The replacement gloves CRC sent me then came un-stitched round the fingers.

In saying that I've got a pair of their goggles which are great, but definitely not "anti fog" as claimed.
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 @Wookieetron5000: I have no problems with their gloves and am stoked that there is a slim fit option for people with long fingers. TLD or others seem to be made for hands that consist mostly of palm. I never had gloves that bulked less. My Ridecamp gloves are still in good shape after 2 seasons. Maybe it's because of the fit...
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 I bought a Carbon aircraft and right out of the box i found the paint was flaking. After some digging i found out that, ta-daa, they used a GLOSS primer instead of a matte for adhesion. So basically not a single patch of the top coat and colour was attatched to the helmet and i could peel it off. Not to mention the gaskets and rubber dried up and peeled away aswell. I fixed the problems myself and gave it a proper paint job, not a doggy quick spray as they have proven to me
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 I've had numerous issues with their gloves, two pairs the stitching was coming apart on delivery. Other pairs the stitching soon came apart after only a month or two of light use. I switched to Tasco gloves and won't look back.
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 Wierd. I've had great luck with their gloves (a couple different models) and shorts (airmatic)
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 @jzPV: yeah, the fit is great, no doubting that. But I want gloves to last at least 12 months. Not arrive damaged. Trying TLD Air gloves now, they're a good fit for my long fingers.
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 @Wookieetron5000: my aromatic shorts are coming unstitched down the oitsid3 of one leg. Other than that I'm happy with the three jerseys and three pairs of gloves I have, plus the two pairs of goggles and one status helmet. Decent for the money.
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 @sethius: You should have bought the Chinese copies, they've been great!
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 I had a brand new pair of shorts rip apart at the ass seam because I got off the back off the saddle. You, know, LIKE WE ALWAYS DO! I'm not fat. No tire buzz. This was bullshit. Cool image, but I'm done with their shittly made products.
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 @jaame: I would like some aromatic shorts too lol
  • 1 0
 @Mondbiker: easy to make. just eat beans the day before you wear them!
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 On my 3rd pair of Airmatic gloves. Have held up and protected hands in crashes far better than previous Fox, Giro, & Endura models. Stitching is as robust as anything I've ever seen in bike gloves and I'm with jzPV on appreciating slim digits that are actually long enough that I can fully insert fingers rather than having the glove's "webbing" half way up to my second knuckle!
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 Still waiting for a trail version of their Aircraft helmet. Everytime I ask about one, they just reply with the winking emoji.
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 Should be available by early Sping
  • 2 0
 I'd want sizing to improve, every other brand M, XXL in 100..
  • 1 0
 @Senna8730: How do you know this?
  • 4 0
 @lardo5150: Cannot reveal my sources haha but It is 100% fo real. I would expect an announcement relatively soon along with some other cool new stuff
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  • 1 0
 @sethius: may be a head shape thing, I'm M on Fox Rampage and XL on the TLD D3
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 Can we please get some standardization on the reporting of price? About every other article the price is reported in a different currency. Doesn't have to necessarily be my currency, but pick one and stay consistent!
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 Very cheap looking and not at all what has come to be expected from them... I noticed they 'borrowed' the Leatt branding as well? Leatt's design language is identifiable for its triangles so best avoid surface details like this. A FAIL in my books....
  • 4 1
 Well there are only so many shapes. There is circle, square, pentagon. What else is there? Oh yes, traingle, pentagon, octagon.

Leatt does not own the triangle!
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 I'm confused now.
Surpass has level 2 protection
Fortis serves the same function as surpass, hard impact
Teratec offers same level 1 protection as the Fortis...

Now, does Fortis offer level 1 protection too and if so, how would it serve the same function as the Surpass that offers level 2 protection? Moreover, if the Teratec is easier to pedal in than the Fortis but offers the same level of protection, what would be the point of paying more for the Fortis?
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 All these knee pads etc are very nice but I want the low down on the HOPE SB130 they showed at core bikes
  • 1 0
 the what?
  • 4 0
 100% protected , now with trail condoms in all colors and sizes.
  • 2 0
 How bout a halfshell mtb helmet?? It’s been a long time coming.......
  • 1 1
 Yep, still waiting. Whenever I ask them on social media, all I get is a wink emoji.
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 The 50%.
  • 1 0
 No tell us how you really feel...
  • 1 1
 Any idea of the sizes they'll offer those at? (hoping for some XXL size ...)
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 Ridecamp? I don't kneed pads for that.
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 Release date?
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