5 Downhill World Cup Team Changes That Went Under the Radar

Feb 13, 2019
by Ed Spratt  
Greg Williamson kicked off his 2018 season and first race on board UNNO with a solid 18th place.

Now that the official downhill teams are confirmed for 2019 let's have a look at the some of the news that doesn't involve Trek, Gwin or the Athertons.

1. Unno down to one rider
One of the big absentees from the UCI team list was Unno Factory Racing, who are no longer registered as a UCI trade team. We spoke to the guys in Barcelona and they said, “Although not registered as a UCI Trade Team, UNNO Factory Racing will support Greg Williamson at all 2019 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup races, and other selected events. The updated team structure, along with current and new sponsors, will be announced in due time ahead of the opening of the season.”

2. Jackson Frew with Kona.
Having had a great 2018 season with a 25th place at world champs in Lenzerheide and a second place at the US Open of Downhill, Frew has officially joined the likes of Connor Fearon and Miranda Miller at the Kona Factory team.
Jackson drew was having fun all week in training and it showed in is riding. A 2nd place will definitely give his some confidence heading into next weekends World Cup just up the road in Quebec.

3. A Cannondale downhill bike?
Having joined Cannondale in 2018, Matt Simmonds took a year off from World Cups to race the EWS and other selected events, but this year he has been registered with the American brand's XC team and will be returning as the only rider on a secretive downhill program. We contacted Cannondale but they have nothing to announce right now apart from confirmation that Matt will be back racing downhill. Surely this hints that a new downhill bike is coming soon?

4. Magnus Manson on Canyon Factory Racing.
After a few years racing off his own back, it’s great to see Magnus Manson get full factory support. For the 2019 season we will continue to see Manson riding the Canyon Sender but now he will now be joining Troy Brosnan, Mark Wallace and Kye A’Hern on Canyon Factory Racing.
Quite the contrary to Thursday s practice session there wasn t a whole lot of moisture to be found on track. Magnus Manson leaving a path of destruction.

5. One Vision Global Racing no longer a trade team
One Vision Global Racing will not be attending the World Cups as a trade team in 2019. Jack Reading, team manager, and now the team's sole rider said the change was "partly because we only have one rider, and partly because we’re not quite sure where all our registration money goes!” Instead, the team plans to buy pit space directly from the organisers at DH world cup rounds, Innsbruck Crankworx, three Enduro World Series races and select British National events. In another change for 2019 Reading will be switching from Nicolai Geometron bikes to the Commencal Supreme 29 with SR Suntour suspension.
Photo: Hoshi Yoshida

Check out the full team listings here.

CORRECTION: Article edited to reflect the fact that Anxo Perez Torrado will not be racing World Cups alongside Angel Suarez this year as originally stated. While Anxo is on the team roster, he will not be racing World Cups but will be doing some local races where he lives while also assisting Angel as a support mechanic.

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 210mm Lefty FTW
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 nah nothing beats 200mm of headshok suspension ;D
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 @flowgeek: Gotta problem with the Headshok?
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 How will we know when they are racing when its a secretive DH program? Will they do qualifying and race run in the middle of the night? Night racing sounds fun.
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 @Boardlife69: It will be the one that looks like a "Ratboy Bike"!
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 LeftyForLife. Said no WCwinner ever
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 @preach: Avancini won in Andorra 2018 FYI
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 Unno with one rider. Seems appropriate
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 Who's Matt? Matt Simmonds. Built like an Ox and faster, much, much faster than than all you keyboard warriors!
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 I dunno about that. I can type pretty fast.
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 @johnski: But can you type faster than an Ox?
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 But is he faster than Randy?
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 what about keyboardkilla's?
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 Still got my retro 1996 Cannondale Super V 4000 which is one of the iconic bikes of the time which I absolutely love.... but I hope their new bike has nothing in common because that old thing rides like a dog!! (although the pedal clearance is great with it's 19" high bb!)
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 A red or yellow one ? These bikes were so heavy !
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 @QuebecPoulin: Yellow front end with red rear triangle. They are fairly heavy, but no where near the weight of the subbsequent Demo 9 that I had (only 50lbs or 22.6kg). The other crazy thing is the 150mm rear travel with 120mm up front... on a DH bike...
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 @bigtim: I see your 'Dale with its 19" bb height (best with the Zzyzx forks...) and custom top tube dent, and raise you with my GT LTS DH(?) with bent Pace Monster 160 forks sporting a 'soon to come back into fashion...' near vertical head angle. 'Twitchy'...!
#nicememories but #retroequalsshit
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 What about el chappo? Is he still on pivot?
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 Switched to EVIL , last I heard
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 Not racing this year from what I've heard
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 Who's El Chappo?
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 @wildedge586: nope, he can't quit on the mob ;-)
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 I hear he's getting a lifetime supply of Shorty tires though.
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 @adventuresbycole: Rupert Chapman
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 Mangus is gonna be the biggest bang for your buck rider in the fantasy league this year. You heard it here first.
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 So stoked he got a factory ride! I'm excited to see how he does this year.
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 Matt simmonds has regularly been a top 20 and sometimes top 10 World Cup downhiller.
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 he got (or qualified) 2nd at Meribel a few years ago, you know the time sam hill won a WC
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flag GatoGordo (Feb 13, 2019 at 9:23) (Below Threshold)
 Top 20,Maybe Top 10. That’s a good result now a days?
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 just checked his recent stats and that's a bit of an exageration
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 @GatoGordo: Yeah top 20 in the world is considered pretty good.
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flag GatoGordo (Feb 13, 2019 at 13:54) (Below Threshold)
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 @GatoGordo: Top 20.. as in one of the 20 best downhill riders on the planet. That's an extremely good result.
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 Where DOES all that registration money go?
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 The deep, deep pockets of their own board members...
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 Saw a bunch of cannondale/GT employees at Highland Bike Park last fall, most were on GT furies or Cannondale Habits but one guy was on a completely blacked out carbon DH bike with a similar linkage design to the Habit and what looked like 29in wheels
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 Bring back the fulcrum and the yellow pivots. Hopefully it'll be in volvo blue or red like the special edition fi.
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 What about Martin Maes? He is listed as being on the GT team, is he going to be doing the season or just hitting selected rounds when he can?
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 He's starting with both and then concentrating on one. Which one is up in the air.
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 he said he's racing there first two world cups if your worried about your fantasy team haha
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 @poosk: nah just wondering, don't do fantasy blah
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 @yzedf: but that's interesting, I'm surprised that isn't being talked about more.
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 What about CHRISTOPHER WALKEN and the YT Mob? Wink
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 I tried picking him for my fantasy team but couldnt find him.
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 For those that asked:

UCI elite MTB teams registered with the UCI receive a series of benefits which include,
but are not limited to:
1 Priority in the expo zone (stay set up in the expo area throughout duration of event).
2 80m2 world cup tech space free of charge.
3 Benefits as specified above for UCI MTB marathon series races.
4 Team registration directly through UCI, not through national federation.
5 Online registration to world cup events for riders in a UCI elite MTB team.
6 Priority line riders confirmation at world cup race venue.
7 Exemption from entry fees to world cup events for all team riders.
8 Exemption from entry fees to any race on the UCI calendar for all team riders with
the exception of stage races, UCI MTB marathon series, eliminator and enduro
9 World cup rainbow passes for riders and staff. The passes are issued on a quota
based on the number of riders as follows: teams with 2-3 riders obtain 6 passes,
teams with 4 riders and more obtain 12 passes.
10 1 media access per team at world cup events, indicated on the rainbow pass.
11 3 World cup parking passes per team.
12 World cup season long feed/technical assistance zone passes.
13 Separated space in feed/technical assistance zone.
14 UCI elite MTB team page on UCI website.
15 Access to the UCI arbitral board for their riders, their paying agents and the UCI elite
MTB team's principal partners.
16 Information services and publications in addition to the regular distributions.
17 On-site services and benefits at major UCI events (including world championships).
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 How much is it to register. I am not sure but it used to be around 3k euros per team, it may well be more??
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 Si that’s elite teams. You have to be invited to be one of these, typically top 15 teams based on their riders rankings/points. Regular MTB teams pay virtually the same nowadays and receive very little in return. Not worth the money at all and they’ve made it pretty clear they’re trying to push smaller teams out.
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 Interesting to see a couple of teams getting around paying for trade team pit space and putting a couple of fingers up to the UCI. Can't say I blame them.
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 Ya Magnus good luck this year
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 what does it mean to be a trade team? what are the pros & cons? sorry for my ignorance.
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 How many other riders ride XC and downhill world cups?
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 Funny how teams do not promote their riders, does not make sence?
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 Great to hear Magnus getting support. Same with Kirk. Rat Shirley brought to C-Dale for DH bike development
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 Article of the year so far.
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 Voul Voul Racing is off too 2019 racing season!
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 Anybody have intel on Dakota Norton?
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 If you look at the teams list, you’ll see that he’s still registered with Devinci.

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 Aussie pinner Harry Bush also on Kona
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 Matt who?
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