Spotted: New Mondraker DH Bike

Aug 11, 2019
by Richard Cunningham  
Mondraker DH prototype at Whistler Crankworx 2019

Mondraker apparently has a new aluminum Summum in the works. The unmarked prototype was photographed at the Lenzerheide World Cup, and while it follows many of the lines of the current Summum, there are a number of distinct differences. For starters, the looped seat stay mast is gone, replaced by a more conventional bottom bracket junction that appears to be a two piece, CNC-machined part which houses the suspension's short lower link.

The seat tube tunnel is retained, though, and it appears that the lower shock pivot is concentric with the outboard end of the lower link. Wheels are 29 inch, and there is a new upper suspension link that has no window (the current link is an open triangle). No word on the rear suspension travel, but there is no seat stay bridge and the seat tube seems to be pushed forward - two necessities that make room for the rear wheel at full compression.

Mondraker DH prototype 2019
The current Summum (left) compared to the prototype we spotted.

That upper link has no visible flip chip, although there is one on the rear dropout, suggesting that Mondraker may be considering the mullet option, or not. Adjustable wheelbases are common practice, so it would be no surprise if the proto Summum was a dedicated 29er.

Will we see it in production? No idea, but the existence of a very complete and production-looking machine like this suggests that Mondraker is well beyond the test mule stages of this bike's development and we could be looking at new aluminum downhill race bike instead of a pre-carbon development program. Of course that's pure speculation for now, but time will tell.

Here's the official word from Mondraker's Israel Romero, who is with the team testing in Lenzerheide this week:

bigquotes...Yesterday, we were testing with Brook MacDonald, Laurie Greenland and Mike Jones (pictured) to confirm some things. ...This newer Summum prototype share a very similar approach to our existing and current alloy and carbon models. We are always testing.. You might guess we'd not want to disclose much info; there are for sure some geo updates, but honestly just some millimeters here and there.. Our team riders are very happy with the current model (and Laurie Greenland won Val di Sole World Cup last weekend) so we wanted to keep things not much different compared to the current one.Israel Romero


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 The aluminum frame design looks even better than the carbon.
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 What this guy ^ said.
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 If mondraker made a high spec raw aluminium dune like YT did with the raw Capra I'm first in line for it
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flag blowmyfuse (Aug 12, 2019 at 13:58) (Below Threshold)
 @El-Irzorro: cause you like to pay too much for stuff?
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 It reminds me of the old Iron Horse Sundays
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 the alloy looks 10x better than the carbon!
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 Raw aluminum frames - only a close second to ball burnished aluminum frames.
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 Aluminium is looking better and better nowdays.
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 KHS in full effect, a dope bike foshizzle.
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 Exactly. Looks just like the KHS.
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 Glad I’m not the only one who thought this
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 KHS indeed, without the white trash vibe though
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 @WAKIdesigns: Indeed more of the Eurotrash vibe.
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 The top tube humps and kinks on the khs just dot work for me. Apparently they ride well.
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 @jorgeposada: Eurotrash, I would have to think about what can it be. Maybe an immigrant from Eastern Europe or Middle East who took killer loan and now bounces around in white Merc GLC or black Audi Q7 looking down on virtually everyone?

Please note: I am a Polish dude in Sweden. I am entitled to such opinions.
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 Both KHS and Mondraker are variations of the Astro frame
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 @SonofBovril: yeah, could as well be the new R Raymon of Fischbach ;-)
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 It even says Mondraker on the Astro website.
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 @FearlessFly: Nah... the system they use is completely different
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 Glad to see the iron horse sunday still lives, how to get sam hill on a mondraker?
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 Looks way better without a hump!!!
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 Yep. That's how their top tubes should have been from the start.
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 This is their second attempt at a 29er. The designed one for Danny in 2017 (regular rear end and new front triangle) which he won a BDS on if I am not mistaken.

Also, Flo rode one last year for most of the races.
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 Literally just make a bike that doesn’t sound like it’s going to explode.
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 That floating rear wheel must be filled with Helium or magic! -Magic, I call magic.
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 Now manufacturers aren't even pretending their bikes aren't just iron horse Sundays anymore.
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 Imagine how sick the 2020 Iron Horse Sunday would be!!
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 @tobiusmaximum: think you're looking at it mate. The shock tunnel and frame shape are pretty much exactly like the 09 Sunday frame I have in my room.
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 @ashio1: what happened to iron horse?
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 I rode a Mondraker Foxy demo & afterward I was like "that suspension & feel pretty much mimicked the Iron Horse I used to own" . The shop guy was like "No, they're worlds different". I'm just looking at him and realize I gotta walk away before I say something REALLY sarcastic.

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 @ashio1: I’ve just been looking at both, the angle of the shock is somewhat different and the Mondraker lower shock mount is part of the linkage (isn’t it?) as opposed to fixed on the Sunday. I guess it ‘looks like a session’ but I suspect it behaves differently. Albeit, perhaps not ‘worlds different’..
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 @ashio1: but either way, it’s sick... Mondraker made it, iron horse didn’t..
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 @bizutch: I had a Sunday and replaced it with a 2014 summum. I chose the summum becuase I wanted another Sunday. They were both incredible
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 @tobiusmaximum: when iron horse went bust, all these "looks like a session" bikes sprung up. The mondraker, giant, trek all suddenly abandoned their complex doodles of designs and went down this path.
And that is no criticism, having ridden a few of them, mondraker and trek specifically, it was a good move on their part. I'm sure they are all different if you dig down deep enough. Just is Sunday owners see the blatant homage being paid to our dearly departed steeds.
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 @ashio1: who is the most famous Sunday dh’er?
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 @tobiusmaximum: Mr Sam Hill for me. Although Brendog was no stranger to killing it on one. Plus a few other choice Aussies can be found throwing then sideways.
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 @ashio1: i'm wondering, given your high praise of the sunday, whether sam benefitted greatly from a bike ahead of its time?
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 @tobiusmaximum: Ever seen his riding up close and in person? Until you've seen Sam Hill come through a technical section of trail that he just should not be able to ride like someone clipped in...and yet comes through silent, effortless like water and like a ghost...nobody can really understand his riding until they see him go by with other World Cup guys.

The linkage style bikes like the Sunday do benefit flat pedal riders, but not in a way that gives them an advantage over clipless riders. Linkage bikes with that type of wheel path & suspension curve let flat pedal riders keep their feet engaged on the pedals in rough stuff and give a better platform to isolate the very different pedaling mechanics.

I will say it again that Connor Fearon being on a faux bar/single pivot bike is detrimental to his racing results. I honestly think he'd have a win or wins if he wasn't stuck on that archaic platform. It fights you when you're on flats.
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 @tobiusmaximum: Sam's success was down to him being bloody good and just raising the bar. He was one of those once in a generation riders that change the game. The greats stay with these kids and others fall away. Minnar was once such a kid, but he raised his game and stayed good. Peaty did it too. Gwinn was another game changer and now Mr Pierrion is doing it. The bike was superb, but I had one and can't seem to see a rainbow striped jersey in my wardrobe................must've been stolen Smile
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 @ashio1: I have a rainbow stripe jersey from my time on Iron Horse. A replica Sam Hill that Iron Horse was giving dealers.

Sold it to a buddy. He was so stoked.
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 Given that one of their top riders just won his 1st DH WC on a mullet I'd be very surprised if that wasn't an option on this frame.
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 Those Prototype builds have something to its own,i really hope they will sell it in an raw aluminum version if they do it in Alu at all,would like to see more Angles but this really looks good
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 Hopefully the rear suspension doesn't feel like it's locked out most of the time but then blows through all of the travel on medium and larger sized bumps...
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 Not everyone races bikes though, being 6' and having tried at 29" DH bike they are really not for me, why aren't companies still producing 27.5 inch options?
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 Reminds me of the 2010/12 era Summum which I preferred.. Very nice
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 Pretty bike. First time I've see those Michellin tires that didn't make my eyes burn.
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 Am I the one who thinks that it looks like the new Scott Gambler? Anyway, looks amazing.
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 yes its also raw alloy
  • 2 0
 Looks so sexy like a new Iron Horse Sunday 2020
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 Hope they will release the raw alu. Always liked Mondraker's frame designs but never favoured their colour choices.
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 Flo Payet's Mondraker Summum 29, from last season 2018.
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 Trunnion world take over!!
  • 2 1
 Well I mean it is the superior standard. Bearings instead of bushings and longer stroke for given eye to eye for more consistent dampening.
  • 13 0
 @Bflutz625: more side loading into the shock body. And the eye to eye vs total length ratio doesn't make more consistent damping
  • 7 1
 Bushings are better for oscillation than ball bearings, and some brands still use bushings with the trunnion mount. Roller bearings are best but don’t handle loads caused by misalignment and the frame flexing as well as bushings do. When companies start putting more emphasis on removing twisting and side loading on the suspension when designing frames, trunnions will be a perfectly fine option as they’re more space efficient. We will also start seeing less and less yoke driven suspension designs. The new spez demo and now the enduro is the perfect example of all of this.
  • 3 0
 @mountainyj: Took the words out of my mouth. I'd take a brass/vesconite bush arrangement for oscillating pivots over bearings any day. Fit and forget.
  • 2 1
 @hamncheez: yes the eye to eye vs stroke does make for more consistent dampening as manufacturers can reduce the leverage ratio and the means that you have more control over the dampening and spring rates. As for the side loading, it is still a lateral movement as there's it's still being pushed from both sides. There wouldn't be any any more side loading with a trunnion than with long hardware through a standard eyelet which would accually flex much more than a trunnion.
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 @mountainyj: the best solution is spherical bearings.
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 @Mondbiker: roller bearings in reference to oscillation. Definitely agree on spherical having their place in certain situations though. Work well in standard eyelet shocks, not super beneficial in most trunnion.
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 @Bflutz625: You are talking about the stroke length debate. Foes used to do an extreme 2:1 compression ratio, with the idea that you can control damping a lot better with lower oil pressures. It also means that stiction is higher, the shock is heaver, and harder to fit in the frame. Specialized used to do an extreme 3:1 ratio, thinking it would reduce stiction but it blew up shocks with the too high pressure (older Santa Cruz too). Most frame manufacturers settle between 1:2.5-2.75, and this seems to be the sweet spot. Trunion mounts are more space efficient, so it might make it easier to reach the desired compression ratio, but good engineering can do this as well.

" standard eyelet which would accually flex much more than a trunnion" Yes this is the point. The long hardware flexes with the frame flex, transmitting less force into the shock body. A trunion mount is less flexible, so the side loading forces are transfered directly into the shock body.
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 @Mondbiker: Came in here to say this myself, have an uptick on me
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 Raw beast as always rad.
  • 2 0
 That's a Sunday
  • 1 0
 Isn't it just! I commented earlier bike manufacturers aren't even pretending they ar not building Sunday copies anymore
  • 1 0
 Pretty much the original 2010 Mondraker Summum ...
  • 1 0
 There is hardly a difference lol
  • 1 0
 Me likey
  • 4 6
 I can barely tell the difference.
  • 1 3
 Looks like the Demo that just got spotted too lol, or is that just me
  • 3 0
 ? The demo is out already, not just spotted
  • 1 0
 This is an Astro frame. It's featured on the website.
  • 1 0
 @fruitsd79: All Mondraker frames are astro frames.
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