Video: Capturing the Huge Scale of Rampage with an FPV Drone

Oct 14, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesExplore the gnarly landscape of Red Bull Rampage like you've never seen it before, through an FPV drone as the worlds best mountain bikers prepare for the hardest freeride event on earth. It's hard to fully understand how big these MTB jumps and drops are but this seriously helps. Red Bull Bike

Behind the scenes note - the drone pilot was actually unable to follow Strait and Zink’s gully line to the letter because the drone couldn’t handle the G-out at the bottom of it. Wild!


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 That's the best video I've seen to put it in perspective

Can they do drone shots for the actual event? I was surprised they didn't in 2019, wondered if there was a reason for it
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 Possibly need aviation authorization? Not sure
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 I don't think FPC can support live but i could be wrong. They will have drones but more static shots. side views of the drops would be sick but it would take too many cameras i bet. the overhead drone shots kill the size of the features. I felt like when at the venue a view straight out from the drops does it better justice than overhead drone shots.
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 I would guess the RB Helicopter pilots dont appreciate drones in their airspace.
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 Definitely possible to do FPV live, it was done for Travis Rice's Natural Selection snowboard competition last winter, would be cool to see it for Rampage. The FPV technology has come a long ways since 2019.
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 That noise cancellation is the best thing to happen to drone footage.
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 Looks likes a 10 minutes course
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 Luckily for us, this tour is coming at just the right moment in the evolution of technology. Over the course of the last year we set out to develop and build the first-ever stabilized racing drone with a live full-HD video feed. From the size and power of modern race drones to the quality and reliability of wireless video feeds, this event is pushing the limits of what exists for live broadcasting.

Chris Steblay
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 That was dope, that could be 10x as long and would not realize how much time went by, amazing footage
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 A follow cam 3rd person perspective would be awesome, i just hope they would tone down the high speed flybys and loops and barrel rolls.
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 Hope this is the year for living drone footage... Heli footage absolutely diminishes when you see ants popping dirt...
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 @t-swing: Pretty sure we don't need helicopters anymore :p
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 @chmurka3rg: agreed, but the like the dramatic effect.
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 That's nice slopestyle course...
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 Epic video, RedBull! That drone pilot has some major skills.
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 If only FPV drones were actually that quiet...
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 I think it should be more common to erase in postproduction the noise from the drone blades, and leave only the sourroundig sounds. The noise reduction algorityhms should filter easily drone noise
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 Almost more impressive than the riding is what they are able to accomplish digging, especially at new locations. This one has been used but most of those lines were largely created in 1 week when they first used it which is nuts.
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flag foxinsocks (Oct 14, 2021 at 12:52) (Below Threshold)
 Its not digging, its more like highway construction Smile
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 Drone cant handle the g-out? Anyone who flies freestyle fpv knows that's bs... Those things can pull out of a full speed dive on a dime.
The pilot did a great job capturing the surrounding, but he did actually fly pretty safe and restrained as far as drones go (which makes sense considering people and all...). But tbh, the drone itself was not really on flying close to its limit.
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 Yeah I agree, whoever says nonsense like "the drone couldn't handle the G-out that a guy on a bike could" should take a trip to youtube and watch any Mr.Steele video or similar.
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 Wait you're trying to tell me that drone's can handle more G's than a human on a bicycle? What wild thing are you going to say next, that water is wet and that the earth isn't flat?
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 I fly fpv and would bet it's not a 5inch quad carrying a gopro. Probably over weight with other equipment for live broadcasting the video.
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 @Kingdevin: So do I and IMO that video looks very much like a 5" quad with a GoPro on top.
If they are flying a freestyle quad for the live broadcast, I'd be interested to read what their setup is but you'd probably get good enough results from a 5" with a DJI Air Unit that streams at 1080p/60 FPS, and which weighs less than a standard GoPro. Would certainly look better than the not-so-great image from the live broadcast drone they had in Leogang this year.
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 @William42: Well, if you read the last sentence in the article, they say exactly the opposite. So, i had to call their bluff Smile
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 @rarerider: yeah, i do think it's a 5/6" freestyle rig or something like that. Regardless of the rig, though, the risk of hitting someone in all these random lines, with all the spectators around- I imagine the pilot just had to play it safe. Not to mention probably trying to keep the rig intact instead of messing up a component in the middle of the desert. I'm not passing judgment on the flying itself, just the drone's ability to handle Zink's line. Although, i guess i'll have to wait and see his line Smile
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 where was the rotor noise? I could hear people talking. Timing it right with the practice hits was amazing too. That's probably the best multiple line preview a person could expect. Is there a way to overlay each rider's line into the video?
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 Wow. I always figured it was massive. It’s always hard/impossible to capture the full scale of places like this on camera, but this gives a pretty incredible perspective!
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 Slopestyle comments looking more retarded by the minute...
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flag foxinsocks (Oct 14, 2021 at 12:54) (Below Threshold)
 Disagree. Its hard to find a single pebble in most lines in the video. It is massive, i do enjoy watching it, but it does look like a slopestyle competition simply with insane exposure.
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 @foxinsocks: You got the part about slopestyle being on a host-built line that all competitors share while this is each rider shaping his line to his imagination?
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 @tbolt88: I dont think it makes my point any less relevant. Those are still manicured, man made, uber-smooth lines for the most part.
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 Drones are f-ing annoying, but they sure help show scale of terrain much better than stationary cameras.
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 Such an amazing event and the progression is wild, stay heathy folks and hope you heal up Andreu
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 I don‘t want to complain, but… IT‘S F***ING AWESOME!!!
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 Still makes it look way smaller than if you actually go there in person, those "smaller" features are insanely big and the "big" jumps seem completely impossible (at least for me)
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 That was pretty fun, almost like being there.
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 How come you don't hear the drone noise but people talking? Noise cancelling or can you edit the sounds out after filming?
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 All in post-processing, probably not even the real sounds the people and bikes were making
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 Sound didn't come from the drone itself, they did something like record the wind sound, record a bunch of various clips of people talking and digging etc, and then put them together in post and combined with the drone footage.
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 I it just or does it seem like there's a lot more features this year?
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 Wow - that's the best view of the site and features I've seen.... really hope that continues for the event....amazing!
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 Just huge. I can’t wait
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 Amazing vid
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 I just fell out of my chair.

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