Must Watch: Fabio Wibmer's 'Urban Freeride Lives Chile'

Jul 5, 2023 at 8:05
by Brian Park  

Is there a worse job in the world than being Fabio Wibmer's suspension components?

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 huck to skinny is absolutely mental
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 I was prepared for that to be the ender... crazy
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 Has to be perfect. So much can go wrong on the landing.
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 So that's how Fabio is training for Rampage...
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 I see Fabio is moving up to my skill set...sliding on my back and riding into kerbs...
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 Thanks for all the feedback - this one was a wild process for sure.
From being robbed right at the beginning of the trip to making all the crazy ideas happen (such as Fabio jumping through the wall or on and off a bus...) to some troubles with the licensing process at the end.

I´d say it was all worth it though, cool to see many people enjoying this clip and Fabio´s and our team´s hard work paying off.
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 So... was this the from stolen hard-drives? Or was that footage lost forever?
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 I think this is indeed from the stolen drives. This article is not written by Fabio, but by a certain bloke called Brian Park. The Sherlock Holmes considers this suspicious and keeps a close eye on him. My expectation is that he's trying to copy his moves, record them on video and act like he was the first to come up with these ideas. You'll see whether I'm right if two weeks from now, you see a new video appear with Brian Park pulling those exact same tricks. If it doesn't appear, well I might indeed be wrong then. We'll see!
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 @vinay: I like the theory.
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 A manual backwards down a stair, well... I once took one hand off the bar
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 I did a turn bar the other day, forgot to turn back before I landed, typing this from the hospital Wifi.
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 Loved the colours in that. We need to get the paint out in Europe and liven our cities up a bit!
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 Blue skies can't be painted unfortunately Smile
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 whenever I go urbanning, I never see perfectly placed ramps anywhere! Lucky!
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 so scary to blind drop through the wall !
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 The most extreme stunt rider there is, where insanity meets balls. He's got a deathwish.
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 This one was absolutely bonkers!
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flag sidekicksjn (Jul 5, 2023 at 13:23) (Below Threshold)
 I mean don't get me wrong I love his videos but he's a long way from other top riders. That's ehy hes sticking to these vids and nowhere near any competitions. Still making excellent content though and the views he gets is insane.
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 @sidekicksjn: A long way from whom and in terms of what?
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 Gap to skinny was F'd
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 Inspired for more backyard feature modifications? lol
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 When the smallest send in a video is riding off the top of a bus...
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 Where's the dog?
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 Could swear I've seen that wall ride in another video a few years ago - this video was massively impressive in any case. Dude is absolutely bonkers.
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 Thought the same thing. Chris Van Dine and Aaron Chase from 9 years ago:
at 8:20
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 @vesania: Nailed it! Thanks.
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 @vesania: damn there are a bunch of the same locations between the two videos
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 The good 205!
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 My first car!!!
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 How many times has this song been used in MTB edits?
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 I guess you weren't around when Sail was all the rage.
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 I think it's a Rasolution trademark to use the corniest mass media friendly music they can find.
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 @nozes: Snail
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 @nozes: I still have nightmares about it.
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 Fabio’s riding - extremely amazing
Fabio’s buddies - extremely douchey
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 Jesus, talk about consequences, so much insane stuff to digest in that vid, backwards stair Manny, Huck to skinny and also a huge sand dune pretty well in the city. Oh, my memory wants to know, has Fabio ever done rampage?
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 since seeing thibaut daprela riding hands free in val Di sole nothing impresses me easily, but this skinny landing is close
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 Bro, it was on a boardwalk in the middle of the track.
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 3:29 just seemed unnecessarily lethal! Crazy loon!
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 oye el weon loco!!
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 Long Live the Wib!
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 That was the song that was holding up the video release for months?
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 i imagine so. I work in music and music for film. It takes forever to get things approved and all the licensing and sync deals ironed out between artist, label, publishing company and the film production company. then approval on how things are used etc etc. and the black keys are massive legacy artist so things take longer.
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 They got robbed their hard drives and other stuff while filming in the dunes... I guess they took a while to recover what they could
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 I'd like to see some of the lines that he considers but then says, Nah, that's too much
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 Is he running a freecoaster on that thing?
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 He did a bike check earlier in the year, he has one of the chainrings in his cassette ground off so he can shift into a “free coaster gear”
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 Likely a Chase Mod
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 @Grady-Harris: I believe the Atherton's did a similar thing on their DH bike a while back, no chain feedback in rock gardens .
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 That white Ohlins tho. Custom paint on a DH38? Sexy af.
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 Must watch ?

Must watch twice.
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 That wasn't Fabio Wibmer. That was Paul. Paul, an alien.
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 Any back story as to how much footage they lost or did the hard-drives show back up?
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 We will follow up with a behind the scenes short documentary next week, stay tuned for that!
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 Fabio and team are creative AF. Keep up the fine work all of you....always unique and super fun to watch. The skill Fabio has is mental
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 Pushing boundaries is definitely part of the sport, but one day Fabio with get major KO (of course I hope not) doing one of this stunts and to be honest they start to be ridiculous and do net get me stocked to ride. That is the main reason I like to watch bike movie content and not think WFT with each shot
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 calm down fabio! just out of hand!
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 So there are still new tricks to invent. Impressive!
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 That title is easy to read well.
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 my goodness the music is dated
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 Definitely needs some hot fire mumble rap.
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 Music by The Black Keys Shirts by Dan Flashes
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 "Is there a worse job in the world than being Fabio Wibmer's suspension components?"

His wheels
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 The shirt acts as a cape…that’s why he can fly
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 why not Vienna, Lisboa or his native grounds?
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 sooo sick!!!! Inspiring ride.
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 Looks dangerous
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 The GOAT.
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 Ho Lee Shiz
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 A Fabio video without the outtakes?
Must of been on the stolen tapes.
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 Location Details? Valparaiso/Vina Del Mar?
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 Exactly, the dunes at the end are in concon, which is connected to the north of Viña, and all the stairs sections were in Valparaiso. The jump were he went through the wall was in the same spot where they do Valparaiso cerro abajo.
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 @Denyer: Beautiful area, terrifying stairs.
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 That granny checking him rail the curb. haha
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 who says dh bikes are *mountain* bikes?
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 Mind melted.
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 Sketchy MF.
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 Great video, music feels a bit of out touch with the edit.
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 this is a great video
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 bit meh
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 The music choice is vile
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