Video: What Bikes Are The Scottish Locals Riding? - Daily Driver Bike Checks

Jun 15, 2022 at 9:06
by Pinkbike Originals  

Tom and Christina headed to land of haggis to check out what bikes the Tweed Valley locals ride on the trails of Glentress.

0:46 - Haibike All Mountain E-Bike
3:44 - Trek Fuel Ex
6:22 - Specialized Enduro Evo
8:08 - Whyte 901 Hardtail
10:21 - Santa Cruz Bronson
12:31 - Giant Reign
14:20 - Propain Tyee
15:35 - Santa Cruz Tallboy


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 the first guy is awesome!
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  • 20 0
 he's absolutely brightened my day. what a dude.
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 Introduce that guy to North Shore Betty!
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 He’s got everything bah a haggis in that bag ! Hehe
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 100% - that guy gets it, he made my day....
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 @Matt115lamb: Heh nevah seh heh dih in.
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 Thats exactly the type of people that ebikes are for. Still shredding in your 70s. Epic.
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flag xice (Jun 15, 2022 at 13:47) (Below Threshold)
 The physio said to him you should exercise, buy a bike maybe. He went to the LBS, they sold him the oldest shelf warmer. Few custom tweaks, strictly practical and free of social media and pinkbike influence. Now hes a legend on the trails within battery range of his house
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 @xice: No chance bikes are sitting on shelves for long bud. You been living under a rock?
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 @xice: He bought it in 2016, was paralyzed 2 years ago, which means he was riding before his accident. As someone who has broken 8 vertebrae in the last 2.5 years, I have only respect for this legend!
Go and put your prejudges where they belong, Up your arse!
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 @RidleyRijder: what do you mean by prejudice?? Sure hes a legend!
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 @xice: Definition of prejudice:
a: preconceived judgment or opinion
2a: an adverse opinion or leaning formed without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge
b: an instance of such judgment or opinion
c: an irrational attitude of hostility directed against an individual, a group, a race, or their supposed characteristics

I may have been a bit harsh with the 'up your ...' thing, but I don't like comments like that. Especially since I'm also in the business of selling bikes and helping people. Also I took it a bit to personal with all my accidents of the last couple of years. Sorry about that.
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 @RidleyRijder: Little side note... My dad is one year younger than the highlander above. Currently sitting in a wheel chair in hospital (paying bitterly for 40 years of smoking). I'd happily sacrifice one kidney, if he could make a comeback 1/10th of the ebike fella.
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 @RidleyRijder: ok ok, sure. No worries.
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 the Haibike dude is dressed for when you're biking at noon and then have to go wrestle the loch ness monster at 1:30
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 Nessie's still sleeping off a hangover at 1:30, come back at 5:30
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 @redrook: Flag checks out.
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 He just wants to get his tree fiddy back
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 Some really good examples in here from young and old that you don't need a shiny new bike to have fun.
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 good word sir.
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 Brilliant lol
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 whoever make the haibike top tube mold way back in 2010 is really getting their moneys worth
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 Not a single Orange Patriot? How times have changed.
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 And not for the better Big Grin
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 You can tell who's Scottish and who's not purely by who isn't wearing a coat
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 We will never make an ebike said one once " core " mtb brand...
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 First guys an absolute example to everyone. Legend!
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 Mmm…black pudding.
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 Wondered if that was black pud or haggis? More likely to get the latter in a "full Scottish" brekkie, no?
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 @chakaping: you're more likely to get black pudding I reckon, but if you don't get both it's not the full experience
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 @chakaping: Not in brekkie, it's the tattie scone and lorne over link sausage that make it particularly Scottish.
Haggis is for lunch/ dinner/ supper.
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 @christinachapetta I hope you at least tried the black pud before offloading it to Tom. Nothing like a full Scottish breakfast bap to fuel a ride on the 7 staines; lorne, bacon, black puddin, tattie scone, ana fried egg in a large soft roll.
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 Wait wait... You actually CAN have fun on an 8 year old bike without kashima, matching decals, glove box?? I'm confused.
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 Perfectly timed kid blasting past in the background at the end...
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 Hardtail Mafia represent!!!
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 Wait, is the EWS coming to the tweed valley this weekend or something?
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 Is there a single bike in this video not running fidlock bottle system? They've taken over the world pretty fast.
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 for good reason! they just work so well
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 @SpencerBaum: Ran it for a while and really liked it. Doesn’t work on my ripmo xl as somehow it’s such a long reach to the BB that I can’t “feel” the magnets engage and have trouble putting it back while riding. Also can’t fit an 850. But ya, it’s such a clean look.
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 I love those but the magnets just aren't strong enough to handle rough trails at pace - after losing two I went back to the trie & true systems. Maybe one day!
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 Thanks Christina and Tom, great vibe.
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 Get Bill on the Pinkbike Academy
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 Last guy is defo Brendog's dad!
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 what brand is that neck roll?
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 Can't tell that one, but EVS Sports makes similar ones. They call them race collars.
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 Sliced bread is awful though..
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 You just eat whole loaves, or like break them up into giant fist sized chunks?
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 My Scottish local rides an Evil Offering V1
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 Bill is a F%@$ing Legend!! I hope to get older like that. What a Boss!!!
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 Bill hits the nail on n the head , with who and why ebikes were invented
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 Anyone catch that new Reign?
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 Phil rules!!
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 the 29-26 mullet bronson! Nice!
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 Dang wish i knew what they were saying.
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 turn on closed captions
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