Anita & Caro Gehrig to Quit Racing & Open a Hotel After 2022 EWS Season

May 12, 2022 at 11:25
by Sarah Moore  
Photo by Simon Valenti

Enduro pros Anita and Carolin Gehrig have announced that they will be leaving the race tracks of the Enduro World Series at the end of the 2022 season. The 2022 season, the Gehrig twins' tenth international racing season, will be a farewell to performance at the top level as the twins embark on a new career path, running the Flem Mountain Lodge, a new bike hotel in Switzerland's mountain destination Flims.

The twins will open the lodge to guests starting June 3, 2022 and will provide their guests with mountain biking tips and coaching, organize camps and community events, and offer culinary delights and relaxation. Their focus will be on active guests, especially mountain bikers, who are looking for experiences and relaxation in equal measure in the region around Flims.

They will also host events such as bike camps, small concerts, and film screenings. The lodge will be a place where guests and locals enjoy fine coffee or a local après-bike beer and share their experiences on the trails together.

Photo by Simon Valenti

Suisse racer Anita Gehrig on the bottom of stage 2
EWS racer Caro Gehrig into the finals

bigquotesOf course, we will miss the big races a bit after this season. But running our own hotel is both a unique opportunity and a long-awaited dream for us. The best thing is that we can continue to do what we enjoy.Anita Gehrig

bigquotesFlims offers an incredible amount for Mountain Bikers and outdoor lovers. We also know all the trail gems in the region, are happy to give our guests tips for the perfect biking day, and afterwards provide them with the finest coffee, cool drinks, and delicious and healthy food.Caro Gehrig

The Flem Mountain Lodge has 23 modern rooms and a 4 ½ room vacation apartment. More details on the twins' new venture can be found at

Instagram: @flemlodge


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 They can get the denim destroyer to run the restaurant.
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 Good one
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 Or do the laundry.
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 Very cool. At some point in life the athletic passions have to be put on the shelf so you can make enough money to not be dependent on sponsors. This kind of gig definitely allows them to spread the stoke and joy of the high end mountain bike lifestyle.
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 I do wish MTB pros had a bigger draw/TV deals to provide enough money like other sports do. When an NBA player can make 40mil$ a year while sitting in street clothes due to a debatable mental health issue…the difference is stark.
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 @Svinyard: Discovery+ will help with this, right? Right?
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 @Svinyard: I shudder slightly at comparison wage reviews,
And I am torn between paying market demand for entertainment, and capping it all together so it’s more accessible to more people.

I think it’s fair to say there could be a more equitable spread of wealth among everyone, not just a select few
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 @onawalk: I think it’s fair to say there could be a more equitable spread of wealth among everyone, not just a select few

yea that.
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 @Svinyard: as much as I always feel like the Grinch when mentioning this, one needs to keep in mind that sports contracts are highly demand/profit driven. NBA or football (as in soccer) athletes generate monstrous profits in viewership and merchandise
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 @PHeller: Racers get paid what they're worth. TV dictates salary. Mountainbiking has to come up with a format that is TV friendly.
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 @WeenoT: My point was, we spend entirely too much time watching other people do athletic activity, and not enough time getting that athletic activity ourselves.

I would much sooner make more money (or have more time) than watch mountain biking on TV or watch an NBA game.

Sports are just another way to divide us, and distract us from that fact that our 90% of our lives are spent in the workplace, ironically, staring at a screen for which we then go home or to the pub to stare at a screen with others.

All the best to the Gehrig's in their pursuit of the work/life balance we all seek to achieve.
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 @WeenoT: dual slalom!
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 @Arierep: they are, there’s no doubting that.
I struggle with capitalism sometimes as its still an unfair system.
I cant ever fault someone doing the work, and being paid for it, but I do cringe when I see superstar salaries in the hundreds of millions.
I believe you should get paid your worth, and ultimately the market decides that.
A more equitable spread of wealth would be a great goal, we should all strive to lift each other up, and give back when we can. You build a better you when you build a better team
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 Exciting business opportunity for the Gehrig twins, except their customers will all be mountain bikers. They’re the worst.
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 Have you ever met triathletes?
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 They’ll presumably only offer twin beds. I’ll see myself out.
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 thanks for that....
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 "4 ½ room vacation apartment."

Is this a "Being John Malkovich" situation?
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 Welcome to Swiss house size naming conventions
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 The half room is an open kitchen. So a living room with kitchen area is considered 1.5 rooms...
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 @cvoc: My "half" room is about 25m^2 and is the biggest room in my place
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 i chatted to them on the climb at ews tweedlove last year, i wasnt racing just there on my bike to ride and support. they were both so nice and kind with their time and attention in the middle of a race day. wish them the best i hope it goes well!
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 Yeh 'Flem Lodge' doesnt translate so well
  • 7 0
 Probably at the top of a long climb
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 I'd rather dislodge the flem, but jokes aside this place sounds awesome! I wish them success
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 Dress flimsily in Flims and you'll be dislodging phlegm at Flem Lodge...
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 @powturn: ^They should engrave that in the coat rack at the lodge^
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 I wonder if they considered 'Lung Butter Lodge'? - Probably not, sounds too much like something out of Harry Potter
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 Flem Lodge? These twins are the spitting image of each other
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 I'm salivating at the chance to go their lodge.
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 NIce work im sure the coffee's will be good too!
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 These twins are some of the funnest, wildest and most friendly people ive had the pleasure to spend time riding and having fun with in whislter with. I will 100% be going it looks amazing. Well done girls you deserve the best and spread your positivity to the guests from around the world. Ant.
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 Good luck to Anita & Caro in this new venture. They are always so friendly and will do well I'm sure. Look forward to staying and riding there one day!!
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 Good luck to them.
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 This sounds like such an awesome "retirement" plan. They now have a business that allows them to stay in the biking world: right near the trails, and they get to share the riding with others. I'm sure after a while the traveling to race just gets old and brutal. The ability to keep riding and live in one place with access is a dream.
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 They will be missed. Must have been a hard decision to give up traveling and racing around the world. Good luck to them, I bet it's delicious food they make.
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 Very cool
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 How dare they try and do something fun and rewarding outside of bikes. ; P

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 @Anita & Caro wishing you full success on this. Quick suggestion: start putting an english version to your website Smile
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 “and offer culinary delights”

So….pizza and beer?
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 It's Switzerland, not US+A. So more like cheese, wine and chocolate...
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 @theteaser: don’t forget bread….
Sounds lovely doesn’t it
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 @theteaser: then count me in
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 @theteaser: and raclette... ohmygod i love raclette
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 of course. and fondue... :-)
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 Cool good luck to you both!
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 good luck, ladies! i know where i'm staying when i make my euro trip.
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 Norco range so heavy it forced them into an early retirement.
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