9 2024 Team Changes That Flew Under the Radar

Feb 6, 2024
by Ed Spratt  
Now that the UCI team lists are out, we know all the secrets of where most riders have ended up for 2024 and racing rumour season has come to a close. As always, there are a few surprise team changes we didn't know about or that passed us by in the run-up to the UCI's announcement.

Aaron Gwin Racing for Gwin Racing

After not appearing on the team list at launch, we now have confirmation that Aaron Gwin will be back between the tape this year.

Luckily Aaron's missing team was just an error and he is back with a new setup for 2024. The Gwin Racing team features Aaron alongside Seth Sherlock and Michael Delesalle. You can find out more here.
Photo by Nathan Hughes

Isabeau Courdurier & Adrien Dailly May Race DH World Cups

In a very small change to this year's team list, we spotted that instead of EDR both Isabeau Courdurier and Adrien Dailly are listed as DH riders. While this can sometimes be an error, we contacted the team who told us this was correct and while both riders are still focused on enduro racing, they have kept the option open to potentially attend some downhill World Cups in 2024. Courdurier and Dailly have ridden downhill World Cups before so it wouldn't be their first time getting between the tape on a DH bike.
Another win for Isabeau Cordurier

Gaëtan Vige to Propain Positive

After being without a team since 2020, it is great to see Gaëtan Vige back with team support in 2024 as we have received confirmation that he will be joining the Propain Positive team. A full announcement is expected soon as the fast French rider makes a return to racing alongside Phil Atwill.
Gaetan Vige dropping into the finish area on the run of his life.

Dimitri Tordo Potentially Joining the Commencal Enduro Project

After leaving the Canyon CLLCTV team at the end of last year, it appears the 2024 team list has revealed that Dimitri Tordo is heading to the Commencal Enduro Project. If the UCI team listing is correct, then Dimitri will be racing alongside the likes of Alex Rudeau and Louis Jeandel.

We have contacted the team but have yet to hear confirmation of this team move.
Dimitri Tordo on Stage 2.

Gloria Scarsi Features on 2 Canyon Teams

Another Enduro racer moving around teams is Gloria Scarsi who battled for Enduro World Cup wins in 2023 as well as becoming a top performer in downhill races. For 2024, it appears that while she will still be with Canyon she will race for the Pirelli team in DH and the Factory Enduro team for EDR World Cups. Her previous team Canyon CLLCTV Dainese no longer appears on the team list for this year's racing.

We contacted the teams involved as part of our reporting but have yet to hear confirmation of these team changes.
What an entry into top level downhill racing for Gloria Scarci 7th place.

Zoe Cuthbert Officially on Team 31

While we may have missed the official announcement amid all the team changes, we can share now the news that Zoe Cuthbert will the joining Team 31 in 2024.

After racing XC World Cups as a privateer, it is amazing to see her now receive the support of a pro team. In the official announcement, the team said:

"Team 31 Ibis Cycles Continental is extremely happy to welcome Zoe Cuthbert to the team! Zoe was born in the year 2001 and is a passionate mountain biker with experience from many disciplines. Even though she competed in a number of EDR World Series events in 2023, her main discipline and focus is in/on XCO.

No one has to doubt Zoe’s passion as she toured the whole XCO World Cup in 2022 and 2023 as a privateer, completely self-reliant. With that experience in fresh memory, Zoe is ready and very much looking forward to be part of a pro team for the 2024 season."

Danny Hart Listed on the Continental Nukeproof Team

For a large part of the off-season, it appeared that Danny Hart may have been heading into 2024 without a race team but finally, there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel. If we are to believe the UCI team list, then we should expect Danny Hart to race with the Continental Nukeproof team in 2024. There's been no official word on this yet so it is best to take it lightly until we hear more.

We contacted the Continental Nukeproof team to get confirmation of Danny's spot on the team but we have yet to receive a response at the time of publishing.

Jack Menzies Could be Heading to the Canyon CLLCTV

After Polygon ended its factory racing team last year, Jack Menzies was one of the many riders who was left without a ride. Once again the UCI's team list has potentially provided some team news spoilers as he now features under the Canyon Collective Enduro team. Just as with quite a few of the surprises in the team list, there is no official word yet on this team move.

We contacted the Canyon team about Jack joining the Enduro squad but we have not yet received confirmation.
Jack Menzies in 12th

Nukeproof SRAM Racing has Not been Entered as a UCI Team for 2024

Sadly, the Nukeproof SRAM racing team has not been included in this year's list of teams with the future of its place at World Cups looking uncertain. As part of our reporting, we reached out to the team where it was confirmed to us that it was not entered as a UCI team for 2024. We were told that no solid plans could be made for the team while Wiggle/CRC remain in administration.
Maydena local and bike park trail builder Dan Booker took 2nd just 5 seconds off the win

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 You also may not have noticed, but this year I'll be a privateer committed to team Visa at 17% apr.
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 Honestly, I was expecting a cool video edit about that.
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 @pioterski: you'll have to wait for one of the competing banks to offer one of those 'interest' holidays when you transfer your balance over mid-season....
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 Team American Express are sponsoring my trips with a number of Avios points accrued by buying bikes an amex #TeamAmex #TeamPoorFinancialChoices
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 Propain Positive sounds off in my ears. It's like getting bad test results from a doctor.
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 I tested positive for propain and was subsequently fired from my job.
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 Better than being on the bastard gas.
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 @steveczech: Did they hold a lit match to you to fire you?
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 @steveczech: DAMMIT BOBBY!!!
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 I don't know how those accessories got there.
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 Each to their own!! You have to at least appreciate the alliteration
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 @steveczech: I thought those tests were confidential.
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 Is Ella Conolly the only one of the UK enduro ladies who has a ride this year? That's crazy considering the number of them that have been at or near the pointy end in the last few years.
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 Hattie Harnden still does DH/EDR for Trek I believe.
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 @paulskibum: yes she does
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 There will be a Continental Nukeproof but not a Nukeproof Sram ? What's the logic ?
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 It sounds like Nukeproof aren’t on the hook for running a team. Instead they are sponsor and kit provider
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 Any news on Keegan Wright? He is no longer with the Yeti team, even his Instagram account has been deleted.
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 He's not been with yeti for years. Since he's drinking driving charge he's kind of dropped off the radar
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 @wellbastardfast: DD charge was 2020. Yeti was 2022, and another brand 2023 who's name escapes me currently..
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 @JimNorton: he was with devinci
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 When you have a criminal conviction it's difficult getting visas for other countries.
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 Keegan was seen working for a landscaping company in Victoria BC last February
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 @captainclunkz: he got let away with it mate , so he doesn’t have one.
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 Where did Aimi Kenyon land this year? I see she is on a Trek but which team?
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 She is listed as a rider for Unior-Sinter Factory Racing alongside Ben Zwar and Oli Clark. -> www.uci.org/team-details/20037
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 @TheRedBaron82: Cheers mate
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 Not sure if this qualifies as an "under the radar" team change, but Pinkbike team members (or those supported by PB in 2023) MYLANN FALQUET, THIBAULT LALY, and NATHAN PONTVIANNE have all joined GOODMAN SANTACRUZ.


Wyatt Harrington hasn't signed with anyone.
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 Hugo Marini on Scott downhill team
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 Canyon Collective Enduro team - wht s ths?
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 So what bike bc will gwin be on?
Someone will know I’m sure.
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 "We contacted the team as part of our reporting but have yet to hear confirmation of these changes at the time of publishing."

Why oh why is the UCI Teams List not confirmation enough? There surely is no evidence that teams would jokingly / accidentally include some riders that do not actually ride for them.
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 This is the same UCI lists that omitted Gwin's team, and that in past seasons has often had clerical errors - seems like sound practice to double check on that sort of thing.
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 @g-42: It baffles me that an organization like the UCI makes mistakes like that often enough that media has to routinely fact check. It's yet another example of them losing trust in the community.
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 @thats-joe: Or, and hear me out here.
Teams sometimes wait until the very last minute to confirm/sign things, as they want to wait to see about all available options. Riders do the same, especially if they are talking with two different teams. Add to that, we could be talking about organizations and riders that are in different times zones, speak different languages, and have to submit paperwork to a large organization.. Then approvals, and legal nonsense needs to be sorted, and sometimes theres last minute changes.

Its a big machine, and mtb is but a tiny fraction of what the UCI is actually about.

Just wanted to offer you some perspective. Do you run an international organization with hundreds of employees, and thousands of volunteers? I dont, and I bet its quite the challenge
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 Vige I think was riding for Gen-s last year (not without team since2020)
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 Finally a Gwin on Aarons face
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 Gwins team is rumoured Not to be running the latest E Bike Specific wireless Chainless Chain
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 About the same deal they gave me.
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 Sam Hill anyone??
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 Team motodad
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 King of the backyard Barbie
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 92024 changes :O
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 anyone know what brand of frame Arron Gwin will be on?
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 A gwinning one no doubt.
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 DJ Brandt on Cannondale..maybz
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 Propane no?
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 @dkendy1: Second guess is Polygon
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 Leigh Johnson hasn’t got a ride this year either !
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 Beginning a headline with two numbers is... something
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 Good luck to Zoe. Hopefully she can learn a lot from Jenny Rissveds.
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 Good to see Party Boy is with Commencal
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 Aaron Gwin Racing for Gwin Racing
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 So new Lapierre DH Bike or what are they going to ride?
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 Danny Hart at Nukeproof doesn't need a confirmation has he's been riding Nukeproof bikes for sometime now so thats a Yes
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 Yes, Danny has been seen riding a Nukeproof but he looks to be running Fox suspension whereas the Continental Nukeproof team has been on RockShox suspension. Because of this difference, I believe it is still worth getting confirmation.
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 Maybe more teams are going to start taking the uncaged route. It seems like it would be more inviting to be able to get your own preferences.
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 @Vudu74: Not great for team budgets, though. Need partners to help foot the bill in exchange for promotional rights.
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