An e-Bike Everyone Can Get Behind - Sea Otter 2017

Apr 22, 2017
by Pinkbike Staff  

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 That's pretty cool. I like to see innovation that gets more people included in the joys of mountain biking. This is more groundbreaking than a new hub standard or shock mounting standard.
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 Stacy Kohut would huck it.
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 Isn't that what e-bikes do?
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 @chyu: He wouldn't. his opinion on e-bikes is clear. "Human powered only".
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 @chyu: i don't think it would stand up to the abuse.

i beat on my rig like the red-headed stepchild that it is.
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 @ThomDawson: YES. Thank you for pointing this out. If this bike had 2 wheels, I'm sure it would be garnering plenty of hate in the comments. There are plenty of people, myself included, who I have a disability that impairs their ability to pedal but can balance on a two-wheeled bike and would rather ride that. E-bikes serve this purpose for just as many people in this situation as "lazy people who thing they're riding a motorcycle".
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 @dmob319: agreed.
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 @stacykohut: sounds like a challenge #icon tester. Be cool to have you out on a trail ride here
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 @won-sean-animal-chin: sorry bro, i don't ride uphills.

even if i had the use of my legs i would never pedal up to dh.

its called downhill for a reason.

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 @stacykohut: You have to admit though that this is a lot more versatile than a DH specific quad, its tool that improves access for more people to enjoy what they might not otherwise be able to. It's pretty challenging to access a lot of chairs on a quad without lift or dedicated road access, this could open more doors to access trails that don't fall into this category. Lucky for us that, we have the best park in the world in our backyard, something that others would kill for!
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 @stacykohut: haa, I call bs. All the dhers are on trials motos. You'd dig our trails. We're in it for the downs but tech climbs are fun. Benny's killin it on the tech climbs now
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 The thing about this bike is, it has potential beyond just mountain biking. This thing has more power than most 50cc motor scooters.

The inventor is in a wheelchair, think about what he said. Someone in a normal wheelchair or a 2-wheeled ebike wouldn't be able to sit on the hill and watch the Sea Otter DS. This contraption (it's not a bike, nowhere close) can help people with disabilities lead somewhat normal lives, it could probably let someone go up or down stairs with some practice.

Hats off to this man, he's created an amazing thing.
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 @won-sean-animal-chin: ....

only time i ever rode up a big ol hill, i was on my yz 125.

3rd gear, fully tapped.

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 @stacykohut: see you'd be teh perfect tester . Hook m up #icon

Pfft I think I climbed a hill in 3rd once on my z50. Hills I'm usually downshifting from 5th #fkna
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 @won-sean-animal-chin: you know me, i'm stubborn.

dh only my brother, dh only.

z50? rad.great ride.
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 @stacykohut: 1974 MR50 FTW!
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 @mykel: yeah dog.
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 @stacykohut: dude you're a legend! Your comments here are classic.
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 We want to see it in action!
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 I was just about to say that!
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 @stumpymidget: me too xD
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 some impressive DH at like 4:15 ^
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 As someone who works with people who have disabilities, I salute you. That is what mountain biking should be all about, inclusiveness not exclusivity. Good luck to this venture, full props to you buddy.
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 lets see martyon ashton on this
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 How much does it cost and link to website, etc. I've a kid with additional needs and this would mean we could get out riding together as a family. I know it will be crazy expensive but, like others have said, this level of inclusion is difficult with so many other sports that it is genuinely something special...
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 @labourde: thanks for that link. Wow, quite a heavy price tag but didn't expect anything else. If only major bike manufacturers poured money into these sort of developments to get more people getting the sort of "high" we all get to enjoy.
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 @whythall1 and what makes you the arbiter of what people decide to ride regardless of your opinion? Its a free world. If people wanna ride e bikes where they are allowed then so be it. Let and let live. There's far more injustice in this world than people riding e bikes.
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 Apologies in advance, but that is fucking amazing!
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 There was a guy on North Shore that had something similar (he would ride fishermans' with another person (female). She was on a heavy electric bike riding along. This guy made his own wheelchair MTB. What happened to him, anyone knows?
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 i moved to the okanagan for the wider trails.
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 very very cool. Adapted cycling can change the lives of so many less fortunate people. This is what the industry needs more of.
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 Wow, this is brilliant. I don't normally comment on Pinkbike but wanted to say fair play to the designer for coming up with something different. It takes a lot of effort to develop something so complex and no doubt it'll bring smiles to many faces.
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 i love it, I'm sure I'm going to end up in a mobility device at some point in time in my life and I'm glad to know people are thinking about how to make cool ones that help day to day life. But........How can you show us something so rad and then not give us any video of it in action?! come on pink bike.....
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 Spent about 15 minutes looking at the two there yesterday and speaking with the wife. Amazing design and super nice people. While I have issues with ebikes, these are not the same to me. This allows those without the use of their legs to enjoy acess to trails and the backcountry that they otherwise could not.
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 Couldn't agree more: e bikes are great in this case where they are helping and including people who otherwise wouldn't be able to ride. But for the people who are purely lazy... I do not have any time for e bikes in that case, especially with all of the pr they are getting from specialized etc
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 @piersgritten: to me at least, you hit the nail on the head. I struggle on longer rides, not because of any disability, but my lack of discipline with eating and riding enough. I would sooner stop riding than get an ebike. Disabled people don't have that choice.
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 That's pretty cool but it's too bad it was all action shots of it being used on trails. I would have loved to have seen a guy just push it over and back left and right about 2 dozen times.
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 Badasss... keep up the good work!
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 That's awesome! A proper use for ebike technology! tup

Not like the ebikes piloted by lazy able bodied people that we see on the trails every weekend !
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 Lazy people? At least they are outide instead of behind the keyboard. How do you know they are lazy? Maybe they have heart issues, knee issues??? Get off your attitude and let people do what they enjoy.
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 I had a go on a orbea wild today, you would never, ever say that again! trust me!!!!!!!! Anyhow, my friend has a brain tumour and when he works too much he gets a headache, an ebike allows him to go with us without worrying!
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 climbing is for suckers (myself being one of them) if i was a rich ass dentist you bet your ass i would have an E bike to assisted shuttle myself to the top. more downhill laps=more better. its like giving shit to people who shuttle
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 @d-man: congratulations, you just won the hypocrite of the year award
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 @piersgritten: how so? I have been on board with ebikes from the start and I do not judge people by what type of bike they ride. If you're saying I'm lazy well you could not be farthe from the truth.
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 @d-man: I was referring to "at least they go outside instead of behind a keyboard" he typed
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 @piersgritten: lol, so because I spent some time on pink bike after surfing I'm a hypocritic??? Spot on dude, you got me.
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 Way to go Christian. I rode the ICON a few weeks ago. Christian took me out for a rip. I am not disabled, but had a blast on the ICON. I am an avid mountain biker who loves to go fast and the ICON did just that. The places this thing goes is very impressive and the engineering behind it is even more impressive.
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 Awesome! I'd love to see that thing rallying the trails. Hopefully, I'll see one in person.
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 gnarly dude!
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 Someone put Tara Llanes on one... (though since she works for another adaptive cycle brand that might be a conflict)
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 Having worked on her new bike, i think the leaning feature of this is pretty cool. The turning radius of Tara's bike is poor at slow speeds. But the lean should be dampened and not too floppy.
Amazing bikes... This is Tara's I photographed after building it..
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 @denomerdano: that's truly excellent, trails for all!
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 uh...yeah..... good luck with that. make sure you wear your helmet and goggles.
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 Kohut! Your thoughts?
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 i'd break the thing into pieces within a couple hours of shreddin'. doesn't look like it could stand the abuse.
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 @stacykohut: I don't think its intended for purely DH use. Though I'm very curious to know how you can automatically tell that its a weak design from a 2 minute video...
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 @brandonf: your right, its not for dh use.

we both could tell that from the video.
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 I wonder if it has suspension besides the lean.
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 Wait till Aaron 'Wheelz' Fotheringham sees this
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 Now we need a charity to help those in need, have access to such an amazing machine.
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 charity? what are you talkin' about.......

The tragedy/charity model depicts disabled people as victims of circumstance who are deserving of pity. This, along with the medical model, are the models most used by non-disabled people to define and explain disability.
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 @stacykohut: In no way did I mean to be disrespectful. Sorry if it came out this way. I myself am lucky enough to have two amazing special needs kids through addoption. It has been 11 years and I have come to accept through this wonderful journey, is that sometimes the greatest people in the world don't always have the ways or means to get the tools to enjoy life to its fullest.
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 @losmarauder: you were not being direspectufl dude.

its your view, i gave you mine.... or more acurate, i cut and pasted a nice explanation from the wiki page........
which sums up the different models of disabilty.

i prefer the market model myself...............

The market model of disability is minority rights and consumerist model of disability that recognizing people with disabilities and their stakeholders as representing a large group of consumers, employees and voters. This model looks to personal identity to define disability and empowers people to chart their own destiny in everyday life, with a particular focus on economic empowerment. By this model, based on US Census data, there are 1.2 billion people in the world who consider themselves to have a disability. "This model states that, due to the size of the demographic, companies and governments will serve the desires, pushed by demand as the message becomes prevalent in the cultural mainstream.

dolla dolla bill y'all
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 well done , please share some vids of the bike in action
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 That is soooo cool!!!
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 Adding this video to my favorites so when I break my legs I can make sure to find this again.
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 AWESOME!!!!! I want to see that thing in action!
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 Oh look a ride engine kiteboarding harness.
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 Pretty neat. Kona's ebike is the only other one I can get behind.
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 Atv. Yeah that's totally Innovative nobody's ever heard of that
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 Cool as hell!

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