Shredding Downhill on a CX Bike with Yoann Barelli - Video

Jan 19, 2016
by Pinkbike Staff  

Yoann Barelli's abilities with a cyclocross bike have been well documented before, but in this edit, the flying Frenchman takes things to the next level as he takes on the infamous Full Nelson trail in Squamish, BC. Be prepared to reassess your descending abilities and to fully understand how truly gifted the worlds top racers are at riding bikes - any bikes - on the gnarliest of terrain...

MENTIONS: @redbullbike / @GiantBicycle

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 Anybody else hear the spokes on his cx bike begging for mercy?
Great riding dude!
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 Wrong button oops. Yeah I loved that. I used to ride my cross bike ok trails but I needed something safer and started mma.
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 I had the impression regarding the whole bike whispering: Kill me, Kill me... Wink
That riding, though. Insane!
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 Just goes to show how the strong those CX bike have become over the years.
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 Or how smooth the rider actually is...
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flag Monstertruckermotherfuker (Jan 19, 2016 at 17:09) (Below Threshold)
 PB should just pick a cx bike for bike of the year, that seems to be where they are headed.
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 I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if dozens of spokes cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has Yoann's wheels.
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 That feeling of going bigger than you anticipated followed by a "whoo" in mid air is known by everyone.
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 Every time!!
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 couldn't describe it better haha
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 This just in: pro rider is better than me.
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 Local news at 11.
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 Probably rode that faster and smoother on his CX bike than I could on my mountain bike. Insanely skilled and hilarious guy!
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 Yes.. Probably, I don't know for a fact? By no means am I claiming to be anywhere near as good a rider. But the difference between MTB and CX bike is quite significant.
Way to take things seriously 'Murican Smile
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flag dropoffsticks (Jan 19, 2016 at 13:01) (Below Threshold)
 ...yes, Americans love to take things seriously. btw, you spelled you're wrong /sarcasm
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 Building a CX bike at the moment. I feel like having this idea of what is possible on a cross bike is going to get me in trouble.
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 And the Cloudburst cafe in the video has the best damn muffins.
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 agree, locavore food truck and the cloudburst cafe was the best way to end a bike day in squamish...
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 Plz. I could easily ride a downhill bike on a CX trail any day. ...but, seriously. Impressive.
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 he is the only proof you need that you don't need 160+ mm of travel on a bike. This guys a maniac
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 Well, he doesn't need a 160 bike. Me on the other hand, I'll take all the help I can get!
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 We may not need it but we sure want it.
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 is 160+ a new 'standard'....
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 You don't need beer either
  • 16 1
 If you were my son, I would.
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 ha ha....
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 whilst those jumps were pretty big, it waas a pretty smooth trail. 100mm would more than iron out any bumps. Based on what he rode in the vid
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 the oooooooiii noise he makes when he sees the full nelson sign had me
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 and his hiding behind the tree...acting like in some cheap 70ies porn...i like that!
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 My favorite enduro rider out there !!! SO talented and funny, always a smile on his face... The Reign Pro will be my next bike, I love giant, thanks for this vid !!!
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 Drinkin' the cool-aid. . .
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 Edits with no crappy music sure are refreshing. Just the natural sounds a bicycle makes as it shreds loam.

I wonder, however, if we weren't all too cheap to pay licensing for more popular music, if edits would be better. I would love to make an edit of my local DH trails to Separate Ways from Journey:
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flag WAKIdesigns (Jan 19, 2016 at 10:01) (Below Threshold)
 Call me old fashioned but I always wanted a fecap from World Champs with Madonna in the background. Or play Metallica in a Specialized promo, If you know where I'm getting with this...
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 I gotcha. A very litigous bunch there
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 @WAKIdesigns Madonna on that edit and the CX bike crying "Touched for the very first time"?
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 One of the best videos I've seen for a long time! Insane and different riding skills, no slo-mo, no silly music and all in good fun! More this please!
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 Produced by RedBull... Is it a new sponsor Yoann ??? Wink @yoannbarelli
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 I was wondering the same thing!
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 The last thing he needs is more caffeine...
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 Tuto tuesday
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 yoann barelli: back to steal yo girl, and any shred of dignity you had remaining after his last video.
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 This is really odd. If you take a look at the Giant Trance the describtion says that it's not made for jumping and both wheel should stay on the ground, and at the same time one of the Giant sponsered athletes jumps around on a cycle cross bike? I'm confused...
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 Does this mean Yoann's about to get in with Redbull. Wouldn't surprise me...
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 nope. this isn’t the first edit they made of a professional who isn’t officially sponsored by them. happens in skiing/snowboarding more often, though.
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 I like that he likes his bikes noisy. He's also very good at making the noises with his mouth. They should make a video with him doing the sound effects while he's riding.
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 He is not the first rider who doing this. Who is interesting see also Brumotti's freestyle on road bike on youtube! It is even more awesome! To see just type "Brumotti Road Bike Freestyle" in youtube search.
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 Ok, they have now corrected the mistake to reflect the right location.
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 damn that dude is siko and bad ass all at the same time!!!
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 I wish I could watch him race WC DH
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 Yoann Barelli's got mad skillz. That was ridiculous….
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 how dare you just toss your CX bike like that into the back of the truck, thats bike abuse.
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 Yoann is my spirit animal.
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 we are have obsession on bike, but at the end, it is about riding,,damned,,
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 Shouldn't have watched this first thing... now I got to wait all day to get on the bike ...
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 Squamish is the best.
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 "no man, i can't ride out this jump, i'm on my hardtail, maybe when i'll take the full-sus"
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 Yoann = cash money
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 This guy has the best edits; riding, filming, funning, all at 11!
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 looks like FormulaOne cross!
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 Angry Midget on a Cx bike would be more impressive.
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 Yeah- or Grin & Holler. Or Treasure.

Still, I wouldn't even ride Half Nelson on a CX bike, so I'm not one to talk for sure. I'd ride it to the Howe Sound Inn pub, maybe.
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 I dunno dude that huck out of the berm at 34 seconds is not easy especially on a cx bike. Definitely way harder and more risker to do that then a lap of AM imo. Next time your're there you should give it a go you'll realise the speed he was going on a cx bike.
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 Yoann Barelli is the best! always putting a smile on my face.
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 This guy makes me depressed.... Big Grin
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 This guy is so smooth, he's like a ninja on two wheels.
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 Drop bars... Oh lord
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 That is so many thousands of times more terrifying than the skinny tires and lack of suspension.
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 That is a disgusting amount of talent! To be only half that skilled : (
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 OK...well maybe HALF. In that I can do jumps HALF that big, and rip with HALF that speed....

Ah shi*t. Who am I kidding....not even half the style.
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 Reverse drift at 1:25 was sick!
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 when i grow up i wanna be like him!
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 Barelli for president! Wink
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 I like how loose he got on the MTB. the raw audio is dope too
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 I think you might want to check your facts PB. Full Nelson is in Squamish, not in Nelson...
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 i think you might wanna pay attention right at the beginning it say SQUAMISH hahahaha
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 I think you might want to read the text under the video. Are you able to read?
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 what are you talking about at the beginning of the video and in the text it says squamish the f*ck are you talking about??
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 @nhrider16 "Yoann Barelli's abilities with a cyclocross bike have been well documented before, but in this edit, the flying Frenchman takes things to the next level as he takes on Nelson, BC's, infamous Full Nelson trail. Be prepared to reassess your descending abilities and to fully understand how truly gifted the worlds top racers are at riding bikes - any bikes - on the gnarliest of terrain..."
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 he takes on the infamous Full Nelson trail in Squamish, BC is what is say and have you checked out the beginning of the video where it also says squamish when he crosses the intersection!
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 You need to settle down, PB has made the appropriate edit. When the article was released, it made reference to Full Nelson being in NELSON, BC. It has since been corrected by PB. Look at the comment from PiP0228 above to see what the original text said. You can stop being the keyboard hero now.
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 lol @shoreboy1866 this is because pinkbike. the general population of this website has an IQ of -20. it's not you, its them.
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 the pinkbike headquarter is located in squamish... looks like they don't want us to ride their trails Big Grin
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 Who cares? Add something real to the discussion. This is like tattling.
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 *never* go FULL Nelson
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 Have you ridden Full Squamish in Nelson BC?
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 I actually prefer Half Nelson to Full Nelson. Shorter access and longer trail! I ride it on an almost weekly basis in the 'non-rainy' season here in the Sea to Sky corridor.
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 Nelson BC? come on...seriously
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 Like a boss
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 holy skillz-ballz
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 I like raw.
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 Why though?
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 love this guy!
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