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The Pinkbike Podcast: Episode 193 - Freeride, Firefighting and Fear with Steve Vanderhoek

Aug 31, 2023
by Henry Quinney  
Art by Taj Mihelich

In this far-reaching conversation, we talk about everything from extreme injury, modern freeride, and social media, as well as the consequences of crashing such as fear or healing mental wounds. We even touch on why the modern enduro bike might just be the bike freeride has been waiting for.

Featuring a rotating cast of the editorial team and other guests, the Pinkbike podcast is a weekly update on all the latest stories from around the world of mountain biking, as well as some frank discussion about tech, racing, and everything in between.

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 I made a comment a few months back criticizing Henry for his interview skills on the pod with Romain. This is not that, this is a bloody fantastic interview. Over the last couple months Henry's growth mindset has been front and center as he's visibly worked on his interviewing skills. It's been incredible to see him find the balance between being himself and being a professional journalist and the results speak for themselves. This is great stuff. I really appreciate the effort and consideration that has gone into improving on a great foundation. Thanks
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 That's really kind of you to say, and I do genuinely appreciate it. I like the podcasts and am getting more comfortable as I go. As you've probably noticed, when I'm nervous I talk... a lot. I'm still not exactly how I want to be with it and hopefully I can continue to improve and I'll just keep chipping away at them. Being online is great in that you get a lot of feedback, but it can be tricky as you also have your less-great moments there for all to see. But hey, them's the breaks and thank you/all the listeners for the patience. I really enjoyed making this interview and we'll have to get Romain on again to see if he can get a word in edgeways second time around. Cheers
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 @henryquinney: Great conversation with one the most Gnar. One topic that you brought up hit home... Injury that causes an individual to end one's passion sport. Vert Skateboarder, broken femur 25 years old. now I Cruse Mtb Bikes. There's a lot of us. Cheers
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 I agree that I was somewhat sceptical of Henry initially, but I have come to appreciate his thoughtful style. I still miss Levy's ireverance, but Henry is brining his own personality to the Pink Bike community.
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 I just learned you can collapse parent comments on pinkbike, at least on desktop. We're living in the future!
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 Collapse me
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 @bikerider0985: I can't, you're a child comment.
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 you can sort by Score and Time too, woohoo!
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 Great chat with Steve this week- a) he's an awesome guy b) some really good topics chatted about here with regards to mental health and risk taking
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 His segment on one of the earlier episodes of the Brett Tippie podcast is pretty good too, worth a listen.
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 This has been one of my favourite podcasts as its so personally relatable - love of mountain bikes and a passion for working for the emergency services. Great listen.
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 It was so much fun to record. I would love to get Steve back on and catch up with him again a little ways down the road.
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 He’s a pretty cool guy!
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 dumpster approved
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 One of the best podcasts to date. What a human side, (husband, partner, firefighter, working through fears, etc)to someone Ive always seen as "superhero" or non human on his videos. Great job Henry and thanks Steve for sharing.
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 Glad to see the permeation of mental health coming through more and more, especially with a first responder job. Its only a matter of time it seems before PTSD sets in unless you do the trauma processing work. People aren't meant to see the stuff that emerg and first responders witness
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 That was a phenomenal interview. Great job Henry. I hate to admit that I was minimally aware of Steve and his riding, and almost skipped this episode. That would have been my loss. I recently recovered from my first bad crash after riding for decades. I have considered hanging up the helmet, but truly enjoy riding and still have the support from my family. I really appreciated Steve’s perspective on continuing to ride after a major injury and managing risk. Especially with his background as an EMT. That’s interview really helped see that it’s ok to ride for me and not worry about keeping up with my more talented buddies. Thanks to you both.
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 Thanks for the kind words. That does mean a lot to me. Really happy that our little chat could have a bit of a positive effect. Really stoked to hear you are still riding!
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 ... From now on, Kazimer is in charge of the "Music Corner".
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 Hey hey hey! No, wait. That's fair.
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 Taken me a week to get to this one but my word I’m glad I did. So much good stuff. Lots of well framed inspiration and reminders around following passions and self care. Doing things for the right reasons. Brilliant.

Henry , you’re actually becoming one of my favourite podcasters. I buzz off your self awareness and openness. Dario and Alicia are absolutely brilliant too. Genuinely really look forward to these pods each week and this is one of the best yet.
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 I want to be like Steve when I grow up! The story about sending first time feature and death possibility was hilarious Smile
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 matt beer gut health podcast when?
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 matt beer-gut health, or matt beer gut-health?
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 Really enjoyed Henry's sincerity in conversations about risk and everything in mtb, really makes me think about how the sport has grown over the years to include these kinda conversations
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 Both Henry & Steve-o are so damn good. Also, Alicia on the intro (hello from Bellingham neighbor!) This is so, so good! Thanks everyone!
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 does anyone know which feature he was talking about (around 78 minutes into the podcast) where it was just his wife with him?
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 Busted Axe Wound, its the last feature in this film:

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 @PeakHopper: right on. thanks!
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 Busted Axe Wound from the top - 35:30 in link below

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 Beer-gut health sounds way more interesting. Gut-health article might make me throw up in my empty beer mug.
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 We need more of these kinds of conversations in our sport. Big respect to Steve for his maturity and retrospective and to Henry for the great interview.
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 Comment gold and on the Steve V episode!! I’ll be putting this on my resume.
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 Good stuff, Steve's a hell of a rider and seems like a top bloke, love the crazy stuff he rides.
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 Wow. I am lost for words. I needed to hear this ❤️
Thanks Steve and Henry
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 Man so happy! I’m stoked to hear anything positive that comes out of this
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 Great attitude Steve and great pod PB and Henry!
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 Steve is an awesome dude! Thanks for having him on! And great interview.
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 Amazing podcast. The "do it for yourself" really clicked with me.
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 This is a fantastic episode.
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 my absolute favorite pinkbike podcast thus far. out of all 193 this is it.
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 Thank you so much!
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 Good interview!
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