Video: Christina Chapetta, Andreane Lanthier Nadeau & Georgia Astle Take On One Of The North Shore's Jankiest Laps

May 1, 2021
by Pinkbike Originals  

Christina Chappetta, Andreane Lanthier Nadeau, and Georgia Astle are no strangers to riding fast and rowdy tracks but Ladies Only on the North Shore is an entirely different beast. Can they level up and conquer the root and skinny-filled trail?


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 I'd get tired on this trail for sure. That's a long way to carry your bike down a mountain.

Skooled again. And wtf is with going up that ridiculous construction loosely called a teeter totter? Nice work.
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 haha yep! It's too steep in some spots to walk anything! And there is the famous "teeter totter" which we decided to ride both ways for fun!
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 @christinachappetta: I've got a Kona from 1992 that I could lend you if you want to experience it old skool.
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 I've fallen into that heron pond, with Digger in attendance. -5 points.
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 @mobiller dannnnng!!!!!!!!!! The pressure was on with digger as an audience.
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 @andreaneln: He clapped lol
Love that guy
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 @mobiller: If you love Digger, purchase some of the gear to support him. I ordered my shirt last week.
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 @rrolly: got a link for that support Digger gear?
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 @rrolly: Looking at the Kneeds Knees water bottles here from last round of Digger support, will definitely buy at least some stickers for the toolbox this round.

Fingers crossed next merch round is commemorative spoons and china Digger cherub figurines. Display case is prepped.
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 @mobiller: I never knew that I wanted a Royal Doulton Digger figurine until just now. I'll have to make room on the mantle, but I'm sure grannies won't mind if I move her ashes.
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 Hate to be 'that guy', but Im going to have to say it. Its OK for the PB crew to come down to the Shore and make their video when the rest of Metro Van has been 'advised' not to travel to Squamish/Whistler? If ll these riders all live in Metro Van, then I take my comment back. Great video, poor optics. I do expect this to be downvoted into oblivion, but feel it should be mentioned.
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 While I don't disagree with your statements, It is entirely possible this segment was filmed prior to the restrictions you're referring to.
Sifting through all the footage from the day and editing it all together can take quite some time and they may have even held onto the video for a later release on a slow media/news day perhaps. Lets hope this is the case anyway.
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 @loamfiend: Avoiding non-essential travel has been in place in BC since November 2020. Its only recently that the Province has re-iterated their advice on this and instituted the new regulations asking people not to travel outside your health district.
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 I loved this video, great job. But I think you bring up a valid point and wonder if PB going to respond ?
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flag manofmanymilkcrates (May 2, 2021 at 0:52) (Below Threshold)
 Then don't be that guy. Just say positive things.
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 @manofmanymilkcrates: Its a pandemic my milkycrateman. I personally have only stuck to my local hills in an effort to not be that guy who spreads the virus. Bikes are fun and I appreciate that its probably a means of escapism for a lot of us but I would say that shoresy here was actually pretty nice in his comment but was simply pointing out that Pinkbike might have stepped out of bounds a bit in terms of travel.
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 @manofmanymilkcrates: a positive comment may not necessarily be what someone wants to hear.
It happened a lot in the UK earlier in the pandemic - MTBers ignoring the stay local rule and traveling to ride because it suited them. The positive thing to do would have been stay local and do as much as you possible to avoid transmission. They didn’t want to be told that though.
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 Government restrictions? Who the hell are you going to run into on that trail?
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flag JohanG (May 2, 2021 at 12:54) (Below Threshold)
 You guys need to fight back against these ridiculous restrictions.
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 @JohanG: Or we could just you know wait like 2 months until everyone who wants a vaccine has one?
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 @manofmanymilkcrates: nothing negative about it... My family lives both 2hr and 4hr away on the Same island as me... I haven't seen them both in over a year..... We in BC really shouldn't even be leaving our immediate neighborhoods ATM....
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 per the health regions, if you live in the mainland, you can go from whistler - hope lol, they're fine.
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 @crysvb: You are correct, these areas are in the same health region. However, not only has the Provincial government specifically asked us NOT to travel from Metro Vancouver to Squamish/Whistler, the mayors of both those municipalities have asked the same. No non-essential travel outside your local area. As a group, I know that many metro vancouverites in the mtb community are trying to stay local and not travel up the sea to sky for all the fantastic biking that is available. Why should this mandate not work both ways? If we have been asked not to travel up the S2S for biking, the same should go for those wanting to travel down it to the Shore. There are of course those who will interpret the rules to fit their selfish purpose, but id like to hope we a can all do better than that.
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 @shoreboy1866: i'm so over people ripping each other apart for this. i'm a lower mainland local, i was at seymour last weekend. i ran into a GROUP OF THIRTY standing together at the bottom of mushroom. to shame the riders in this video is just not helping anyone. the seymour crew was WAY worse than this. technically, they're working. if pinkbike wasn't posting anything i'm sure we'd have people on the other side of the spectrum complaining about lack of content. i just don't see what the point of your comments are.
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 @crysvb: I think @shoreboy1866 laid out the rationale for his comments quite well, so did the original poster, its likely an unpopular opinion on this site, and in general, but its worth noting.

We can all do better, I’m in that group as well, and sometimes it takes someone pointing out the unpopular for us to see what we choose to ignore. If we were all doing enough, we would....Well we would be Australia and New Zealand.
I massively appreciate the content thats being put out on the daily by PinkBike, and all the media creators out there, its helping us all get by

Be good to one another
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 That was AWESOME. Great job ladies!
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 Thank you! Fun to create for sure!
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 Girl's Power Amazing video. hearing their emotion and effort. Pinkbike..More, please
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 Thank you! Fun day out with the ladies and trails seem easier since this day
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 Absolutely shredding the jank!
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 ALN was leading the charge of course hahah with her best Wade Simmons voice overs
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 Really, cool video. My wife told me "new video from Christinaaaaa!!! Girls onlyyyyy"
Watched it together with a beer, was cool
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 OMG how fabulous!!! Your wife must be pretty radical. Thanks for the support from afar
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 Excuse me, everyone knows that giving a dog scritches is worth at least 2xp. Seriously though, great video!
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 trail dogs hey?!?! What's not to love
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Uh, a lot. You must’ve never hit dog shit at 20 mph. I looooove dogs but just not on the trail. Gimme some trailhead dogs.
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 @gafoto: dude, all kinds of animals shit in the woods. The ground is literal wormshit. Don't go into nature if you're afraid of it and also hardly any dog will choose the middle of a trail to take a dump (yes, it has happened but again, nature is not instagram, shit exists)
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Yep, worm poop is the same as everything else which is why I’m going to take a dump in your garden bed. I’m sure you have no problem with that, right?
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 @gafoto: that was not my point. I said animals shit in the woods for a living, you can't go there and expect not to come across it.
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 Every time I see a Ladies Only video I wait to see the Barts Bridge roll, it gets me every time, the wierdest and techiest move on the trail (in my opinion). No joy for me with this video.

The other line at they hit at the 3:00 mark, is new to me, you used to have to air from the root at the top of the rock and clear the log that they rolled over. (not that I could do that, but I have witnessed it being done). That whole section at the 3 min mark is full of super tech and sketchy options, the one they rode not being one of them.
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Many of the real lines were missed here. And that line at 3:00 is really a braid. Much more challenging to the right on the rock or airing it.

But, if Digger don’t care then I don’t care.
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flag partswhore (May 1, 2021 at 16:22) (Below Threshold)
 One thing to remember is that mtb media isn’t usually as it appears. It’s mostly fake/exaggerated if there’s any kind of story involved.

They likely filmed this video over a whole day, stood around a bunch, had sandwiches at some point; it wasn’t a “ride” per se.

Just click-able content.
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Uh yeah, that’s basically how 99% of all media is produced.
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 Lol. Love the neg votes. Go on a few photoshoots/bike mag stories/articles...

It’s all smoke and mirrors for the camera, with a lot of waiting around.

Although they didn’t appear to be chasing hood light in this video.
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 @partswhore: the neg votes are because EVERYONE knows!
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 We originally rode the "usual" line off the bridge and to the right.. the roots were actually quite slippery that day! When we saw the straight line and obviously "weirder" one IMO we just had to give it a go because had we come across that in an EWS track there would be no other line. Sometimes it's DO or DIE so it's good to practice those harder lines or the ones you aren't comfortable with :-)
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 @partswhore: It got you here to this page mate. Looks like a job well done to me.
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 Do they though? Or do they just not like it when it’s pointed out? Meh.

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 Digger builds are timeless
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 Entertaining video. Quality riding.
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 I haven't been on ladies in a long time. Looks like the log before the teeter is much easier than before with the giant split in the log and a few rocks stuffed in to keep it from grabbing your tire.
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 Can confirm, nothing on here seemed "easy" hahah although, it was my first time ever riding this trail so IDK...
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 The log before the teeter was filled in with cement a number of years ago. It used to be way harder to ride. Not that it's super easy now.
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 Nice video and some great riding. Looks like you had a blast. I love that you rode an old school trail and put an old school video game in for the scoring. Hats off for thinking of that.
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 You had me at 'Jankiest'.... as in 'WTF is janky?'


..ah, I see.
PB needs a 'Jankiest Ride' photo contest. Then I could submit both my bike and myself.
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 hahaha THIS is great idea! Thanks Dave
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 loved this version of "Ladies Only" I found it to be less tense and more relaxed.... that said I think a mix of Pick'A'Part & Ladies Only crew would make a great episode
More please
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 These girls are looking hot and riding like champs. Props on the big drops and gaps and overall fun in this video. I love the video game theme and the side shots were super cool! This trail needs to be rode on a full capable bike from 1992 to really get the impact of how nasty this trial is. On the big wheels with long travel, these new bikes are awesome but provide a very different trail ride than that of 90's no suspension, long stems rather than racked heads and narrow bars to compensate the long stems. hahahahhahah RideOn
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 Awesome riding ladies love that trail!!
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 this is great!! watching with my daughters who are getting into biking. representation matters. keep it up ladies.
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 FUN!!!! They're probably way too young to know Mortal Kombat hahah but at least they're a little "cultured" now
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 Upper Ladies is fun... Lower is committing and scary AF! Nice work!
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 Agreed, Lower Ladies got really really all of a sudden!
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 There is nothing Janky ,in my opinion, about Diggers artfully sculpted Jem's. I assure you every inch of that trail has been refined by Digger. It's a masterpiece. And these ladies absolutely killed it on this trail!
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 for sure. though stunt laden, the trail has mad flow. it's a jem.
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 You really missed the opportunity to dress Digger up like lady.
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 Where much of the world is content to mark segregated toilets w/ a single word, Canadian logging takes it Only further. TL;D
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 This made my day on the gram. Full vid is the sh**. Nice work!
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 Thank you! We obviously put a LOT of time into this one on the editing so I am pumped on how it turned out
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 Bikes sucked in 92, so it can't be that hard!?
Says a guy from Ontario.
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 It was definitely harder in ‘98!

‘92 would have been loamy.
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 Excellent work
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 Love it! thank you Ladies!
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 this is sooo awesome
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 That was entertaining. Nice riding!
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 Loved the vid. Raising the bar pretty high Christina! Awesome work! Very entertaining and impressive riding.
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 amazing soundtrack!
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 Sick riding, loved the video!
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 Super cool concept that felt fresh! You ladies killed it on Ladies.
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 Definitely smashed that trail, and made it look easy!
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 Awesome riding, fun attitude, gonna show my daughters this, thanks!
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 cool jersey CC.
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 Thanks! It was the brightest thing I had that dark day :-)
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