Stage 1 of the Cape Pioneer Trek international stage race in South Africa took riders through the Gondwana Game Reserve where some competitors had a close encounter with a giraffe.
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Stage 1 of the Cape Pioneer Trek international stage race in South Africa took riders through the Gondwana Game Reserve where some competitors had a close encounter with a giraffe. Photo credit:
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 Is that a still from another giraffes gopro?
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 No...based on how tight their clothes are, poor giraffe probably thought they were fruits
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 ''Sir, excuse me but I think you dropped your wallet!''
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 *Ouh bikers! better get some buying advice. 'Sir wait! what wheel size SHOULD I GET? Carbon or aluminum, what do you think of direct buy...please wait, it´s the first chance I got to see a biker other than on pinkbike...'
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 Starts with a pinkbike pod next that giraffe will be strutting around with a redbull helmet on messing up the precious eco system more than climate change!
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 yeah, something about this doesn´t seem right, but I guess most of those places are swarming with safari vans anyways!
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 Ecosystem vs infrastructure vs go ride your dam bike
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flag MisterJones (Nov 1, 2016 at 7:00) (Below Threshold)
 @HunanUnderdog: yeah and destroy our planet like all americans ? (sorry for eco-friendly I know some of them are)
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flag theminsta (Nov 1, 2016 at 10:52) (Below Threshold)
 @MisterJones: global warming is a hoax. We're just coming out of an ice age. The global climate isn't meant to be unchanging. Climate always changes. Good job drinking the koolaid
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 @theminsta: you sir, are an idiot.
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 @mbaillie: You mean the same evidence that was wrong hundreds of times?

Despite all the hype around the global warming computer models and climate science predictions - reality has not confirmed the often repeated doomsday claims. Stefan Molyneux speaks with William Happer about the flaws in the climate science models, obvious errors which have been overlooked, the demonization of CO2 and the implicit bias within climate science.

William Happer is a professor at Princeton University in the field of atomic physics, optics, and spectroscopy. He is a Director with the CO2 Coalition and served as the Department of Energy's Office of Science Director under the George H. W. Bush administration. Dr. Happer will be speaking at the “Global-Warming: An Inconvenient Lie” conference in Phoenix, Arizona from December 2-4th, 2016.
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 @HerrVorragend: I just got sick of it after believing all the "scientists" and the "news" channels. Climate Doomsday is just as credible as the Biblical Doomsday hysteria. It's about time people wised up and asked real questions about the validity of all this "climate science". To be skeptical is to be scientific.

If 10% of your energy sector was shut down by a foreign country, we would call it a terrorist attack. But liberal/green governments do it and we just shut up and suffer?
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 That giraffe has a really high bottom bracket, but it's stem is too long for tight trails
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 Not even 29" wheels will help him roll over things fast enough to get away from that mofo!
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 Maybe if he had a e bike lol
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 Freakin giraffe got pod again.
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 "On your left"
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 He just wanted to join in the fun...
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 new trail dog?
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 I think pb has found their new mascot!
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 That Giraffe is definitely shouting, "STRAVA!"
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 are giraffes.... dangerous? i'd never thought about it before, i don't know!
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 No not really. I have encountered them on foot a few times before. Generally they just keep their distance. Very placid. As with any animal though they can be unpredictable. More often than not they will flee a threat as oppose to going on the offensive. Having said that, they do have a killer kick.
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 The giraffe works for Fox legal and the rider in front has an x2 on his rig
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 Giraffes are crazy, I couldn't imagine one of those mothers just walking around our city. It would be comparable to living with dinosaurs.
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 Wanna know why Giraffes necks are so long ?

Because their heads are a long way from their body.
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 what was that powder that i put in my camelbak?? i´m seeing giraffes right now!!
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 How riding a 29er feels like
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 That giraffe is FABULOUS.
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 Either its the quickest way to die or the greatest traildog ever!!!
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 I said drafting would be quicker not giraffeing!
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 Clearly the giraffe wants out of the game reserve and is trying to blend in..... All he needs is the Lycra now
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 That one in the middle is really hoofing it.
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 maybe she just wanted to know what they thought about the whole wheel size debate...
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 You're quite tall giraffe so you should be on a 79er.
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 I bet that giraffe was thinking about going off the front!
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 Dear PB, can we have a story about Cape pioneer pretty please?
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 i couldnt believe it either at first !! mindblowing !!

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