Slack Randoms: $25 Twitter Bike Desks, Homemade Bike Snowplows, Dakar Rally Carnage & More

Jan 14, 2023 at 9:08
by Ed Spratt  
We use Slack as our workplace communication tool at Pinkbike and we have a #randoms channel that we use to share an assortment of videos and stories from all corners of the cycling world and beyond... We thought a couple of the moments from the past week were too good not to share with a wider audience, so here are some of the highlights.

Twitter Auctioning Off Two $4,000 Trainer Charging Desks for Bids Starting at $25

Coming off Acer's announcement of its $1000 bike desks you can grab a potential bargain in Twitter's upcoming office furniture auction.

As part of an office clearout following ongoing changes at the company, it has put a pair of Rock the Bike Fender Blender Pro Recharge Stations up for auction for a starting bid of $25. The newer version of these bikes can cost around $4000 each so someone might get a good bargain, although the auction winner will have to organise their own shipping.

Find out more here.

Homemade bicycle Snowplow

bigquotesSnow clearing has become a major challenge for many British Columbians.

But a man from Victoria has devised a unique made-in-B.C. solution by putting a snowplow on a bicycle.
CBC Vancouver

1993 vs. 2023 - Mountain Biking in Moab

bigquotesI found a videotape from 1993 of my dad mountain biking in Moab and recreated it nearly 30 years later. Mahalo my Dude

Back On The Tools - Dakotah Norton

bigquotes2023 DH Season prep has begun and we headed to Windrock to get some downhill laps in and film some different lines. There will be a lot more preseason videos coming about, showing you what all goes into a professional downhill racers preparation for the season! Dakotah Norton

Queenstown Laps with Bernard Kerr, Laurie Greenland, Jackson Goldstone & More

bigquotesWe are finally back lapping skyline Queenstown here in New Zealand. Eddie Masters comes over to help me fit some fresh Yakima roof bars and racks to the Honda city.

Laurie Greenland and Jackson Goldstone come for some laps and its real time...blessed to be back!

Enjoy sports fans because we sure are!
Bernard Kerr,

The High Life | The Final Season of Chamonix's Oldest Refuge

bigquotesIn the final season of the original 119-year-old Le Refuge de la Charpoua, hutkeeper of eight years, Sarah Cartier, and her two children, embrace the high life and all its history in the mountains near Chamonix, France. The timeworn little building, set to be rebuilt in the same place in 2023, is surrounded by towering granite walls and alpine light providing them with a mystical setting to do all the dailies of cooking, cleaning and climbing; a place to breathe in the freedom of the high life while the sights and sounds of the busy world below fall away.

Director: Pierre Cadot
Production: Yucca Films
Original Music: Jonathan Labigne and Yann Chapelet - Zikali
Additional Music: Alton Ellis - True Born African

Extreme Weather Creates Dakar Chaos

bigquotesThe third stage of the 2023 Dakar Rally was a dramatic one. An extreme weather event caused local flooding and absolute chaos for the competitors. Red Bull

World's Best Climbers Race Up Giant Dam Wall

bigquotesTeams of the world's best climbers raced up the GIANT Verzasca Dam in Switzerland, going head-to-head on the biggest climbing wall ever made! After 2 days of qualifying the final 2 teams from a competitive field of 16 made it to the finals, and had to race up the near vertical 180 meter ascent, but who would win? @WideBoyz talk us through the nailbiting final showdown of Red Bull Dual Ascent Red Bull

Does Glass Break Faster than a Bullet?

bigquotesGav and Dan decide to have a race between two things that happen instantly to the human eyeball. Both contestants make it to the finish line in one frame of a normal camera, thankfully the high speed cameras are paying attention. The Slow Mo Guys

Worlds Hardest Jigsaw vs. Puzzle Machine


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 $4k for a bike with a generator seems crazy. Just make one diy and it'd probably be less than $100 with a thrift store bike. So many guides/videos already out there.
  • 36 2
 This, really. If Twitter did pay 4 grands per bike, it explains a whole about their burn rate.
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 Putting out 100watts on my turbo, looking at my light bulb an thinking.... yeeaah naahh F that
  • 7 0
 Office “quality” furniture and equipment is really expensive. A single cubicle can be like $10k. Chairs and couches are the same, like 3x the cost of household furniture. A lot of the stuff is leased.
  • 23 0
 @BikesBoatsNJeeps: Yeah, maybe so, but what's the head tube angle of the bike desk. That's the real question.
  • 15 0
 I have a question for the class- why do these purpose built static bikes need to have tyres on the wheel??
  • 4 0
 Really, Look at the jerry rigged deck top. What is this some kinda joke?
  • 1 0
 @sancho-ramerez: Headset cable routing?
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 "An extreme weather event caused local flooding and absolute chaos for the competitors" ...of a CO2 spewing activity that itself will contribute to more extreme weather events. Nice.
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flag jclnv (Jan 14, 2023 at 13:45) (Below Threshold)
 Imagine believing that lol
  • 162 19
 Imagine not believing that. Big Grin
  • 21 12
 @jclnv: there’s nothing climate change can’t do.
  • 16 4
 "We have proof Gaia is angry and that we must atone for our sins"..., well you do anyway, not the ultrawealthy feigning worship to mother earth in Davos...
  • 12 6
 @rideordie35: the Davos set may be excused for their private jet use while doing Very Important Work. Gen Z will live in very interesting times.
  • 45 7
 Yes, but those couple of ignorant fools driving race cars once a year aren't the reason we experience anthropogenic climate change. They are a mere drop in a bucket, nay an ocean, compared to the egregious pollution of the environment caused by industry and traffic. Of course everyone's gotta do their part in preventing a global climate catastrophy. But still, if you feel like pointing your finger, maybe start with the worst offenders.
  • 23 12
 @Muscovir: The worst offenders (corporations) operate in a system where, in general, they will be less profitable if they reduce their emissions. These Dakar racers are doing motorsports pretty much by choice and not because of immense market pressure. I think it's fair to point our finger at people who choose to cause a lot of emissions. For reducing the emissions of corporations, in addition to pointing our finger at them, we should also point our finger at governments that aren't implementing carbon pricing or aren't implementing it enough. We can make corporations do both the most profitable thing and the least CO2 emitting thing if we correct the market with carbon pricing.
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flag jclnv (Jan 14, 2023 at 18:31) (Below Threshold)
 @cedric-eveleigh: Your understand of the realities of the situation are staggeringly naive. Even if you’re gullible enough to believe the climates temperature is sensitive enough to be regulated by a 0.4% trace gas that defies physical laws. Or that average global temp has even increased in the first place. The fact that you’re asking for governments to implement carbon pricing schemes that are easily corrupted and used by the climate industrial complex to further anti environmental agendas. Think EV’s and South American forests being torn up for lithium mines.

However, the biggest flaw in your understanding of the world is to think that western nations moving to net zero Co2 insanity would barely move the dial of global output. Asia and India decide future Co2 output and they have hundreds of millions of people living in poverty. The arrogance of people like yourself to suggest that leaders of these nations should avoid cheap, high density energy, and adopt costly green energy projects is hilarious. Imagine shitting in a hole in India while wondering I how long your malnourished child will survive and then you come along to tell them to stop burning wood to cook food because of the Co2 it’s releasing. What a f*cking joke.
  • 18 3
 Then what are you doing on a website dedicated to a completely recreational activity that involves it's community driving thousands of Kms a year to the trailheads, as well as the manufacturing and shipping around the globe of mountains of bikes, many of those in carbon fiber ? I wouldn't be surprised if the total emissions of MTB praticioners and racers would be way bigger than rally racing.
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 @TwoNGlenn: can't kill off idiots apparently
  • 3 0
 Those poor poor contestants. Locals....meh.
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flag yoki-bike (Jan 15, 2023 at 3:41) (Below Threshold)
 @jclnv: don't you come in here with your logic and facts none of us are bothered to check the validity of. We are told that co2 bad (even though the green house effect means the earth will be lusher and greener and that the overall the surface of greenery has increased on the earth - that doesn't fit what we believe) so we repeat that co2 bad. We built our societies on the coasts on low elevations because it made trade easier and didn't anticipate sea levels rising, much like many other civilizations now under water, so we will do everything we can to not have to relocate to higher ground or areas of less ground. It's a right we earned as people. So what if the climate naturally constantly changes over millenia-long cycles, so what if the earth used to be much hotter than it is, so what if you being priced out of driving your car will have negligible effect on the climate even over the span of half a decade - if the big daddies and davos say we can't produce co2 so that they can fly their jets and cancel it all out we shall comply, obey and hail becoming all the more militant to the cause. Because if there is one thing that's good for us is being told our way of life is poison to the planet, being riddled with climate anxiety and feeling hopeless, as well as being made to believe that we must use less and sacrifice societal progress I stead of innovate new alternatives.

Bring on the carbon credits.
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 @yoki-bike: many problems with your comment, but first off, it is not the issue that the earth will be “lusher and greener” it is because it is happening at such a rapid rate that ecosystems cannot adapt quickly enough to cope, and we are losing a vast biodiversity as result. You might not care about that, but it’s a finely balanced ecosystem that has evolved over millions of years, that affects all plant and animals, and since we are top of the food chain, ultimately will impact us, so it is not being over cautious to be addressing climate change. Furthermore, of course fluctuations in climate are natural, but 1 or 2 degrees in around 100 years is not, and in the context of the lifetime of the earth, this basically would look like a snap response. I agree we shouldn’t necessarily limit progress just for the sake of reducing emissions, I think there should be a happy medium, but it is totally naive to assume that the next generations will not be worse off through the current trend of climate change. You just need to look at global increasing temperatures, rising sea levels, receding glaciers, diminishing biodiversity, increased frequency of extreme weather events, etc to see that for yourself.
  • 12 11
 @electricsquirrel: whatever the case may be, like I said, no one is bothered to look beyond the surface at the science because that includes work and it definitely includes me. What we do do, however is repeat what we heard based on a shallow understanding we gained from what information we were exposed to, so I am following the trend here.

Whatever the effect of human activity on climate change through, it is, if you're looking into the facts to look at both opposing views with merit, but I know that is not the status quo so expressing an opposing view point to the fear-porn induced one that is being relentlessly propagated through every media outlet is punishable by banishment from society.

You make good points and I believe they should be looked at in a balanced way and a balanced perspective and approach derived from it. My comments are aiming at trying to diversifying view points and to show how ridiculous it is that you can only say "Climate change bad" or you get negative propped to oblivion.

As for me, I used to be worried about the climate until I realised how ridiculous it is that its somehow on my shoulders to do something about it, so I stopped worrying for the benefit of my own wellbeing and took on the "just don't be a dick to the environment for the sake of being a dick"

I also believe that I am perfectly within my right to follow the examples of the "leaders" preaching this climate change crap and buy a private jet. I mean SURELY if they believed what they are preaching, like SURELY IF it was a climate EMERGENCY like they say it is they would take other travelling measures. SURELY. And the very fact that its illegal to point that out instead of repeating what we're told to repeat is at least a little bit fishy.

If I told you eating toast is bad for you and will kill humanity but you see me eating toast nearly everyday, there must be something wrong with either what I am doing or what I am saying. Either way I cannot be trusted.

In short, let people believe whatever the hell they want, do what sits right with your conscience and hold people to whatever standards they preach. These comment wars between who is right is exactly the sort of crap they want you to be doing to yourselves so the eyes aren't on them.

Now if you'll excuse me, my pilot says we're ready for take off. Why yes, I will have a slice of toast after take off too.
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 @electricsquirrel: There is a slight fallacy in your comment, though. Nature isn't really a finely balanced system, more like a gyroscope on a point, always tipping one way or another, but never losing balance, every catastrophy leads to another explosion of life, then another catastrophy comes to mix things up again.
  • 5 5
 @ThatOneGuyInTheComments: Here's a way to look at it: Putting gargantuan amounts of CO2 in the air is an extremely stupid experiment.
  • 4 2
 How are you putting together those bikes/drivetrains?
Any welding, or manufacturing, or processes being done that could contribute to pollutants into the atmosphere?
Let’s be perfectly honest with ourselves here, designing, building, and manufacturing an alternative drivetrain, for a niche recreational market, where there exists at least 3 excellent choices certainly isn’t altruistic work.
We all add to global emissions, landfills, and general light and noise pollution. If we want change, we collectively are the ones that need to both adopt and push for greater change.

That doesn’t happen by calling out another recreational activity, while we virtue signal our own.
  • 4 2
 @cedric-eveleigh: let me understand what you’re saying here.
So democratic governments, which are meant to be by the people/for the people, and large corporations, who could exact some change get a pass from you, as it will mean diminished returns on their investments. While a small company (race teams are typically companies) are expected to close up shop?

I don’t think you’ve fully fleshed out this argument.

How do you think team Spesh gets to WC DH races? Willing to bet they use a truck all over Europe to haul their trailer with bikes and supplies.

You see it’s a never ending rabbit hole of systems that are put together to do the things we do, and all of it, every single thing we do, has some sort of unintended effect.

Unless you’re powering your home, and doing you’re manufacturing by wind power, you’re part of the problem, looking at others for a solution
  • 19 0
 How come so many are so concerned about CO2 emissions, but I've yet to see comments concerned about the many many tons of herbicides (Roundup, etc.) dumped around the planet that actually kill off biodiversity (especially in the soil)? The big corps, DAVOS, governments, they all act like they are concerned about climate change / CO2 and want more power to deal with it, but at the same time invest in and push these toxins on our planet, push big ag single crop farming, push processed food, destroy small independent farmers who actually care about the animals and soil they manage... Seems backwards to me and I can only conclude that CO2/climate change is about power for big government and big corporations.
  • 7 1
 @onawalk: In fact, all the power and heat that we use in our shop is renewable. This is possible because we're in BC, where the grid is almost entirely hydro powered, and not China and Taiwan, where the grid is mainly fossil fuel powered. Shipping and materials aren't emission-free but we're working on that front. I am doing my best and think it's fair for me to ask that others do their best as well.
  • 3 1
 @onawalk: ya but…. Wind power kills birds.
  • 7 2
 @jclnv: the total ignorance of the question that you desperately try to flood with tons of bs from your research on YouTube is huge.
  • 2 0
 You'll be pleased to hear that the hybrid drivetrain technology Audi has been developing for their Dakar vehicles will do wonders for convincing slow adopters of the technology. As far as off-road racing goes, the Dakar Rally is rather progressive, as long as you ignore the fact that the organizers allowed it to move to Saudi Arabia to further pad their pockets.
  • 5 0
 meanwhile that volcano in greece...
  • 7 3
 @cedric-eveleigh: I’m also in BC, and can assure you there’s very little “green” about how hydro is produced here.
Don’t kid yourself, everything you do, I do, we all do has an environmental impact. Trying to virtue signal against another group recreating in the desert isn’t a good look.
  • 3 2
 @onawalk: It's a lot more green than coal power my friend.
  • 7 1
 I once shot myself in the foot with a CO2 pistol, I agree it is dangerous and something must be done about the CO2
  • 2 0
 @cedric-eveleigh: No offense, but that's quite a naive take. Make no mistake, the large corporations we are talking about are able to make that exact same choice. They don't need to damage the environment, they could undertake efforts to limit their CO2 output. Most of them could literally just choose to conduct their business in a more sustainable way at the small cost of being a little less profitable.

It's not that they don't have a choice. It's more that they mostly make the wrong choice.
  • 9 1
 @Muscovir: I would counter to say that it's naive to assume that the climate crisis will be solved by goodwill. I believe we need a change in the system for reduced carbon pollution to be financially incentivized.
  • 5 0
 @cedric-eveleigh: based on pure emissions, but not necessarily local destruction and loss of habitat.
Where are the raw materials you use coming from? You getting alu from Alcoa here in Canada?
Have you swung by some of the mining operations that supply the materials that you’re turning into what has to be called unnecessary bits for recreation?
It all comes at a cost, and you’re trying to justify the production of niche bicycle bits, while condemning the recreation of others.

I wish you the best of luck, and I love that people are constantly innovating and pushing the needle forward, but don’t do it while condemning the choices of others, while giving government, and big business a pass.
  • 4 5
 @onawalk: The destruction and loss of habitat from hydro power is minuscule compared to what climate change is causing and will cause.

We are in a climate crisis which is and will cause a lot of suffering; I don't see what's wrong about me condemning gas guzzling motorsports - they're simply excessive. And I am definitely not giving government and big business a pass. As you'll see in a previous comment of mine here: "[...] For reducing the emissions of corporations, in addition to pointing our finger at them, we should also point our finger at governments that aren't implementing carbon pricing or aren't implementing it enough. We can make corporations do both the most profitable thing and the least CO2 emitting thing if we correct the market with carbon pricing."

Thanks for your support. I appreciate it.
  • 9 0
 @cedric-eveleigh: it’s just a little condescending to call out motorsports as a source of pollution, but not look at the fact that you’re busy creating another drivetrain system, in a market that is full of excellent options, which means you’re just adding to the already growing landfill issue.
The welding, smelting, mining, process that go into removing the raw materials from the earth, and creating the bits, that you’re going to then machine away (and tell the world that you’re going to recycle, which then only adds more pollution) seems to be lost in your argument.

Again, I want to add, that I love what you’re doing, I love to see people innovating and doing new and creative things.
But to raise your hand and condemn another for creating pollution, when in the manufacture of what you create you yourself are creating pollution is a bit difficult to understand.
If you were busy creating sustainable growing practices, or ways to clean and remove pollutants from the atmosphere, I’d get it, it might still grate on me, but hell you’re part of the solution.
But you’re not doing that, neither are you presenting alternate solutions, you’re simply condemning someone else’s form of recreation, and that sucks.
  • 3 4
 @westeast: We’ll said. The answer is those herbicides make corporations a lot of money but you can’t tax the public and collapse their standard of living by restricting their use. Unlike that deadly, invisible, Co2.

Isn’t it funny how invisible, impossible to quantify, molecules and viruses require us to lower our standard of living and make sacrifices for the greater good?
  • 3 2
 @fracasnoxteam: Where's your counter then? Haven’t got time because you’re too busy replacing your gas stove to prevent cardiac events?
  • 2 1
 @onawalk: My hope is that by making drivetrains more reliable, there will be less broken derailleurs going to the landfill and a long-term reduction in waste and environmental impact. But in the near future, we will have a negative environmental impact, and that weighs heavy on my mind.
  • 4 0
 excuse my sarcasm but since humans exhale co2 i think we need to get rid of humans to save the planet
  • 5 2
 @NateO14: no truer words have been spoken.
The worst environmental impact on the earth has, and will always be humans.
  • 1 0
 @cedric-eveleigh: and that’s a great thing to aspire to, there’s no question about that.
You’re doing good work, great work really!
  • 2 0
 @cedric-eveleigh: I’m in the Okanagan, if you’re ever this way, shoot me a message, first round is on me.
I’d love to see a working version of your drivetrain.
  • 2 0
 @onawalk: Ok, will do! Cheers!
  • 4 0
 @NateO14: if you read enough news, you'll see a smattering of stories about elites who allude to just that! Lotta people in the comment section who are ready to walk that path.
  • 3 0
 Late to the party but:

Some of the top teams are testing sustainable/alternative fuel sources.

The Audis involved are series PHEVs with a 50kwh battery pack, which is one of the most usable "green vehicle" technologies in the Americas.

There's also a hydrogen-powered truck, although that's a bit of a dead-end technology.

Obviously the event isn't going to be a net benefit but I bet it's similar or less total emissions compared to a single high-profile pro sports game.

You can't be talking trash on what is ultimately a hobby for other people on a website for a hobby that could be described as "simply excessive."

I'd have to imagine that a business owner making parts for a hobby that is unecessary and simply excessive has a much, much higher impact that even your average North American.
  • 1 0
 @CobyCobie: It's great to see that about the sustainable motorsports fuel. We need that kind of stuff used throughout the transportation industry including planes.
  • 2 0
 @cedric-eveleigh: If you're interested in sustainable fuel usage (and this is unrelated to the Dakar), this is pretty neat and is actually being used. If you use renewable energy it's net-zero emissions CNG. Pretty much any type of combustion engine can run on CNG.
  • 2 0
 Meh, the extreme event that will bring another extinction-level event to this planet will likely be celestial in origin (but very few are focused on that). In this case, the earth recreates itself once again. History repeats. BOAKYAGB
  • 14 2
 I am living life way wrong. How can people get up and travel just to recreate a video tape? Nothing against them. I think it's awesome that they have the opportunity to do that, but I don't see how I can ever have that luxury with a crappy nine to five job and bills.
  • 17 1
 You have what it takes! Just send it!
  • 6 0
 @blissindex: Thanks friend. I think l will!
  • 9 2
 Not to be cliche or trite (I've got two jobs and three kids so I get it), but whether you can or can't do a thing, you're probably right.

Henry Ford
  • 6 0
 @jeremiahwas: "whether you think you can or think you can't, you're probably right"
  • 12 0
 Never followed Dakar until this year.... What an incredible thing to watch. Now I have something to look forward to every January from now on.
  • 12 0
 The support trucks are sick but it didn't look like they were very well-trained in recovery or even have winches they knew how to use. The recovery ropes should have been kinetic and used soft shackles and they should have yanked the Can-Ams out of the wash in a couple minutes....I'm an Armchair Recovery Expert.
  • 2 0
 500 miles on a bike, on the highway, its a pain in the ass. Just imagine doing it on the desert, for 15 days! With heat, cold, altitude and all sort of problems!
  • 7 0
 @suspended-flesh: pretty sure those aren't support trucks - they're competitors in the truck class (quick bit of Google says support trucks have a pink background to the race numbers, and these are white). I presume in an off piste event like this, you're expected to help each other out and the timekeeper will give you the time back at the end
  • 8 0
 @suspended-flesh: those are race trucks, they generally don't have much besides sand tracks and jacks for recovery
  • 4 0
 @suspended-flesh: HA! Someones been watching Matt's Offroad Recovery vids!! lol
  • 1 0
 @GT-CORRADO: For sure!!! Got my ropes, shackles and YouTube skills ready to go! Me and Ed out in Sand Hollow. They are very close to Virgin, also.
  • 1 0
 @Arierep: Got it. Not a Dakar expert yet. Need to watch a few more more vids to get my degree.Those trucks are crazy.
  • 1 0
 I assume you meant something else to watch in January after Supercross.
  • 2 0
 @suspended-flesh: I was thinking the same thing.
  • 9 0
 “I rode my bike up hill both ways in the snow to school”
  • 46 0
 I shared a bike with my brother. When I got to school, I’d have to run it home, so he could ride it to school…
  • 9 0
 Twitter really doing anything to get some cash rn
  • 9 8
 Liquidating and bleeding as a result of Elon's disaster tweeting
  • 3 6
 they are most likely doing better than ever do to the new monetization methods they are putting in place
  • 4 5
 @XCplease: Obviously not, Elon is now desperately offering free advertising to former advertisers who quit after he turned into a moron troll.

The monetization has failed and is an utter joke. Other than journalists, only a complete and utter idiot would pay the one of the worlds richest people $8 a month for a blue check mark by their name on a social media site.
  • 1 4
 @DoubleCrownAddict: not reading allat
  • 5 0
 Fun fact: bullet time in the Matrix was filmed using the same high speed camera, it was replayed at slow motion to make it look more dramatic.
  • 7 0
 The puzzle video - he's a genius.
  • 7 0
 ...Please slow-mo Huck-To-Flat the charging desks asap \m/
  • 6 3
 Muzzle velocity on a pistol is relatively low in the firearms world, based on the amount of powder and the size of the projectile. I'd like to see them use a high-powered rifle round such as a .50 BMG or .338 Lapua.
  • 6 0
  • 2 0
 @olrustybones: barrel burner
  • 6 1
 Thank you Red Bull, I don’t really like your products but you fund some highly entertaining stuff
  • 1 0
 The beat product Red Bull makes is its Media House
  • 2 0
 Stuff Made Here is one of my favorite channels. Dude is ridiculously smart and talented, but still knows his limits and likes to do things the fun/lazy way sometimes. It's like Mark Rober's stuff, but for fellow engineers instead of kids/normies.
  • 5 0
 I'd love to take an old school rigid for a lap on slickrock
  • 2 0
 HMU if you like. Got a classic 1983 Stumpy, its a 21". Bouncy Sketch ball... Had more fun pedaling it around the White Rim than slickrock
  • 1 0
 That's how I did slickrock for the first time a few years back, 26" rigid singlespeed. It's more fun on my moto Smile I have a few 90s mtbs I'd let you take for a spin up there if you are ever in town!
  • 4 1
 I hate to nag about the snow plough idea, but it's in Victoria... Where it doesn't really snow...
  • 2 0
 At least he's prepared for the 3 days a year when it does, unlike everyone in Vancouver trying to save a few hundred bucks on winter tires and then playing destruction derby in the streets.
  • 1 1
 Yeah, the reality of how well that would work in a place that actually gets a lot of snow would be pretty disappointing.
  • 1 0
 Competitors create some chaos in flooded weather conditions at Dakar Rally
Fixed it for ya Smile
are they not allowed to have a winch ?
  • 2 0
 How does Dakotahs video make it into this mishmosh of bullshit
  • 3 6
 That bike plow thing wouldn't make it down my driveway after a normal snowfall in PG. I can't imagine how useless it would be in somewhere like the Kootenays. Maybe a Bigfoot VLT with a snowblower mounted up front and stuffed tires. But even then...
  • 1 0
 the high life! great video!
  • 1 0
 How is internal routing handled on a bike desk?!
  • 7 10
 Please stop linking to the CBC.

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