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Video: Rider Press Conference from the Finale Ligure EDR World Cup 2024

May 10, 2024 at 2:29
by Ed Spratt  

Ahead of this weekend's racing in Italy, the WHOOP UCI Mountain Bike World Series brought together Richie Rude, Isabeau Courdurier, Florencia Espiñeira Herreros, Tommaso Francardo, Yannick Pontal and Louise Paulin for the first enduro rider press conference of the season.

▪️Florencia Espiñeira Herreros (ORBEA FOX ENDURO TEAM)
▪️Louise Paulin - Individual team. EWS Women Master Champion, a local guide in Finale for 15 years, and competing in the E-EDR for the first time this year.

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 Blink twice if you're being held against your will.
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 Endlessly fidgeting with the edge of the table in front of you is also a good signal
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 Winning comment
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 Elite level comment, chaka!
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 Honestly, this is what they come up with? This is how they believe they can get more people interested in the sport? Sports with press conferences have events that people can see with participants people know. Sitting a group of people in front of a cheesy wooden conference table to talk about an event that is not accessible is not going to change anything.

Hey UCI, go watch what the FIA has done with the WRC. Accessibility to many is massively limited as the stages are so varied and inaccessible to coverage most of the time. Take notes.
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 "Hey UCI, go watch what the FIA has done with the WRC"

And then go f*ck yourselves
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 One week ago before Fort Bill, the UCI held a DH rider press conference and everybody and their mom loved it: m.pinkbike.com/news/video-rider-press-conference-from-the-fort-william-dh-world-cup-2024.html. Now the UCI stinks again?
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 @mi-bike: The discipline matters. Are you surprised that DH garnered better feedback with their conference?
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 @jmhills: i am not, but people are now criticizing the UCI for the concept and the execution. However, neither is much different than last week.
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 @mi-bike: To be clear I'm criticizing the UCI as a whole. All the way back to the doping scandals. Their greed is only surpassed by their ineptitude. They are garbage.
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 @mi-bike: I preferred the casual nature of the DH press conference. This one with the conference podium feels overly stuffy and trying too hard to be a formal serious event.
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 @Marqb: fair enough
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 The silence after when they got asked about the ‘future of enduro’ felt awkward.
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 The whole thing was pretty cringe tbh but that was definitely the worst bit!
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 They never asked them about their appearance fees and accomodation?
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 Future of Enduro: Live pre race press conferences but still no live racing.
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 @hohmskullkrishten: Probably need more snow enduro races. snow racing is the ticket.
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 @Thisguyinkimberley: E-snowduro - what nobody is waiting for, but is absolutely going to get
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 @mashrv1: like a root canal for Christmas.
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 it;ll be like the old days, racing for the satisfaction of racing, with nobody watching...
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 Nobody watching? That never changed.
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 A 30 min press conference video for a sport with ZERO live coverage. Bore off you dullards
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 Lets see what Pagey (ex Nukeproof DH/EDR) comes up with regards to coverage. He is working on something.
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 Credit to Isabeau for actually speaking up a little, if all these athletes are so unhappy with anything why didn't they all speak up and be critical to the UCI for all of this? They literally gave them a wide open dialogue to voice their gripes and said nothing.

They aren't selling the rights anytime soon so lets try to improve things with some constructive opinions from the fans not just oh you guys f*cking suck you are ruining everything, that's like white noise to them at this point and helps nobody.
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 i'm so excited. next days will be awesome, cant wait to check lists every other minute to follow the race
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 Well that was awkward to say the least.
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 Ought though at first glance they finally united like the slope guys and put WB/UCI to the fense...
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 They’ve been attaching E-enduro to all the EWS/EDR media to try and increase E-exposure, but it’s just dragging down traditional enduro instead.
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 That was like watching court proceedings. Could they make it any more stiff
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 Is that the front desk from the hotel?
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 Isabeau as Harley Quinn, I love it
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 think that was the highlight of that video really...
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 Even though this thing was a bit ill conceived, it’s still an opportunity for the athletes to make an impression. They can represent themselves and their brands. No press is bad press as they say. If you’re a pro athlete you have to get good at this stuff. It’s why people love Connor McGregor; he shows a larger than life personality…and makes huge amounts of money because he attracts people. He’s a draw for his sport. If you’re a pro athlete and want a high level of compensation, you have to do things to differentiate and create demand. A guy like Bruni eats this stuff up and I am sure his compensation reflects it. Now let’s hope we get some decent coverage live or not.
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 Most of McGregor's money comes from people who want to see him get his face punched off.
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 We have 31 minutes of Press Conference & 22 minutes of Race Coverage, there is definitely something wrong in the ESO/WB/Discovery/UCI mismanagement if they think this what people want.

Last year was dire for coverage across the whole sport. OK it was their first year & gremlins were expected. However they have had the off season to reflect/regroup & improve things & this appears not to be the case. It is bordering on incompetence.
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 WTF.. let’s just ride.
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 Stage management looks better than FW press conference last week...
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 Probably won't be watching people at a table.. Get those people on bikes a film it. Now we're talking!
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 Maybe switch the time, energy and funds to put this on and have them race two days instead of one. Riders and fans would surely appreciate that more.
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 Omg UCI, let them f*cking be and let them race. That´s it.

By the way I wonder how many SWAT guys it takes to bring Richie behind the table?
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 Doesn't a press conference imply there's press present? It sounds like there's 8 people in that room, Josh Carlson, a camera operator, and 6 pro riders being held against their will! Echo, echo echo echo...
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 They could’ve had a more interesting panel solely made up of riders with the initials J.M.
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 This is exactly what we don't need (want).
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 What is this....?
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 Not Rusty. But seriously, this was terrible.
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 Give *me* the keys you c••k s••ker.
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 @eurojuice: *Farts*
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 Wyn tv and the Dialed Series (rip) is the only coverage worth watching
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 fantasy enduro might be more exciting? we have it at theracecompanion.com :-)
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 Looks like I can't pick Isabeau in my team. Did I miss something on your fantasy website?
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 Why is there only one female representative?
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 Flor and Louise are women

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