Video: DH Course Preview with Rachel Atherton - Lenzerheide World Championships 2018

Sep 8, 2018 at 5:47
by Pinkbike Staff  

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 When I grow up, I want to ride as fast as Rachel !!!!!!!
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 And after that you can retire to DH ????
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 That cours has about 10 more chutes than my entire home trail system
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 I love Rach, but I think that was filmed with a potato.
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 Totally! Blurry, too bright and some weird bugs in it... what camera was that filmed on?
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flag ewigstead (Sep 8, 2018 at 7:02) (Below Threshold)
 @chilla661: try changing the settings to HD?, crystal clear on my computer once done so
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 @chilla661: I'm sure she has the latest GoPro ... Gopro has gone backwards since the hero 4
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 @Darknut: Its Youtube... It starts processing it once upload is finished. It compresses it and makes it potato quality... The only way you can make it look good when the image is moving in sports shots is to film it and render it in 4k. Everything else lower resolution gets a big quality hit.
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 @Darknut: yah. My 3 black is still mint
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 @ewigstead: You are watching it on a potato.
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 Holy crap is she fast! What else is there to say?
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flag sewer-rat FL (Sep 8, 2018 at 7:35) (Below Threshold)
 Claudio got it wrong
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flag Unrealityshow (Sep 8, 2018 at 16:52) (Below Threshold)
 @sewer-rat: #fireclaudio
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 Rachel is sick quick!! Shows how good the girls are. Banging track ... Sunday is gonna be epic.
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flag Matt76 (Sep 8, 2018 at 6:52) (Below Threshold)
 To be honest I thought I actually looked really slow. Was something wrong with the camera it seemed to be really slow then all of sudden speed up in places and also cut out.
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 Yes, she cleared all the big ones where you need full speed. The problem is that Go Pro Previews often don't show the steepness, speed and the distances of the real track. For riders who know that course it is a totally different experience to watch the preview. I'm stoked.
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 @fossydh: Fair enough.. the footage just seemed a bit weird like it wasn't recording right
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 The riding is great but the footage is strange. Way to bright. Not the best advertisement for gopro.
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 @Matt76: the over exposure means you can't see any of the details zip by. Rach is flying down but without reference points to judge the speed by it almost looks like she is barely moving in some spots.
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 @fossydh: To get the big, fat picture GoPros flatten out the perspective, which is why the videos never look as steep and gnarly as it really is.

At least that's what I tell everyone who watches my videos!
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 Pretty large jump to close it out, great looking course for the world championships!
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 That tree at 2:17. I think my sphincter tightened on Rachel's behalf!
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 Hahaha for real , I thought she was plowing that at Mach speed. She was on a serious tear. Would like to see POV race runs.
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 Same with the one right after 1 minute... stomach clenching.
Edit: and 2:36. No kidding... there were a few scary close calls
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 She is very fast. She can probably do more press ups than me. But what’s her game plan to an offspinner? Can she sweep? What’s she like through the V?
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 Its just not cricket billy, it's just not...
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 Dayyymn girl! Just the queen doing her thing.
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 Sick run, imagine her a full out race speed. Smile
Is it just me? some of the riders stopped on the race course at pretty stupid spots, to watch lines or ??? Especially the one at 2:31 who stops in the middle of a jump? Lucky no one hit them with their bars.
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 Video down now?
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 Welcome to Switzerland
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 I wonder why all the xc content was available, even the rb livestream, but not the dh?
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 @Ohlalaa: most of the time in surprised if the official video IS available
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 Do we have to blame SRF??!
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 sorry...but where is Ben Cathro?????.......
You Atherton`s you´re a wounderfull bike rider´s family.....but WHERE THE HELL IS CATHRO?.....THIS IS CATHRO analysis IDEA
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 There was a left hander that Luca took outside. I think Luca's line was faster on that left hander. In a couple other cases, it looked like Rachel took a faster line.
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 Mad fo speed so she is. Wat a great athlete she is absolutely smashing everything.
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 Damn she is fast. That step-down at the end is huge.
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 Loved the video but ive become spoiled I now like my course previews with commentary. Kinda bummed on that , but her riding was supberb.
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 That looks like such an awesome course. I loved how many inside lines there are.
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 This looks like an awesome track
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 a real man's track we could say
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 Like a fucking boss!
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 That track looks ridiculously fun.
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 No Link to the UCI DH Livestreams on RBTV, no Cathrovision?
Am I missing something?

P.S. Awesome run Rachel!
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 oh....just saw this now:

Thanks UCI for sabotaging your own events by pure greed!
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 Awesome course, awesome riding, shit camera.
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 She is a bad girl!!!
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 How do I change this to HD?
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 They do all of that in 3min!!!??? :O
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 cool the jump at 2:15 we'll see if they all pass...
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 They really did go to the discount whistle store for the marshalls.
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 Does anyone know who is streaming the race live?
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 In NZ, Sky TV Otherwise red bull if you use a VPN
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 dear Red Bull, get Ben Cathro to do course preview please!
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 When it’s dry it’s one the best courses on the circuit, little bit of everything.
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 Rachel rips!
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 Sorry but prefer gee's preview Smile
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