Garmin Releases Rally XC Power Meter Pedals

Mar 24, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  

We published a sneak peek of Garmin’s new SPD-compatible power meter pedals earlier this week, but now they’re out, so we can give you a bit more information.

The Garmin Rally pedals have their electronics housed in the spindle, meaning that the XC SPD-compatible pedal body kit can be swapped out for the RS or RK road versions, which are compatible with SPD-SL and Look cleats, respectively. That also means that the aluminum pedal body is replaceable in case of a rock strike, which is heartening news to anyone who is concerned about a $600 rock strike penalty. The minor downside to having the important bits in the spindle is that instead of using an 8mm allen key, riders will have to install the pedals using a pedal wrench.

At $1,199 USD for the Rally XC200 dual-sensing version and $699.99 USD for the Rally XC100 single-sensing pair, the Rally XC pedals cost a bit more than most (but not all) crankarm power meters. Still, the fact that riders can swap them easily between bikes gives them a clear advantage in terms of versatility.

The Rally XC200 pair weighs 440g, while the less expensive XC100 weighs 451g, roughly 100g more than most comparable SPD non-power-sensing pedals. They promise 120 hours of battery life with LR44 coin-type batteries and accuracy to within 1%. The dual-sided version also offers detailed analyses of riders’ pedal strokes.

The pedals are estimated to be available in 3-5 weeks. More information is available on Garmin's website.


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 I use flats so I don't get tangled up on my bike when I fall onto an on coming hiker. With a switch blade
  • 22 0
 Hate it when that happens. Big Grin
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 Too soon I think
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 Fackin armed Zombie Walker Hybrids....!!!
  • 39 1
 Poor planning I think .
Everyone knows not to bring a :
To a knife fight

But Do bring a:
Or a
to a knife fight
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 if you dont suck at riding clips this isnt a problem
  • 2 0
 Da Bomb FTW@gcrider:
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 It's amazing to think how many times I've been shanked in similar circumstances!
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 @gcrider: I think an Assegai would be appropriate too,. Even better if you have one front and back. You'd definitely win.
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 What a common issue
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 So now you can have $1200 pedals on your $15,000 sworks turbo levo
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 Worth it for sure. That way you can have two power readings to average together because ... statistics.
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 Finally the right rig for those ceramic pulleys I've been eyeing.
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 @alexsin: and dont forget your $150 graphene chain lube.
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 include the 150 buck chainlube and your mercedes sprinter van. oh and your one piece syncros wheels (way over 3000$)

oh and will go definitly go faster using this thing over the regular one:
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 Anyone catch the Levo on the turbo trainer in the release video? It's not enough that the bike is out of reach for mere mortals, now the Zwift times are too. lol
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 Don't forget the Ceramic Jockey wheels and while you're at it, put some premium Pirelli mtb tires on
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 1200$ pedals smoking rocks all ride? Yeah, no thanks. Crank based is much better for MTB.
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 IMO the only real advantage to pedal power meters should have is for swapping from bike to bike but even then buying 3 different 4iii cranks is cheaper.
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 @rustiegrizwold: smallest chainring on my quarq powermeter is 30 which is too much for my riding. So I would love to swap that out with these pedals.
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 Electronics are in the spindle but.

Kinda like it.

Expensive, but so are all power metres.

And being (no doubt) able to sync it with all the other Garmin training gadgets would make it pretty useful if you were serious about your XC.
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 For similar $$$ you can hack xpedo spd and favero assioma power meter($719) and buy a fancy head unit (which you would also need for the rally’s ) to tell you your peak watts are 200 below any pro.
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 @Ktron: It's an open standard anyways. Even the pedaling dynamics system is in ANT+ Bicycle Power profile now.
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 @Andulat: if 30 chainring is too much for you, you don't need a power meter.
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 @rustiegrizwold: I have to say that being able to swap them to me would me a big advantage. Not worth 1200$ though. Also not sure what makes them soo much more expensive than these:
Apart from the fact it says Garmin on them..? Hard to imagine they are ~800$ better quality..
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 @minix: I’ve been hopeful about the iq2 pedals but as far as I know, nobody other than GP Lama and DC Rainmaker have used them. Seems like they may not actually exist in the wild.
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 @minix: Don't know if Garmins are worth 1200 but that Kickstarter campaign looks shady considering their bold claims and general usage of scammer jargon. Plus, apparently the founder also is one of the co founders of "Megawindforce" which claims to have made a "revolutionary wind turbine". Looks like this guy just keeps coming out with revolutionary ideas that's going to change the world / shake the industry. ( Reading the Kickstarter comments of the project is fun.Smile )
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 Its pretty hard to have a pedal strike and not hit your cranks.
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 @Hayek: it seems they should be in production now. Although these days I'm not sure what that means for the time line anymore.. it says q2 2021 though.
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 @agul29: It seems like they gone back a bit on their initial claims as the mass production was problematic with their first concept (this sticker like powermeter at the crank-pedal interface). Seems like they have come up with a viable concept now. I'm interested to see these go head to head in a test with these garmins/other power meter pedals if they are out there.
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 @warmerdamj: I'd had quite a few pedal strikes on my Optic, as I'm not used to the newer lower BB's. I don't think I'm hitting crank ends, but will have to check.
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 @ybsurf: maybe he’s running a DH cassette on his XC rig.... Lol
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 @Dornbox: lol maybe or his riding is on long 25%+ climbs
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 @njcbps: It would be pure fluke if you are not. When you are flat footed on a pedal the end nub of the crank will be slightly lower.
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 Swappable between bikes! Alas, you do not say! Top hats off to the innovators in Kansas City.
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 Never saw this coming!
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 I’m gonna get rich inventing a lock for the spindles.
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 I ride flats....
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 @th3mack: totally hear you. Need powermeter flat pedals.
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 Guess you ONLY RIDE PARK then
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 Cool concept. I think power is a good metric for professional training–if it catches on with that crowd then it will eventually become cheaper for common folks.
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 If it catches on? I think it "caught on" a while ago. You'd be hard pressed to find a cycling coach these days who doesn't use power as their primary training metric. Power meters are still expensive, but they're a lot cheaper than they used to be (I think the original SRM cost over $2000, and now you can get a Stages for $350). If you're serious about training and racing your bike it's worth the money to get a power meter.
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 @PAmtbiker: I meant if it catches on as power-meter-in-pedal technology.
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 It seems it already has reached a more affordable level with these guys. Would be interesting to some comparisons in quality, precision, durability etc.
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 @minix: It would be interesting to see if they actually manage to ship some units that are more than intermittently working.
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 @Sylesej: tell me more? These do look too cheap to be true..
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 @Bustacrimes: No, that is exactly my point. I don't think they'll actually manage to ship reliably working units. But it would be great if they do!
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 ok so downvotes for things like i like socks vs flops
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 Old news, saw this 3 days ago
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 Nice. Pedal-based power meters are going to be the thing for the next few years. I'm excited to see all the new offerings, especially for mountain bikes.
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 Remember a while ago someone came up with a technology that could make powermeters inexpensive?
Well... LOL
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 What makes power meter so expensive ? I gotta say I have absolutely no clue how this works. Some sort of pressure thing ?
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 Usually there are sensors measuring minute deformation changes to calculate the amount of force applied. They need to be built to very tight tolerances and stuffed into very small spaces combined with a small Bluetooth transmitter. There's a good chance that for each one that meets the manufacturing tolerances during testing, some percentage of them don't and end up in the trash. In theory, they will get better at making them so they should get cheaper, but it'll take time.
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 So DC Rainmaker has talked about this a bit. Basically it boils down to it's actually a very precise instrument, and thus actually quite difficult to actually manufacture.

This seems to have been proven by the fact that there have been many companies started with the idea that they can undercut the market and sell tons of these things. It's only ~$30 in electronics and ~$50 in hardware right? The normal course of these companies is, announce the product at an amazing price with a release date in 6-9 months. Maybe talk about new feature or amazing accuracy. Wait 2 years and it's still not out because it's too finicky to actually make these things profitably. Incumbents are already shipping those new features and have lowered prices. Close the company. Repeat.
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 @litany @IanJF: Ok thanks, indeed it seems complicated to measure the minute deformation of a part of the bike which is probably amongst the least deformable one :p
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 nothing new? The SRM X are the same and exist for some time now?
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 SRM are still in coming soon and are even more expensive 799 € for single sensor and 1199€ for dual sensor...
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 Together with shaved legs you will go faster on Strava.
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 Seriously!?!? “thinking”
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 The transferrable axle neat.
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 $1200 for pedals lol No thanks!!!!!!
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 a fool and his money are easily parted
  • 38 0
 A cyclist and his money are easily parted.
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 a cyclist and his cycle are easily parted
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 @dave-f: and then stabbed
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 Full review tomorrow.
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