Must Watch: Paul Couderc’s ‘My War II’ Features World Firsts & A Broken Tibia

Feb 8, 2021
by COMMENCAL bicycles  
Language warning: Please mute if you would prefer not to hear explicit lyrics.

Being innovative comes at a price. Training, controlling ones emotions, self-sacrifice, perseverance, suffering... It takes courage. Paul has more than enough.

Paul Couderc - My War II

Rider: Paul Couderc
Directed by: Leon Perrin
Film: Leon Perrin & Gaetan Clary
Edit: Leon Perrin
Music & Sound Edit: Leo Lunel
Color Grading: Alex Naureils
Photography: Jules Langeard

Thanks to Adrien Couderc & Michelin


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 Matt jones hyped up his new world first tricks with documentaries, months of hype and then Paul just drops this outta nowhere...
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 Yeah Matt is trying to bring in as much money as he can with each new trick. I mean he needs it for his house, 911 GT3 and Huracan
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 @bashhard: why all the hate
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 @bashhard: THIS JUST IN: MAN USES CAREER TO PAY FOR LIFE! shocking discovery on page 6.
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flag felix1999 (Feb 8, 2021 at 10:22) (Below Threshold)
Because YouTube’s aren’t doing it for the sport anymore.. all they care about is, how to raise as much profit as possible
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 @felix1999: eh i kind of disagree - they youtube to promote the brand they ride for
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 I'm pretty sure the difference is Matt used his sponsor Red Bull to fund his project. In both cases we get riding I'm stoked to watch, so both works for me.
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flag felix1999 (Feb 8, 2021 at 10:47) (Below Threshold)
Then please explain how showing off with your Lambo & GT3 has anything to do with riding bikes Big Grin
But I also see your point and don’t want to start a discussion here
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 @felix1999: lol neither do i want to - at least you can respect others opinions which is more than some people
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 I see all the big “players” have come out from behind their keyboards again to sit in righteous judgement. Bi*ch please, both these guys have more skill in their finger nail cuttings than the chat on here
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I am completely with you on this Big Grin
All I wanted to say is that it seems Paul and Matt had a different motivation behind this project. Paul let’s his riding speak for himself and just drops this completely crazy edit out of nowhere. Pretty sure this dude just focuses on riding and pushing the boundaries on what’s possible with two wheels. Whereby in my opinion Matt has a completely different drive.
But enough shit chat now haha
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Matt’s more outgoing and marketable = more successful.
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flag gmyers26 (Feb 8, 2021 at 21:14) (Below Threshold)
 God he is such an annoying twat
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 Have to defend Matt Jones his videos are completely different, they are about breaking down the evolution of new tricks and how to accomplish them. They might be setting out to do the same thing - world first, Matt Jones is no less a rider, he's a freeride beast
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 @bashhard: for real ?
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 @felix1999: I think it could have to do with the audience's feelings on what is 'enough' . So if Matt is making X amount from each youtube video, he produces 10 where he could edit down and give us one. The 10 videos make more $$ for him at the cost of his viewers who have to deal with all of the filler. If he were to produce one great edit, he wouldn't be paid enough to have two luxury cars but his audience would be thrilled to have one great edit vs 10 full of 'filler'. This could be how showing off your luxury cars has something to do with riding bikes.
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 @DGWW: @felix1999:

Some daft things being said here.

Matt Jones has made like 1 video on his lambo and never really shows his GT3 in any of his videos.

Ever occurred to yous that he might enjoy making youtube videos? I look forward to each video and get more pleasure from a 15 min video every few days than a 3 minute video every few months.

Fair play to Paul though the stuff in this video is mental, but Matt is obviously also all about biking, he just puts it across in a different way and makes the most of his situation.
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 Gosh, you guys must really have a hard on for people who make money doing sports. I can only imagine all the nasty thoughts you had about those football players last Sunday.

You are a bunch of pansies, but you slam folks who actually do what you never will.

If this ain’t jealousy, what is?

Cool video, gives folks an idea of what hard work really means in athletics.

Okay, now go back your keyboard before it gets cold, don’t t wanna go getting a sprain in one of your fingers.
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 @felix1999: youtube pays money for content. 186,000 views pays for a week of Lamborghini fuel.
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 @bashhard: ford raptor too
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 Amazing riding!
Should have been called "My war... against Matt Jones' gainer"
Mind blown! Seems like quarantine and no Contests does have its perks for Video production.
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 I seem to be in the minority here in thinking there's not much between the two. Yeah front flip gainer obviously harder than back flip, but Matts back flip to hitching post to front flip was also mighty impressive.
This edit is banging but (outside of the constant product placement) I also really enjoyed the deeper look into the process, highs, lows, frustration, elation in Matts mini series. Glad to have so much quality content, the winner is us!
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 @catweasel: Hard to say doing a front flip off of something is always easier than doing a gainer off the same object
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 @Shred-BC: the main difference is Matt could use the momentum of the bike to pull him around, whereas the front flip he couldn’t swing the bike near as much
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 @mstokman: But it is easier to generate forward momentum of a flat drop than to gainer. I think both moves are equally gnar for their own reasons. Plus there is the big point everyone seems to be missing, and that is that Matt landed his, and Paul hasn't (yet).
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 @leon-forfar: Seriously, I'm a bit confused. Big props for trying for worlds firsts and all, but you have to actually land them.
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 If Matt doesn't pull his gainer round he lands straight on his face, arms, what happened to paul was pretty bad but it was also worst case scenario... I would hate to see worst case scenario with matts gainer
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 @Curse-of-the-foot-long-sub: "I would hate to see worst case scenario with matts gainer" Man I never want to see that either Smile
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 Beeing able to jump of a drop 73 times to land one trick you gotta be so mentally strong. This edit just shows the talent and passion of this guy. Keep up the good work paul. Maybe we will see the redemption in "MY WAR III"
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 Commencal loves shooting at that gas station at 1:31
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 you go faster when you get the gasoline from there...
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 Thrasher Skateboard magazine have a section called My War - Highly recommended. Similar principles to this video in that it shows the mad level of effort and persistence needed at this level of biking / skating.
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 The Sammy baca one is one of the best videos in determination I have seen, so rad
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 Just straight one upped Matt jones
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 Not really he didnt land it
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 that was nuts. his body is on a different level to take all these impacts.
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 Not for long
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 man needs to buy an air bag
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 Matt Jones left the chat...
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 When Matt Jones does a Ninja drop Flip... Paul Couderc does a Ninja drop front flip ! :')
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 Not detracting from any of the big ol' bangers thrown but I'm so stoked to see the recent resurgence of one hand x-ups
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 Matt Jones is typing...
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 Matt Jones vids are immersive, you are there at the build, see the fear - it's like you are there. He even face plants the dirt with humility and humour. This vid is good, except the shit music and moody boyband clips, 'Im distant at a party' and 'I have erectile disfunction while in bed with a model' and lastly, 'moody on the porch' - doesn't need that crap. Screams ego and diminishes the talent IMO
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 Man it was really hard to watch those seconds when he breaks his tibia. Mad respect for even attempting that.
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 Kind of slaps Matt Jones in the face
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 Don't compare Paul and Matt...Just enjoy the current progression from athletes who appreciates each other !
Silly question : Do you think he's clipless (flats) on first clip ?
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 He uses clips ;-)
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 Meek miiiiillly
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 Holy macaronis!! This is serious business here! Mad props Paul for sending this deep! your innovation is inspiring!
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 Brutal how he pushes himself to the limit. and his tibia beyond it
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 I mean. why. why on earth isn't this man on Redbull. What a legend.
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 Balls of steel, bones of calcium . . . .
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 Dude‘s got a hell of hospital season pass
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 Separating shoulders with your nigas never felt so bling. commencial is lucky to have you. A littler foam to practice wouldn’t hurt.
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 He looks so much like Francis of Malcolm in the Middle !!
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 This should count for the xgames realmtb contest!
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 Couderc is an animal - dives head first into the meat-grinder again and again. Determined AF.
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 bypassing all the hate just to say MY JAW DROPPED! great video and amazing tricks!
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 Matt doing the running up backflip, Paul running up frontflip damn... crazy ideas.
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 Damn man props! That front flip drop in was gangsta! So much heart to keep trying that
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 Impressively creative! Good vibes sent for a strong recovery. That's a pretty nasty injury.
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 Great stuff without that ‘music’
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 It's good to have such a friend in a pub brawl on your own side. What a warrior.
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 @bashard... this guy also gets paid to promote products etc. But fair play to both riders.
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 We all know this gas station from the Frixtalon Video, but where is that station?
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 Really liked that table seat grab, looks stylish and something I could learn to do
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 the F+CK???????????
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 shit music
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 you sure?
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 That was insane. The amount of crashes and it's only Monday...
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 Commencal vids continue to amaze...
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 weird guy... more pain, less fun?! ????????‍♂️
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 Insane level of commitment
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 The still photos are so good.
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 How did he get on the bar?
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 The real trick here is listening to that horseshit bullshit N-this N-that sorry assed excuse for music
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 Well this just won edit of the year.
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 Yes Fucking Mate!
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 Ok then....damn
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 Holy Shit.
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 A tibial day, you say?
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 It's going tibia ok.
  • 1 0
  • 1 0
 Pure stupid
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 Great video, crap music
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 you sure?
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 The music totally made this edit.
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 New Triks, Suck musik.
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