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Video: Jackson Goldstone's Course Preview for the Mont-Sainte-Anne DH World Cup 2023

Oct 5, 2023 at 14:55
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesThe last and final race of the season for the 2023 UCI Downhill MTB World Cup is upon us and Jackson Goldstone gives us the inside look at the new course setup this year. GoPro Bike

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 Jackson’s the boss. Love his previews
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 Track looks insanely good. Jackson cruising down at a speed we can all dream of being able to ride at.
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 I dream of being able to dream of riding that fast Smile
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 @judge-shredd: not only riding that fast, but calmly narrating your ride whilst doing it.
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 How is he able to talk without gasping for air. So casual hucking gaps into rock gardens wtf. Go JACKSON @ MSA
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 Yeah! How f’ing fit is he to be able to chat like that the whole way down!
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 "This bit is flowy loads of gaps"

Naa for me I'd be hanging on for dear life rolling over everything
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 Bummed out that we're already at the last race of the season.
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 Not only the last, but also the final race of the season according to GoPro.
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flag calarco68 (Oct 5, 2023 at 15:55) (Below Threshold)
 go on a tour and you'll be stoked its winding down. Exhausting
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 The kids is so likable. His rims may feel differently about him though.
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 Goldstone? More like Brassstones
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 Had me puckering up at 3:00 insane control
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 Two observations: Jackson's insanely good at riding and talking, and aren't the leaves on the top half of the course beautiful?
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 I was in Bromont last weekend (another lift park closer to Montreal that has hosted WC races in the past) and it was like something out of movie. Though we had a freak heat wave so the combination of fall colours and shorts was bizarre.
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 That no brake attempt could have gone the other way. That was loose
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 JG is a killer rider! Epic looking course and mind blown with casual convo rolling as he rips through all that granite shelving and slabs. Philippe is about to bring some torrential for the weekend though… hopefully it just hits here and moves East and the mountain doesn’t get mucked.
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 Steezy. Would love to see him on the podium.
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 I'd be over the moon to just be able to *ride* most of those sections at any speed at all. Awesome video.
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 Jackson squashes the whole track and makes it seem like a cakewalk what a legend!
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 Great footage and commentary! "This section is super flowy.." yeah, right. Thats because you are in the air 99% of that section lol!
3:01 holy cow! Pant change time.
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 I don't know how you can be so young and be a legend but Jackson is young and a legend!!!
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 Think I sucked my pants up my arse when he tried that no brake-er. What a boy. Looked like he was having a bunch of fun. Hope he goes well this weekend. Track looks ace.
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 These Goldstone previews are pure gold (or also stones).
The guy is so young that if he continues these, we will be able to enjoy these for a long time.
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 Great commentary as ever and of course great riding you make it look so easy Jackson
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 So much steeze and so many giggles. Someone has fun on the bike!
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 ;@) FinnStone for the Winn
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 Love that! Great commentary and wow made me pucker up a fews times on that run!
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 Gotta admit he’s already caught up with Ben Cathro’s previews. This was crazy
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 Someone needs to figure out how much time both his tires are actually on the ground for. Betting less than 50%
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 home soil we’ll let the chainsaw full gaz
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 Not holding back! Hoping for a win outta this guy.
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 One run at even 1/2 that speed would be no less than 5 flat tires for me.
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 5 broken bones for me.
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 USA last week and Canada this week. Tracks are insanely class !!
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 His riding style is so fun to watch. Pulling for him
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 That track looks SOOO fun!
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 No-brake it, Jackson! Friggin' sick, Dude!
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 Jackson’s unbelievable at this…just off the charts!
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 Looks Soo good!
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