Video: Wyn TV Track Walk - Loudenvielle DH World Cup 2023

Aug 31, 2023 at 13:17
by Wyn Masters  

Wyn hits the fresh track in Loudenvielle to see how everything is looking coming into the weekend for World Cup round 5.

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 Joshy Frotha is Ali G innit
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 Stoked AF (as Frotha).
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 Put Joshy in the commentary booth!!! The world would be a better place!!
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 frothan at the mouth boi
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 "the best bit was the food" was bleedin funny
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 Kinda Ratboy Jr
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 His parents have some explaining to do. The kid's too excited about having his belly full.
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 This man brings really good vibes and spontaneity in this sport ! Love it ! Just a bit hard to understand everything for a french like me haha
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 I was thinking this as soon as I got 10 seconds into his interview
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 @mi-bike: nah, I'm an art director that has worked big hollywood style shoots all the way to run and gun shoots, a good craft service spread always brings a smile. I was shooting in LA a few weeks back and the crew doing breakfast and lunch were solid gold - food was on point. Ya never got to explain being stoked about eating well.
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 Racers loving a track that the comment section doesn't approve,where did I saw this before?
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 That half the comments section doesn't approve of.
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 Hahaha. So true. “My grandfather could ride that track” “someone’s gonna win on an enduro bike” Almost every racer is saying it’s their favorite track of the year.
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 complainers gonna complain
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 I saw this too and had a giggle as I commented on the track looking fun to ride on a previous post. Sadly some “riders” lack of experience limits their ability to know what makes a great downhill track.

But the PBcomments section always knows best right?
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 it left me baffled reading all the negative comments about the track. Never tought people would complain about a pure racetrack on a worldcup race?!

this probably is one of the greatest worldcup tracks in a while.
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 @cro-magnon: I won't lie, after watching Bruni's course preview, I thought it looked like a very one line bike park type track. But after seeing how steep it is, and some track walks, it seems like a great track.
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 @nozes , after watching the summer preview it looked boring AF, but after watching yesterday's vital raw, the track looks pretty cool, maybe will suffer a lot if it rains, but we'll see...
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 @mtbcyclist: the bottom half looked scary steep to me on the Bruni preview, when gopro footage seems to be spicy steep you know that in reality the thing is insane. I remember pulling to the bottom of the Champery WC track and just looking up at the mountain which seemed almost vertical to me at that point. VDS also makes a great impression in person, it is difficult to walk up the track as you enter the bottom woods from the plunge. This thing must be mental to ride for a "normie" MTBer such as myself
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 Greg Minnar "I like here look at the view, and my accommodation in nice"

Frotha "THE FOOD"

Couldn't have two more different personality's but they both have the right priority's.
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 Fun fact: minaar is a huge fan of the froth
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 This world needs more great humans like Frotha
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 We need a second Wyn to cover EDR. It's the best source of rider and track info and there currently isn't a single EDR article or video on this website..... and the race is in like 4 hours isn't it?
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 I misread your comment and thought you said the race is "4 hours in".

Night ride EDR sounds pretty fun actually.
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 @antennae: Evening Downhill Race?
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 So true, thanks for quoting it. More reports and articles about EDR please!!!
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 BK: "I like the schedule change. I feel like it messes with some people". Now, that is the 100% right attitude.
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 the way bernard juggles his team, he sure is the man to cope best with sudden changes and sniper shots.
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 @xice: he does seem to revel in chaos, the more he's got going on the better it is for him
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 Frotha. What a legend. Needs a team to pick him up just for the vibe alone.
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 We need a crowd funding so Frotha can boy the keenest lad ever.
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 I agree with D. Norton when he said if it rains, let's hope it rains on everyone's run. A dry final for the Elites would be wicked on that track!
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 A wet one might be even better.....
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 @mtbcyclist: I am not sure the off cambers would even be possible in the wet
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 @adrennan: I'm just glad it's not me! But the wet days are where the legendary runs come from. Fingers crossed for Danny Hart in Champery 2.0 (albeit with slightly worse commentary)
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 Thanks as always for excellent coverage Wynn
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 Now it would be interesting to see all PB comments section athletes riding this track and showing how this is too easy for World Cup
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 Wynn is a winner tv for sure. Thanks man!!
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 I’ll hold my hands up and say I shouldn’t have diminished the track based on that Bruni preview. Let’s hope we see more of the runs than we usually do, it’d be a shame if the riders favourite track was blighted by poor coverage.
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 Anyone can explain that portion where Minaar and Wyn talk about everyone being together in the pits (i assume) and Minaar says that he doesn't know who started that rumour? Some better context would be appreciated!
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 He's talking about elite and non elite teams pitting in different locations at the last round, I think due to a lack of space. The rumours were about Loudenvielle not being a nice town.
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 So good
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 Looks like a good time
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 It would be good to see a Mudder but it seems half of the fans would say it's too dangerous and should be cancelled.
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 Issue isn't rain and mud, but high winds or lightning. Either of those means both the gondola and or helicopters cant run. High winds almost canceled the Australia Nationals earlier this year at Thredbo. With only U19 and Elite getting a finals run. All other categories used the qualifications as the winner.
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 It'll be so wild in the mud but that dirt looks like it'll be good if it rains pre race, washes the loose off and then dry's up, it'll pack in nice and tacky.
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 Wyn: PB member since 2009
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 Ludenville is quite awesome. Track is looking great!
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 FROTHA!!!! The people's champion!
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 Can't Frotha sign up for PB academy? Thanks Wyn, great episode again

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